Latest Material Index

   Updated April 28

   It is once again time for a new Latest Material index, and for updating the main index tabs. As usual, you should be able to find most of the stuff that hasn’t made it into the main index tabs here. For the very latest material, you may have to just scroll down the page. The previous Latest Material index can be found HERE.

General Material:

d20 Material:

Continuum II

  • The Rogue. Skill-based characters in Continuum II.

Marvel Super-Heroes:

   (FASERIP System)

  • Shadowguard– a low-powered superhero group including their equipment, Voltaire, Le Fey, Whisper, Cheshire, Shillelagh, Flux, and The Toad – a bonus opponemt. Here we also have Voltaire broken out by himself.


Legend of the Five Rings:

Star Wars:


  • Astral Experiments: Player experiments and their results – cyberware, transplants, power armor, flying saucers, magical circles and resonance.

Godlike / Wild Talents (ORE):

  • Father Joseph, a priest who shelters refugees and resistance fighters, along with an optional rule for Concentration.
  • Asteraoth, a youngster who can project his mind across the world.
  • Fornemjarnulf and Gullsmed, a pair of scandanavian resistance fighters – a psychic cyborg and a mystical artificier.
  • Les Tenebres, either a crazed french college professor or an immortal medeival sorcerer, along with a rule for General Talent Experience.
  • The Celestial Voyager,  a living space-probe and gravatic manipulator.
  • Earthworks, a TOG Commando who specializes in staying under cover.
  • Dybbuk, a death-camp and massacre survivor who believes that he is dead – and calls up the dead to take their vengeance.
  • Nonoma, a young amerindian warrior and spirit of thunder.
  • Adamantine, a very laid-back – and almost indestructible – infantryman.
  • Carnage, a petty thief turned soldier with a most destructive ability.
  • Nahualli, a mexican jaguar-warrior and priest of the ancient aztec gods.
  • Peter “Pops” Rundell, a specialist in transport from the home front.
  • De Ville Tailleur, a resistance fighter who proves that clothes really do make the man – or the regiment.
  • Nishanth, a blind Vedic Warrior from India who creates his own darkness.
  • Choir, a youngster with a very valuable musical talent.

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