Eclipse d20 – Visions of the Ancient One

   Olavia Marcanti

Level Zero Visionary Ancient One

   Olavia had a small occult gift; she had occasional visions, sensing dangers, coming events, and hidden facts.

   She consulted Anselem Hite – in his capacity as a Professor of Occult and Psychic studies – about it. He found it quite interesting – and she found him fascinating. She wasn’t too surprised when her visions confirmed that he would have a good deal of importance in her life (not that she would tell HIM that). She became his assistant on the basis of her knack for finding references, and of her visions – and because she knew why they were important to him; they could guide his quiet battle against the forces of chaos.

   He had not been expecting a young woman he’d never met to immediately recognize him – or to be quite familiar with his extra-curricular interests.

   She kept her personal interest in him quiet for some time – but a few weeks later she abruptly “saw” that a curious cluster of crystals would also have a great deal of importance to her future – although what that importance would be was blurred. Stung by that vision, she reached out and lifted it from amidst the Professors collection of ancient psychic talismans and artifacts to get a better look – just as a mighty surge of magical power swept over the city.

   All too suddenly the memories stored within that talisman – the memories of Orsian, a priest-mage of long centuries before, of Vondorias, a sailor-adventurer from a realm now lost to memory, of proud Kridell, and of others before that – became hers as well, reflected back through time in a faceted mirror of ancient lore.

   In that chaos of cascading revelation, only one thought stood out; it was no wonder that her knack had not been able to properly describe this moment – the moment in which she inherited the mantle of an Ancient One.

   While Olavia is still attempting to assist Professor Arcane – and has continued her romantic interest in the man – she’s attempting to keep her new powers quiet; there are enemies out there after all, and it will take a good deal of time to unlock all the ancient magical secrets hidden in her memory. She’s been finding access to the university facilities quite useful in her research, and is especially interested in the “Elan”. If she could discover their secret, she might at last escape the endless cycle of sleep and rebirth which plagues the Ancient Ones.

   Olavia’s base race has not been selected. She’s most likely human (and will get three more skill points and a bonus feat) – but pretty much any other +0 ECL race is possible. That may require a bit of tweaking of her attributes and skill scores – and, perhaps a modification of her romantic interest in Professor Arcane if her base race is too exotic.

   It shouldn’t be anything genuinely fey. She considers them malignant little creeps. It’s not that they punish those who break the laws of hospitality and such; it’s that such individuals break the pattern enough to leave themselves open to the kind of things that the nasty creatures would like to do to EVERYONE.

   The Ancient One +2 ECL Acquired Template (condensed summary, the full template is over HERE):

  • +3 Specialities in each of three prior lives.
  • Immunity to forgetting things and memory alteration.
  • Access to the “Secrets” skill.
  • Rune Magic: Magician and Runic Ritual.
  • May buy the Rune Master and Rune Casting skills for three chosen fields of Rune Magic at half cost.
  • +8 Wisdom when calculating bonus spell slots and skill scores for Rune Magic.
  • May add their (Wis Mod) to their Int Mod) with respect to Knowledge Skills.
  • Skill Bonuses: +4 to all six of their core magical skills, +3 to Secrets, +3 to a Martial Art, +3 to Speak Language, and +3 to any two other skills of choice.

Available Character Points: 24 (level zero base) +10 (Disadvantages; Recorder, Obligations/feels compelled to act to prevent dark visions from coming to pass, and Unarmored) = 34.

   Basic Attributes (32 Point Buy): Str 8 (-1), Dex 12 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Int 14 (+2), Wis 16 (+3), and Chr 14 (+2).

   Combat Abilities (6 CP) :

  • Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons (3 CP).
  • Initiative: +1 (Dex).
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +1 (Dex) +4 (normally using an Armor spell) = 15
  • Hit Points: 3 (L0 Base) +12 (Immortal Vigor) +6 (3x Con Mod) = 21
  • Saves:
    • Fortitude: +0 (Purchased, 0 CP) +2 (Con) = +2
    • Reflex: +0 (Purchased, 0 CP) +1 (Dex) = +1
    • Will: +1 (Purchased, 3 CP) +3 (Wis) = +4
      • Special: +2 versus Occult Attacks.
  • Base Attack Bonus: +0 (0 CP).
  • Usual Weapons:
    • Unarmed: -1 (Str -1), 1d4-1 (Str), Crit 20/x2.

   Other Abilities (22 CP):

  • Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills (+2 SP/Level) (6 CP). Since her disadvantages will pay for this, it can be presumed to have been with her all her life – which is good, because she won’t be able to afford many other skill points to start with.
  • Adept: May buy the Concentration, Knowledge/Arcane Lore, Knowledge/History, and Survival skills at half cost (6 CP).
  • Occult Sense/Visions, Specialized/uncontrollable, Corrupted/requires a will save to avoid 1d4 rounds of disorientation when a vision occurs – which is never more than three times per day (2 CP).
  • Occult Sense/Locate Reference, Specialized/requires several minutes. Given few minutes to look, Olavia can find any information she’s looking for – provided that it exists as a written or pictorial reference within the immediate area. As a minor side effect, she can also file it properly again (3 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment (6 CP, 5000 GP Value), Specialized/character gets only half value (3 CP).
    • Immortal Vigor I/+(12 + 2x Con Mod) HP: Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal Only = 1400 GP. From The Practical Enchanter.
    • Skill Mastery/+2 to all Wisdom-Linked Skills (sadly, this has only half effect on her Rune Magic skills): Spell Level One-Half x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal Only = 700 GP. Again, from The Practical Enchanter.
    • Detect Magic 1/Day: Spell Level One-Half x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .2 usable once per day = 200 GP.
    • Read Magic 1/Day: Spell Level One-Half x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .2 usable once per day = 200 GP.
  • Immunity/the normal XP cost of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Major, Trivial/only covers cantrips and first level spells at caster levels of three or less, 2 CP).

   Skill Points: 6 (Int) +6 (Fast Learner) +6 (6 CP Spent) = 18 SP.

Skill SP Base Stat Bonuses Total
Concentration* 1 3 +2 +3R +5
Decipher Script 1 1 +2   +3
Diplomacy 1 1 +2   +3
Disguise 1 1 +2   +3
Gamble +3 +2C +5
Knowledge +2 +3W +5
Arcane Lore* 1 3 +2 +3W  +8
History* 1 3 +2 +3W  +8
Listen +3 +2C +5
Martial Art
Spellweaving 1 1 +1 +3R +5
Perform/Dance 1 1 +2   +3
Profession +3 +2C +5
Rune Casting
-Lunar* 1 3 +7 +4R +1C +15
-Conjuration* 1 3 +7 +4R +1C +15
-Weather* 1 3 +7 +4R +1C +15
Rune Mastery
-Lunar* 1 3 +7 +4R +1C +15
-Conjuration* 1 3 +7 +4R +1C +15
-Weather* 1 3 +7 +4R +1C +15
Secrets 1 1 +2 +3R +6
Speak Language 1 1 +2 +3R  +6
Survival* 1 3 +3 +3R +9
Spot +3 +2C +5
Treat Injury 1 1 +3 +2C +6

   Skill Notes:

  • *Adept, half cost (rounded down). “R” = Racial Bonus, “C” = Competence Bonus.
  • Yes, Speak Language is listed as being Int-Based; each point in Speak Language gives you one extra language. Each point of Int Mod gives you one extra language. I like consistency – and, every so often, I do have someone roll the skill – for example, if they want to understand an obscure dialect or if they’re looking for familiar words in an unfamiliar, but related, language.
  • Known Martial Arts Techniques (Harpist of the Weave or “Spellweaving” Martial Art): Strike and Defenses II (+2 to saves versus occult attacks).
  • She has +3 Specialities in three of the times and regions in which she spent “prior lives”. These will, however, have to be determined to suit the campaign.

   Thanks to her having acquired the Ancient One template, Olavia possesses some formidable magical abilities. She is currently capable of casting third level spells within her fields at an effective caster level of seven – and can use Runic Ritual to surpass even those limits. While she only has bonus spell slots to work with at the moment, she does have two first level, two second level, and two third level spell slots to use.

   Further Advancement: Olavia needs to continue building up her skills, to acquire some Mana, and to acquire Rite of Chito get that Mana back in a reasonable period of time. She’ll also want to boost her Wisdom and, if possible, to acquire a few protective devices. She’ll be capable of some quite powerful magic in relatively short order – in fact, she’s capable of throwing some decent spells right now – it’s just that she doesn’t get very many of them and suffers from the usual “Glass Cannon” effect and will, currently, run out of spells far too quickly.

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