Kwin Chiang, Level Four Human Shaman

   Here we have a Continuum II character – mostly for nostalgia’s sake. It’s been quite a while since I had a chance to run that system. His spirit contacts will go up next.

   Str 19, Int 16, Wis 18, Con 14, Dex 14, Chr 17, Com 10, Per 16.

   Major Skills: Minor Magic (Bear Spirit Magic), Minor C’hi and Minor Psychomancy, Travel Hardening, Spirit Combat (automatic), Residue Manipulation, and Dream Mastery

   Bear Spirit Magic

  • Currently five spells and two rituals per day.
  • Available Spells:
    • (The) Bear Revealed: Repels spirits, including possessing entities
    • (The) Bear Seeking: Locates food, water, or shelter within one mile.
    • Claws of the Bear: Provides 1d6 claws and a base of two attacks a round.
    • Endurance of the Bear: User may ignore normal weather effects short of hurricanes and such.
    • Fury of the Bear: Induces berserker rage.
    • Heart of the Bear: The user may remain conscious until hitting (-24) HP.
    • Hide of the Bear: -2 damage per attack for one turn.
    • Mind of the Bear: Protects against though-sensing and low-grade mental controls.
    • Scent of the Bear: Allows the user to track by scent and identify creatures by their scents.
    • Spirit of the Bear: Provides a 1d6 bonus on attempts to intimidate.
    • Strength of the Bear: Provides +3 damage in hand-to-hand.
    • Voice of The Bear: The user may speak with bears.
  • Available Rituals:
    • Bear Spirits Guidance: Finds tracks and trails across the wilderness.
    • (The) Bears Healing Lore: Diagnoses problems and indicates possible cures.
    • Calling the Hunting Bear: Sends a bear to attack someone.
    • Construct Medicine Bundle: Creates minor magical charms.
    • Dreams of the Bear: Provides clairvoyant and precognitive dreams, but does not interpret them.
    • Heal Wounds: Heals up to 3d6 damage.
    • Hibernate: Sink into a deep sleep that requires very little food, water, or air.
    • Shapeshift to Bear: Turns a voluntary subject into a bear.
    • Speak With Spirits: Allows the user to perceive and communicate with local spirits.
    • Spirit Drums: Provides a +2 bonus on the groups rolls.
    • Summon Spirit Messenger: Carries messages to a designated recipient.
    • Walk the Spirit Realms: Enables astral projection into the spirit realms.

   Psychic Powers

  • Current Psychic Strength of 42.
  • Current C’hi Disciplines: The Gift of Tongues and Natural Empathy
  • Current Psychomancy Disciplines: Pyrokinesis.

   Minor Skills: Divination/Casting the Bones, Drugs and Medicines, Bargaining, Meditation, and Read Languages.

   General Skills: Healer II, Gardener II, Farmer I, and Animal Handling II.

   Special Talents :

  • Wereform/Bear (4): Str +2, Dex -1, Con +1, Com -2), two additional hit dice, regeneration and shapeshifting as per the lycanthropy rules.
  • Unique Kit/Shamans wagon and gear (2). Includes a “Gypsy” wagon, horse, assorted pieces of mundane equipment, a Bear Fetish Staff, a Shaman’s Drum, and a selection of minor fireworks (to provide special effects).
  • Minor Thematic Psychic/Nature spirits (5): +14 Psychic Strength, Spirit Contact (Local nature spirits only), Animal Control, and Bioform Expansion.
  • Social Disadvantage: Well-known (and deserved) reputation as a crazy shaman (-1)
  • Special Vulnerability: To Illusions, confusion effects, and suggestions (-1)
  • Physical Limitation: Unable to stand the use of armor (-1)
  • Mental Quirks: A wide assortment (no, I can’t remember them all at this point) (-1)

   Fetish Staff: +1 staff, can be used as a weapon on the empyrean plane. Provides a +1 modifier when invoking powers having to do with bears, and can be temporarily transformed into a bear through a petition to Kzzaarroth. If destroyed, he can make another, but this requires about two weeks.

   Shamans Drum: A tool used to aid in summoning and making manifest spirits, the shamans drum can also be used to attempt to repel them. Either effectfeat requires both using the drum and some expenditure of Aura or psychic energy.

   Minor Fireworks: Flash pellets, smoke pellets, and various kinds of colored smoke, incenses, and so on – all used to provide dramatic backdrops.

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