Defense against the Dark Arts

   First up for today, it’s the template for Demons in the Emergence Champions Campaign – the dark spawn of the human mind and the primal powers of darkness. Note that there’s a significant difference between Demons (constructs of darkness magic seeking souls to become real), Devils (rising mortals or fallen servants of other powers which have been corrupted by the darkness – and which have been punished for it), Malevolent Spirits (Proto-Devils which have not yet had limitations imposed upon them; generally simply obnoxious spirit characters or – for fallen servants of other powers – supervillian-level nasties), the Great Old Ones (incomprehensibly alien entities from universes with drastically differing natural laws) and their Spawn (creatures of this universe infused with incompatible extra-dimensional forces), Qlippothic Entities (the incarnations of entropy, unmakers of creation), Gods (more-or-less human entities operating out of realms with massive reserves of magical power), and Horrors (relatively comprehensible extradimensional entities with lots of power and malevolent dispositions). I may be able to put up some older material on Devils and Spirits later today.


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