Blog Birthday

   As a note, this blog is now one year old – and currently contains 465 posts and 201 sub-pages. You will now read, comment on, and bask in the glory of, each and every entry! I so command it!

   Of, if you’d rather, you can simply use the Index tabs and the calender on the right (pointing at the dates will bring up the names of the posts from that day – which is an easy way to find the recent stuff) – to locate the items you want.

   Now, as for what people would like to see more of…

3 Responses

  1. I think background and prepackaged options are probably better than sample characters. But that is my opinion, to each his own.

  2. Well, I shall put up a subpage to organize the various packaged options…

    Lets see; there’s already a page that covers some requests, I can easily throw in the race packages, the archetype packages, and some chunks of the sample characters. Are there any particular background or prepackaged options that you’d like to see?

  3. Well, I know L5R schools are one set of packages that are always interesting. D20 racial packages with some thought into the effects of the package on culture are cool. And L5R nonpersonal magic systems would be some nice background material.

    But that’s my thoughts and trying to be more detailed over this phone is time consuming. It makes reading easy typing isn’t quite as good.

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