The Fedyra

   Here we have a quick writeup of a race for one of my correspondents – in this case Andrew Maitland. He had some ideas about the Fedyra – a unique Fey/Dragon Humanoid race for a game he was planning to run. He wanted them to have limited shapeshifting to a specified animal form, to be dependent on specific natural power nexi – and thus to have a strong motivation to recover their lands if they were somehow driven off of them – and to have a selection of both Fey and Draconic powers.

   He also wanted them to wind up with a +0 ECL modifier, which means that this is going to be a high-efficiency (and thus high-powered) racial build. With a bit of brainstorming – and a healthy admixture of my preference for personally-selected abilities – here’s a preliminary version of the Fedyra.

   The enemy – if enemy there was – struck long ago. The attack was subtle, malevolent, and clever. Whether it was some magical disease or terrible spell, almost fifty percent of the creatures of the world – including beasts, some types of plants, and sapient species – died within a few months.

   Almost all of the casualties were female.

   Only one group proved different. The various Fey, for whatever reason, lost most of their males instead of their females – and the various orders of Nymphs came through in the best shape of all.

   The population imploded of course. Many of the ancient orders of hive insects became extinct. So did many of the larger predators, and other species that were usually scarce to begin with. Much of the ecosystem collapsed – and the deserts spread.

   There was no second strike. Whether the putative enemy was content to wait, could only strike at long intervals, or did not exist at all, remained an open question.

   Not that anyone had time to answer it. There was war and chaos, driven by crop failures, despair, madness, and the desire for children. In a generation, civilization was almost wiped away.

   In a few places, a viable breeding population of some of the classic races survived. If no local cataclysm wiped them out, those races would continue – however sadly reduced. Most of the remaining enclaves, however, were populated by mixed crossbreeds of the Fey and whatever local species had managed to become dominant.

   Unsurprisingly, in many isolated areas, the winners had been Dragons. Admittedly, dragons who were forced to remain in lesser forms most of the time due to the shortage of food to sustain their true forms, and dragons who had been forced to work together to hold off the nomadic hordes before they faded into extinction.

   Over the generations, across a scattering of the remaining habitable lands, that combination spawned the Fedyra – a humanoid race with the natural magic of the Fey and of Dragons flowing through their blood. Not even the tendency of Nymphs to birth purebred Nymphs despite the nature of the father could overcome the blood of dragons entirely. To the new race, magic was as natural as breathing – and as vital. While the Fedyra are more weakly bound to the land than the Nymphs had been, that bond still existed. To them, the defense of their lands would always be paramount.

   A thousand years have passed – and the world is still sadly diminished, but its heart yet beats.

   But an enemy has arisen once again. If it is once again THE enemy, who knows what terror may be unleashed to drive the world towards desolation this time?

   Fedyra Basic Abilities (10 CP):

  • Shapechange with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized in a specific animal form, which must be chosen when the character is created (4 CP).
  • +2 to any one attribute (12 CP). This is most commonly Str or Con – but their draconic ancestors had many different strengths, any of which may appear in their descendants.
  • Bonus Languages; Sylvan and Draconic (2 CP).
  • Immunity/Aging (Uncommon, Major, Trivial, 2 CP). The Fedyra can expect to live for hundreds of years without serious aging problems.
  • Racial Disadvantages (-10 CP).
    • Dependent on a Power Source. Every Fedyra is mystically dependent on a link with a particular natural feature – a grove, outcropping of stone, stream, or whatever. If it is damaged or despoiled, they will lose access to their Fey Ancestry abilities, cannot reproduce, and will age more quickly.
    • Accursed/Uniquely striking appearance; cannot effectively disguise themselves without actual masks and physical coverings, even their animal forms are easily uniquely identified by witnesses.
    • Obligations/Must participate in Cultural Rituals. If they fail to do so, they will – once again – lose access to their fey ancestry package.

   Fey Ancestry Package (10 CP):

  • Innate Enchantment (8000 GP total value, 9 CP, all abilities Use-Activated).
  • Immunity/the normal XP cost of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Minor, Trivial [only covers first level effects at caster level one], Specialized/only to cover initial racial abilities, 1 CP).
  • All of them get: Enhanced Attribute/+2 Enhancement Bonus to Charisma (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, Personal-Only, 1400 GP)
  • Select one from:
    • Dryad:
      • Weapon Mastery/+2 Competence Bonus to BAB with Bows (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, Personal-Only, 1400 GP)
      • Speak with Animals (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, 2000 GP)
      • Speak with Normal Plants (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, 2000 GP)
      • Charm Person 1/Day (400 GP)
      • Hypnosis 1/Day (400 GP), and
      • Goodberry 1/Day (400 GP).
    • Naiad:
      • Obscuring Mist (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, 2000 GP)
      • Sense Weather and Currents (Unlimited Use, L0 at CL1, 1000 GP)
      • Acid Resistance 10 (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, Personal-Only, 1400 GP)
      • Cure Light Wounds 3/Day (L1 at CL1, 1200 GP)
      • Cure Minor Wounds 2/Day (L0 at CL1, 400 GP), and
      • Create Water 3/Day (L0 at CL 1, 600 GP).
    • Oread:
      • +2 Enhancement Bonus to Strength (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, Personal-Only, 1400 GP)
      • Identify Minerals 3/Day (L0 at CL1, 600 GP)
      • Hide Like Ox/+1 Natural Armor (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, Personal-Only, 1400 GP)
      • Shillelagh (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, 2000 GP)
      • Detect Snares and Pits (Unlimited Use, L1 at CL1, 2000 GP).
        • Technically this puts the Oread 400 GP over their limit: while they’re still within the round-off, you could always just treat the Identify Minerals power as once per day. How often is that going to come up?

   Sadly, the Fedyra are extremely obvious to Detect Magic, and either Dispelling or Antimagic will weaken them considerably.

   Draconic Heritage Package (11 CP):

  • Inherent Spell/Elemental Bolt (L2, 1d6/level to a single target up to a maximum of 10d6, the type is chosen to suit the draconic ancestor, usable twice per day), Corrupted/provokes attacks of opportunity (4 CP).
  • Damage Reduction 2, Specialized in energy for double effect, Corrupted for reduced cost (reduces a particular type of energy damage by four points [to a minimum of zero] per exposure, 2 CP).
  • +5 CP (5000 GP) worth of Innate Enchantments:
    • Immortal Vigor I/adds 2d6 – effectively 12 due to at-will use, +2x Con Mod HP (Unlimited Use-Activated, L1 at CL1, Personal Only, 1400 GP).
    • Inspiring Word/provides a +1 Morale Bonus on saves, attacks, checks, and damage (Unlimited Use-Activated, L1 at CL1, Personal Only, 1400 GP). Dragons are always pretty self-confident.
    • Choice of an ancestral color and any one of the following level one spells as an Unlimited Use Use-Activated ability at Caster Level One (2000 GP):
      • (Any Ancestor): Energy Touch. This is equivalent to Shocking Grasp, but the energy type is as appropriate to the color of the ancestor.
      • (Any Ancestor) Energy Spray. This is equivalent to Burning Hands, but the energy type is as appropriate to the color of the ancestor.
      • Black: Water Adaption (+30′ Swim Movement, Can hold their breath for up to five minutes), Obscuring Mist.
      • Blue: Ventriloquism, Color Spray.
      • Green: Delay Poison, Entangle.
      • Red: +3 Competence Bonus on all attempts to deceive someone, Fire Resistance 10.
      • White: Ice Rime (as per Grease), Chill Touch.
      • Brass: Suggestion, Swift Tongue (+3 Competence Bonus to Speak Language, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Bluff).
      • Bronze: Renaissance Man (+2 Competence Bonus to all skills), Bless Weapon.
      • Copper: Silent Image, Ventriloquism.
      • Gold: Produce Flame, Cure Light Wounds (limited to five times per day, sorry).
      • Silver: Feather Fall, Ice Blade (as per Produce Flame, but inflicting cold damage).

   Fedyra may expend an additional 2 CP each to buy the additional possible heritage powers for their draconic ancestry color, or they may expend a feat to master all four of them – Energy Touch, Energy Spray, and the two powers unique to the color of their dominant ancestor.

   To create a Fedyra, you get the basic package, one fey ancestry package, and one draconic color package – for a total of 31 CP, the upper limit for a +0 ECL race.

   Overall, the Fedyra have quite a selection of magical talents, albeit low-level ones. This gives them a major advantage at low levels, but the utility of having a bunch of first-level spell effects on tap fades rapidly as the levels accumulate – and several of their more useful abilities won’t stack with the usual enchancement items.

   Descriptions of most of the unusual spells used in this design can be found in The Practical Enchanter, while the point-buy rules are available in Eclipse: the Codex Persona. Eclipse is available in print HERE and in a shareware .pdf version HERE. The Practical Enchanter is available in print HERE and in a shareware .pdf version HERE.

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