Lingering Smoke

   Lingering Smoke was originally a Sidereal Exalted character, who’s player decided to try out dropping him into the Federation-Apocalypse campaign setting – for which purposes he had to be adapted to the d20 rules. Since this was an experiment that may or may not continue, this is a quick, sloppy, brute-force conversion – in particular, the skill enhancements should probably use the “group” (+8 at L3) rating since the skills they’re enhancing are pretty broad – and the presumption that the character is constantly running a small raft of enhancement spells (one per attribute, Rune of Warding, and Stone Ox) is a bit cheesy. Still, it works.

Lingering Smoke Balamada

   Available Character Points: Disadvantages: Attention-Seeker and History, (+6 CP), Duties (Must return regularly to Yu-Shan and run missions for the Sidereals, +2 CP/Level), and +12 CP for her L1 and L3 Feats. Total: 120 CP (L4 Base) + 26 = 146 CP.

Racial Modifiers: Pureblooded Human (+0 ECL)

  • Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills: +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
  • +4 Intelligence (Normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws). As a note, there have been many attempts to enhance the intelligence bonus even further, but they tend to lead to psychological problems and instability. Of course, player characters may be the fortunate exceptions.
  • +2 to any one attribute other than Intelligence (normally 12 CP, reduced to 6 CP by world laws).
  • Immunity/Aging (uncommon/minor/minor, 2 CP). They can expect to live for several centuries without much of any signs of aging.
  • Grant of Aid/Specialized (requires several hours): May heal 1d8+5 damage OR 1d3 points of attribute damage OR one negative level once per three levels per day or part thereof, 3 CP), with the Regenerative option/Corrupted (requires lots of food and rest, 2 CP), allowing them to slowly regrow lost limbs and organs.

Languages (5): English, Flame Tongue, Old Realm, Riverspeak,


Basic Attributes:    
Strength 14 (20)/+5 (DR 5/-) Dexterity 16 (22)/+6 Constitution 14 (20)/+5 (5 magic points)
Intelligence 18 (24)/+7 Wisdom 14 (20)/+5 Charisma 20 (26)/+8 (10 free contacts).
Rolled Attributes:14, 16, 14, 14, 13, 18    +1 Wis at L4.

Combat Information (50 CP):

  • Saves:
  • Fortitude +0 (0 CP) +5 (Con) +4 Resistance (Warding Rune) = +9
  • Reflex +0 (0 CP) +6 (Dex) +4 Resistance (Warding Rune) = +10
  • Will +2 (6 CP) +5 (Wis) +4 Resistance (Warding Rune) = +11
  • Hit Dice: L1 d12 (8 CP), L2-4 d6 (6 CP, 5, 6, 3). HP 22 + 36 (Immortal Vigor III) + (10x Con Mod) + = 108 HP
  • Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons and Small Arms (12 CP, -12 from Dex = 0 CP).
  • Move: 30 Base + 30 Enhancement = 60
  • Initiative: +6
  • BAB: +4 (24 CP), +2 BAB with Martial Arts only (6 CP).
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +6 (Dex) +5 (Wis, per world rules) +2 (Leathers) +4 Natural (Stone Ox Spell) = 27 (and DR 5/-).
  • Usual Attack: Unarmed Strike: +15/+10, 1d12+1d6 Force +5 Damage.

Purchased Abilities (96 CP):

  • Exaltation/Path of the Dragon (36 CP): Shaping (for cool effects and always being shiny, 6), Pulse of the Dragon (6) and Heart of the Dragon (18), both Specialized and Corrupted (Personal enhancements only, for effects of up to L3) and Reflex Action (can combine a short term personal-enhancement with another action or use one as a defense, 6).
  • Hexcrafting/Sidereal Astrology: 10 Caster Levels. Specialized (Hexcrafting Only), Corrupted: Subject to Paradox Limitations (Basically the GM gets to note that some effect has backlashed and produced annoying side effects if you produce too many effects, 20) and 3 Card Slots (Chr Based, adds +2 slots), Corrupted: Paradox Limitations (16 CP).
  • Martial Arts/1d10 Base Damage (12 CP).
  • Natural Charms/Innate Enchantment (12 CP): Minor Precognition: 4xL1 Spells, 3/day Each (4800 GP), True Strike, True Save, True Evasion, True Skill (All provide a +20 insight bonus to a single roll or against a single attack, activating when needed), Iron Fist (+1d6 Force damage to blows), Mastery of the Fist (+4 Competence Bonus to Unarmed Combat BAB), +3 Competence Bonus to AC (Dodge), Distract Opponent (L1, Save or be diverted, unlimited use but only DC 11 save), Avoiding the Truth (L1, makes any statement you make seem like a lie, no save).

Base Skill Points: 14 (Racial) + 28 (Int) = 42

   General Skills (All +7 Int, +15 Competence when required): Investigation +27 (1 SP +4 Wis), Larceny +29 (1 SP +6 Dex), Occult Lore +30 (1 SP +7 Int), Physical Stealth +29 (1 SP +6 Dex), Performance +36 (6 SP +8 Chr), Athletics +34 (7 SP +5 Str), Spot +18 (7 SP +4 Wis, cannot be passively augmented), Listen +18 (7 SP +4 Wis, cannot be passively augmented), Persuasion +37 (7 SP +8 Chr), Intimidation +31 (1 SP +8 Chr), Bureaucracy +31 (1 SP +8 Chr), Identities +10 (cannot be augmented, 1 SP +5 Cha), and Gadgetry +8 (cannot be augmented, 1 SP +3 Dex).

   Usual Gadgets: None as yet.

   Identities: In the Exalted realm, and in his Rank-4/32-Point Role as a Chosen of Secrets, Lingering Smoke possesses a lesser Immunity to being remembered (Very Common/Minor/Minor, 8 CP), providing a high resistance to it, a Celestial Mansion, freedom to wander Yu-shan, and a certain amount of authority there (Major Privilege, 6 CP), considerable Wealth (3 CP), can call on Major Favors from several powerful entities and organizations (12 CP), and has some additional Contacts (3 CP) – including a mentor in the Celestial Martial Arts – but none of this has much relevance elsewhere. As yet, he has established no other identities.

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