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. It’s once again time to get the latest material index updated and to transfer the material from the old one to the main index tabs at the top of the page. If you want the very latest material, it may be necessary to either scroll down or consult the “Recent Posts” listing-widget on the lower right. The previous Latest Materials Index can be found HERE and – for those who like to rummage at random – the full post-by-post index can be found occupying a great deal of space in the lower right column.

. Eclipse Classless d20 Character Construction Cribsheet / Sample Character ListCharacter Creation PrimerCompiled Martial Arts.

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Here we have a selection of links to some of the player blogs – and the materials they’ve come up with.

. Star Wars d6:

. Eclipse d20:

4 Responses

  1. I have purchased Eclipse. It’s a tremendously helpful work for point-buy generation (much better than things like ‘Buy the Numbers’ in my opinion).

    There is one third-party product’s ability though that I’m having trouble assigning a point cost to. I’ts completely FREE on DriveThruRPG or wherever you get your PDFs so I was wondering if you’d take a quick look.

    It’s called Untapped Classes: Society Mind. Society Minds have a neat ability called a Worldthought Network that has various uses like casting buffs and healing those on the network and at later levels has a planar range. I can’t imagine what to compare the ability to as far as eyeballing a point cost.

    There are numerous other expansions on that ability in other non-free supplements like stealing health from those unwillingly on the network and whatnot, but I’m pretty sure I can manage to cost those out if I had a ball park for the basic ability progression.

    • Thoth might reply with more later, but just from what you described here, it sounds like just Mystic Link with the power link and maybe communications upgrades. If everyone is linked to the same thing, I think they could cast any spell on any target linked to it.

      it would take some limitations to prevent locating the primary root of the link, reduce the range from planar, and limit it to less than all spells (to just buffs and healing). The cost for those three abilities starts off at 9 and could would probably drop to at least 6 if it has limitations on all three.

    • Well, I’m glad you’ve finding Eclipse useful – and, since you ask, I’ll see about putting up a quick breakdown for the Society Mind and it’s abilities.

      I see that all of it’s statistics are Open Game Content, so there’s no problem with posting such a breakdown. I’ll probably just do it at level twenty though, since – using Eclipse – you don’t need to follow their progression strictly anyway.

    • And now it’s up: you can find a full conversion right over here:

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