Benedict, Swordsman of the Manifold

   Benedict is a character from the Federation-Apocalypse campaign. This version has been slightly “tweaked” – primarily by the addition of Martial Arts, a the reduction of a couple of skills which were over the 5-point limit for a second-level character, filling in the gadgets, and finishing up some calculations. Hopefully the player won’t mind – or will let me know what they want to change.

Personal History:

   Benedict is from Rithhan, a feudal European world. The second son of a noble, he spent his youth in war and politics, making a name for himself as a skilled swordsman and an equally terrible negotiator. Noticing his strength of will, he was courted by a secret society of pseudo-Gnostic magic-users among the nobles, and thinking them a potential ally- all in the name of God, of course- he gladly learned a number of their secrets.

   When his father died, Benedict came to pay his respects and claim his rightful inheritance only to find himself swept up in scandal. He was claimed to be a warlock, to have killed his father with evil magics, and half a dozen more terrible accusations; the (remarkably) little that had been dredged up about his actual practices had lent a ring of truth to this, and his personality did little to help matters. He accused his younger brother publicly of having plotted against him out of envy. The Church found his frothing unconvincing, and the most aid he could get from his fellows was to get his sentence lightened from execution to permanent exile.

   Now, with little to his name, he has settled temporarily in a far land to consider his future. He’s not quite clear on how he got here, but blames his experimentation with the Mirror of Worlds, an artifact he encountered in some ancient ruins…

   Benedict is torn on whether he wants to clear his name or simply to gain enough skill and power to impress/frighten the people he once lived by. He’s also not sure, in truth, whether he really was innocent; he has faith enough in the power of the magics that he was taught, but whether they are divine or infernal he’s no longer certain, and certainly dabbling in the latter could produce all sorts of horrors. He holds a grudge against his younger brother, but the evidence for the accusation having come from him was not exactly thorough.

   OOC: Benedict’s realm is probably between Faith and Blood and Mandate of Heaven or something similar – generic Asian low-magic-and-politics bordering on vaguely European low-magic-and-politics. It would be fun to have some sort of development on the Society and/or massive political nonsense that involves him, but he works just as well ignoring all that and focusing on becoming a badass swordsman among the larger multiverse. Throw some NPCs and intrigue at me somewhere and I’ll be happy.


Concept: Master Swordsman/Minor Void Mage

System: d20 (Eclipse: The Codex Persona)

Level 2, Federation-Apocalypse Campaign

“Pure-blooded Human” Racial Bonuses:

  • Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills: +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
  • +4 Intelligence (Normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws).
  • +2 to any one attribute other than Intelligence (normally 12 CP, reduced to 6 CP by world laws).
  • Immunity/Aging (uncommon/minor/minor, 2 CP). Pureblooded humans can expect to live for several centuries without much of any signs of aging.
  • Grant of Aid/Specialized (requires several hours): May heal 1d8+5 damage OR 1d3 points of attribute damage OR one negative level once per three levels per day or part thereof, 3 CP), with the Regenerative option/Corrupted (requires lots of food and rest, 2 CP), allowing them to slowly regrow lost limbs and organs.

   Available Character Points:72 (L2 Base) + 10 (Disadvantages: History, Outcast (“Anathema”; due to the minor magic involved in his exile, the character seems untrustworthy and/or dangerous to people of the same or a vaguely similar faith as those who banished him, whether they know why or not. It also shows up when looking for relevant things in relevant fashions), Bull-Headed (The character tends to deal with things “honestly” and head-on, granting a significant penalty in delicate social situations and with people who aren’t hard to offend) + 6 (L1 Bonus Feat) = 82 CP. Currently has two unspent CP from experience.


Basics (42 CP):


STR 14 (+2) DEX 16 (+3) CON 16 (+3)
INT 22 (+6) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 14 (+2)

   Worldlaw Attribute Bonuses: DR 2/- (Str), +6 CP for Proficiencies (Dex), +3 Magic Points (Con), +6 to all Trained Skills (Int), +1 Defense (Wis), and +4 Contacts (Chr).

  • Hit Dice: d12 (L1, 8 CP), d8 (L2, 4 CP).
  • Hit Points = 20+8+(3×3) = 37
  • BAB: +2 (12 CP)
  • Saves: Fortitude: +0 (0 CP) + 3 (Con) = +3, Reflex: +0 (0 CP) +3 (Dex) = +3, Will: +2 (6 CP) + 1 (Wis) = +3.
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 3 (Dex) + 5 (Armor [Breastplate]) = 18.
  • Total DR 6/- (Smartclothes and Strength), Energy Resistance 4 (Smartclothes).
  • Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons, (9 CP, -6 CP from world rules = 3 CP), Light and Medium Armor (9 CP).


Usual Weapons:

  • Longsword: +13 (+2 BAB +2 Str +6 Int, +2 Martial Art, +1 Quality), 1d12+9 (+2 Str, +6 Int, +1 Quality), Crit 19-20/x2.
  • Short Bow: +6/+6 (+2 BAB, +3 Dex, +2 Martial Arts, +1 Quality, -2 Rapid Shot), 1d10+3 (+2 Strength, +1 Quality), Crit 20/x3, 70′ range increment.
  • Tulthara/Composite Longbow: +5/+5 (+2 BAB, +3 Dex, +2 Martial Arts, -2 Rapid Shot), 1d12+2 (+2 Strength), Crit 20/x3, 100′ range increment. Counts as a magical weapon.
  • Forceblade: +15 (+2 BAB +2 Str +6 Int, +3 Quality, +2 Martial Arts), 2d10+11, Crit 19-20/x2.


Sword Techniques (6): Attack 2, Power 2, Mind Like Moon, Light Foot

Bow Techniques (6): Attack 2, Power 2, Rapid Shot, Inner Strength

   Benedict may spend a constitution point to gain a +30 bonus to a Jump check, to make a brief run across water or another unsuitable surface, or to gain +20′ move and take half damage from falls for 1d6 minutes. Has 6 “phantom” constitution points to spend with this ability.

   He may also make a DC 15 Reflex Save to avoid being surprised or flat-footed at the beginning of a combat.


Purchased Abilities (29 CP):

  • Acrobatics (6 CP) and Light Foot (4 CP, corrupted/combat only).
  • Leadership (4 CP). (2x[2+2] = 8 ECL) A small group of loyal guards and retainers. Corrupted: none are initially familiar with things from beyond his homeworld.
  • Augmented Bonus/”Canny Fighter”(add Int Mod to Str Mod for melee combat purposes, 6 CP).
  • Reflex Training (may make up to [Dex Mod] attacks of opportunity each round. Specialized: only with swords, 3 CP).
  • Enhanced Strike/Hammer (6 CP): may make a an attack at +5 to hit and inflict maximum damage up to once per round OR by spending 3 Power.


Magical Talents (6 CP):

   Eldritch Magic (0 CP): Magical Theme/The Void. Benedict’s magic calls on the power of that-which-isn’t, the space outside the world(s) that connects all things within it/them. Powers will be chosen and edited to fit this theme from appropriate elemental, theurgic, and darkness-themed powers within the book.

   Witchcraft (6 CP plus two Pacts: Infusion/Gateway [various entities of the void may intervene through him in small ways: the Void is in all things, if some more obviously than others) and Service/Missions [occasionally feels that he must act on his visions]. Spent on the first two levels of Witchcraft (basic power pool and three basic witch abilities) and the Path of Air/The Sight

  • 15 Power (Str+Con+Dex/3)
  • Basic Abilities: Empty Mind (the Adamant Will, may resist mind control and detection effects), Wholeness (Healing, one days worth in an hour for 1 power or 1d4/power up to 3d4/round), and Eye of the Emanations (The Inner Eye, thought-sensing, +6 on relevant skill checks for 10 minutes per power).
  • The Sight: may catch glimpses of the future in the stars, cards, or crystal balls, read auguries, locate paths, and employ clairsentience for 1-3 power depending on the scale.


   Skill Points: 5 (5 CP) + 30 (Int) + 10 (Racial) = 45.


Broad Skills (All +6 Int):      
Acrobatics +12 3 SP +3 Dex
Craft/Medieval Weapons +10 2 SP +3 Dex
Diplomacy +9 1 SP +2 Cha
Gadgets +10 1 SP +3 Dex
Gather Information +10 2 SP +2 Cha
Intimidate +13 5 SP +2 Cha
Knowledge/Tactics +17 5 SP +6 Int
MA: Whispering Blade +11 2 SP +3 Dex
MA: Feathered Winds +11 2 SP +3 Dex
Knowledge/Theology +13 1 SP +6 Int
Search +13 1 SP +6 Int
Spellcraft +15 3 SP +6 Int
Spot +9 2 SP +1 Wis
Stealth +10 1 SP +3 Dex
Survival/Temperate) +11 4 SP +1 Wis


Narrow Skills (All +6 Int, +5 Training)      
Battlefield Medicine +14 2 SP +1 Wis
Climb +14 1 SP +2 Str
Jump +15 2 SP +2 Str
Knowledge/Rithhan History +18 1 SP +6 Int
Knowledge/Medieval Warfare +18 1 SP +6 Int
Knowledge/Void Magic +18 1 SP +6 Int
Ride +15 1 SP +3 Dex
Tumble +18 1 SP +3 Dex


  • Identifying Details: Age 30, black hair, small, slightly curly and untrimmed, beard, blue eyes, aquiline features, several minor fencing scars.
  • Basic description: Benedict is naturally a sharp, underfed-looking fellow, but years of soldiering not long past have given him a bit of muscle and a serious tan.
  • Personality: Calm-looking, serious, quick to anger. Generally gives the impression that he’s wound tight enough to sever limbs.


Martial Art: The Whispering Blade (Dex)

   To flow like the wind and waters, each moment perfect in itself, yet ever-changing, is the first stance of the way. Allow the opponents weapon to pass through where you are not. Flow through his defenses, to bring silent death.

  • Basic Abilities: Attack +2, Power +2, Defenses +2, Synergy (Stealth), Strike.
  • Advanced and Master Abilities: Mind Like Moon, Deflect Arrows, Improved Disarm, and Whirlwind Attack.
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Ki Block, Light Foot, and Vanishing.
  • Known Techniques (6): Attack 2, Power 2, Mind Like Moon, Light Foot


Martial Art: the Feathered Winds (Dex)

   Hitting is good. Hitting vital organs is even better. The Feathered Winds style focuses on putting arrows into sensitive spots as quickly and as accurately as humanly possible. It isn’t always necessary to kill – but you wouldn’t be shooting at people if you didn’t want to do something unpleasant to them.

  • Basic Abilities: Attack 4, Power 4
  • Advanced and Master Abilities: Mighty Blow, Rapid Shot, Prone Combat, and Versatility
  • Occult Techniques: Ki Focus/Sacred/Dexterity, Overburden, Inner Strength, and Serpents Strike.
  • Known Techniques (6): Attack 2, Power 2, Rapid Shot, Inner Strength


Gadgets (10):

  • (1-2): +1 Quality Sword and Bow.
  • (3): Smartclothes. While Benedict insists on wearing his Breastplate over them (counts as “medium plating”; +2 AC, max Dex +4, -2 on relevant skill checks) and on disabling most of the electronics and sensory systems, Smartclothes still provide Energy Resistance 4, DR 4/-, and +4 AC (+6 total with plating).
  • (4): A Forceblade – as soon as he can be persuaded to use it.
  • (5): Assorted mysterious tomes and scrolls.
  • (6): Void Matrix Crystal (stores 7 power).

   These Charms and Talismans generally operate from the second circle on out.

  • (7): Captians Torc (can speak very loudly, +4 bonus to Listen checks)
  • (8): Foothold Boots (can find a moment of firm footing anywhere 3/day)
  • (9): Bracers of Hurling (can hurl small items with the range of a light crossbow bolt)
  • (10): Ring of the Void (a “Tulthara” that allows him to fire bolts of “Void Energy” equal to shots from a magical composite longbow).


   Short-term plans: Lots of shiny combat skills. Perhaps a Magic Sword.

   Long-term plans: Followers. Dominion (Way of Valour). More Witchcraft, particularly those template-add ones.

2 Responses

  1. 1) I don’t mind. I’m still stubborn about the Martial Arts, but they are nicely stabby and you went to the trouble of making applicable ones, so it’s all good.

    You know what, I’ll just call it something else. These aren’t Martial Arts, they’re… magical… sword… explosions.

    Yes! I am paying skill points to buy magical sword explosions. That is much less thematically annoying.

    2) Once again, I miss some tiny yet vital note in the books. Hrrmph. Thanks.

    3) Ahh, is that what “Gadgets” does… (can hurl small items with the range of a light crossbow bolt)

    with the range of a light crossbow bolt

    I foresee this getting used gladly and often, possibly with a strength enhancer. “How do YOU like getting hit with an ocean cruiser? RAH!”

  2. […] Benedict: a mystic swordsman of the manifold, and his Homeworld. […]

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