Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 25

   As usual, this is Kira’s edited player log with material inserted to cover what the other characters were up to – and thus allow it to serve as a general session log…

   Meanwhile, aboard the Lingsrymu (the Sith Super Star Destroyer), while A-Kira and Jarik departed the system, Ben and Lazlo had concluded that – whatever had been going on – it wasn’t going to result in an easy escape… That left them with a hot data chip and no place to go. With any luck the substitution might pass unnoticed – the computers would just load the new chip they’d put in with the same data – but they still needed a place to hide the thing.

   They wound up stuffing it into a dummy chip slot in Ben’s stasis-belt unit. At least it would be handy if they did get a chance to escape – hopefully it wouldn’t be obviously out-of-place in an unfamiliar bit of equipment – and going back to laying low, focusing on their training, and pretending that nothing odd was happening.

   Eventually they managed to get some information from the colonists gossip network. Most of it was pretty insane. Someone had attempted to persuade the colonists to pile out of the airlocks and flee because the “Sith were not nice”? (Oh come on now… was that street theater or a rather blatant diversion?) Someone had tried to take over the entire ship using a hand computer? Somebody had streaked the entire ship, very very quickly? A ship had exploded in the docks, and had caused a fair amount of damage to one hanger deck? There were lots of other rumors too – but those were actually fairly consistent. Did that mean they had some basis in fact?

   Lazlo had to say that a burst of confusion – and apparently insane plans – on that scale certainly SOUNDED like their group in action! Besides… if it HAD been their group, and Handell had jumped out of the dock that way, it had to have been a major emergency – and that meant that it was likely that some of their friends were still aboard. Stasis belts made it fabulously easy to hide in normally-impossible places and damped your life-readings, so that the usual search-scans wouldn’t find you.

   Ben tried out his new theory… He tried to pick up, in a meditative trance, the precognitive traces of what information he’d be trying to send himself in a few hours. Sadly, he was unable to get his new technique to work quite yet – but he could feel that there was something to it…

   Meanwhile, Lazlo was called in by their Sith Instructors.

   They wanted to talk about the intruders – given that they WERE the rest of the crew of the ship that Lazlo had arrived on. (After all, given that they were repeating the run for cover, they’d had no choice except to stick with their phony identities).

   Lazlo, cornered, had to admit that their pictures certainly looked like his “Captain” – although she seemed to be looking a little odd – and that the “Kira” person was the one he knew. He tried to float a “he’s just obsessed with Kira the Kat” line, but they had too many records – and he was flustered enough to be generally accurate about how they’d met, and their first adventures, which correlated all too well to the cartoon… Of course, if he strayed too far from reality, if they talked to Ben before he could, Ben would have no way of matching his story – which would be a dead giveaway right there… Blast it! They should have agreed on a background story before getting into this situation! Or at least while they were wandering around the ship and – presumably – safe from (or at least safer from) surveillance!

   At least he could safely claim that “Kira” hadn’t displayed any super-speed techniques, or the power to pass through solid matter, while he was with him… (How could Kira possibly have done that anyway?). The Sith were interested… but simply said that it looked like Kira was using some of the catastrophic techniques, and would probably destroy himself shortly.

   Oddly enough, the Sith seemed less than concerned with the fact that He and Ben were using phony ID’s – and might well be spies or saboteurs, no matter what they claimed. Apparently they were quite used to apprentices who didn’t want to be Sith, considered themselves spies, or were quite unwilling; they usually either died or came around eventually. (He was also more than a bit upset to find out that – since he hadn’t argued, and Alys had been in “possession” of him, that his sale had been quite legal under Hutt law). He got sent to notify Ben that he should come in for an interview (and informed that the other apprentices had apparently given him directions through the advanced obstacle course when he’d been wanting to go anywhere).

   Ben had gotten a bit of warning from Lazlo – but Lazlo had been sure they were under surveillance, and hadn’t dared do more than hint. He also went with the “Kira” is obsessed with Kira the Kat routine – but found it equally hard to sell. Fortunately, he could easily bury the instructors under advanced hyperspace mathematics and temporal theory – but wound up admitting that he’d met Kira on an ocean world (matching up with the Kira the Kat information) and that they’d encountered some version of the temporal effect before, and something about it. (Darn it! Had Kira made some breakthrough while he was away?!? He HATED not knowing what was going on!)

   Wait, the Sith were willing to introduce him to some theoretical researchers? Oh dear… Just how good WERE they at reading him?

   He found the fact that the Sith weren’t worried about his loyalties – and freely admitted that many of their apprentices were in fact heroic idiots trying to infiltrate them – far more worrisome than Lazlo had. If the Sith didn’t care, did that mean that it didn’t matter? Was the philosophy of the early training so important that starting with the Sith made a fall to the dark side almost inevitable? It hadn’t seemed that way with Kira – but then Kira hadn’t accepted advanced training techniques… He’d made some very rapid progress with those – but had he doomed himself doing it? If only his precognition wasn’t being fouled up by other people’s precognition!

   So… This sect didn’t approve of dark side rampages. They felt that almost every force-sensitive was doomed to fall one way or another – and that the only way to handle that was to focus on iron control, so that you could keep your decisions coldly rational no matter how much the Force was amplifying your emotions. They felt that the Jedi were fools to deny this, and to try to save everyone by denying their emotions. Doing it their way, a lot of students self-destructed – but the ones who survived could generally control their powers.

   Heck, they should try for some publicity. They’d certainly be easier to live with than the HoloSith! In fact… he suggested it, only to be informed that they had considered it – but they doubted that they would EVER be able to look cooler than the HoloSith.

   Meanwhile, back at the base with Kira

   Jarik and I made it back to the base pretty much unharmed. A poorly clad woman by the name of Xiang met us as we docked. That get up had to come from a holo or something as I really doubt anyone would wear that thing into combat. Snapping my attention away from that, I was asked where the others had run off to and why only we returned.

   Well that was disheartening. I would have thought that some of the others would have made it out of there. Apparently not though. Launching another rescue attempt with fewer people was going to be suicide. Looking through the various Hutt channels, it didn’t seem like the Sith were reporting the capture of anyone thus far, which was a good sign – if hardly conclusive. They were obviously good at keeping secrets.

   If none of the others were captured, then they were still probably running around either the ship or the enclave and unable to get out. Otherwise, they would have returned to the base. Someone suggested getting in touch with Ben and finding out what he knew. After quite a bit of discussion involving the rest of the crew, one of the kids suggested that we send a message to Ben via the Hutts to get on the “Kira the Kat” forums.

   I had to admit, the idea made a certain amount of sense. A bit too tongue in cheek for my taste, but workable. If done right, it could even be incredibly hard to discern anything untoward from it. Setting up my own account as “CodifierAkira”, I wrote Ben (under his Dan Jaboo alias) a message asking for his advice regarding character backgrounds for a fanfiction I was writing. It was a simple matter to pay the Hutts to deliver the message to Ben. Postage was outrageous, but so is everything with the Hutts, even if they are gangsters in this universe.

   Then all I could do was wait. I tried to do more research on what Valerie was doing to little avail. She apparently wasn’t from the Republic and as such had no real records to look up. About the only thing I could get was information on assassinations that the rest of the party said their Kira believed she was behind. Her list of targets and how she killed them was intriguing to say the least. I saw enough potential there that she wasn’t all gone and had managed to retain her reasoning. There may be hope yet.

   Looking for other hyperspace experts was also non-productive. The assassin was slowly making their way through the major experts on hyperspace theory and engineering. Party speculation focused on the idea that the Sith were trying to eliminate everyone likely to figure out how the teleportation superweapon worked. To find someone, it looked like I was going to have to go a good ways across the galaxy. Getting home isn’t going to be easy.

   Heh, I could tell Valerie that the major reason it took so long to come back was that she kept killing all the people who could help me. She probably wouldn’t appreciate it though.

   The forums themselves were a mess. The subforum on shipping I avoided like a diseased corpse, but the ones regarding the characters and basic fanfiction were a cesspool of willful ignorance and anonymity fueled bigotry. I eventually had to stop reading everything not related to my search for Ben’s reply out of a sense of preserving my faith in people.

   The forums weren’t really that bad, and some excellent droid-based filters were available – but Alternate Kira wasn’t used to such things… The characters actually spent some time using details of adventures that hadn’t yet made it into the series as “possible future episodes” to identify each other and confirm their identities – before getting on to “speculations about what to do in some hypothetical situations”.

   The Sith still might well trace things, and interpret them, but as long as they didn’t directly address each other in conversation, kept referencing unrelated posts, and “CodifierAkira” left his responses buried in a monstrous pile of fan commentary and speculation, they might be able to get away with it in the short term.

   Thankfully, I got a reply from someone looking to be Ben and with some quick assistance from the others, we managed to confirm each other’s identities. At first Ben seemed upset over the idea that Kira had made some major breakthrough while he was away until I convinced him that there were side effects to the whole process. I wasn’t about to admit anywhere public that Kira got caught in a botched experiment and had swapped places with his alternate self.

   With that out of the way, we started focusing on what would happen next in the escape from the Sith super star destroyer plot. We confirmed that Jarik and I were the only ones to make it back to base. Handell and Telera were recorded as having made an escape attempt from inside the docking bay itself. I had to admit, that was an impressive feat if he pulled it off. We also presumed Handell survived the attempt as his precognition SHOULD have prompted him not to if his death was likely.

   Alys, Shipwreck, 10CH, and Khadim were all confirmed as missing and likely still aboard the super star destroyer. Where onboard a vessel of that size was an open question and it wasn’t like I could offer any good plans on how to proceed on that. Leaving that to Ben to figure out, it was then time to focus on where Handell and Telera might have ended up. Ben seemed annoyed that he couldn’t just pull the appropriate planet out of thin air, which I found to be just silly. Working from simple logic, we selected 11 possible destinations with 8 of those being likely.

   That actually worked from engineering failure analysis and the fact that Ben knew exactly what the Furripedes had done to the drive systems… Even a best-case scenario for that little stunt said that Handell would have burned out the primary hyperdrive if the ship survived at all – and couldn’t have made it very far – in fact, within a fairly calculable range of distances. Ergo, assuming he was as good as he seemed, that mean that he would have tried to come out within easy range of somewhere he could get repairs… No way to analyze his course from what data they had – but there were only so many likely planets plotting the likely distance he could have jumped.

   Handell would have wanted fast service based on what history of his we knew of. So that narrowed our search down to three worlds: Cawell, Sophius, and Waesser. Handell had apparently visited Cawell before and had gotten involved in a riot that had something to do with some theatre company he travelled with. Sophius looked to be a classic pawn shop world with all sorts of very cheap and probably illicit parts. Waesser on the other hand was a world with a lot of specialty parts engineering and miniaturization.

   We eliminated Cawell as it was decided Handell probably would not want to return to a world where a riot occurred that he was involved in. That still left Sophius and Waesser and no easy way to determine which he might have gone to. No choice but to send ships to both systems and hope we successfully narrowed our choices correctly. One ship with Xiang went to Sophius and I went with the other ship to Waesser.

   Xiang didn’t find much on Sophius. Waesser, however, supplied a lot of bounty hunters with miniaturized speciality equipment.

   After we landed, I went to the port control offices and was asked what my business was by a pair of guards. I told them I had lost track of some friends on mine after fleeing a Sith/Republic battle and was wondering if they might have arrived on this world. The guard informed my that many ships had arrived here, and that I would need to get more specific. Fair enough I suppose. I gave them the model of freighter Handell was piloting and they ran some checks. They got a confirmation and more guards arrived to escort me to where I could learn more. My offers to just take directions and go myself were ignored.

   Oh well.

   I was escorted to the local Bounty Hunters Guild and shown to a particular office with a man dressed in large and intimidating black combat armor. He was also loaded with more weaponry than I thought prudent to be carrying into a fight. He immediately recognized me as Kira and started reaching for a weapon. I didn’t recognize him, but decided it was best not to find out what the relationship was.

   It was a simple matter to simply phase through the floor and land on the floor below. I could hear the sound of weapons fire above me as I can only assume he shot at the floor I just went through. Trying to take out an entire bounty hunters guild single handedly was asking to get caught. No choice but to find Telera and Handell and make a run for it. Problem was, I had no idea where in this giant facility they could be.

   I did stumble upon a technician as I phased through another wall in front of him. The guy seemed to be terrified that I was some Sith ghost or some nonsense. I politely asked where my companions might be and was informed that they were most likely in the cell block. Alright, that made sense. I asked where the cell block was and requested that he just point as opposed to giving turn by turn directions. The technician then proceeded to pull out a map and thought for a moment before pointing somewhere to the southwest and down two floors.

   I thanked him and then phased through the next wall. Thinking for a moment, I stopped and poked my head back through to tell him that it was probably best not to speak of this with anyone. Unfortunately, he was already well down the hallway screaming something about undead Sith. Oh well, so much for keeping a low profile.

   Following the direction pointed to me, I fell through two more floors and then proceeded to walk straight to my destination. It was easy to tell this had to be the cell block based on the construction of the walls. I wasn’t prepared for the bounty hunter in black ahead of me on the other side of the wall. It looked like he had filled the room with some sort of gas. He proceeded to unload a flamethrower to my face full blast. Luckily I was still phased and watched with wry amusement as the floor, walls, and ceiling burned around me – although gas wasn’t good; it would begin to leak through the interface all too soon.

   Looking agitated, the bounty hunter threw down the flamethrower and pulled out a heavy automatic blaster rifle and held down the trigger to no effect. Next came the laser, the grenades, the slug throwers, the vibroblade and even the taser to no effect. Well, it did have an effect, but it phasing meant I only took a fraction of the damage I would have taken otherwise; still, enough firepower would start to really hurt – and he might get in a lucky shot; you had to remain partially in contact to avoid dropping out entirely… Besides, I was running out of air, being phased and all. Ducking back through the wall, I circled around the cell block to about where I recalled Telera and Handell to be held, took a deep breath, and phased through again.

   I found Handell and Telera on the other side like I had planned and unphased myself. The black bounty hunter was turning around quickly – he had to have sensors or something to be alerted to my presence that quickly. Moving fast, I grabbed ahold of Telera and Handell and phased all three of us through the floor. Telera was hard to tug along and I can only guess it had to be due to her status as a Binder/Jedi. Landing on the floor below, I quickly verified both Handell and Telera were alive.

   It took some effort to negate their inertia and lift them while also phasing through walls and accelerating my time rate. I was glad for all the hard lessons Valerie gave me that enabled me to pull this sort of stunt off. I quickly found our missing freighter on the port outside the guild. It looked to have been completely repaired and even upgraded with some shiny new weapons on top of things. Looks like our black-clad bounty hunter friend had been kind enough to repair it for us.

   Running aboard, I laid Telera and Handell down and radioed for the other ship to take off without me as we were escaping on another ship. I ran towards the cockpit and stared at the console for several moments before determining there wasn’t a chance in the galaxy of me figuring out how to fly this thing. Navigate sure, but actually flying was out of the question. Hmm, I needed a pilot, and Handell was knocked out still from that gas back in the cell block. It would take him hours to recover from that.

   Smacking my forehead, I accelerated Handell’s timerate to speed his recovery to mere moments for the rest of us. That felt weird for reasons I don’t really understand. As Handell went to start up the ship while still hyperaccelerated, I realized we had a problem and matched his time rate before slowing us both back down to normal. Whew, these guys may not realize it, but going into hyperspace while hyperaccelerated will ruin hyperdrives easily. I never was real clear on the why of that, but it was still a well-known issue where I came from.

   Port control threatened to not let us go and demanded that we surrender. Not really wanting to face the bounty hunters again, I responded back with the simple observation that we could use our new missiles to open the door without their permission. Port control finally relented and opened the door for us, enabling our escape.

   Actually, the facilities insurance company was going to be pretty cross; De’Arc’s ship was covered while it was in facility custody, and they were going to have to buy him a new one.

   Handell took us away from the planet and into hyperspace, easily dodging the patrols… Telera informed me that she confused her sense of impending danger to mean Sith were in the area as opposed to bounty hunters and so they got trapped. I am just impressed they survived escaping from the Sith in the first place, getting captured again was minor in comparison.

   We made it back to the base shortly thereafter. I was informed that our black bounty hunter was De’Arc, a recurring enemy of the party. Apparently the group has stolen his stuff twice now, although both times it wasn’t without some legal permission – or at least justification. Now, I’ve stolen a third ship from him. Well, our ship repaired and upgraded significantly, but still. I did send him a thank you card for all the repairs and upgrades he did. It must have been expensive and there is no need to be rude about it all.

   That still leaves us with trying to rescue the others from the Sith forces. Best bet is beginning to look like waiting until the Sith offload their new colony and everyone sneak aboard one of the landers. Once they landed and the super star destroyer left, we could land, pick the rest of the party up, and then get out of there before anyone was the wiser. Almost any other plan I figured was too risky and likely to fail in comparison.

   In the meantime, I needed to find a hyperspace expert my fiancée’s alternate has not assassinated. I just hope I can find one before the assassin does. I really would like to go home, these people are crazy.

   Back aboard the Lingsrymu

   Ben and Lazlo were simultaneously more and less worried… The Sith didn’t CARE that they were using phony identities and might be spies for Kira or the Jedi! They were free to wander around, at least – presumably – as long as they didn’t make a lot of trouble or try to sabotage things! There weren’t even any major precautions in place against them slipping away! Were they THAT confident in the weeks of Sith training that they’d undergone?

   Ben resolved to try to fall to the light side as soon as possible. The Arethi force-sensitive medics had shown him the way – and he was generally a non-combatant anyway. Being unable to attack people or act unethically wouldn’t really hinder him much.

   Oh well… At least it gave them a chance to find Shipwreck, Alys, Khadim, and 10CH now that they knew that they were still aboard – and apparently still at large. That meant that Alys and Shipwreck pretty much HAD to be in stasis fields – and those were distinctive enough IF you knew what you were looking for. For that matter, so was Khadim – even if his readings didn’t look like a normal lifeforms. All they’d have to do would be to go through the areas where the chases had occurred scanning…

   They hadn’t actually gotten too far with that – a Super Star Destroyer had cubic kilometers of possible hiding places – when Ben’s attempt to feed himself information from the future paid off. There was a likely problem coming up, involving a massive electronics disruption near some of the escape pod bays, and the loss of several escape pods.

   That would be Shipwreck, waking up and trying to make an escape. Ergo, they now knew where to scan.

   Shipwreck nearly strangled Ben when he woke up before realizing who it was – but didn’t quite kill him.

   Finding Alys turned out to be harder; the colony segment was pretty large, and she wasn’t likely to cause any major disruptions when she woke up. Still, since both Ben and Lazlo had been spending time in the colony area, they turned her up eventually.

   That left them speculating as to how to escape… There were a lot of silly suggestions, and some that were moderately workable – but the easiest seemed to be to simply get set down with the colony. It was due to be planted in a few weeks.

   Meanwhile, in another galaxy:

(Valerie) Would you quit using that annoying precognition and dodging?!

(Kira) You actually tried to kill me with that one!

(Valerie) How else am I supposed to trigger a breakthrough if I don’t push you into a corner?!

(Kira) I am having a hard enough time trying to balance the power flows without you trying to blow my head off every chance you get!

   This was annoying. I thought practice with Valerie was annoying before, but it didn’t compare to this. About the only saving grace is that this Valerie kept trying to set up the perfect shot as opposed to unloading the entire powercell on me. The training itself was going slowly. Not nearly as fast as the training with the Force and I am not sure I understand why. Is it because I haven’t experienced a breakthrough yet, or is something else going on in the background that I am not aware of?

   Again came the perfectly aimed shot at my head and I ducked to the side, only to find more heading my direction as she did that annoying hyper automatic fire deal. I accelerated myself and tried to dodge them all but quickly got overwhelmed and hit repeatedly. I blacked out before I hit the ground.

   Once again, I woke up to see that picturesque blue sky and green field all around me. I also had a pounding headache that was now becoming an all too familiar feeling. I was really beginning to dislike waking up like this. My view of the sun was thankfully blocked by a tall shadow in a long coat.

(Valerie) You’re lucky I turned the setting back to stun.

(Kira) You’re lucky you are not telepathic.

That got another pistol pointed at my skull.

(Valerie) I’m getting better at it, I can pick up bits and pieces. Now get your mind out of the gutter and let’s continue this.

(Kira) Can’t I at least get over this headache before we try again?

   She removed the pistol from my skull and sat back down on the grass. I pulled the hood back over my head and sat down next to her. That bright sunlight was getting to be really annoying. She saw me shielding my eyes against the glare.

(Valerie) Have you had the corrective surgery done to your eyes?

(Kira) Yes, my eyes focus normally. There is still the issue of the lack of pigment not filtering light as it should.

(Valerie) Well, that explains why your aim noticeably drops outdoors. I’ll have to order a pair for you then.

(Kira) A pair of what?

(Valerie) Lenses that fit over the cornea and help to filter the light. Some of the more advanced models include basic HUD functionality. Your counterpart used them all the time.

   She smiled whenever she spoke of him. I couldn’t believe half the stories she had told me of their adventures together. It all seemed a bit too fairy tale to be believable. Watching the recordings of the pair of them had also been eerie.

(Kira) Is the equipment I requested ready yet?

(Valerie) It should be ready this evening. Is this really necessary?

(Kira) Yes, at least, I found it to be integral to the whole process. Besides, a lightsaber works much better with Force abilities than a typical blaster.

(Valerie) If you say so.

   We finished another round of Codex training before I collapsed into exhaustion. All of this running around, dodging, and shooting was difficult to maintain for long. At least with Force powers I could sustain myself for the long haul with the endurance techniques, but that wouldn’t work with this.

   We retreated back to the villa after practice. There we did more coaching on how to behave myself in front of others to little effect. Thankfully the droids around the place weren’t picking up on any of the issues and Valerie was handling all the communications. That usually left me on screen in the background and pretending to be busy with something. I couldn’t help using telekinesis to tease her during those calls though, although I usually paid for it during practice.

   Lunch was yet another affair with her coaching me on names, faces, personalities, and abilities of all the people my counterpart knew and interacted with while we ate. The guy seriously has too many friends in my opinion. Then followed the lessons on galactic history. As best as I could tell, this timeline had forked fairly early on in the Republic’s history. Possibly during one of the first five Sith wars. The Jedi Order collapsed and the Sith came close to winning the war.

   At which point the Republic unleashed Codifiers or their precursors to eliminate the Sith. The Sith were eliminated, as were the last remnants of the Jedi. The Republic then lost control of some of the Codifiers who went on their own rampage. They became the first Faded and wiped out many of the Core worlds as the Republic fell. The surviving systems formed various independent kingdoms and forged a military Alliance to hold back the Faded. Those few Codifiers that remained loyal to the original cause joined them as a surrogate Jedi Order.

   Ever since then, the galaxy has been embroiled in an endless cycle of wars mainly perpetrated by highly talented nutjobs. Amazing how familiar that sounds. It also reinforces my notion that the only way to end this is with both the Codex and the Force being used to balance out the extremes of either. If I ever manage to return home, then I can take the lessons of the Codex with me, and I have been teaching this Valerie about the Force.

   Which was scary on a lot of levels. Yes, I had helped Telera train the kids, but that was mainly techniques and not the underlying philosophy. I ended up teaching a combination of the Jedi philosophies, Sith techniques, and my concept of keeping the Force balanced against the Codex. We had a few close calls, but between Valerie’s self control and the Force suppression drugs, we stayed on top of things. Luckily they can make more of those drugs to meet her future needs.

   Which led to this afternoon being the time we create Valerie’s lightsaber. Telera and I had worked out most of the issues before I fell out of the universe, and I had even made my own with Master Soung. Specifying the parts and equipment needed was a tricky matter, we were able to use the parts from mine as a baseline for manufacturing more. That left the crystal itself though.

   Figuring out the furnace construction took a lot of trial and error. It didn’t help matters that I didn’t understand the full technical details, and the engineers didn’t really understand what I was wanting to accomplish. They didn’t really seem to believe me when I told them I had the crystal burnout issue solved and they just needed to make the furnace work. Finally yesterday I was able to get my own test crystal growing, and tonight we were going to have Valerie try to make one.

(Valerie) How long does this take?

(Kira) I was told it would take twelve hours, but I did it in less than nine.

(Valerie) How long did it take with my counterpart?

(Kira) Unknown, before I arrived on the scene.

   We started as soon as the furnace was fired up. Starting with the seed crystal, we added the dopants and extra material and began. First off was guiding Valerie to reach out to the crystal with the Force and feel it. Then the machine began to grow the crystal into the shape and size needed to generate a blade. At which point it started as directing her towards the stress points and showing her how to use her power to guide the doping there. Soon she began to feel the stress points on her own without prompting and took over completely.

   Master Soung had told me that what you were really doing was imprinting yourself onto the crystal so that it resonated well with you. I had no idea whether he was correct or not, but I could tell that how Valerie was growing it and how I grew mine were quite different. Her’s was definitely the work of a perfectionist in how she systematically went after each flaw and bound them together in a secondary pattern on top of the crystal’s. Mine was more along the lines of reinforcing the crystal’s existing pattern at the most fragile locations.

   Hours later, she was satisfied with how the crystal had formed and the furnace entered a curing and cooldown cycle. It was easy to tell that she was getting excited as the time approached. Hell, I was too when my first one was made, but that was because my life was in danger if I didn’t succeed. Valerie took the finished crystal out of the oven and inserted it into the hilt as directed. At first it didn’t power on until she noticed she forgot the power cell. Inserting that, the lightsaber powered on and emitted a luminous pink blade.

(Valerie) It doesn’t look like yours.

(Kira) No, each one is different. Most common colors are red, green, and blue. It is said the color reflects the personality of the creator.

(Valerie) What color was her’s?

(Kira) Pink, same as yours.

(Valerie) I think I like it.

(Kira) She didn’t.

(Valerie) Why?

(Kira) Well, the Sith are a hard peer group if you are out to earn respect. She felt pink didn’t cut it.

(Valerie) So wait, does this mean I have the same personality as the Sith princess?

(Kira) I have to admit there are disturbing similarities.

   She seemed to take offense at that suggestion, but I had to admit the similarities were there. Both were very talented and self-assured, with a good idea of what they want and how they are going to get it. On the other hand, this one seemed a lot more comfortable with people whereas the other was quite willing to kill just to cement her position.

   Valerie sat there brooding, probably over me.

(Valerie) Is there any way to avoid the Dark Side?

(Kira) Well, there is drugging yourself into a stupor, or render yourself so aloof and emotionless that it’s really hard to anger you.

(Valerie) I thought you said this is what you were trying to learn the Codex for.

(Kira) True, but I haven’t figured out how to have one suppress the excesses of the other. That was sort of the next step in this journey.

   Valerie then mentioned it was getting late and that we needed to grab something to eat before heading off to bed. It looks like more Codex training for me and Force training for her tomorrow followed by lightsaber practice. Strange how this is almost a mirror image of a year ago.

   I wonder what other strange twists my life will take before this is all over.

In yet ANOTHER alternate galaxy

   Alys had abruptly found herself back aboard her ship – and in a galaxy which had suffered some form of catastrophe. From “her” diary – ok, some counterparts diary? – the catastrophe bad been related to some sort of superweapon… Most of the people of the galaxy had been wiped out, almost as if they had never been. She’d somehow missed out on it, having been pushed months into the future because (?) she’d been entering hyperspace at the moment when the weapon was triggered.

   OK; so Kira’s experiment had pushed her into some sort of alternate reality. Presumably, he’d be working on getting her back. Still, it looked like her counterpart here – in what she’d call the “Destroyed Galaxy” – had been in too much shock to really look into things properly.

   It was hard to blame herself for that though. Was she just reacting differently because she was getting used to insane things happening? Or was it just that she was sure that HER friends and family were still safe?

   She didn’t dare believe that Kira and Ben and the rest might NOT find a way to get her back. She threw herself into activity to avoid thinking about that possibility. She would NOT spend the rest of her life in a dead galaxy!

   Besides… It was a big galaxy. There were bound to be other survivors on other ships – and a good deal of the communications net was still in place. There was a window of opportunity before the lack of maintenance shut everything down.

   She spent some time investigating, using what communications assets there were to collect other survivors, and collating their reports.

   Jump-survivors were still emerging from hyperspace now and then – but it looked like the major civilized planets, and almost all their space assets, were gone – their inhabitants and civilizations wiped away without a trace. A few of the more obscure rim worlds had survived somehow. A few primitive sapient races had abruptly appeared on planets that HAD been uninhabited. The core of the galaxy was a hell of hard radiation…

   OK, that was just WEIRD. There were some other people around – and worlds that the could live on – so the place wasn’t a TOTAL disaster though.

   She set to work getting some colonies organized.

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