Session 26: Six Weeks of Chaos

   Having gotten past the semi-mandatory battles of misunderstanding with Sputnik, Cosmos, and Ivan (in the previous session), our heroes managed to exchange the two most recent escaped liquid-demon-things for Continue reading


Upcoming Projects

   Currently I’m working on converting the last few chapters of the Battletech Level Four rules (hopefully those will be in shape to post in the next few days), as well as on the general information on character motives, goals, and roles for the Federation-Apocalypse game in particular and games in general, more d20 point-buy sample characters (and possibly another Eclipse: The Codex Persona web supplement), and an assortment of other items. Unless there’s a particular request, what goes up next will be semi-random as usual…

Federation-Apocalypse Session Nine: The Moons of Korriban

   This was a short session, due to the game master being called away. 

   Leaving the volcanic moon, the group Continue reading

Hospital Times

   Well, everything worked out well at the hospital, but I still wound up spending the entire day there – ergo no large updates today. Possibly tomorrow if there’s time.

Federation-Apocalypse: Character Motivations

    This short series of posts is an online aid for Brian, who’s running the Federation-Apocalypse game.  Now, in any game its important for the characters to make fairly regular progress towards their goals (although fully achieving any one of their hopefully-numerous desired can, and usually should, take quite a while), for the characters to get to use and display their unique abilities, and for the players to encounter the situations and things they find interesting. In the Manifold setting we can add in both worlds the players and/or characters would like to spend some time in and roles they’d like to assume.

   This also makes it easer to throw in the smaller, more immediate and quickly-resolvable plotlines, struggles, and minor rewards that serve to keep the players and characters motivated, involved, and sure of what they’re doing and why when the larger plotlines are obscure, or when too much of the action is occuring around the NPC’s rather than the PC’s. Players hate to be led and hate to be put in a purely reactive role. Most of them get enough of that in reality.

   Hopefully no one will be surprised that I don’t have complete information here: the various players are encouraged to add some notes, edit their entries, or let me know what else they’d like to see in their listings. For the first section, we have Personal Motivations. Continue reading

Now Recruiting:

Session 25: Within the Kremlin

   Ranko returned to Japan as quickly as possible. While Vasilko being presumed human was good news – she would have Continue reading