Terin’s Skills

   Here’s the rest of Terin’s basic character sheet – his skills and combat factors. It’s worth noting that, under the specific skills rule, what would normally be ample skill points are spread out pretty thin – but that training and a high intelligence really make a difference in them. Where his natural racial talents are relevant he’s pretty expert compared to a baseline human, but no match for a character with similar abilities who’s specialized a bit. Where his natural talents aren’t, he’s fairly competent but – thanks to the higher skill difficulties in the setting – shouldn’t expect to get away with anything fancy.


Usual Weapons

  • Lunar Orbit Style: +12, 1d10+8 stunning or lethal (slashing, piercing, or crushing), 100′ Range Increment where L1 magic works. Counts as Adamant while wearing his Karatends.
  • Shuriken: +8/+8, 1d4+6 damage, 10′ range increment. Add another 4d6 in a 10′ radius if using exploding shuriken.


Broad Skills

All +6 Int, +2 Luck Bonus when in areas where first-level magic operates.

  • Physical Skills: Acrobatics +22 (1 SP, +7 Dex, +8 Race), Lunar Orbit Kung Fu +13 (2 SP + 5 Str), Nine Deadly Winds+13 (2 SP + 5 Str), Stealth (1 SP, +7 Dex, +4 Race),
  • Knowledge Skills (All +6 Int): Forestry +13 (1 SP), Literature +13, (1 SP), Mythology +13 (1 SP), Quantum Realities +13 (1 SP), Theology +13 (1 SP)
  • Perception Skills (all +1 Wis): Spot +10 (1 SP, +2 Race), Listen +10 (1 SP, +2 Race)
  • Other Skills: Computer Operations +13 (1 SP, +6 Int), Faith/Darkness +8 (1 SP, +1 Wis), Gadgetry +14, (1 SP, +7 Dex), Ritual Magic +7 (1 SP, Int +6, may memorize one specific ritual per skill level).


Narrow Skills

 All +6 Int, +5 Training, add +2 Luck Bonus when in areas where first-level magic operates.

  • Physical Skills: Balance +27 (1 SP, +7 Dex, +8 Race), Climb+26 (1 SP, +6 Str, +8 Race), Jump +27 (1 SP, +7 Dex, +8 Race), Pilot/ Modern Core Vehicles +19 (1 SP, +7 Dex), Shadowing +19 (1 SP, +7 Dex), Slight of Hand +19 (1 SP, +7 Dex), Swim +18 (1 SP, +6 Str),
  • Knowledge Skills (All +6 Int): Core Earth England +18 (1 SP), Crusader +18 (1 SP), Demolitions +18 (1 SP), Demons +18 (1 SP), Egyptian Gods and Magic +18 (1 SP), Poisons and Antidotes +18 (1 SP), Realms of Robin Hood +18 (1 SP), Roman Catholicism +18 (1 SP), Runes and Glyphs +18 (1 SP), Siegecraft +18 (1 SP), Undead +18 (1 SP), and Witchcraft (+18 (1 SP).
  • Perception Skills (All +1 Wis): Dimensional Navigation +13 (1 SP),
  • Social Skills(All -2 Cha): Acting +9 (1 SP), Etiquette/High Society +9 (1 SP), Oratory +9 (1 SP), Seduction +9 (1 SP).


Specific Knowledges:

   The Book of Coming Forth by Day (1 SP, +15), Spirit Pacts (1 SP, +15).  

   Memorized Rituals (7): Homesteading (renovates a medium-sized structure), Binding the Loa (extends the duration of Ridden by the Loa to 24 hours), Greater Healing (replicates a Heal spell), Break Enchantment, Analyze Dweomer, Legend Lore, and _______.

   Usual Gadgetry (14): Smartclothes, Heavy Effector Module, Nightsight Contacts, Karatends (unarmed strikes get +2 to hit and damage and count as adamant), Pocket Toolkit (counts as two items), Survival Pack (counts as two items), an Oxygen Mask, Variable Torch, Linespinner, a pouch of witchcraft-keyed Exploding Shuriken, Magician’s Pouch, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (very useful where it works). He occasionally adds a packet of poisons and/or a pistol in place of the survival pack if he’s actually on a mission.

   Lunar Orbit Techniques Known (7): Attack 1, Power 2, Breaking, Deflect Arrows, Versatility, and Vanishing.

   Nine Winds Techniques Known (7): Attack 2, Power 1, Instant Stand, Rapid Shot, Weapon Kata/Shuriken, and Inner Strength.

   General Pack: light camp kit, messkit, food and water, rope, and a traveler’s pouch. Terin doesn’t usually carry much in the way of weapons. He’s found that a more subtle approach usually works better. If he actually gets his revolution going, that may change.

   Magician’s Pouch: This modest bag contains various spell and ritual components, including packets of salt, beeswax, assorted colored chalks and small candles, origami paper, incense sticks and various common herbs, string, pen and ink, several pencil-sized “wands” (bone with lead bands, hawthorn, ebony with gold tips, elder, oak, magnetized steel, and mistletoe), a “scribing” tip (for the wands), 2 small knives (meteoric iron with oak handle, silver with rowan handle), silk cloths, 2 small bowls/bells/cups/incense burners/etc (silver and gold), a silver disc/mirror, tongs, wire, matches, a set of rune or “tarot” cards, a small key, some rings (Simple blank bands; 4 copper, 2 silver, 2 gold, and 2 iron), a small flute, embroidery thread, brass chime, holy symbol and Unholy symbols (per user’s beliefs), some crystals, needles and thread, pins, and assorted vials (Holy and unholy water, assorted oils, alcohol, mercury, “fingerpaints”, glue and healing herbs) in a padded roll.

   Traveler’s Pouch: This small, tough, pouch contains a selection of items any traveler should have along – brush, comb, and razor, a little packet of soap, sticking plaster and salve, wax, tacks and thread, needles, buttons, fishhooks and sinkers, string/fishline, a lighter, a small whetstone and file, a couple of small knives, a bit of clue, a vial of insect repellent, bite medication, a thin bag (Suitable for use as a pillow if stuffed with something yielding), and a compass. Usually or his belt. 1 pound or less.

Contents list and weight from “Woodcraft” by George W. Sears, circa 1880.


Usual Clerical Spell Selection:

   L0) Mending, Purify Food and Drink, and Light

   L1) Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, and Detect Secret Doors.


Lunar Orbit Kung Fu: (Str)

   Concentrating on whirling, twisting, and circular techniques, Lunar Orbit Kung Fu attempts to turn strength into crippling leverage against vulnerable spots.

  • Requires: Improved Unarmed Strike or equivalent.
  • Basic Techniques: Attack 2, Defenses 2, Power 2, Synergy/ Tumble, and Synergy/Escape Artist.
  • Advanced/Master Techniques: Breaking, Deflect Arrows, Versatility, and Whirlwind Attack.
  • Occult Techniques: Focused Blow, Inner Strength, Ki Block, and Vanishing.

Lunar Orbit Kung Fu, Technique Names:

  • Attack: Rage of Night
  • Defense: Encircling The Moon
  • Power: Within the Seas of the Moon
  • Synergy/Tumble: Striding Upon the Moon
  • Synergy/Escape Artist: Waning of the Moon
  • Breaking: Summoning the Tide
  • Deflect Arrows: Lunar Radiance Drives back the Dark
  • Versatility: Slashing: Sickle of the Moon, Crushing: First Rays of the Moon, and Piercing: The Withered Moon Heart
  • Whirlwind Attack: Thousand Rays of the Moon
  • Focused Blow: Comet Strikes the Moon
  • Inner Strength: Drink Down the Moon
  • Ki Block: Eclipsing the Sun
  • Vanishing – Moonlight over Water Technique


Nine Deadly Winds: (Str)

   Flowing with the wind, masters of the Nine Deadly Winds drift as if they were weightless and strike with the terrible force of a tornado tossing wisps of straw through mighty oaks.

  • Requires: Improved Unarmed Strike or equivalent.
  • Basic Techniques: Attack 3, Power 3, Synergy/Hide and Synergy/Move Silently.
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Mind Like Moon, Instant Stand, Rapid Shot, and Weapon Kata/Shuriken,
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Ki Focus, Light Foot, and Touch Strike.

Nine Deadly Winds, Technique Names:

  • Attack: Four Winds Vortex
  • Power: Hurricane Fist
  • Synergy/Hide: The Transparency of Wind
  • Synergy/Move Silently: Drifting Zephyr Kata
  • Mind Like Moon: Moon Shining Through Clouds
  • Instant Stand: Within The Storm
  • Rapid Shot: The Hailstorm Kata
  • Weapon Kata/Shuriken: Drifting Leaf Technique
  • Inner Strength: Dance of the Four Winds
  • Ki Focus: The Tornado
  • Light Foot: Clouds Above the Earth
  • Touch Strike: Thunderbolt Touch Technique


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