Shadowrun: Fixers of Seattle

   Few contacts are more important to shadowrunners than Fixers – and, almost uniquely, Fixers are fairly easy to find out about. After all, if people can’t find them, they don’t have a business. Ergo, here are some of the major Fixers operating in Seattle at the moment.

   Julia McAvoy (“Splice”) specializes in physical smuggling operations, including people, heavy weapons, and even sizeable vehicles – usually by sea. Since she also fences goods from various pirate operations, there’s no telling what she may be able to get ahold of – or dispose of – for you. She also has extensive waterfront connections. Personally, she affects a scottish accent, nautical metaphors, and “sailor” mannerisms – although, as far as anyone knows, she’s never been anywhere near Scotland – and there hasn’t been much in the way of sailing ships about for quite a while. Still, she may have some experience crewing yachts. Julia can usually be found in a modest dockside office, but she appears to keep all her records in her head.

   Ramon Saju specializes in getting people together. He never actually brokers anything personally or does anything that’s really illegal; he just acts as an agent rather than a middleman. While that keeps his “fee” small, it also minimizes his risks and allows him to make a lot more deals then he could with more personal involvement. Ramon has a tremendous array of contacts, adds more constantly, and is widely regarded as being “the one to call” when you want to meet someone. Personally he is an Eurasian Indian, affects a peculiar accent, and runs a modest store full of cheap imported rubbish and a small courier service for a cover.

   Nicholas Crusan (“Nightwatch”) prefers to broker information, money-laundering, and services over hardware – it’s so much harder to trace – but will handle anything if the price is right. An ethnic Russian, Nicholas is dignified, a bit past middle age, and an enthusiastic art critic and historian. If there’s no reason not to, he tends to arrange meetings in various local museums, a habit which allows him to inflict his hobby on everyone else.

   Glynis Nguyen (“Doc NuYen”) specializes in biologicals – biochemicals, bioware, RNA, viral and bacterial agents, awakened or extremely exotic animals, illegal surgery, and contract-slaves (bodysculpting is a preferred, if very expensive, extra). He doesn’t deal in plagues, area toxins, or children to young to be contracted out, but this may be due to nothing more then a desire to avoid becoming a major police target and/or the lack of a market. Glynis is a skilled physician, biologist and paranaturalist, is equipped with assorted medical cyber- and bio- ware (autoinjectors, blood and air filtration, symbionts, etc), tends to be a bit grey and colorless, fairly unemotional, and sees sentients as just another type of property. He usually works out of an abandoned veterinary complex out in the barrens, where he pays the local gangers for security.

   “Hval” (Real name unknown) specializes in information-brokering and espionage, including cyberdecks, illegal programs, and false identities. Sidelines include organizing shadowruns and minor jobs for his extensive underworld connections. He doesn’t usually handle things like illegal drugs, personal weapons, and rackets directly, but he can usually put you in touch with someone who does. Personally, he’s a bit eccentric: despite the easy availability of metabolic adjustments and corrective surgery, he’s hugely fat, bald, severely scarred, and works our of an old funhouse, down by the shore. More than one person trying to sneak up on him has gotten lost in the maze of mirrors – and his various booby traps.

   Alexius Andromaluch (“Agwyergyre”) apparently possesses some minor – or perhaps not-so-minor – necromantic talents himself, and specializes in magical contacts and services, awakened creatures, spell formula, and other arcana – including (at least according to rumor) some very dangerous magical formula and even strains of HMVV. He is usually accompanied by at least one shapeshifter bodyguard. Personally, he tends towards the now-classic “Goth” look, and at least pretends to be insensitive to cold and contemptuous of most physical threats.

   Umako Tanji (“Sutra”) specializes in cutting-edge technology – special electronics, prototypes, enhanced body armor, ECM/ECCM, surveillance and counter-surveillance systems, experimental cyberware, and so on. She’s Asian-African, has a bit of a “mad scientist” reputation, and is an enthusiastic tinkerer herself – to the point where she’s held a number of corporate jobs and even occasional research positions, but always wound up unemployed after the ensuing disasters. For personal security she either is, or employs, a skilled rigger.


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