Session Two: The Children of Chaos

   Viewer response on the Ranko show to the museum episode was pretty good: The Black Mist and Tantrum were sympathetic enough to have their own followings, and the audience always liked rematches. They’d be looking forward to the next encounter.

   Ranko returned to the orphanage: not only was it probably the best place around to keep a probably super-powered child – such as her one-year-old son – but it had been her base of operations for a long time and she wanted to see Vasilko again. His little pack of underage werewolves was still there – if a bit larger. They had a long talk – although she entirely failed to put together the clues as to his having become a father.

   The Hauntsman was drawn there as well by the concentration of powerful magical children – but neither of them expected the appearance of the new White Necromancer, or that something in the combination of gates and clashing magics would allow a minor demon lord to start bridging the dimensions in the west wing. It couldn’t manifest its full power of course, but it would still be immensely dangerous.

   The Hauntsman made it there first: things of dream were his speciality after all. He started a ritual designed to bar the demons appearance, drawing on his own twilight magic. Unfortunately, the fine graduations in the magic of darkness weren’t the White Necromancers speciality – but he could easily locate a ritual of such power. Finding that it was in a children’s dormitory did not reassure him. Neither did the fact that most of the children were awake, collected in the far corner of the room, and were putting up all the small defensive spells they could manage. Sadly for the cliche’s however, he opted for getting some information instead of launching straight into a magical attack.

   It was still disruptive enough to let the demon come partially through. The group managed to banish it, but nearly missed it’s attempt to leave several of the children magical amulets with a few charges of some sort of shapeshifting spell – and one of a contact spell which would allow them to call on it later. Surely the kids didn’t want to bargain with demons?

   It would be something to look into in the morning. The Hauntsman opted to keep an eye on the six kids who’d gotten the amulets.

   Meanwhile the White Necromancer left a note for the Chauffeur and fled – he didn’t need another argument or an explanation for why he wasn’t in school – and wound up embarrassing himself by dodging through the walls to avoid the Chauffeur’s drones straight into the werewolves room. They didn’t wear pajamas – and Vasilko still had enough of his old spirit powers to catch him even in ghostly form.


   Of course, there were diversions in the morning. The White Necromancer had been teaching more than one student – and the younger apprentices were tinkering around with summoning spells. For some reason they’d settled on Dinosaurs – but kept getting eggs instead of Dinosaurs, so they kept trying again.

   They had better than 90 before anyone stopped them. Ranko took one down to analyze it – and unsealed the old labs and (hopefully now un-possessed) danger room along the way – and it was a dinosaur all right. Just what they’d need. More of the damn things. He went to look up a paleontologist.

   Meanwhile, Darius had arrived on earth – and was wandering about Manhattan evaluating how it would withstand a siege. The towers were impressively tall, but they just didn’t seem like they’d stand up to a determined attack. For example, those two armored fellows – or perhaps golems – seemed to be making short work of that one labeled “bank”.

   The Chauffeur ran Ranko, the Hauntsman, and the White Necromancer out when the police report came in. It looked like the superhero business was heating up a bit again.


   There was quite a lot of general destruction – and Armadillo got away, although they managed to capture the Ankylosaur after a relatively brief battle – but the worst was when Ranko used one of the Arrows of the Night her husband had given her. She’d forgotten just how powerful those things were… With near-impenetrable darkness laid over all of Manhattan for the next day things got fairly bad. Fortunately, the Hauntsman’s shadow hounds could come out in a magical night as well as a natural one, so they had some backup in dealing with the resulting mess. There weren’t too many casualties.


Once again, 3 XP all around.

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