Matthew, Paladin-Archer

   Matthew is another anime-styled power build – in this case an mystical archer. His primary abilities were to 1) summon a bow and imbue it with special weapon powers as needed, 2) to heal others, and 3) to channel Abhadir – a Hound Archon. While this boosted his already-impressive talents even further, it also gave the Game Master a handy – and utterly trusted – NPC voice to send the group on missions, to advise them, to tell them not to misbehave, and to encourage them to fling themselves into battle to protect those around them, regardless of the possible consequences to themselves. As usual with the d20 Point-Buy sample characters, Matthew was designed using Eclipse: The Codex Persona (also available as a Shareware PDF Here) and The Practical Enchanter (also available as a Shareware PDF Here)


Matthew Carrington

Guardian, Demonslayer, and Mystic Archer. Darkweird Campaign; Level 5 Human.

Racial Bonuses: Human. +1 Feat (Adept: Hide, Gather Information, Shadow Walk, and Spot, 6 CP), Fast Learner (Specialized in Adept skills, +2 SP/Level, 6 CP), 1/2 Die Personal Mana (3 CP).

Level Based Bonuses: +1 Wis (L4), L1 and L3 Feats

Disadvantages: Duties (Demonslayer, Guardian, +2 CP/Level, Restrictions (Cannot learn spellcasting or major psionics due to race, +1 CP/Level), Broke (High School Student), History, and Recorder (Total +10 CP). Totals: 144 CP (Base) + 10 (Disadvantages) + 3/Level (Restrictions and Duties) + 2/Level for Channeling (Fast Learner) = 179 CP.

Basic Attributes: Strength 11 (15/+2), Dexterity 16 (18/+4), Constitution 14 (16/+3), Intelligence 15/+2, Wisdom 14/+2, and Charisma 16 (18/+4).

Hit Dice: L1 d8 (4 CP), L2-5 d4 (0 CP).

Hit Points 26 + 18 + (17) = 71

Move: 60 (70)

Initiative: +4 (8)

Saves: Reflex +5 (Net +9, 15 CP), Fortitude +0 (Net +8, 0 CP), and Will +0 (Net +7, 0 CP).

Warcraft +3 (6) BAB (18 CP). Additional +3 with Missiles Only (Corrupted, 12 CP).

Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 4 (Dexterity) + 4 (Mage Armor) + 4 (Shield) + 9 (Natural, while channeling only) = 31

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons and Bows (6 CP)

Languages (3): English, Spanish, Gaelic (Tongues Effect)

Usual Weapon: Bow: +16/+11, 2d8+3, Crit 20/x3. Unarmed +8/+3, 1d10+2, Crit 20/x2. Both Lawful and Good.

Level-Based Feats (0 CP)

  • L1) Fast Learner, specialized in Channeling (+2 CP/Level)

  • L3) Reflex Action, specialized in bow-related actions, double effect. May take two extra bow-related standard actions at any time during a round three times per day.

Other Abilities (107 CP): Limit: 60 + 15 (Required Mana) + 35 (Bonus Points) = 110.

  • Mana (15 CP). 3d6 with racial base. Total of 15 Mana

  • Innate Enchantment (9 CP): Specialized: Only while he remains pure of heart, acts to protect and aid others, opposes evil spirits, and so on. Double effect for 16,000 GP total value. +2 Dex, Cha, and Con [4200*], Detect Magic [700]*, Personal Haste [2000], Mage Armor [1400*], Shield [2000], Cure Light Wounds [Need-Activated, 1/Day/Level, 1400*], True Strike [3/Day, 840*], Skill Mastery [+2 competence bonus to all skills, 1400*], Immortal Vigor I [+12 + 2x Con Mod HP, 1400*], and Mending [his clothing and equipment are always fine in the next scene, 700]. 16,040 Total.

  • Channeling (36 CP) (Corrupted: Not usable while wearing armor or otherwise unable to gesture freely): [3 + (2 x Cha Mod)] uses/day (10 CP), Intensity +4 (4 CP), Empower (4 CP), Conversion (choice of 4 L6 Spells, 10 CP. Spells: Monster Summoning 5 [Channeling Variant], Heal, Add Metamagic [+3 levels duration to spells of up to L6], Revival III [Cures 3d8+Level damage within a short period after death; if this brings the target up to -9 or better they revive]), Imbuement (4 CP), Circle of Power (4 CP).

  • Spirit Weapon /Guthwalda (6 CP with Switch*): “Composite Long Bow”. 2D8 lethal or stun damage, 110′ range increment, Critical 20/x3. Imbuement (Improved, Superior, 12 CP*).

  • Augmented Bonus/Gestural Focus (6 CP): Dex to Cha for Channeling purposes (6 CP)

  • Rite of Chi with +4 Bonus Uses (6 CP) (specialized, requires an hour or so of meditation).

  • Relic/Sigil of Lugh (4 CP): Luck with Bonus Uses (12), Enhanced Strike: Crushing and Hammer. Specialized: Only with Bow (6),

  • Martial Arts (3 CP): Considered armed in unarmed combat, base damage of 1d4 (lethal or stun).

   Ghost Busting Technique: Power +3 (1d10 damage), Reach, Instant Stand, Whirlwind Attack, Ki Focus (+4 Sacred Bonus on a Skill or Attribute for 1d6 minutes for 1 Con), Inner Strength (+6 Con point reserve), and Wrath (HTH damage becomes Divine, reduce damage from negative energy and attribute drains by 4, reduce level drains by 2, +6 on saves vrs negative energy for 3d6 rounds for -2 Con).

   Skill Points 18 CP + 16 SP (Fast Learner) + 16 SP (Cunning) = 50

   Purchased Skills: Balance +8, Computer Use +5, Craft/Mechanical +6, Escape Artist +7, Ritual Magic/Faith +12, Gather Information +14, Martial Art: Ghost Busting Technique +14, Hide +14, Intimidate +7, Knowledge/Mythology +6, Search +6, Sense Motive +6, Shadow Walk +12, Spot +12, Swim +5, and Treat Injury +5. +3 Specialities: Craft/Archery Equipment (1 SP), Spot/Lurkers and Muggers (1 SP) and Ghost Busting Technique/Power (1 SP).

   When channeling Abhadir, the Hound Archon: Damage Reduction 10/Evil, Low-Light Vision and 60′ Darkvision, Immunity to Electricity and Petrification, Magic Circle against Evil (10′ R, CL6, +2 Deflection and Resistance vrs Evil Creatures, Immunity to Mind Control, prevents bodily contact by summoned creatures), Scent, Power Attack, Track, Spell Resistance 16, Hostile creatures within 20′ must make a DC 19 Will save or take a -2 penalty on Attacks, AC, and Saves for 24 hours or until they successfully hit him. Creatures can only be affected once per day, any weapons he uses are treated as good-aligned and lawful-aligned, and he may use the following spell-like abilities at will at CL6: Aid, Continual Flame, Detect Evil, and Message. Abhadir’s skills are Concentration +14, Diplomacy +15, Hide +15, Jump +13, Listen +13, Move Silently +15, Sense Motive +13, Spot +13, Survival +13. May use Abhadir’s BAB and base saves if these are superior to his own.


Personal History:

   Even in the lower grades, the inner-city Chicago schools can be fairly rough places.

   When the bigger boys took little Emily’s doll, Matthew got it back for her.

   It wasn’t right to pick on people who were smaller than you.


   Matthew’s innate power showed itself early on. It wasn’t yet developed fully, but it was enough to make him faster, stronger, and far tougher than the other children.

   As far as he was concerned, that made him the one in charge of protecting them when there were no reliable adults around.


   So. “Train the mind as you train your body?” It was trickier than it sounded like, holding all the details in your head was hard. Still; try again. Matthew closed his eyes once more. Envision the bow. Feel it’s weight in your mind. Correct your stance, as if you were looking at yourself from the outside. Draw and release, see the flight of the arrow in your minds eye…

   And the plywood target he’d been using virtually exploded.

   What the HELL?!?

   It was just an exercise in visualization!

   Had he done that?

While its embodiments may be affable, forgiving, and loving, the core of the light is as pure and terrible as the fires of the sun. If unmasked, that power will burn away the lesser levels of reality as easily – and as inevitably – as a blowtorch burns through tissue paper.

To avoid such a disaster, the Celestials may not open their own paths. They must be called, and a path opened, from below.

There must be a mask – the facade provided by a summoning spell or a willing vessel – to focus their power through.

There must be purity. The creatures of the light cannot be compelled in aid of darkness.

Despite their desire to help, such calls are rare. So few on the lower planes have the power, awareness, and purity needed to call upon celestial aid at all.

Each is an opportunity to be seized and cherished.

The call was strong, if a trifle confused. Surprisingly less than urgent given the proximity of a major evil – but it was laced with blazing nobility, youthful sincerity, and the desire to help and protect others.

Abhadir hadn’t felt a Paladin calling in centuries.

   The boy was young – but he was strong enough to host his presence indefinitely and had (hmm…) A good deal of power. Actually an astounding amount of power. More than enough to become a formidable hero in his own right with a little guidance. (So be it. A mere century or two was nothing). In any case, there was a dark presence to confront – and the boy was willing and capable enough.

   The voidspawn sent mystical shockwaves across chicago as it clawed at the barriers between the dimensions. It wouldn’t be long now before it broke through into the material world. Already damaged by the Dark and subject to entropy, it was the weakest link in the interdependent realms. Once that lynchpin was shattered – or slowly worn away by the work of the void – all would fall.

   Matthew was at the old, abandoned, factory he used for a target range – and for his meditations. A ripple in the fabric of reality gave him the slight energy-push he needed to reach across the dimensional barriers – filling his mind with the presence of the Light.

   Father Marion had felt such a disturbance before, and marshaled his powers to meet it once again.

   Charles Stevenson’s combination of vast inner power and near-total mystical ignorance was a beacon for the powers of darkness. If they could anchor themselves through him, they would be able to wreak devastation.

   Fortunately for the world, the martial arts competition he was at was just down the block from Father Marion’s church – and only a mile or two from Matthew’s factory.

   While Father Marion was unable to prevent the voidspawn from breaking through, he delayed it long enough for Matthew – prompted by his new inner voice – and Shadow-Of-Dark-Wings, a Dark Reaper, to arrive. The ensuing battle destroyed the building housing the martial-arts tournament, drew Charles into the fighting, and attracted a good deal of police attention.

   Matthew healed everyone – including those who were nearly killed in the building collapse – and left with Shadow to get some pizza.


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3 Responses

  1. I’ve read through the Eclipse PDF [bought it on Lulu before it was shareware] and have a few questions. No where in the Spirit Weapon entry does it state what the base damage a Spirit Weapon does, was wondering how that worked. Especially since this example character has twice the normal damage for a composite longbow [2d8 instead of 1d8 as normal for the weapon.]

    Also when I’ve read through all of the characters you have stated up, sometimes it is hard to tell how you come to the total for their saves and attack bonuses. Plus I’ve several characters with the Personal Haste as part of Innate Enchantment, yet don’t have the +4 to AC which the Haste spell would give. Please explain how Personal Haste works if it is different than the normal Haste spell limited to yourself.

    Thank you for your time and I love both Eclipse and the Practical Enchanter.

  2. Well, first, thank you for the compliment! It’s always nice to hear that people are enjoying my stuff (You might like the freeware version of Paths of Power too if you haven’t already got it: that’s a plug, but I don’t feel guilty plugging free stuff).

    Some of those characters definitely need some annotations and I need to get all the sample campaign sheets up: it’s just that there’s so much stuff in my files. (Is there any particular topic you’d like to see?) Here are some annotations for Matthew:

    1) Spirit weapons have the same base attributes as the weapon they’re emulating: Since the Game Master for the Darkweird Campaign was using a modern setting and liked spirit weapons, but didn’t want people running around with spirit-weapon submachine guns, he ruled that big, flashy, spirit weapons got an extra die of damage (and an eight-foot longbow made of light qualified) but that only muscle-powered weapons could be used as templates for spirit weapons.

    2) Personal Haste is under Enhancement: Movement and Actions in The Practical Enchanter. As a first level spell it only enhances movement and allows an extra attack when making a full attack, it doesn’t include an AC bonus.

    3) On double checking, I can see why the save and attack bonuses on Matthew are especially confusing: a line got accidently cut out of the material on Abhadir (I’ll be putting it back in now, that’s what I get for rushing to put up examples; sorry about the confusion): While channeling (which Matthew pretty much always was) you get to use the BAB and Base Saves of the spirit if they’re superior to yours. They were at L5 when he acquired the ability, they mostly weren’t for much longer. That meant that Matthews attack bonuses were: Unarmed: +6 BAB (+3 Warcraft, effectively +6 due to Abhadir) and +2 Strength. With a Bow it was +6 BAB (+3 Warcraft, effectively +6 due to Abhadir), +3 BAB boost with Bows, +4 Dex, and +3 Magic (Imbuement, Improved, Superior). Net +16. Both got a second attack due to Abhadir’s +6 BAB. The channeling rules are in The Practical Enchanter of course. Channeling a Celestial was a pretty big power boost for Matthew, but did it ever bring in responsibilities and missions…

    4) Saves Reflex +5 (Bought) + 4 (Dexterity) = +9, Fortitude +0 (Bought) +3 (Constitution) +5 (Abhadir’s base save, since it was superior to his), and Will +2 (Wisdom) +5 (Abhadir’s base save, since it was superior to his).

    I’ll have to do some checking on the other samples too: I was trying to be helpful, not to confuse people.

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