Latest Material

   Since you can now keep a post stuck to the top of the front page, here’s an index for the most recent material –  what’s been put up in the last month or so, and everything since the last major index page updates.

d20 Material:

Champions Material:

Shadowrun Material:

Legend of the Five Rings Material:

Second Edition AD&D:

Continium II:

   Continium II is a project that’s been kicking around for many years now: since the system is modular, and most of it could be slotted into many other games, I’m starting to put up the system. Some of the old players may feel nostalgic.

World of Darkness Material:

  • How to make Garou who think they’re Jedi Knights, “Highlander”-style “Immortals”, and so on. Who knows? Perhaps they’re right. The Force be with Garou.

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