Campaign Logs and Material for Today

   The Legend of the Five Rings campaign log page has been updated to the current session – the Night of a Thousand Knives – and the Champions Campaign Log is already current. The width problem on the various character pages has been corrected, and I’ve added a collection of Arden’s World Tree Spell-Manipulation Effects to the “Other Games” tab, as well as the archives of the old Yahoo World Tree Group, since it looks like it’s pretty well died – and there was some interesting stuff buried in it. I’ll see what else I can add today since it’s still very early: if there are any specific requests, put them on the requests tab.

   Hmm. This blog is now a month old.

   Well, all there was time for was a few new pages – the character sheet for the Demon Cultists, the Prepackaged Spells listing, and the Exile Campaign Package Deals. For ease of use, the Prepackaged Spells and Exile Campaign material is also available in the download box, they’re a part of the Metacreator Files Set 1 package.

   The Champions game tonight will be at 7:00 or thereabouts at the University of Tennessee library, as usual.