Ivory Kingdoms Geisha School

Ivory Kingdoms “Geisha” School

   (Courtier/Tantric Missionary)

   When Tamori Kochige discovered a set of old, gaijin, scrolls from the Ivory Kingdoms stored away with a collection of other oddities in a trunk, he was captivated by the prospect of acquiring lore so obscure – and set to work to translate them. He was even more delighted when he discerned that the scrolls contained a full set of school techniques of a school of which he had never heard. While he was slightly disconcerted to discover the exact nature of those techniques, he was a man of the world – and certainly appreciated their value. Once his translation was completed, be gathered together a modest group of students and set them to learning the techniques he had so painstakingly translated.

   The Tantric Missionary school focuses on using the divine power which flows through the universe to attain personal goals, using the joy of tantric union to understand others. Masters can find friends nearly anywhere, ferret out the secrets of others, and even display mastery of meditation and mind.

  • School Bonus: +1 Awareness.
  • Starting: Honor (Karma for Ivory Kingdoms natives) 2, +1 Bonus to Wealth.
  • School Skills: Acting, Courtier, Etiquette, Theology, Investigation, Meditation, Performance, War Fan, Four additional High or Low skills of choice.

First Technique: Whispers on the Wind
   The user may make a contested Awareness check (once per day per target) against a target whom he or she has observed interacting in a social situation (or can gossip about) to gain the answer to any one simple question about him or her, expending raises to gain additional facts or more detailed answers (15), add his or her Air Ring to all school skill checks while not wearing armor (0), and may claim up to (Rank+2) Commerce-based Favors (gaining small amounts of cash) per game session (5).

Second Technique: The Welling Waters
   The user gains free raises equal to his or her school rank on rolls made to discover other’s secrets (10), may choose which dice a target keeps on contested social rolls against them if he or she knows of a relevant secret or disadvantage of the target (5), and may also claim Performance and Etiquette-based Favors (gaining various introductions, invitations, and minor social concessions for Performance or Equipment for Etiquette, 5).

Third Technique: The Smouldering Fires
   The user becomes immune to Diseases (5), will retain their youthful appearance and vigor well into old age (0), may anticipate other peoples actions (gaining a chance to either spend a void point to go to full defense or to take a miscellaneous complex action before their action is taken) with an target number 30 Etiquette Check (10), and learn any five first-level Mudra (see the Exotic Magic section in the Compiled Campaign Handouts. Note that even first-level Mudra require at least Meditation-3 to use, 5).

Fourth Technique: The Tremors of the Earth
   The user gains two free raises on rolls to seduce or flatter a target and one free raise on all school skills (7), gains the Empathy psychic power (3), may also claim Favors based on Ceremony (gaining immediate responses to Peasant Magic) and Divination (attempting to manipulate the patterns of fate) (5), and their outfits always function as if of one level higher in quality (5).

Fifth Technique: Touching The Face of the Void
   The user may call upon a floating 2-point human ally once per game session, but this counts as he expenditure of a Favor (10) and may trade up to four rolled dice for kept dice on any non-combat roll (10).

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