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Characters Of The Eclipse

Christopher West has continued to put up Eclipse character designs over on his RPG Blog. Given that every Eclipse character is unique, and that everyone using the system comes up with their own ideas on what to build and how to build it, here are some new links to his builds – and a link to the last list of links.

So, with no further ado, here we have…

The Squirely Squire –  Here we have a classic young squire – a student who specializes (at least for the moment) in working as a part of a combat team, rather than as a solo warrior.

The Summoner Controller – A summoner who can seize control of other people’s summoned monsters, rather than taking the usual course of augmenting his own.

The Specialist Sniper –  RPG’s tend to be designed to make life difficult for snipers: yes they’re cool – but they’re only at their best in specialized situations and the players tend to really hate it when a sniper blows away a few of the more vulnerable PC’s at the start of a battle. Fortunately, in Eclipse, the easiest way to build a “sniper” is to simply make a more effective ranged combatant – and that’s no worse than any other specialist.

Hunter of Magus  Basically a witch-hunter who gains power from resisting spells.

The Apprentice – A spellcaster with a wide range of tricks – and the ability to cast spells spontaneously from his or her spellbook.

Spell Touched Mind –  A spellcaster with random access to magic, rather than control.

A Perfect Thief – Here we have an actual fantasy thief – someone who specializes in getting in, stealing stuff, and getting away again and uses enough magic of their own to counter magical defenses and help with emergency escapes.

An Eclipse Review: A quick review of Eclipse here. OK, it’s not a character build – but there’s no reason to get out of order with the Eclipse topics on the blog.

Saboteur – Destructor –  Here we have a blaster / trapsetter who is very good at blowing things up – starting with inanimate objects. Of course, such things are often in the way.

Desert Dancer Elementalist –  A character who persuades the elemental forces of the world to produce effects using the Rune Magic system. A nice idea and an excellent bit of background here.

The Fallen Mage –  A once-powerful spellcaster who has lost much of his or her power.

Dead Sight – A sort of a medium, who gains strength when creatures die nearby. I haven’t read the story it’s based on, but the build works just fine.

Spy vs Spy –  A fairly straightforward deep-cover secret agent.

Infernal Seduction – A demonic seducer in service to his/her/its demonic masters.

Fearmonger – A specialist in raw, primal, terror.

Skyborne Archer – Another semi-sniper build, favoring shooting from somewhere well out of reach.

Mage – Assassin – A spellcaster who specializes in getting in, eliminating a target, and getting out.

The Dabbler – A youngster with partially-controlled spontaneous magic. I really like this one; the untrained wannabe with more power than is at all good for him (or her) makes such a wonderful plot hook…

The Sneak Thief – A character who can use his or her skills very swiftly indeed. An interesting idea, but perhaps a bit over-specialized.

The Draining Wilder – A psionic expert who goes berserk when out of power. An entertaining surprise for people who think that running the psion out of power points is the optimal strategy.

Kinetic Mage Apprentice – A specialist in telekinetic powers.

Dark Priest of Misty Dawn – A warrior-priest who drains the souls of those he kills.

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