Unfortunate Delays

   Unfortunately, today’s article is going to have to be delayed, possibly until tomorrow. Sadly, this has been a busy week, and today there simply isn’t even time to format anything.

   On the other hand, that means that it’s a good time for requests: they can go into the “projects” pile – so if there’s anything for the various Distant Horizons Games publications that you’d like to see, or questions you need answered about them, go ahead and leave a comment. I’ll be playing article catch-up anyway.


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  1. Will we be seeing a Mutants of Eclipse article on what I call the “power vampire”? That’s someone whose power involves taking/using someone else’s power, such as Rogue from the X-Men, or Sylar from Heroes.

    I’m also interested in the idea of martial arts styles around the idea of “keeping your true power hidden,” wherein you deliberately fight at less than your optimum power (though I can’t think of a reason for why you’d do that in the first place, beyond the obvious idea of wanting enemies to underestimate you…presumably it has some sort of reason for doing so within the context of the style itself).

    Similarly, how would you make a martial arts style based on the idea of adapting to your enemy’s fighting style as you fight them?

  2. Unacceptable, reverse time immediately.

  3. What use limitations if any does Transcendence (Path of the Pharaoh) have? In my game I have set limits on a case by case basis. However I am interested in your thoughts on this ability.


    • Well, the basic intent was to…

      1) Bypass the usual (Level + 3) cap on skill levels, hit dice, base attack bonus, spell progressions, and similar basic factors. Thus, if the 12’th level war god really feels that he needs a +20 BAB to fit his image, he can simply buy it. Similarly, if a god already has a decent base caster level and wants to buy twelve levels of the Ranger spell progression with his or her next level, he or she can go right ahead and do so.

      2) Bypass the Adventurer Template restrictions on ability chains if the game master was applying them – thus a low-level deity could complete an ability chain seven or eight steps long at level two if they wanted to, rather than having to wait until level sixteen or so.

      3) Bypass a few restrictions on special abilities – for example, the Eye of the Dragon ability from the Path of the Dragon can normally be taken up to (Wis Mod + 2) times. If a god with Transcendence only has a +1 Wisdom modifier and wants to take the Eye of the Dragon ten times, they can go right ahead and do it. Similarly, Channeling/Spell Conversion is normally capped at level six effects – except for gods and epic level characters, who can go up to level nine effects.

      4) Bypass the level requirements on Inherent Spell and similar abilities. If a sixth-level god wants a high-level Inherent Spell, Transcendence will let him or her take it.

      Given the expense of buying most of those things, what this amounts to in practice is “If you’re already a god, you can be a super-specialist if you really want to”.

      Now, if you’re mixing Eclipse with other sourcebooks, Transcendence will also bypass things like “This feat requires Dexterity 26 and Level 30+”. I’d probably want to see the feat and break it down into Eclipse before allowing it into the game though; quite a few of the epic feats require about 12 CP to build rather than 6 CP.

      I hope that helps!

  4. Well I suppose I could start posting some of the Valerie and Kira stuff personally and inflict my horrible writing onto others with no filtering whatsoever.


    Just let me know if you need assistance getting things posted and I will try to help up when I can.

    • Well, you’re welcome to post something directly if you like – and I may call on you sometime if it gets much worse than a day behind. Usually I have enough time and nearly-completed articles underway to avoid that kind of crunch easily – but when you’ve basically only got ten minutes today, it gets awkward.

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