Minor Relics

   Relics are a terribly efficient way to spend a few character points – until someone takes them away from you of course. Here are some minor – one character point each – relics, originally designed for Kevin’s Thralls and the Federation-Apocalypse campaign, but suitable for anyone anywhere. Note that the actual form of a relic is unimportant, although rings, amulets, and talismans are probably the most common forms. 

  • Action: Provides Reflex Action (3/Day variant, may interrupt other actions).
  • Amplification: Provides +4 total Bonus Uses on various abilities. Thralls are fond of +2 Bonus uses of Shapeshifting and +2 Bonus Uses of Grant of Aid, but many other combinations are possible.
  • Dragonmastery: Provides Leadership with Exotic Race (Specialized: only one follower, Corrupted: must be assigned by someone else, 3 CP), Mystic Link and Animate Summons (Specialized: Requires the expenditure of a Mana point, Corrupted: also requires the expenditure of 3 Power). Note that this usually only covers a very minor dragonlike creature – or a basic creature with the Lesser Dragon template – until the user reaches rather high levels.
  • Enchantment: Provides 5000 GP worth of Innate Enchantments. Common sets include
    • Enhancement: Unlimited use of 3x L1 Spells at caster level one, personal use only, +2 to each of three attributes, plus a +1 Luck Bonus to Skill and Attribute Checks (Fortune’s Favor, L0 version, similar unlimited use).
    • Mage’s Ward: Shield (2000 GP), Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1 1/Level/Day, 2000 GP), and Detect Magic (1000 GP), all at caster level one and unlimited use.
    • Precognition: 4xL1 Spells, 3/day Each: True Strike, True Save, True Evasion, True Skill (all provide a +20 insight bonus to a single roll or against a single attack, activating when needed).
    • Many other combinations are, of course, possible.
  • (Energy) Resistance: Provides Immunity (Common/Major/Major, 30 points/6 CP) to any one form of energy OR a +6 bonus against any specialized form of attack. Fire is always popular, although those Thralls traveling through the realm of “Castle” often select “telepathy”, for a +6 bonus on relevant saves.
  • Luck: User may either reroll, or “Take 20” in advance on any roll, once per day (6 CP). This is often combined with a Bonus Uses relic.
  • Might: Hysteria (select Physical, Magical, or Psychic abilities, 6 CP). This provides a +6 boost to a relevant roll or to effective level of use of some relevant ability for one round at the cost of one point of Mana or 4 Power.
  • Mobility: Provides Split Movement (when Attacking, 6 CP), allowing the user to take a partial move, attack, and then complete his or her move.
  • Power: Provides +3d6 Power.
  • Warding: Provides Block (select Missile, Melee, or Arcane): DC 20 Reflex save to take 60 points off such as attack as an Attack of Opportunity.

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