Exalted Grimoire

   Thanks to his acceleration-charms, artifacts, and powers, Charles Dexter Ward – an old Exalted Modern character – researched quite a few spells. Here are some of them.


Terrestrial Circle Sorcery


The Fair Witness

   Terrestrial Circle. Cost 15 Motes

   This spell allows the user to imprint the next 24 hours, or portions thereof, permanently to memory in exacting detail. Forever afterwards, he or she will be able to review the memorized periods as well as if he or she were there once more. Sadly, the spell doesn’t provide comprehension of what was experienced; the ability to precisely recall an inscription in an unknown language, or even to reproduce it accurately with a craft check, does not mean that the spellcaster necessarily understands what it says. Only death and reincarnation will erase the witnessed material from memory – and even that is rarely complete.


Incomparable Mystic Analysis

   Terrestrial Circle. Cost 12 Motes

   The user may examine the traces of mystical energy which leak from an artifact or remain after the use of a spell or ritual. Roll (Per + Occ) to:

  • Determine the properties of a magical item; D(Level)
  • Determine the design of a magical item; D(2 x Level)
  • Obtain a full description of a spell or ritual enacted on a spot; D(4-Circle [Thaumaturgy 0, Terrestrial 1, etc] + Log 10 [Number of days since the casting]).
  • Identify the individuals involved in casting a spell; as above at +4D.
  • Halve the number of successes required to design a similar spell or ritual; as above +3D
  • Determine the properties of an active spell or magical effect which is available for inspection; D3
  • Determine the nature of a demesne; D2
  • Determine the nature of a manse and the hearthstone it generates; D3
  • Halve the number of successes required to design a Manse; D(5 + The level of the Demesne in question).
  • Determine the nature of an imprisoned spirit; D3

   Other applications are possible: anything which involves magical energy may be analyzed – although the results may or may not be of any use.


Orison Of Amplification

   Terrestrial Circle. Cost 15 Motes

   Orison Of Amplification temporarily enhances the user’s abilities, granting him or her access to one extra charm for the next 48 hours. Sadly, the user must fulfill the normal prerequisites for the charm and may only be affected by one Amplification spell at any one time.

   There are both Celestial and Solar variants on this spell, with costs of 20 and 25 motes and bestowing 2 and 3 extra charms respectively. They can be used to gain multiple charms along a sequence, since a bestowed charm does fulfill the prerequisites for the next charm, but are otherwise essentially identical to the basic Orison.


Celestial Circle Sorcery


Chaining The Dragons’s Breath

   Celestial Circle. Cost 300+ motes and 2 willpower.

   This spell is fundamentally very simple; the caster channels an enormous amount of magical energy into the earth, building a pool so deep that it begins to draw additional energies to it of it’s own accord – the foundation of a demesne. Mechanically, 300 points will create a level 1 demesne (aspectedas the caster specifies) which will fully form in one month. Each +50 points adds one to the level up to a maximum of fiveand one month to the formation time OR subtracts one month from the formation time to a minimum of one day. Thus, for a mere 750 essence motes the caster can create a level 5 demesne which will be fully active in a single day. Sadly, the caster has only 7 hours to channel the required motes into the earth; if the total does not reach at least 300 by the end of the spell the power dissipates, wasted.

   Secondarily, a new demesne must be at least four miles away from any existing demesne. Otherwise the power will simply be diverted to the existing demesne without much effect.

   Of course, any sorcerer who can scrape up several hundred essence motes in a mere seven hours probably doesn’t need a demesne.

   It’s an accepted point of wisdom that sorcery cannot create or significantly alter a demesne. Like most general statements, it’s wrong. Simply practicing enough magic of a chosen type in an existing demesne can alter it’s nature to match (Savant and Sorcerer, page 49). Demesnes can also be created simply be expending enough essence motes on something within an area less than a mile in diameter – although this will require at least 600 points and won’t be very likely until the total reaches 1000 or so (Savant and Sorcerer, page 53). This spell simply duplicates that process; it uses fewer motes since the power is properly focused – but the power requirement still makes it virtually impossible to use. It’s an excellent exercise in theory though.

   A typical demesne or manse can supply up to (Level) x (Level) x (Level) x 500 motes per day. That’s a lot, but it still implies that there is an upper limit (roughly 10 per manse level) to the number of people who can benefit from spending time in a particular manse. Overloading a manse will reduce the effectiveness of its hearthstone and weaken its other abilities.


Exultant Alliance of the Radiant Soul

   Celestial Circle. Cost 35 Motes plus 1 or more XP.

   This spell brings the caster briefly into contact with one or more potential soulmates – whether long forgotten from some prior incarnation or yet unmet. In a timeless moment of transcendence the two will bond forever.

   The user may convert XP to bonus points to spend on levels of Allies, Cult, Familiar, Followers, Mentor, or similar backgrounds on a 1-to-1 basis. Unfortunately, the user may not purchase more than (essence) new backgrounds in this fashion, although each may be purchased more than once.

   For example, an Essence-4 user might buy Allies, Cult, and two Familiars, making 4. He couldn’t buy Cult twice, since more cultists just means a higher level of Cult but could upgrade old backgrounds. He could buy Allies more than once; after all, you can have quite a few different groups of allies.


Invulnerable Sphere Of Force

   Celestial Circle. Cost 15+ Motes

   This powerful spell effectively raises an invisible wall, a spherical barrier with a radius of up to five yards per point of the caster’s permanent essence. The wall will remain for 24 hours and is essentially invulnerable – but it works both ways: those within may not strike out either. Of course, the wall can be dispelled or bypassed by any means which would bypass a normal wall. Save for its transparency and nigh-infinite soak, the Invulnerable Sphere Of Force has no special properties.


The Lesser Seal Of True Wisdom

   Celestial Circle. Cost 20 Motes

   Outside of it costing twice as much, this essentially duplicates the effect of an Solar Eclipse Caste sanctifying an oath albeit at a slightly reduced level: an oathbreaker will botch one less time when an oath is sanctified by this spell than they will when it’s sanctified by a member of the Eclipse caste.


Opening The Channels Of Light

   Celestial Circle. Cost 25 Motes.

   Opening The Channels Of Light draws on the target’s inner strength to transform him or her in accordance with his or her desires. While this leaves the targets reserves of inner strength permanently depleted, the transformation produced is equally permanent.

   In game terms, the recipient may immediately expend up to 12 XP on anything they want to, bypassing normal training times. If this is insufficient, they may either use the spell again or pro-rate the training time remaining.

   Well if mere Alchemy can do it for most things…


The Perfection Of The Ideal Form

   Celestial Circle. Cost 35 Motes.

   In a blaze of light this spell reforges an item into an approximation of its ideal form – at least as far as the caster can bring such a thing into the material world. The caster rolls [Int + Occult]. 5 successes results in a full repair of any damage, provided that you possess more then half of the remains. 10 makes the item Exceptional. 15 results in Perfection. 20 or more successes results in Transcendent. Unfortunately, if you want to improve anything beyond that point you’ve got to resort to enchantment.

   Exceptional Items: Weapons get 3x +1 modifiers, Armor gets 2x +1 modifiers, other items add one die to the pool.

   Perfect Items: Weapons get 2x +1’s and a +2, Armor reduces mobility and fatigue by 1 each and gets two +1’s, other items add two dice. Creating a perfect item by normal means is D5.

   Transcendent Items: Weapons get a +1, a +2, and a +3. Armor reduces mobility and fatigue by 1 each and gets two +2’s. Other items add four dice. Creating a transcendent item by normal means is D20 (D15 if working with Quintessence, D10 if working with Ambrosia. The spell is sufficient to work with both Quintessence and Ambrosia).


The Remembrance Of Times Long Past

   Celestial Circle. Cost 35 Motes, 1 Willpower, 0 or 5 XP

   The echoes of the past are always present in creation – and in the souls of the Exalted. Bringing them together under the aegis of this spell allows the target to fully recall and, in some ways, relive, prior incarnations. If the user wishes to fully retain those memories he or she must expend 5 XP (this is equivalent to acquiring the Savant or Past Life ability at rank 5). If he or she merely wishes to consult those memories with regard to a particular project or mystery there is no cost beyond that of casting the spell – but the memories will fade in a few hours and the caster will retain only general information from them thereafter.


Reminiscent Visions

   Celestial Circle. Cost 5 Motes

   You may take a good, long, look (up to about a minute) at either what is currently going on in any place you’ve ever been or at the way it was at some point when you were there. While this is mostly good for checking on something or reviewing something, a few users find it well worth it sometimes just to be able to see some beautiful or inspiring sight again.


The Ritual Of Elemental Empowerment

   Celestial Circle. Cost 20

   Imbues a mundane item with elemental energy, see the Book Of 3 Circles, page 44. This is a Celestial Circle version rather than Terrestrial, and has 50% higher bonuses (Generally +3 dice rather than +2 dice).


The Transference Of Inner Strength

   Celestial Circle. Cost 20 Motes

   This simple spell transfers a tiny portion of a willing targets personal energies – 1 XP – to another willing target within 50 feet. Unfortunately, it only works on essence-wielders, since only they can properly separate their XP from themselves; you can’t just buy some XP from street bums.

   Since the Sidereals can send XP to the pattern spiders to buy off paradox, transmitting XP to other creatures is obviously possible. It’s finding the willing essence-wielder donor that’s the hard part.


Unreal Estate Agency

   Celestial Circle. Cost 20 Motes and 1 XP

   You may trade an Artifact, Manse, Demesne, Celestial Manse, Resource Level, or similar background for another Artifact, Manse, etc of the same level. Larger items may be broken down (e.g. trading a L3 item for a L2 and a L1 item), but it takes multiple items – normally two items of rack X for one item of rank (X+1) up to a maximum of rank 5 – to trade up. Oddly enough, neither trading down nor up costs XP; the unbalanced exchange seems to make up for it.


Utterly Unlikely Unnatural Undisaster

  Celestial Circle. Cost 45 motes plus 1 XP

   This amusing spell summons up a mighty storm, complete with earth tremors, tornado-level winds, and a constant display of lightning. The howling storm will continue for an hour. Fortunately, the storm causes no damage whatsoever. In fact, it sweeps up all the trash, leaves everything clean and washed, heaves up levies, blows stray shingles onto roofs and nails them down with lost nails, weeds gardens, digs drainage ditches, and generally performs repairs, clean-up, and maintenance throughout a city-wide area. In fact, the lightning will weld loose girders and fuse broken glass back into position and the winds will blow stray children home. Any buildings which are beyond repair will be neatly broken down into piles of recycled materials. In no case will anyone be hurt in any way, although they may be upset or confused.


Wings Of The Fiery Celebrant

   Celestial Circle. Cost 30 Motes

   Frequently used before a major casting or sorcerousbattle, Wings of the Fiery Celebrant provides a +4 bonus on the effective essence score of whoever the caster touches while casting the spell. This lasts for 72 hours.


Solar Circle Sorcery


Celestial Deflection

   Solar Circle. Cost 60 Motes

   Celestial Deflection diverts any one planetoid, swarm of asteroids, or other major celestial object which is about to collide with whatever planet the caster is currently on. The menace in question will not return for at least 10,000 years. (Obviously enough, this is pointless in classical Exalted, and only functions in Exalted Modern or similar settings where “outer space”, as such, exists).


Contagious Immunity

   Solar Circle. Cost 40 Motes, 1 Permanent Willpower

   Contagious Immunity creates just that: an immunity to any single disease or toxin that the caster has either had the opportunity to study (Medicine + Int) D1 with a sample, D3 with patients, D5 from records, D8 from memories, D10 from rumor), or has been directly exposed to. Such immunity is airborne, will spread from animals or persons to animals or persons via simple proximity, and is quite permanent. Characters who have acquired immunity cannot be infected by the disease in question or affected by the toxin in question (short of drowning in it) ever again, and will pass on this immunity to their children and all those they contact. Since health is the natural state of organisms, there is no “incubation period”, no “natural immunity”, and the effects cannot be dispelled except on an individual basis.


Dancing With The Dragons Of Jade

   Solar Circle, Cost 30 to 150 (+100) motes and 1-5 willpower

   This powerful spell requires the assistance of at least fiveother Exalts or other essence-wielders each bearing a staff forged of a different one of the five magical materials (requires about ten pounds of each. The staves count as artifacts I for creation purposes and require several pounds of each magical material, but the design for them is inherent in the spell formula) and an existing but uncapped demesne.

   To cast it, the stave-bearers must position themselves in a circle around the center of the demesne, plant their staves against the earth, and spend 20 motes apiece. The caster must take up a position within the circle and overlooking the spot where he or she wishes to erect a manse and begin the ritual, causing a manse to erupt from the center of the demesne. Raising each level of manse requires 30 motes, 1 willpower, an (Int+Occ) check at D(2+ the manse level), one minute, and the expenditure of one of the staves(chosen by the caster for absorption into the manse structure). If the caster fails one of the occult checks things go drastically wrong – resulting in anything from a wildly distorted manse and bizarre hearthstone on through a botch resulting in a massiveexplosion. If the caster simply runs short of power or decides to give up, the result is a partially capped demesne – although a (Wit+Occ) roll may be made to make arrangements to safely vent excess essence.

   If the caster succeeds, he or she may specify the details of the resulting manse and hearthstone, but cannot change to aspect of the demesne.


Divided Focus of the Ba and Ka

   Solar Circle. Cost 40 Motes.

   You can simultaneously stay home in your manse and go out. Sadly, there’s really only one of you, even if you are in two locations. You must share essence, actions, and health levels between the two locations, although you don’t have trouble with multi-tracking. Sadly, your secondary manifestation can only exist inside a manse though.


Ecological Healing

   Solar Circle. Cost 30+ Motes

   Ecological Healing restores damaged environments. Within a radius of (Caster’s Permanent Essence) x (Motes Expended on the spell -30) x (Motes expended on the spell – 30) miles all environmental toxins and pollution will be purified, damaged ecosystems will be restored, mutated, alien, or engineered species will take up stable roles in the local ecosystem, and depleted species will swiftly recover.

   While it is possible to use this spell to restore shadowlands, it must be individually cast on each of them at a base cost of 50 motes. This does not include the motes required to reach the necessary radius.


Endowment of the Seven Heavens

   Solar Circle. Cost 30 motes plus 1 permanent willpower

   This spell duplicates the effects of the Endowment spirit charm. It can only affect a given character once per year.


Genesis Wave

   Solar Circle. Cost 30+ Motes.

   This spell returns an area to a semi-primal state, rich with plant life, water, and other natural resources, blessed with a benign atmosphere and climate, and filled with wild creatures. Sadly, while this will work in the most desolate of wastelands, it will not overwhelm glacial ice or the taint of a shadowland. Still, in areas which can be affected, such conditions will persist for at least 100 years per point of the caster’s essence rating unless the inhabitants activities (e.g. strip mining an area) disrupt them in a portion of the area affected.

   A Genesis Wave does not destroy existing lifeforms or structures and never drives any plant or wild creature into extinction; pockets where such creatures and plants may thrive will always remain – although such creatures may find themselves shunted up into the hills or into limited areas.

   The caster must plant an orichalcumstaff in the center of the area to be affected and channel his or her essence into the ground through it for the next six hours. The effect of the spell will spread out to affect a radius of (Caster’s Essence) x (Motes Expended in the casting squared) yards while the staff will root itself and grow into an indestructible magical fruit tree. Anyone who eats from the tree will gain an intuitive understanding of how to maintain the land, so that it will remain fruitful indefinitely.


Indulgent Approval Of The Unconquered Sun

   Solar Circle. Cost 25 Motes

   You may infuse a Thaumaturgic, Terrestrial, or Celestial effect with the energies of Solar Circle Sorcery. While this in no way alters the effects of the lesser spell, it can only be dispelled by effects which will dispel solar circle effects (i.e; it’s immune to Emerald and Sapphire Countermagic).

   Knowledge of this technique includes the two lesser versions – Gift Of The Living World (Terrestrial, 15 motes) and Infusion Of The River Of Stars (Celestial, 20 motes).


Koan Of Serenity

   Solar Circle. Cost 40 Motes

   This whispered phrase induces a moment of pure, true, enlightenment in its target, allowing them to understand the fundamentally illusory nature of any one addiction or other mental compulsion. While the target will still feel such an addiction or compulsion (and, in the case of addictions, will enjoy it as much as ever), it will never again have any power over their judgement; they can and will take any necessary actions without penalty. For example, a heroin addict would still enjoy heroin, but would no longer have to have it – and both could and WOULD stop using it for the duration at any time if something important came up.

   The Koan of Serenity works on any target within line or sight or to which the caster can locate some form of mystical link. Since the enlightenment wells up from inside the target’s own consciousness (and is utterly harmless to boot), there is no method of resisting the Koan. It even works on Primordials, not that they usually notice.

   Note that the immunity is quite specific. Immunity to Heroin does not include immunity to Cocaine, although Cocaine probably does include Crack. You can make yourself immune to Charms, but this covers only a specific charm from a specific caster. If you’re immune to Lorelai’s Longing Passionate Eyes charm, you’re still vulnerable to her sister’s version – or to Lorelai’s Boundless Terror Talons. Worse, the target has to experience the effects of a charm before they can become immune to it.


Lazing About In The Sun

   Solar Circle. Cost 45 Motes and 1 Willpower

   You may vanish for a single turn, during which time you experience a weeks vacation in a pleasant resort. Any mundane requirements (Food, companionship, clothes, etc) are met, but otherwise you’ve only got the stuff you were carrying when the spell was cast. This may make it difficult to do anything too productive while you’re there. This spell can only be cast once per (real) week, although you may take along up to (Essence) friendly guests.


The Perfection Of Mercy

   Solar Circle. Cost 45 Motes and 1 XP

   Whoever the caster touches is filled with pure white light shining outwards from their innermost selves. Over the course of the next minute they will be restored to the most perfect form which they have yet achieved in this lifetime.

  • They are healed of up to (Caster’s Essence) levels of damage of whatever type.
  • They are restored to their normal shape if they have somehow been transformed.
  • Any addictions, curses, diseases, drugs, insanities, or toxins are removed and their effects negated.
  • The recipient may regain any lost points from traits, but must pay 1 XP per point so regained.
  • Demons may opt to be transformed into elementals if the game master opts to permit this effect – and the Demon chooses it voluntarily.
  • The Dead, including abyssal exalted, may opt for an immediate reincarnation as a normal infant.
  • The spell cannot restore lost backgrounds, temporary willpower, or essence motes, mend relationships, or purge painful memories (although it sometimes seems to make those more bearable).


Weaving The Wyldsphere

   Solar Circle. Cost 25 Motes

   This dangerous spell briefly unbinds the threads of fate, returning a small segment of the world – an area no more than 30 feet across – to the chaos from which it came. Fortunately for the world, the structure of reality swiftly re-asserts itself across such a small area as the threads of the loom of fate extend themselves into the chaos and incorporate it – making the new structure a part of reality. If the caster doesn’t interfere this is equivalent to hitting “reset”; things in the area go back to “normal” (as they should be according to fate) and any tangles or snags in the threads of fate are healed.

   If the caster chooses to interfere, things are just a bit different. This works like the Wyld Shaping Technique charm (Lore, Basic Book), although the caster gains a +2 die bonus on his rolls due to being firmly grounded in reality and the first roll is free (the second and succeeding rolls cost the usual 20 motes and 1 willpower each). The caster does not need to actually possess that charm.

   It’s worth noting that it’s perfectly possible to create a hundred square miles of rolling plains inside a 30–ft circle. It just means that you’ve got some distorted space or a circular gate to a pocket-dimension. It all depends on how you look at it.

   Note that things created by Weaving The Wyldsphere come into existence full-blown.


The Unforgotten Word

   Solar Circle. Cost 40 Motes

   The Unconquered Sun speaks to each Solar Exalt at least once – and even those few who cannot remember that moment are forever changed by it. Calling upon the power of that inspiring and sustaining word, this spell allows the user to add his or her permanent essence to (natural) soak (even against aggravated damage), dodge, and parry. If this brings the total of natural soak, dodge, or parry to 15 dice or more the user may opt to reflexively expend 3 motes to make such a defense “perfect”. Once cast the inspiring effect of the Unforgotten Word endures for 2x (Int+Occ) days.


The Unifying Gates Of Attunement

  Solar Circle. Cost 40 Motes plus 3 XP.

   The Unifying Gates opens up a permanent gateway linking any two manses which the user is attuned to. While this may be fitted with a door, key, operating conditions, and/or a passcode at the option of the caster, the default form is simply an arched, rectangular, or circular portal hanging in the air. Stepping through it takes you directly from one manse into another.


Warding Against Armageddon

   Solar Circle. Cost 80 Motes.

   Warding Against Armageddon permanently disables any and all doomsday weapons within a radius of 1000 miles per point of the caster’s permanent essence. Such items must be completely broken down into raw materials and reconstructed to regain their potency.

   In the modern world, “doomsday weapons” include all nuclear weapons, chemical stockpiles sufficient to kill 100,000 or more people, and genetically engineered organisms or diseases which are self-reproducing, easily spread, and cause a mortality rate of 25% or more.


The Wyld Beating Of My Heart

   Solar Circle. Cost 30 Motes

   This variant on Adamant Countermagic sends out wild pulses of disruptive, unstable, and wyld-infused essence throughout a radius of 100 yards per point of permanent essence the caster possesses. Existing spells, and those being cast, of the Terrestrial circle (or Thaumaturgy) are disrupted as if by Emerald Countermagic. Celestial spells which are being cast are affected as if by Sapphire Countermagic. Solar spells are not affected – but Martial Arts Charms, which rely on the smooth and disciplined flow of essence through movements and katas, will not function in the area for at least one scene per point of permanent essence of the caster. Attempts to use them waste the motes expended in a wild, and possibly dangerous, display of sparks and disrupted essence.

   The Wyld Beating Of My Heart is fast, and requires no shaping. It takes effect as soon as the caster spends the willpower and motes. 

14 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, this collection of (very reasonable) spells makes the game a little too dull in some ways. I mean, you can’t really go out adventuring with most of this stuff. Why would you? Nonetheless, they’re emimently reasonable in the context of what other spells can do. But no one uses magic ecept to kill people, summon minions, or stop other magic.

  2. What?! No one uses magic except to kill, summon and dispel?

    Maybe that is all you can think of using magic for, but I have had entire characters built around using it for other things than this. Magic can transmute substances a lot easier than science. Heal far better than medicine. Help you find out which neighborhood kid has been leaving bags of poo burning on your doorstep so you can turn him into a toad. It can make you look really flashy and dramatic when at the local bar trying to impress the waitress.

    Magic is a great way to do a great many things. Quite a few of them can be imminently useful to the adventurer.

  3. Well, that’s not an unreasonable position as far as a lot of Exalted games seem to go. The super combat combinations seem to tend to dominate. It’s just that Charles thought that supernatural menaces were best dealt with by sorting out what they wanted and arranging matters so that everyone was happy.

  4. You completely failed to comprehend what I said. If you read the relevent books, virtually the only spells White Wolf bothered to create involved killing people or summoning things or sometimes mind control. It was reasonably good at doing that, but these spells start around 9th level equivelant to DnD. Which you might have learned beforehand if you weren’t being a jerk.

  5. Unfortunately, people can only respond to what is said, not to what is meant. Inserting “official spells” in the place of “magic” in “But no one uses magic ecept to kill people, summon minions, or stop other magic” might, perhaps, have expressed the thought more clearly and avoided such contention.

  6. Which is irrelevant anyway, because I was not talking about myself.

  7. Then the desired phrase probably has “few Exalted gamers use” in place of “no one uses” in the sentence “But no one uses magic ecept to kill people, summon minions, or stop other magic”. “No one” implies no exceptions.

  8. It is also a common phrasing suggesting a large but non-present group. Or technically the lack of such a group.

  9. That would be “hardly anyone”.

  10. No, because I was suggesting the abstract class of Exalted NPC’s, not player characters at all, whose recorded spells include virtually nothing of any use outside of brute force.

  11. These comments demonstrate that such a suggestion was not successfully implemented. To test this I had someone else take a look: they didn’t see it either.

  12. […] Exalted Grimoire: A selection of new, mostly utility, spells for first edition – although most of them should still work just fine. […]

  13. […] Exalted Grimoire: A selection of new, mostly utility, spells for first edition – although most of them should still work just fine. […]

  14. […] Exalted Grimoire: A selection of new, mostly utility, spells for first edition – although most of them should still work just fine. […]

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