Lunar Essence Arts IV – Profiling

Many 18th c. treatments for psychological dist...

This is a hard one...

Profile Enacting Method:

Prerequisites: Intimate Training Recollection, Essence 3, Intelligence 4

With this useful knack a lunar can create subsidiary brains in the image of another mind. Such a project requires a detailed study of whatever information the user can find about the target. The user may designate up to (Perception) targets per lunar month, making an opposed essence check against each with a storyteller-determined modifiers (normally +2 for exceptionally detailed information, -2 for extremely vague information. An additional -4 modifier applies when targeting a Titan or one of the Fair Folk; their logic does not conform to the principles of creation).

On a successful check, the user has manage to put himself or herself “in the target’s shows” so precisely that he or she can deduce the answer to any one relatively simply question about the target – including one of said targets deepest secrets, intentions, or motivations. While the answers are generally relatively simple (“He’s going to attack the town of Axon’s Heights next. It fits his overall strategy”), they are accurate on a win.

If the target wins the opposed essence check the user gets no answer. If he or she wins by three or more, the user will deduce incorrect information about the target. If the user botches his or her essence check, the target’s mind has proven too complex and powerful to simulate safely; the user may either undergo an immediate limit break or temporarily fall under the control of the simulated mind. While this is not actually possession – the original target will never know – and the simulated mind cannot cause the user to gravely harm him- or her-self, it can cause him or her to assault a friend, give away valuable information, or otherwise make a great deal of trouble. Fortunately, the duration of such an episode is rarely more than a few minutes.

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  2. […] Profiling: Deducing facts about your targets from afar. […]

  3. […] Profiling: Deducing facts about your targets from afar. […]

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