Session Nineteen, Champions Log: The War of Souls

   The Darkmage – having completed his preparations and recruiting – was making his move at last. Simultaneous spells: unleashing the Totems against the wards at Sedona, channeling power to Shadowspear in an attempt to cause massive volcanic eruptions around the world, attempting to open the great gate at The Eye of the World, a series of mass demon-summonings in China, and an attempt by the Thuggee and the Cult of Kali to summon her in person in the far east… The Geometry was complex – but between the actual nexi where the power was coming from and the actual locations of the rituals it did seem to form the key components of summoning pentagram laid out around the entire globe.

   Well, Tyrannon was a megalomaniac godling who attempted to absorb entire worlds into his realm. At least the scale was suitable. They’d have to divide their own forces to seal the nexi, stop the spells, and still hold enough power in reserve to stop the Darkmage. He’d already managed to divert most of the Guardians with The Lizard, the Nephelim with Demon Cultists, some of the weaker members of the Knights of Avalon with rioting and more cultists, the Thunderbolts with Panzer and the other undead WWII ghosts attacking Washington, and the Protectors with undead pirates attacking the city. Still, several of the various magicians were available and most of the rest would be available shortly.

  •    The werewolves, horses, Monopole, kids, and Mr Smiths should be able to watch the orphanage for awhile. “Satan” was deploying his forces to watch the place as well…
  •    The totems probably couldn’t beak the Sedona wards – but Red Jack would try to stop them if no one else did anything, and he’d probably try to sacrifice a hundred kids to power his spells. Still, the Guardians would be done with The Lizard in a few minutes – and they had Timewalker ready to get them there – and they were throughly experienced with giant monsters and had raw power to spare… Nobody liked leaving things in the hands of a bunch of teenagers and kids – or putting them at risk – but there wasn’t a lot of choice. The Warlock should be able to seal the associated nexus.
  •    Half the heroes of Europe would be trying to stop Shadowspear – but they were a pretty (ok, an INCREDIBLY) dangerous bunch. They sent the Conquerers and the available higher-powered members of the Knights of Avalon to stop them.
  •    The demon-summoning in China went to the Night Watch and Myriddyn. They should be sneaky enough to get by any number of cultists, and Myriddyn could seal the nexus easily enough.
  •    The summoning of Kali went to Cabala, to any other available local heroes, and to the Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse… Apparently Destruction was the current avatar of Kali – and while she was responding to the summons, she wasn’t too happy about it, and neither were her teammates.

   That left them with most of the Protectors (Less Maelstorm, who was blowing the pirates back out to sea), the available members of the Thunderbolts – who’d quietly left the relatively unwilling-undead germans to the tender mercies of CLOWN and PRIMUS despite their orders, Wrath of the War Zone, the Avatars, Lahatiel, the War God, Jason, Baen, the Jaguar Warriors, Shiva the Destroyer, and themselves…

   They had more than enough raw power to penetrate the shields around the Eye of the World – but the Darkmage had several hundred cultists, a paramilitary contingent from DEMON, DAGGER, the Dark Crowns (Force, Bloodstorm, Phoenix, and Tremblot), an assortment of evil artifacts, and a wide assortment of Villains – Grond, Herculon, Holocaust, Laser, Riptide, Zorran the Artificier, Vilsomber, Affrighter, the Demonologist, Apolloyon, Brother Bone – and several others.

   Despite tactical nuclear assault, Shivas treacherous attempt to assist the Darkmage (which sufficed to neutralize the War God), Affrighters attempt to backstab the Darkmage and steal his and Tyrannons power (it didn’t work), the Avatars attempts to steal every mystical artifact which wasn’t nailed down (they drew the line at the Dark Crowns), Jason’s overconfidence, the reinforcement of the planetary wards by Chian (essentially interposing himself, and the massed power of the Dragon Circle, in Tyrannons Path – and taking an outrageous pounding for it), the fragment of Tyrannon’s essence possessing the Darkmage still managed to open a thin channel back to its greater self – bypassing the planetary wards, destroying the Darkmages physical body, and beginning the process of creating a full-scale manifestation of Tyrannon.

   At which point the White Necromancer realized that the only thing anchoring Tyrannon to Earth was the Darkmage’s sleeping soul. The man had held out against the corruption of Tyrannon for more than a thousand years – and nothing could hold a soul that was ready to renounce the physical world. If they could only wake him up and persuade him to choose… Most of their magacians and telepaths tried immediately.

   The Darkmage was very tired of Tyrannon. His rejection was both a moment of freedom and redemption for himself, and the slamming shut of Tyrannons gate to Earth. Tyrannon would doubtless recover and try again – he always did – but the Darkstorm War was truly over at last, no matter how messy the cleanup might be.

   Unsurprisingly, a fair number of the villians had fled when things started looking bad – but there had been some casualties among the heroes. A few were dead, several badly damaged, and not a few were simply missing – teleported, mystically transformed or imprisoned, or hurled into other dimensions. That was the trouble with fighting magicians.

6 XP all around.


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