Latest Material Index

   Updated June 21

   It’s once again time to get the latest material index updated and to transfer the material from the old one to the main index tabs. If you want the very latest material, it may be necessary to either scroll down or consult the “Recent Posts” listing-widget on the lower right The previous Latest Materials Index can be found HERE.

d20 Material:

Shadowrun Material:

Legend of the Five Rings Material:

Amber Material:

Rifts Material:

Continuum II Material:

Exalted Material:

  • Modern Weapons: A quick set of modern weapons and armor charts for Exalted.
  • Damage Overwhelming: When you want to know just how much power an Exalted character has, and what the side effects or using it will be like.
  • Sergeant Jack Rackham: A dimensional wanderer from modern earth and a sample dualistic exalted.

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