Star Wars – Garyan Manark

   The Celeath (Human Subspecies): The ancestors of the Celeath were stranded on a remarkably deadly world some millennia past, and have adapted to it to some extent, both by biology and training: they receive a +2 bonus to their Strength when rolling against damage, as well as +1 bonus die when using any three weapons of their choice. Unfortunately, the Celeath react on a hair trigger – often lashing out when startled, attacking at the slightest sign of a menace, and being generally unwilling to break off combat or allow a confirmed attacker to escape. Even worse, they have a strong cultural prohibition against allowing themselves to be entirely disarmed.

   Of course, on their homeworld, all of these are vital survival traits; the local species are persistent and deadly; if you let one escape, it will just be back again later – and usually with an improved strategy.

   Garyan’s parents – along with a few of their other relatives – made the (wise) choice to leave Celeath when the chance came up – and, of course, drifted into the Republic Military. Their commanders are aware of the Celeath’s advantages and limitations, and so tend to use them accordingly (and often issue weapons which must be primed with a coded signal before they’ll fire).

   While the Celeath’s minor cultural and genetic adaptions are – at least in the case of most of them who’ve moved off-world – rapidly being diluted, Garyan happens to one of the pure strain – and never even considered anything except a military career. What with (yet another) Sith War going on, the Republic Military was always pleased with willing recruits.

   Garyan served with some distinction, but was on leave – checking into signing up a young cousin who showed signs of Force Potential with the local Jedi – when he ran across a group of Sith undercover agents attacking the Jedi.

   Fortunately, he’d made quite sure to sneak his weapons and armor off the base in a trunk. That was against the rules of course – but no one could expect him to follow a rule THAT silly.

  • Dexterity 4d6. Dodge +1 (1d6 after XP)
  • Knowledge 2d6. Survival +1 (+1d6 after XP), Tactics +1
  • Mechanical 4d6. Heavy Weapons +2d6, Melee +1d6, Mounted Weapons +1, Pistols +2d6
  • Perception 2d6.
  • Strength 4d6. +2 vrs Damage. Brawl +1 (+1d6 after XP), Intimidation +1
  • Technical 2d6.
  • Force Points: 1 Not a force-sensitive.
  • Special Bonuses: +1d6 bonus when using the Melee, Heavy Weapons, and Pistols skills.
  • Experience Points: 4 in reserve (6 have been spent to get his Dodge, Brawl, and Survival Skills up from +1 to +1d6 each).


  • Full Military Kit: space-capable uniform with protective vest and helmet (+2 Str versus Damage, total 5d6+1), Blaster Carbine, Vibroblade, Communications Setup, Rations, etc. Counts as two items.
  • 4-Shot Missile Launcher, 12 Concussion Missiles.
  • Advanced First Aid Kit with micro-computer assistance (+2d6), bacta pack, and an array of antitoxins.
  • Garyan still has the bonus from his last tour of duty – 1000 credits – burning a hole in his pocket…

   Contacts: Dorath Korrreth (reptilian illegal weapons-dealer), republic military buddies, one as yet unspecified.

   Plot Hooks: Young force-sensitive cousin, is currently either presumed AWOL, captured, or dead (he doesn’t know which) by the Republic Military.

   Enemy: Garyan has badly upset several officers in the Republic Military, and at least one of them – once it’s determined that Garyan decamped with some heavy military weapons – is going to be quite angry about having been embarrassed in such a fashion.

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