Champions – Aurora Ward Index

Now that we’ve rotated back to Champions for Friday nights, as a convenience for the players, here’s a quick index for the first three sessions of the Aurora Ward team…

Session Logs:

  • Session I: Team formation, the arrival of Ahmik, a Cultist, a Powerstone, and introducing the Imaginal Wars.
  • Session II: Settling into the Silverhold, the arrival of Syphon, Training Exercises, Demonic Attacks, and a Flower Exhibition.
  • Session III: Imp Amulets, the departure of Syphon and the arrival of Mini-Max, the Book of Niberius, and Invocation Magic.
    • It’s worth noting that these logs are 1) summarized in places (especially conversations) and 2) from a particular characters viewpoint; they don’t tend to get into much detail on what the other characters are up to.

Background Materials:

The Cast:


3 Responses

  1. Well, I figured I had made mistakes somewhere. Let me know and I’ll fix them. And the condensed summaries in the log unfortunately are as much due to the limitations of my own memory as anything.

    • No worries; the accuracy level is quite sufficient when it comes to logs, and it’s not like I’m immune to mistakes in building stuff for Champions; it’s awfully easy to mis-apply some modifier.

  2. […] started Champions Aurora Ward Campaign.  This page borrows heavily from the initial index posted here as a base.  I will strive to update this index as new pages are posted.  If anyone in the group […]

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