Star Wars – Alys Nere, Noble Huntswoman

   Alys is a daughter of the Nere family, which has held high positions in Coruscant’s judicial system for centuries. For most of her childhood, she was an ordinary upper-class girl, pursuing typical interests. Then she got sick. The disease was horrible, combining fever, paralysis, and autoimmune responses. Alys would have died if a specialist in emergent diseases with some acquaintance with this one hadn’t been available.

   After recovering, Alys was incredibly frail but grateful. She came to two conclusions. First, she had to become stronger than she was before she was sick. Second, even the capital of the Galactic Republic was too limiting. She wanted to travel and see as much of the galaxy as she could. Her family supported her in this; after all, ambition in a young noblewoman was to be encouraged. They were able to secure the best trainers and tutors for Alys. With an almost inhuman drive, she threw herself into her studies. Hunting, spaceship operation, and droids became her passions.

   After reaching adulthood, Alys made a major decision. She wanted to go on safari before pursuing further education or a political position. While her family didn’t entirely approve, they didn’t make too much of a fuss. They still made sure she was prepared before she left. For her part, Alys was ready to leave the tempests of Republic politics.

   Alys has wandered the remote parts of the galaxy for a few years. She knows her family will need her eventually. Still, she hopes that won’t be for a while. She is getting a bit lonely, and wouldn’t mind more traveling companions.

   Alys Nere is 22 years old. Only keen observers would peg her as a noble. She dresses pragmatically, favoring light, non-restrictive clothing in earth tones. Slightly taller than most women, she has a light, lithe build.


  • As a noble, Alys is presumed to make a good hostage, might be held for ransom or for political leverage, and is on-call for family matters – including the occasional political situation. After all, they’re providing the money, and without her families backing her credit rating will drop (-3).
  • Alys’s illness is simply lying dormant. It might flare up, or impact her health, at any time. She might even be a carrier, although (in it’s dormant state) only very sensitive creatures might be affected (-3).

   Special Talents:

  • Noble Upbringing: Alys as a variety of social contacts, gets invited to all the best parties, and gains a +1d6 bonus to Command, Law, Persuasion, and Sense Motive checks.
  • Technical Knack: Can give any three pieces of gear or vehicles at one time a +1d6 bonus on something. It takes several hours of tinkering to switch the items affected and the bonus only works when she is using the item or operating the vehicle personally.


Dexterity 4d6 Rifles/Carbines +2d6
Knowledge 3d6 Survival +1d6, Willpower +2 (2 XP)
Mechanical 2d6 Operate Space Vehicles +1d6 (3 XP)
Perception 4d6 Alertness +1d6 (2 XP), Persuasion +1, Sneak +1d6
Strength 2d6  
Technical 3d6 +Droid 1d6 (2 XP)


Credit Rating 2d6
Force Points 1
Experience Points 1
Credits 250


   Minor Gear:

  • Camouflage Hunting Vest (+1 Armor against Physical Damage)
  • Supply Pack for HUND Wilderness Support Droid
  • Spare Blaster Hunting Rifle Cell

   Major Gear

  • Blaster Hunting Rifle (4d6 Damage)
  • CLS10 Piloting Droid (“Skippy”)
    • Skills: Astrogation 6D, Starship Piloting 6D, Languages 3D (for dealing with port officials)
    • Built-In Gadgets:
    • Subspace Communicator.
    • Remote Ship Operations Link.
    • Light Armor (+2D as a major gadget, net 3D).
    • Repair Database for the ship being piloted (4D starship repair for that ship only).
    • Built-in starship toolkit (+2D starship repair).
  • HUND Wilderness Support Droid (“Handy”)
    • Skills: Survival 6D, Medicine 4D (8/6D), Cyberweapons 4D
    • Built-In Gadgets:
    • Wilderness Reference Library: planetary notes, known alien races and creatures, 4D.
    • Hunting Blaster, 4D.
    • Medical Pack: +4D medicine for original owner’s species, +2D otherwise.
    • Camp Security Field Generator: provides a basic environmental screen and ultrasonically repels minor nuisance creatures.
    • Armor, +2D: +3D with extra die from base allotment, total 4D.
    • The optional pack system (+250 credits) provides a comlink and assorted storage compartments – two of them normally prepacked with a condenser canteen, glow rod, 30-day ration pack, flaregun, tarp, cord, rope, hammer/axe, 24 spikes, sleeping/shelter bag, water purification tabs/kit, miscellaneous kit (compass, lighter, fishhooks, line, whetstone, gloves, survival manual, sunglasses, sewing kit, etc) supplement tablets, folding shovel, filter straws, knife, grapnel, stimpills, monofilament “saw”, salt, wire, “space blanket”, machete, monocular, and pyroconcentrate tabs.
  • Small Starship (The Dusk Gryphon)


  • Kalla Tarwin is the doctor who saved Alys’ life. She’s a specialist in emerging diseases and a highly skilled physician and pharmacist. The Nere family became her patron in gratitude for curing their daughter, and she’s worked for them ever since. Dr. Tarwin now teaches at one of the universities in Coruscant. Alys has never forgotten what she’s done for her, and the two remain in regular contact.
  • Coryn Nere is Alys’ baby brother. Unlike her, he’s content to stay on Coruscant, where he serves as a senator’s aide. He eventually hopes to be a senator himself. Ambitious, cultured, and a little corrupt, Coryn sometimes shakes his head at stories of his older sister’s adventures. He keeps her updated on Coruscanti politics (sometimes to her annoyance).
  • Pon Mandares, a hunter famed across several galactic sectors, trained Alys in the trade. It wasn’t easy for her, especially right after the illness. After a lot of hard work, though, she became one of his favorite students. Pon isn’t much for staying in one place. Teaching Alys was the longest time he settled for years, and he’s wandered far from Coruscant since. They might run into each other somewhere in the galaxy.

   Plot Hooks

  • Alys is out for a different kind of excitement than most Coruscanti nobles. To her, the intrigues and decadence of Republic politics pale next to the mysteries and wonders of the universe. She wants to hunt massive and dangerous beasts, explore lost ruins, and possibly find forgotten or undiscovered worlds.
  • Alys thinks she recovered from her illness a long time ago. Unfortunately, it was even more vicious than Dr. Tarwin thought. It’s dormant. Since Alys is traveling to all sorts of alien worlds, something will eventually trigger it.


  • Alys ran afoul of the Crimson Talon Pirates, known kidnappers, recently. She managed to evade them. Since they apparently knew who she was, she would like to find out who sent them.

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