Toshi Ranbo, Circa 1124

   Toshi Ranbo City Map

   Toshi Ranbo stands atop a modest rise a few miles away from the Ryugawa (Dragon River), just above the floodplains. Thanks to the meandering of the river – a few generations ago it passed by the base of the bluffs on the riverside of the city – the closest loop at ths point is some two miles away, separated by bogs and the ponds of the old river channel. Like a number of other places within Rokugan, the three imperial roads which provide access to the city have become available for public use within the city since the city has taken over their maintenance. Thanks to the regular flooding along the river, and a shortage of higher ground, there are few other substantial villages, or even usable strongpoints, for miles about – making the city a major point of contention as a border fortification, for its utility as a trade center, and as the administration and tax-collection center for the farming hamlets on the fertile and well-watered lands along the river.

   Unfortunately, generations of conflict – including a dozen major battles and four sieges in the last ten years as well as the most recent set of battles – have left most of the city and many of the nearby hamlets in ruins, the population depleted, and the taxes years in arrears – at least until Shigure and company seized the city in the middle of the winter and paid them off.

   Current city statistics for Toshi Ranbo: Size 20 (up to 30 if rebuilt and properly administered). Military Assets: Fortification I (The ruinous walls and remaining defenses, 2), Training Grounds II (4). Political Assets: Location I (Clan Borderlands, 2). Production Assets: Roads III (8) and Waterways I (while the city has access to the river, it would take either the construction of a causeway and docks or an extensive dredging project to provide readily-usable access for larger craft, 2). Total Cost: 38 points.

   Current army statistics: Size 20 (Company). Training: Camp III (8), Mobility II (4), Scouts II (4), and Evasion II (4). Total Cost: 40 points.

   Currently, the Crane are firmly behind the idea of setting up a neutral city: the place had become a pesthole that drained troops and resources. They were only defending it because it being in Lion hands was a dagger pointed at their throats. To this end, they are willing to contribute some extra backing: up to 20 points will be available for projects they feel will strengthen the city without making it a military threat. This won’t work for enlarging the size rating past 30: that would require infringing on other groups territories.

   Oh by the way, if anybody wants to improve on my map, go right ahead.


3 Responses

  1. Yay!

  2. I might actually get some time to draw later, so maps, maybe. :D

    Do you mind if I just make up Alex’s fief and run it by you?

  3. Not at all. Go right ahead. I can provide the numerical statistics if you want.

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