Eclipse d20 – Village Hero, Nagindeyu

   Nagindeyu was the son of a passing adventurer, a powerful warrior-mystic from a distant land who had a passing affair with his mother, and left her with a few modest gifts – by the standards of a high-level adventurer. By the standards of the village, those parting gifts were sufficient to buy an inn and still have plenty in reserve for future contingencies.

   Not too surprisingly, absence sufficed to conceal all flaws in his father and his chosen lifestyle from young Nagindeyu. He listened to every tale of high adventure, epic heroism, and mighty magic that any wanderer had to tell – paying, of course, with free drinks.

   He’s never really absorbed the fact that adventurers who don’t come back rarely tell their tales.

   His mother isn’t entirely practical either, or she would never have had an affair with a wanderer who wouldn’t be staying, no matter how heroic and well-favored he was. If Nagindeyu wishes to become an adventurer, surely the gods will favor such a noble and innocent spirit!

   Still, she’s made sure that he’s leaving with decent training and equipment.

  • Package Deal:
    • Wannabee. Provides Lore (Creatures, Treasures, and Tales of Adventure, 6 CP) and Presence (High Morale, the Wannabee – and any of his companions who regularly spend time listening to him – will enjoy a +1 Morale Bonus to attacks, saves, checks, and damage.
  • Low-Level Adventurer Template:
    • +(12 + 2x Con Mod) HP. These are added to the 3 + Con Mod base for level zero – which will become (Purchased Die + Con Mod) at level one.
    • Talents: +2 Charisma, Prestidigitation (at will).
    • Skill Modifiers: -3 on all Unskilled Skill Checks, +3 on Diplomacy, Perform, Sense Motive, Tumble, and Use Magic Device.
  • Race: Human. Provides Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills for half cost (3 CP), and a Bonus Feat.
  • Total Character Points: 24 Base for L0 + 6 for the human bonus feat +3 for the Irreverent Disadvantage = 33.

Purchased Abilities:

  • Resist/Fortitude +1 (3 CP).
  • Militia Training: Proficiency with Light Armor, Shields, and All Simple Weapons (9 CP) plus a Specialized version of Legionary (only usable with other people with Militia Training, 3 CP). While Nagindeyu has no particular interest in the militia, it was about the only form of combat training that was readily available – and he’ll need such skills to follow in his father’s footsteps.
  • Upgrade Proficiencies to include Oriental Martial Weapons (3 CP). A legacy from his far-traveling father there.
  • Witchcraft II (12 CP, provides a small amount of Power and access to the Hand of Shadows, Healing, and Hyloka) with one Pact (Duties; must attempt to lay the spirits of the dead to rest) which pays for the Nightforge ability (and fits in well with Raymund). While most people don’t approve of Witchcraft, Nagindeyu believes that his father had no such prejudice, and has already found his small talents very useful in getting his chores done so that he can spend more time listening to adventurous tales.
  • Privilege: Having been planning to be an adventurer all his life, and having a well-off parent with no other children, Nagindeyu always has a place to stay and is quite well equipped for a beginning adventurer. He has good basic gear, a selection of dubious treasure maps and journals of historical adventures, and might even – at the option of the game master – have a few potions, minor conjures, or similar items tucked away.

   Hm. Outside of his vast fund of tales and lore, Nagindeyu has virtually nothing in the way of practical skills. He’ll get three points for being human of course – and the free level of Adept the game master has provided will help – but that won’t even cover getting rid of the non-proficiency penalty on all his major skills. Still, he is the third militia-trained character in the group, if the last character takes Militia Training as well, all four of the militiamen will get a +2 bonus to their AC, Attacks, and Reflex Saves while fighting as a team – and at their level that’s a pretty substantial bonus.


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