Dark Lord Kevin

   Over the last hundred and thirty sessions of the Federation-Apocalypse campaign, Kevin Sanwell has come into – or at least has learned to use or be used by – a great deal more of his power. While any Opener (or, indeed, any player-character) is a significant figure, Kevin was intentionally designed to have an impact on an unusually large scale; he’s a young deity specializing in bestowing powers on his followers and a mystical orator specializing in influencing entire populations through mass media – a set of abilities which has let him recruit and empower a small horde of followers. While his remaining abilities are fairly optimized – and he’s managed to boost his attributes to impressive levels thanks to the rather generous world laws of the setting (you want a higher strength? OK. Meanwhile, the star destroyer is launching a barrage of antimatter warheads…) – he’s shown a marked tendency to try to solve his problems by talking, rather than by blasting away with raw power.

   He also tends to represent himself as a demonic horror or dark god. Most of his companions tend to doubt it however.

   The Federation-Apocalypse game allows some of the most powerful options in Eclipse and doesn’t require that the characters follow the adventurer template. They are thus free to skip saving throws or base attack bonus – as Kevin has mostly done – and to spend those points on anything else which interests them. In conventional d20, Kevin would probably be considered around ECL 16-18. He does have high attributes, and Godfire is a trump card – but the supply is strictly limited.

   The Knight of Shadows:

   There is a popular cliche of fantasy. A school for young mages, taught by ineffectual adults who leave resolving all kinds of problems up to the students. You usually find this kind of production in the “young adult” sections, filled with cheery life lessons and morals about the perils of evil, the value of hard work and friendship, and the need for self-reliance.

   While there are thousands of literary variations, and have been not a few multimedia adaptions over the centuries, only a few have achieved enough success to be widely recognized, to have reached a high level of reality in the manifold, and to have drawn sizeable numbers of would-be students during the early days of the Opening.

   One of those fanciful schools – known as Hogwarts – drew the attention of thirty or forty youngsters and at least two groups of more adult adventurers. As is the nature of a strongly-established realm, visitors tended to be fitted into acceptable roles. The youngsters fitted in readily as students, while the adults tended to be put into roles as teachers, founders, and – occasionally – recruiters for the dark side of the magical realms.

   One such adventurer chose to teach a course in pistols as a “defense against the dark arts”, on the general theory that – while he was no mage – few things cramped an enemies spellcasting style like a bullet through the head. One of his friends, currently infused with enormous demonic energies, created some special weapons for the kids – pistols of terrible, demonic, magical potency. Not fully understanding the binding and corrupting nature of demonic gifts, he accidentally bound the students souls to him. While he released them later, he had still infused them with demonic energies – permanently transforming them. Drawn to the darker reaches of the manifold, they joined the wilder, “unseelie”, fey – or grew to take on the roles of junior demons who can readily enter the Core.

   One youngster in particular has returned to Core Earth. After all, those other youngsters (he’s not yet powerful enough to bind an adult to him) who are willing to accept the darkness and make a pact with him “obviously” deserve to become his property, agents, power-sources, and sales-stock for a few centuries or millennia. Eventually their spirits will grow strong enough to escape the bond and their awakened powers will be theirs to keep. From his point of view, that’s fair enough. After all, he did it…

   Kevin Sanwell, A.K.A. “Lord Kevin”

   L11 Unseelie Knight of Curennos/Would-Be Demon Lord, Federation-Apocalypse Campaign.

   “I am an Opener, and among the First. Do you understand what that means? The walls between the worlds cannot hold me. Death cannot hold me. Even the Laws of Nature of the Core can be defied with effort. There are limitless energies available within the Manifold, although no human body can convert more than a trickle of those energies into forms that can be readily used. Thus are we all limited in our strength at any given time – and thus I have exerted myself. I have opened a channel of power for them. I have opened the paths within their minds to let them use it. I have opened a link between us, that will let me communicate with them – and locate their souls so that I can open the way to call them back from death if they should die – and, in exchange, I can draw upon the energies that they have converted and stored if I have need of them. Eventually they will master their own powers, the link between us will fade somewhat, their energies shall be wholly their own – and I shall find new trainees”.

   +1 ECL Race: Demonically-Infused “Pureblooded” Human (63 CP):

  • Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills: +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
  • +4 Intelligence (Normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws).
  • +2 to any one attribute (normally 12 CP, reduced to 6 CP by world laws).
  • +1 to any four attributes, (normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws).
  • Immunity/Aging (uncommon/minor/minor, 2 CP).
  • Grant of Aid: May heal 1d8+5 damage OR 1d3 points of attribute damage OR one negative level once per three levels per day or part thereof, 6 CP), with the Regenerative option (3 CP) (This takes hours in core, is instant where magic works).
  • Extraordinary Returning (Specialized: Requires Summoning Ritual, Half cost due to World Laws, 3 CP)
  • Enhanced Health: +1 Bonus d0 Hit Dice (Essentially + [Con Mod] HP, 4 CP).
  • Hellcat (Leopard) Totem: Shapeshift, Attribute Modifiers (Str +6, Dex +8, Con +4, +10 Move, +1 Natural Armor, +8 to Agility and Stealth skills, Low-Light Vision, and Scent), Hybrid Form, Clear Speech, Variants (Human Appearance). Specialized: Leopard Form Only, Corrupted: Cannot actually Change Forms (27 CP base, net cost 9 CP).
  • Basic Witchcraft (6 CP)
  • Template Disadvantages: Blocked (Clerical Magic) and Obligations (Must adhere to Contracts).

   Available Character Points: Disadvantages: History, Recorder, and Hunted (Exorcists, White Magicians, +10 CP), Duties (answer summonings, provide for his followers, bring people what they desire, +2 CP/Level), +30 CP for his L1, L2, L4, L6, and L8 Feats + 48 CP (L1 Base), +240 CP (Experience) = 348. 348 spent. Net Level: 11 (+1 ECL Template).

   Three Witchcraft Pacts (Guardianship/Core, Duties/Binding Souls, Hunted/Rival Demonic Powers (12)): This pays for the last 12 points of Basic Witchcraft, The Secret Order, and Ridden by the Loa (Power 29 [35], DC 23 Will Save. All basic abilities).

   Languages (7): English, Infernal, Sylvan, Latin, Draconic, French, and Quenya.

   Basic Attributes: Strength 24 (28)/+9 (DR 9/-), Dexterity 30 (32)/+11, Constitution 20/+5 (5 magic points), Intelligence 22/+6 Wisdom 16/+3, Charisma 26/30/+10 (20 free contacts).

   Rolled Attributes: 15, 15, 13, 16, 13, 14. Inherent Bonuses from Godfire Spent: +6 Cha and Dex, +2 Int, Con, Str and Wis. Racial Option: +2 Dex. Silmarils: +4 Charisma. Level Bonuses: +2 Charisma. Note that high attributes offer some special benefits – mostly as noted – in the Federation-Apocalypse setting.

Dominion104, Godfire12, Mana 27, Power 37

   Combat Information (32 CP):

  • Saves:
    • Fortitude: +2 (6 CP) + 5 (Con) +10 (Cha from relic) =+17
    • Reflex: +2 (6 CP) +11 (Dex) +10 (Cha from relic) = +23
    • Will: +2 (6 CP) + 3 (Wis) =+5
  • Hit Dice: L1 d8 (4 CP, 8), L2-8 d6 (14 CP, 5, 6, 1, 5, 3, 5, 6), L9-11 d4 (0 CP, 4, 3, 3). HP 49 + (12x Con Mod) = 109 HP (+30 Smartclothes)
  • Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons and Small Arms (12 CP, -20 from Dex per world laws = -8 CP).
  • Move: 40 Base + 10 Exoskeleton = 50
  • Initiative: +11 (Dex)
  • BAB: +0 (0 CP) +10 (Augmented Bonus from Relic)
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 11 (Dex) + 3 (Wis, per world rules) + 4 (Military Smartclothes) +1 (Natural) = 29 (and DR 13- due to Smartclothes, AC 33 and DR 17- vrs physical attacks due to heavy effector module).

   Usual Weapons:

  • Plasma Pistol. +26/+26/+21 (BAB +10, +11 Dex, +4 Martial Art, +3 Equipment -2 Rapid Shot), Crit 20/x2, 50 Shot Magazine, 40′ range increment. May draw as a free action, automatic knockdown on a critical hit. No penalty while fighting prone. +1 AC while using.
  • Forceblade. +27/+22 (BAB +10, +9 Str, +4 Martial Art, +3 Equipment, +1 Magic), 2d8+1d6 (Fire) + 1d6 (Lighting) +9 (Str), Crit 19-20/x2. Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Whirlwind Attack, and Quick Draw.+1 AC while using.
  • Lightning Fist. +20/+15 (BAB +10, +9 Str, +1 Martial Art), 1d6+11 (+7 Str, +2 Gear, Killing or Stun), Breaking, DC 15 Reflex to avoid surprise, Inner Strength, Ki Block (-2 Con), Wrath (Electrical), and Vanishing.

   Purchased Abilities (322 CP):

  • Dark Overlord (16 CP): Leadership (6x [ECL + Cha Mod + Base Dex Mod] = 192 levels worth of ECL 1-8 followers) (6 CP, Triple Effect) , Emperor’s Star x 4 (8 CP), Strength in Numbers (1), and Horde (1). All Specialized: Must actually seek out followers. All Corrupted: must personally transform them.
  • Lord of Darkness (51 CP): Specialized: Must actually seek out followers. Dominion (6 CP, double effects), Manipulation (3 CP), Sphere of Influence (Negative Energies, Witchery, Transformation, 9 CP), Godfire (3 CP, as of L2), Creation (3 CP), Soulshield (Double effect, 6 CP), Divine Infusion (Specialized and Corrupted for Triple Effect/only to buy Endowment / Followers gain (Chr Mod/2) CP per level Kevin gains, as of L11 that’s 68) (6 CP), Advanced Augmented Bonus (Adds Dex Mod to Cha Mod for Divine Infusion only, 6 CP), Gateway (3 CP), Ears of the Wind (3 CP), Multi-Tasking (3 CP),
  • Demonic Pacts (25 CP): Dualism (6 CP), Channeling 1 + Cha Mod/Day (9 CP), Conversion to 4 x L5 Effects (Specialized: requires a ritual, double effect, Corrupted: blatant black magic, 8 CP). Available Effects: “Grant Desire” (L6 Anyspell Effect), “Demonic Infusion” (May apply a +1 ECL template/transform abilities, seal witchcraft pacts, and apply bindings, target must pay back the points added before they can advance further), Transfer Thrall (Transfers the mystical links and grants someone else ownership of a Demon Thrall), and True Polymorph. Circle of Power with the same limitations, (2 CP).
  • Dark Magic (84 CP): Path of the Dragon: Shaping (6 CP), Pulse of the Dragon II (18 CP), Heart of the Dragon III (L2 Effects, 42 CP). All Specialized: Abjuration, Evocation, and Transmutation only, Corrupted: Must gesture and chant (net triple effect/L6 spells), Dragonfire (6 CP), Eye of the Dragon x2 (12 CP).
  • Power Surge (4 CP): Berserker (+10 Caster Levels, -2 to Reflex Saves, Corrupted/Requires 2 Mana to activate, 4 CP).
  • Fey Ambassador (3 CP): Privilege/Diplomatic Immunity as an Unseelie Representative (May recruit Changelings/Thralls, etc).
  • Reality Shifting (16 CP): 3d6 (16 Total) Mana, Reality Editing option. Corrupted: Outside of the Core using this blatantly displays his supernatural nature when used for any purpose other than opening gates (8 CP). +2d6 (11) also Specialized: must be recharged externally.
  • Preternatural Reflexes (6 CP): Reflex Action, 3/Day option, Specialized/defensive actions only, Reflex Action 3/Day, Specialized/arcane actions only.
  • Unnatural Adaption (6 CP): Double Enthusiast. Specialized (“Identities” skill only), Corrupted/only reduces the cost of identities he actually establishes, only changes in new world (All roles effectively L7 for 1 skill rank each).
  • More Witchcraft (24 CP): Covenbond, Dismissal, Divination, and Breath of Puruza.
  • Minor Precognition (6 CP): Innate Enchantment: 4xL1 Spells, 3/day Each (4800 GP), True Strike, True Save, True Evasion, True Skill (All provide a +20 insight bonus to a single roll or against a single attack, activating when needed) (6 CP).
  • Immortal (1 CP) Upgrade Returning to Unique Returning (1 CP).
  • Mental Focus (4 CP) Immunity to Neural-Programming Memes and Sensory-Based Mind Control (Uncommon/Major/Minor, 4 CP).
  • Soulsight (6 CP) Occult Sense/May see and evaluate souls.
  • Sanctum (Kadia) (9 CP): Sanctum with Occult Wards. Not unexpectedly, Kevin is at his most powerful in Kadia – his personal divine realm.
  • Master Orator (10 CP): Master Artist/Oratory. Usable (Level) times daily. Manipulation: Fascinate, Hold Audience, Emotional Auras, Freedom, Mass Suggestion, Greater Summoning, Inspiration: Emotion, Greatness, Excellence, Mass Greatness, and Mass Excellence. Composition, Influence, and Mass Influence (All Specialized in clear and compelling logic: only to present rational ideas and allow the objective consideration of them, Corrupted: requires adequate mass media to work, 2 CP. Composition, triple effect on Influence [modify reactions by three steps, 6 CP], 2 CP Mass Influence [Influence can affect an entire culture].
  • Dark Enchantment (14 CP): Create Relic (Specialized: Only points from Enthusiast, Corrupted, maximum of 2 point relics, 2 CP), Double Enthusiast, Specialized in Relics (Double Effect), provides 4 CP for making relics (taken twice, for a total of eight, 12 CP).
    • The Ring of the Moon (2 CP): This useful item allows the user to tap a portion of the power of the two Silmarils safely – effectively buying off the Specialization on the basic Channeling power (12 CP).
    • The Talisman of War (2 CP): Advanced Improved Augmented Bonus; may add his Cha Mod to his BAB, but only with weapons he can use with one of his martial arts (Corrupted, 12 CP).
    • The Bloodstone Amulet of Divine Favor (2 CP): Improved Augmented Bonus (Cha Mod to Reflex Saves, 12 CP).
    • The Onyx Amulet of Divine Favor (2 CP): Improved Augmented Bonus (Cha Mod to Fortitude Saves, 12 CP).
  • Reality Warp (6 CP): Adds (Cha Mod) to Int-Based Skills. The universe doesn’t want to let him be wrong.(OK, really he’s just tapping into the vast amounts of information available through his Thralls).
  • Mystic Link (12 CP): Mystic Link with Power Link and two additional links. These are currently to the Silmarils.
  • Skill Points: (13 CP) + 28 (Racial) + 75 (Int) +10 (Package Deal) = 126.

   Broad Skills (All +6 Int):

  •    Physical Skills: Acrobatics +26 (1 SP +11 Dex +8 Racial), Aerospace Piloting +17 (1 SP +10 Dex), Blade Expert Martial Art +19 (3 SP +10 Dex), Lightning Fist Martial Art +19 (3 SP +10 Dex), Primitive Vehicles +17 (1 SP +10 Dex), Pistol Expert Martial Art +19 (3 SP +10 Dex), Riding +17 (1 SP +10 Dex), Sleight of Hand +18 (1 SP +11 Dex), Spellweaving Martial Art +19 (3 SP +10 Dex), Sport +30 (1 SP +11 Dex +8 Racial +4 Gear), Stealth +30 (1 SP +11 Dex +8 Racial +4 Gear).
  •    Knowledge Skills (all +6 Int +10 Cha): Arcane Lore +25 (1 SP +2 Sy), Magical Theory +23 (1 SP), Magitech +23 (1 SP), Mythology +23 (1 SP), Psitech +23 (1 SP), Psychology +27 (5 SP), Quantum Realities +23 (1 SP), Streetwise +23 (1 SP), Tactics +23 (1 SP), Theology +23 (1 SP),
  •    Perception Skills (all +3 Wis): Listen +14 (1 SP +4 Gear), Spot +17 (4 SP +4 Gear), Wilderness Survival +14 (1 SP +4 Gear).
  •    Other Skills: Animal Handling +27 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Computer Operations +23 (1 SP +6 Int +10 Cha), Concentration +13 (1 SP +5 Con), Gadgetry +17 (1 SP +10 Dex), Gather Information +27 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Identities +32 (2 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex +4 Reality Editing), Magical Gadgetry +17 (1 SP +10 Dex converts usual gadgets to a magical basis in magical worlds), Navigation +23 (1 SP +6 Int +10 Cha), Search +27 (1 SP +6 Int +10 Cha +4 Gear), Security Systems +31 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha +4 Gear), and Wealth / Core +48 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex +10 dangerous part-time job +5 wealth-producing powers +6 GM Bonus)..

   Narrow Skills (All +6 Int +5 Training):

  •    Physical Skills: Balance +31 (1 SP +11 Dex +8 Race), Climb +33 (1 SP +9 Str +8 Race +4 Gear), Drive / Core Earth Vehicles +23 (1 SP +11 Dex), Jump +39 (1 SP +11 Dex +8 Race +8 Move), Shiphandling +24 (2 SP GM Award + 11 Dex), Swim +21 (1 SP +9 Str).
  •    Knowledge Skills (All +6 Int +10 Cha): Anthropology +28 (1 SP), Aphorisms and Quotes +28 (1 SP), Colonization +28 (1 SP), Demonology +30 (3 SP), Dragons +30 (3 SP), Contract Law +30 (3 SP), Core Earth Law +30 (3 SP), England +28 (1 SP), Fey Lore +28 (1 SP), Poisons and Antidotes +28 (1 SP), Realms of the Manifold +28 (1 SP), Recent Core History +28 (1 SP), Siegecraft +28 (1 SP), Witchcraft +28 (1 SP), Zoology +28 (1 SP).
  •    Other Skills: Acting +32 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Carousing +32 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Communications Systems +32 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha), Craft/Jewelsmith +32 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha), Craft/Runesmith +32 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha), Dance +40 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex +8 Race), Dimensional Navigation +15 (1 SP +3 Wis), Hunting +28 (1 SP +6 Int +10 Cha), Look Good +36 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex +4 Gear), Negotiation +40 (9 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Oratory +45 (13 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Parenting +32 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha), Realm Recognition +15 (1 SP +3 Wis), Seduction +32 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Sensor Operations +32 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha), Singing +32 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Slave Master +32 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Special Effects +32 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha), Spot Ensoulment +32 (1 SP +10 Cha +10 Dex), Stagecraft +32 (1 SP +10 Int +10 Cha).

   +3 Specialities: Gadgetry/Smartclothes, Spot/Recognizing Previously-Encountered Individuals, Psychology/Sense Motive, Identities/Ailill, Identities/Lord Kevin, Master of Kadia, Stealth/Shadowing, and Stagecraft/Dramatic Entrances.

   Usual Gadgets (16): Smartclothes with Exoskeleton and Enduring III (+30 HP) (7), two Plasma Pistols (2), two Forceblades (2), Magicians Kit (1), Diversion Kit (2), Survival Pack (1), Horror Slayers Kit (1), and an Instrument Pack (1).

Established Identities: Titus (The Imperium), Arpherion (Crusader), Kierroth; Unseelie Knight (Fey Realms), Player of the Great Game (The Colonial Realms), Belramos (The Abyss or Heavens), Squire Jenkins (The English Fantasy Zone), Ailill (The Dragonworlds), Angkor (Animalistic Worlds), Kevelian, Initiate Red Wizard (d20 Realms), Darth or Master Santarous (Star Wars Realms), Arriken (Baelaria), Master of Kadia (Kadia), Arken (Anime), The Voice of Gaia (Inversion), Melkor (Middle-Earth),

   House of Roses Package Deal (12 CP Total)

  • Rank 1, Newly Recruited Agent: (6 CP)
    • Privilege: Access to military-level hardware and vehicles. Corrupted/access is limited by what the organization decides that a particular mission calls for (2 CP).
    • Immunity: Neural Enhancer can only be taken away by special surgery or by the use of spells or psychic powers of level 4+ (Uncommon/Minor/Minor, 2 CP)
    • Relic/Neural Enhancer (2 CP): +6 Skill Points (1 CP) and Augmented Bonus (Socially Deft: adds [Base] Dex Mod to Cha Mod when calculating charisma-based skills and Leadership effects (1 CP). Both effects already included above.
  • Rank 2, Veteran Agents: (8 CP)
    • Enthusiast: Specialized, only changes with access to appropriate skill programs (1 CP).
    • Favors/House of Roses: Specialized, only available in pursuit of assigned mission or to maintain the integrity, secrets, and reputation of the House (1 CP).
  • Rank 3, Special Agents: (10 CP) (Kevin’s Current Level)
    • Relic/Neural Enhancer (+1 CP, 3 total): Immunity/Revealing House or Personal Secrets (Uncommon / Minor / Major, to effects and drugs rated at L5 and below, 2 CP) and +4 SP (4 CP).
    • Contact: Any one other agent or director within the House (1 CP)
  • Rank 4, Elite Agents: (12 CP)
    • Relic/Neural Enhancer (+1 CP, 4 total): Any one of (a) +6 Skill Points, (b) +6 CP worth of Witchcraft abilities (usually The Secret Order), (c) Action Hero/Heroism Option, and (d) Acrobatics.
    • Immunity: Intoxicants and Hallucinogens (Uncommon / Minor / Trivial, 1 CP): thanks to the long-term effects of their Neural Enhancers, Elite Agents can now handle doses of recreational drugs which would incapacitate normal people and still function – although there are upper limits.
  • Rank 5, Agency Directors:
    • Add a 15-point Office provided by Elizabeth via Political Dominion. These are normally unique.

   Pistol Expert Martial Art (Dex):

  • This basic modern art simply revolves around extensive practice with pistols, firing as quickly and accurately as possible from a wide variety of positions and staying under cover as much as possible. While it offers no real special techniques – at best simply trying to hit dead center on the opponents body for maximum impact and knockdown – its pretty easy to learn compared to most martial arts. You just need good reflexes.
  • Requires: Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Small Arms, or Similar), Dex 14+.
  • Basic Abilities: Attack 4, Power 2, Toughness 2, Defenses 2
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Mighty Blow, Prone Combat, Rapid Shot, and Quick Draw.
  • Occult Techniques: None (The price of minimal requirements)
  • Known Abilities: Attack 4, Defenses 1, Rapid Shot, Quick Draw, Mighty Blow. Prone Combat

   Blade Expert Martial Art (Dex):

  • Derived from a mixture of classical eastern and western styles, the “Blade Expert Martial Art” has been stripped down to basic physical techniques, with no mysticism whatsoever. You swing hard, accurately, and fast, while parrying incoming attacks. That’s about it – and it usually suffices. Few places are bizarre enough to interfere much with that kind of technique.
  • Requires: Weapon Proficiency with Swords
  • Basic Abilities: Attack 4, Power 2, Defenses 4
  • Master Techniques: Quick Draw, Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, and Whirlwind Attack.
  • Occult Techniques: None. (The price of minimal requirements)
  • Known Abilities: Attack 4, Defenses 1, Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Whirlwind Attack, Quick Draw.

   Lightning Fist Martial Art (Dex):

  • Lightning Fist is based around bioelectrical channeling – focusing first the muscular strength, and later the natural energies of the user’s body, into deadly strikes. Partially psychic, the form allows its users to strike against targets up to 10′ away…
  • Requires: Basic Witchcraft
  • Basic Abilities: Attack 2, Defenses 2, Power 4, Strike, and Toughness 1.
  • Master Techniques: Breaking, Mind Like Moon, Reach, Whirlwind Attack,
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Ki Block, Vanishing, Wrath (Electrical).
  • Known Abilities: Strike, Attack 1, Power 1, Breaking, Mind Like Moon, Inner Strength, Ki Block, Wrath (Electrical), and Vanishing.

   Spellweaving Martial Art (Dex):

  • This subtle style revolves around the manipulation of magical energies. Unlike spells, which draw on the energies of magic, this art simply subtly shifts it’s threads – using them to entangle incoming attacks, to transmit touch-based spells to distant targets, striking at the weak points they outline, twisting them to enhance yourself, and even tearing at them to disrupt other structures. It’s most commonly used in conjunction with touch-based attack spells – expanding their effects to strike at everyone in a modest area and/or projecting them – but masters may attack through the threads directly. Physically the form requires very little motion: one need merely twist one’s fingers into the threads: from there, slight gestures suffice. On the magical level, of course, tiny distorting ripples will radiate from the user, and – in high-magic areas or for more powerful adepts – a readily recognizable set of interlocking “rings” of mysterious sigils (actually energy-leakage from the diverted threads of the weave) will appear in the air around him or her.
  • Requires: Innate ability to Detect Magic or similar occult sense OR Path of the Dragon OR Spellfire.
  • Basic Techniques: Attack 4, Defenses 4 (adds to saves against occult attacks rather than AC), Power 1, Strike, Synergy/Magical Theory, Synergy/Spellcraft, Synergy/Arcane Lore.
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Sneak Attack III (3d6), Whirlwind Attack
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength x2, Ki Focus (May enhance Caster Level and up to (Int Mod) other abilities of choice), and One Finger (normally used to deliver touch spells and sneak attacks).
  • Known Abilities: Defenses 4 (+4 on saves versus occult attack), Synergy/Whirlwind Attack, Inner Strength x2, Ki Focus (-1 Con to pick from +4 Caster Level, +4 Effective Hit Dice, +4 Con, +4 Dex, +4 Charisma, or +4 Negotiation for 1d6 minutes).

   Total of 18 phantom Con points for powering abilities.

   Major Equipment: Kevin tends to bounce from dimension to dimension so quickly that he has relatively little use for most conventional equipment outside of what he can support with his Gadgets skill; other items tend to fail as the local natural laws shift. He does carry a selection of minor ornaments, a modest supply of gold coins (they spend in so many places), and a selection of documents and identification cards for his ambassadorial duties.

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