Asteraoth, “The Angel that Thwarts Power”

   For today, and for no particularly good reason, it’s another character for Godlike or Wild Talents – in this case, a youngster with a most formidable psychic power. On the other hand, he’s been given only ten skill points due to his age. His attributes have not been reduced for his age, if only because – in a system with a base attribute rating of “1” and a “normal” rating of “2”, there isn’t much room for it. As usual, his background has been left a bit vague so that he can easily be fit into most worlds.

Asteraoth (“The Angel that Thwarts Power”)

   Raoul Mancini, Age 12

  • Attributes: Body 1, Coordination 2, Sense 3 (4), Brains 2 (3), Command 2 (3), Cool 3 (4).
  • Skills (10 + 1 for Brains 3)
    • Body: Athletics 1, Health 1
    • Coordination: Stealth 1
    • Sense: Sight 2
    • Brains: Education 2, Language (select group) 1.
    • Command:
    • Cool: Lie 1, Mental Stability 2

   It was time for bed – but Father was going off to war. He was taking the late train overnight, and was already down at the station. In the morning, he would be well on his way to training camp.

   Raoul sighed, and closed his eyes, and envisioned the train station. He would have liked to have been there to wave goodbye.

   And abruptly he WAS – although no one seemed to be able to see him and sometimes people just walked through him. He was surrounded by threads and patterns of forces that he didn’t understand – but he could feel that he would someday.

   He didn’t manage to figure it out in time to let his father see him waving, but it was easy enough to locate the training camp a little later and keep an eye on him. He spent a good deal of time seeing the world too – especially after he realized that he could just jump up a couple of thousand miles, look for where he wanted to be, and either pop down to it, or – if it was on the far side of the globe – make a few jumps around the earth until he could see where he wanted to be.

   It didn’t take too long for someone to figure out that something was going on. Raoul was aware enough of his body even while he was “out” to keep anyone from finding his apparent corpse, but his constant “napping” – combined with a few symptoms of lack of sleep and the occasional glimpse of strange lights – soon led to an interview with the local doctor. That led to a demonstration – and that led to some urgent phone calls.

   Asteraoth possesses some low-level personal enhancements – enough to make him obvious to any other talent – and the ability to project his “self” as a pattern of energy. In that form he can teleport himself (and even small amounts of other material), is capable of flight, and can both perceive and manipulate, patterns of kinetic, electromagnetic, and life energy. To other talents, his energy-form usually appears as simple ball of light, or occasionally as a stylized, semi-angelic, youngster. To normal humans, it’s invisible – unless he’s using his control of electromagnetism to create an illusory body.

  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Naive (2), Very protective of his family and other children in general (2).
    • Base Will: 7 + Quirks = 11
  • Talent Powers (25 Will):
    • Hyper-Senses 1 (2).
    • Hyper-Brains 1 (2).
    • Hyper-Cool 1 (2).
    • Hyper-Command 1 (2).
    • Ghost/”Out Of Body Projection” (2HD, 4) (base 3/6/12). Body in stasis (no metabolism, aging, breathing, heartbeat, etcetera) while “Ghosting” (+1/2/4), Maintains limited awareness of body while “Ghosting” (+1/2/4), Interfere (any talent who sees his body can spend a will point to return him to it, and will instinctively know that they have this option, -2/4/8), Nervous Habit (must close his eyes and carefully envision a scene to move into, -1/2/4), Glow (glows briefly after activating this power, -1/2/4).
  • The following powers all require that his body be in a safe, quiet, location to work (-2/4/8), can only operate through his Ghost-Projection (-1/2/4; if he wants to use them around his real body, he’ll have to step out, get oriented, and then use them), and are easy to Interfere with (-2/4/8). Most of them also lose defensive applications, at least as far as he’s concerned, but this doesn’t matter much to an intangible entity. He can use them to defend other people though.
    • Flight (2 HD, 4) (Base 5/10/20): In practice, this usually simply means that his ghostly form can hover freely, although he can also move with a slow vehicle. When he wants to get somewhere, he usually falls back on line-of-sight teleportation.
    • Teleport (2D, 2 HD, 6) (Base 5/10/20): Note that his “ghost form” has a neglegible mass; giving him an initial range of 6500 Miles.
  • The following powers were initially latent (purchased at only one die) – although Asteraoth learned enough to use them at their basic levels (2 HD) quickly enough, since that only cost him some 9 Will. They’re subject to the same limitations as his Flight and Teleport powers above.
    • Telekinesis (1 D, 1) (base 5/10/20): Molecular Energetics (he can also use pyrokinesis and cyrokinesis, generating heat and cold, +1/2/4), Sonic Manipulation (he can generate or suppress sound; he usually uses this to speak, +1/2/4). Unfortunately, using this power requires enough of his attention to keep him from Interfering with other Talents (-2/4/8).
    • Electromagnetic Manipulation (1D, 1) (Base 5/10/20): He can manipulate electromagnetic energies, an effect he most often uses to create a holographic “body” for himself, so that normal people can see him. While this ability can, in theory, be used in an immense variety of other ways, he hasn’t experimented with it much yet.
    • Healing (1D, 1) (Base 3/6/12): This includes the ability to enhance the bodies self-repair abilities enough to add in Rejuvenation (can restore youth – removing aging, degenerative diseases, and genetic damage, +1/2/4), Regeneration (can restore lost limbs and organs, +2/4/8), and Curative (can remove diseases, etc, +1/2/4) functions, although the complexity of this ability causes it to require a full five rounds (-1/2/4).

   At the moment, Asteraoth is an excellent courier – and a superb scout and pest. Admittedly, any other talent can banish him on a whim, or block the use of his powers – but, unless something is wrong at home, there’s nothing to prevent him from simply popping up again a few seconds later, and no talent has either the time or will to spend all day banishing him over and over again.

   If and when he enters the war in earnest, he’ll make a marvelous saboteur; most people can’t simply appear, detonate an ammunition dump, a fuel depot, or vehicle, and vanish with impunity. For that matter, while it took him nearly two minutes to “jump” his consciousness to the Moon, he took a paper flag there, and brought back a few small rocks, within his first week.

   If you need something large taken there, or to Mars (currently at least six hours away) you’ll have to wait until he builds up his powers a bit.

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