Game Night Again

   Tonight’s game night: Expected characters include Castellion and his Death Golems, Ranko Anchienkienda and her Camera Drones, The Hauntsman and his Shadow Hounds, The White Necromancer and his Crypt of Death, The Super Bum and his Cardboard Mansion, and the Chauffeur and his Children of the Silver Twilight. Continue reading

Metacreator Files

   Here are some Metacreator files for the Emergence Champions Campaign: they’re saved as comments in a .pdf wrapper. You should be able to simply right-click on the icons once you open the .pdf and save a copy of the file you want, although it might be simplest to save the entire .pdf locally first. This version includes the Dragon, Children of the Silver Twilight, Conventional Gear, Demon, Exile Fantasy Packages, Jurassic Manor, Segari, Sunheart, Danger Van, Tengu, and Werewolves.

Cheese and Toast; Champions Game Rules

   For anyone who hasn’t heard, each character is permitted one major piece of cheese. For example, a “Follower” (computer or similar system) described as an implant or portable system with a pile of skills or abilities “usable by others”, a long-term “Aid” power which can be used to add many more points than it costs to a character, an equipment allowance – especially one primarily used for cheaper “Conventional” (-1) or “Independent” (-2, but this WILL regularly cause troubles for you), equipment, investing so much of your points in vehicles or followers that you leave the GM with the choices of 1) running a secondary scenario to accommodate them or 2) leaving you with nothing to do when you can’t use them,  grossly abusing the “limited variety of powers allowed” limitation available to narrowly-themed multipowers and elemental controls, or having followers, bases, or vehicles spend their points buying things that you use. Even I won’t allow continuous aid effects unless there’s a long delay between activations. That kind of thing tends to result in characters who can never be stopped – and that’s just boring.

   Characters who attempt to use two pieces of cheese, to nest them – such as taking an ability-granting portable computer with points from your equipment allowance,  getting long-term aid effects from other characters or their followers/creations – or otherwise grossly exploit the rules, will get the “Villain Disadvantage (people always seem to find and stop you, no matter what you’re doing or how well hidden you are) as a free gift from the game master.

    Optionally, characters can have two half-pieces of cheese, such as a long-term aid to a very limited group of abilities and a half-size equipment allowance, but this is subject to individual character approval and game master review if it proves problematic in the game.


   The last section of Arvon’s Diary is up in the Amber pages; Modrin’s will be next. Since I’ve found a way to embed the character-generator files in a .PDF document, I’ll be uploading a PDF with some of the current campaign templates in it next.

Amber Section

Avatar - Ariel by Remus Shepherd, Creative Commons License 3.0   I’ve added a page for the Amber Diceless RPG, and one for the Federation Campaign, so as to give some of that material a home online – even if it’s only for nostalgia purposes. I’ll be adding some other material later today.

Background Material Update

   Thanks to a bit of a time crunch, only the Encyclopedia Heroica section has been updated today with a new subpage on the Darkstormers.

Champions Background Update

   I’ve added the Corporations list and the list of major supervillian groups (not yet complete in the European Union section) to the Encyclopedia Heroica. I’ll be emailing out the character-builder conventional equipment files later today.

Encyclopedia Update:

   The Encyclopedia Heroica has been updated with information on Adamantium, Archosaurs, Avatars, Gods, The Hundred Realms, The Rho-Field, the Star-Seekers, and the importance of the Transuranic Elements.


   Well, the Shadowrun page is up and the character design system is ready for download. The compiled campaign handouts have been added to the legend of the five rings page, as has Shigure’s Tale – Patricks version of campaign events to date. The Champions files look like they’ll have to be crosslinked: WordPress won’t host the file types. The Champions game will be continuing tomorrow normally, with a currently expected roster of Ranko Anchienkienda and her Camera Crew, Castellan and his Siege of God, The Hauntsman and his Shadow Hounds, and the Super Bum. .

Todays Updates

Azriel, by Remus Shepherd, Webcomic Indefensible Positions, Creative Commons Attribution License   The Codex Draconis page went up yesterday: unfortunately it’s password-protected to keep from spoiling surprises for the non-dragon characters. The Conventional Technology page is up, including the military discriptions, for those characters who wanted to use normal weapons. Next is a download page for the metacreator files, legend of the five rings handouts, shadowrun supplemental sheets, and d20 handouts.  


     The d20 Atheria Birthrights / Races are up, as is the Merchant sample point-buy design and the Legend of the Five Rings campaign session summaries. The Conventional Equipment and Dragon pages for Champions will be next, but the Dragon page will be restricted to people who are playing dragon characters, at least for the moment.


   Well, this corner of the web is being set up to make running some games a little easier, starting off with my wednesday night Knoxville Champions Campaign. It’ll be starting off with some of the background material and will be expanding as I get the setup figured out. Just for the record, the contents are currently copyrighted to Paul M. Melroy, 2007. Other contributor pages – once they’re set up – will be copyright to their respective authors.