Exalted – The Hundredfold Resplendent Academy

Shao Lin Si

The quiet temple retreat nestles in the folds of the hills, beneath a forest of oak and elm. The wind in the trees, and upon the tiles of it’s roof, is like the sea upon the shore. Trickling streams water the gardens, where the meandering paths wind from grotto to grotto, offering peaceful and hidden places in which to meditate. Through the trees drift the sounds of pipes and silver bells in gentle music.

The local villagers leave occasional offerings at the gates, but only seek out the residents of the temple in desperation – for they are not to be disturbed unnecessarily and their fury can be a terrible thing. Many times the people of the valleys near the temple have sought the protection of the residents – from bandits, monsters, armies, fey, and greater horrors – and the temple has never fallen.

It probably won’t.

There’s a god for everything – at least in potentia. Physical features in creation generate their little gods quite automatically. If a new river starts to flow, or a volcano erupts, it’s god will rise with it – a new, if often transient, power.

Intellectual features of creation generate gods as well – but such abstract beings require time to find a focus, and often do not manifest until called forth. The god of a new style of painting is out there somewhere – and will invariably be a master of the style – but he or she generally has very little reason to actually manifest.

The more important the feature, the more powerful the god.

There are few things in Creation more important than the Exalted and their Charms.

Every Martial Arts style… has it’s god. Sometimes more than one.

You can find quite a lot of them at the…

The Hundredfold Resplendent Academy:

Sidereal, Lunar (or possibly Exotic) Manse-****

Creation Points 8 (Rank-4 manse base) +4 (no worthwhile Hearthstone) = 12.

  • Guardian Force (4): The Hundredfold Resplendent Academy is essentially a hangout for the Gods of the various Martial Arts – and each of it’s three hundred-odd instructors is a master of a different Terrestrial or Celestial style. A few may even know the secrets of Sidereal Styles – and while they cannot actually practice those charms, they can teach them and even demonstrate them with the aid of a Crystal Arena. For the most part, individual instructors can be set up as Quick Gods of Essence 5-7.
  • Archives (2): The libraries of the Academy include a Catalog of the Martial Arts, an extensive collection of works on their History and Philosophy, many works on Martial Arts Weapons, Armor, and Equipment, and many Popular Works involving the Martial Arts (including, in the modern setting, thousands of cheesy martial arts movies). All of that information can be fed to…
  • Integrated Utility Artifacts (3): The facilities of the Academy include three Crystal Arenas and an Arsenal Sphere (this allows anyone within the manse to instantly equip themselves with mundane weapons and armor as needed. While more powerful Arsenal Spheres can provide Fine, Exceptional, or Perfect equipment similarly, the purpose here is to provide whatever equipment the martial artists of the Academy need without distorting the practice of their arts with enhanced equipment.
  • Wyld Revocation/Natural Learning (3). Determined students may profit from instruction. Those studying at the manse may roll (Conviction) while studying something in which they have a tutor or instructional materials; each success reduces the cost of learning whatever they’re studying by 1 XP to a minimum of one point.

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  2. […] The Hundredfold Resplendent Academy: A peerless martial arts training center. Includes the Arsenal Sphere. […]

  3. […] The Hundredfold Resplendent Academy: A peerless martial arts training center. Includes the Arsenal Sphere. […]

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