Cabbalistic Esoterica

   Olthin’s Cabalistic Esoterica is an eccentric set of spells drawing on the powers of the five elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Void). In game terms it’s a 62 point multipower with the following limitations;

  • 1) Each cabalistic spell calls on the “services” of minor elemental spirits, and so can only be cast if the user has a contact with an appropriate “elemental lord” to draw upon. (-.25)
  • 2) Each spell leaves a “residue” of elemental power about the user that resists any further use of the same spell until it dissipates. Every cabalistic spell must work on charges to simulate this effect. (-.25)
  • 3) Despite the use of “charges”, it does take a bit of personal effort to reach the elemental spirits which actually do the work. Activating a multipower slot thus costs one point of personal endurance. (-.25)
  • 4) No more then three cabalistic spells may be used in any one phase. Further, spells with durations aren’t cumulative with themselves. Extra castings will extend their duration, but will not increase the effect. (-.25)

Net cost of multipower reserve; 31 points

  • Water Magics include spells involving the alchemical properties of water – it’s cleansing, absorptive, solvent, and malleable, nature – as well as those that only invoke the physical element itself.
  • Fire Magics include those spells directly related to fire and to it’s alchemical properties; transformation, light, darkness, and illusion.
  • Earth Magics include spells related to earth, stone, or metal and those related to its alchemical properties of stability, mass, force, and death.
  • Air Magics obviously include spells of the air, sky, and weather. Less obviously, they include those related to its alchemical “properties” of motion, life, psychic powers, and animations.
  • Void Magics involve those spells directly related to time, space, and the dimensions, as well as those related to it’s alchemical properties of creation, destruction, order and chaos. Most summoning spells are void magics, as they involve opening dimensional portals. This will not allow summoning elementals without an “appropriate” contact – in addition to that needed to use
    void magic.
  • Universal Magics are either “available” from any one of the elemental lords (EG: Caldwell’s Cantrips) or are only available to masters of all five elements.
  • MasterClass Magics are discussed later on.


   -The names given for the individual spells are taken from the oldest available sources. It is probable that many of the similar-seeming names are nothing more then variant spellings. On the other hand, it’s quite common to assign spells to famous magi – even if you make them up yourself – in order to tap into their reputations. Unless you’re a historian, it doesn’t matter very much.


Spell : Element  Res;  Cost
01 Dance Of The Loa Water  62  41
02 Evarinth’s Baleful Bonds Water  V.  71
03 Finagle’s Firehose Water  62  3
04 Finagle’s Frictionless Foam Water  62  2
05 Flesh Like Dew Water  V.  41
06 Freud’s Psychic Cleansing Water  54  2
07 Haugrim’s Sorcerous Erosion Water  60  2
08 Hi Fong’s S’hii Erosion Water 62  2
09 Horganth’s Grim Corrosion Water 60  2
10 Kraken’s Tentacular Lunacy Water 62  3
11 Li Kao’s Mental Moonpool Water 60  1
12 Phandal’s Animalistic Summons Water 62  3
13 Phandal’s Stuporous Mists Water 62  2
14 Shadows Of The Mind Water 60  81
15 Touch Of Darkness Water 60  1
01 Elken’s Instant Sunstroke Fire  62  3
02 Elken’s Sparkling Corona Fire  60  2
03 Elken’s Starburst Fire  61  2
04 Enfield’s Embarrassing Charm Fire  62  3
05 Handell’s Invocation of Ratri Fire  62  3
06 Harden’s Alchemic Mastery Fire  60  101
07 Hayden’s Hypnotic Spiral Fire  62  21
08 Light Of Ra Fire  V.  81
09 Malkin’s Transformative Adaption Fire  62  3
10 Phandall’s Displacement Fire  62  1
11 Phandall’s Lightshield Fire  60  3
12 Phandal’s Phantasmal Phorces Fire  60  31
13 The Talons Of Wen Chiang Fire  V.  121
14 Vortigen’s Firelaw Fire  V.  91
15 Vortigen’s Inciendary Touch Fire  60  2
01 Countermagic Earth 62  2
02 Earthfasting Earth 60  2
03 Hand Of The Earthmaster Earth V.  71
04 Harknel’s Adamantine Tower Earth 62  1
05 Haugrim’s Adamantine Barrier Earth 62  2
06 Hu Fong’s Negative S’hii Infusion Earth 62  3
07 Li Kao’s Monolithic Pronouncement Earth 60  2
08 Pluto’s Gaping Chasm Earth V.  21
09 Rabbi Lovan’s Golem Raising Earth 62  1
10 Shardin’s Basalisk Evocation Earth 62  2
11 Sun Monkey’s Iron Stave Earth 62  2
12 The Touch Of The Earth Mother Earth 60  71
-Call Of The Huntsman Earth 60  81
13 Touch The EarthBlood Earth V.  71
14 Trindal’s Transmaterialism Earth 62  3
15 Worldlock Invocation Earth 62  3
01 The Eye Of Horus Air  V.  71
02 Figby’s Fondeling Fingers Air  62  2
03 Hangrell’s Lesser Invocation Air  62  1
04 Harpper’s Psychic Mirror Air  62  3
05 Lore Of Othinn Air  60  1
06 Malkin’s Radiant Chimes Air  V.  31
07 Mardin’s WeaveReading Air  45  121
08 Phandal’s Great Seeking Air  61  2
09 Phandal’s Gyrator Air  50  22
10 Sethor’s Mental Toxin Air  60  2
11 Shagreen’s Guardian Wind Air  60  3
12 Shagreen’s Herculeon Constrictor Air  56  2
13 Tarnkappen Air  60  2
14 The Winding Way Air  62  1
15 The Word Of Unbinding Air  V.  21
01 Alfkin’s Elemental Summons Void 62  2
02 Caldwell’s Temporal Vortex Void 60  3
03 Call The Void Void V.  41
04 Chian’s Relativistic Warp Void 62  21
05 Creation’s Weave Void V.  31
06 Evarinth’s Sudden Storage Void 60  2
07 Hangrell’s Greater Invocation Void 60  1
08 Hardin’s Astral Portal Void 60  1
09 Hardins Fortunate Attraction Void 60  21
10 Hardin’s Otherworldly Wind Void 62  1
11 Harknel’s Auguring Void 61  1
12 Harker’s Refractive Sphere Void 45  31
13 Psychopompos Void V.  71
14 Thoth’s Omniscient Eye Void V.  21
15 Trump Gate Void 60  31
Universal Magics :      
01 The Astral Forge All  62 41
02 Between Lightning And Thunder All  60 2
03 Bond Of The Otherworlds All  60 1
04 Caldwell’s Cutrate Cantrips Any  V. Sp1
05 Carriage Of The Elements Any  62 1
06 Evarinth’s Great Wardings All  V. 101
07 Open/Seal Mystic Nexus Any  V. 11
08 Pendragon’s Crown All  62 71
09 Pharon’s Elemental Lance Any  60 3
10 Ripple Of Ice All  62 2
11 SoulForge Any  V. 3
12 Spheres Of Magic All  40 1
13 Sword Of The Elements Any  V. 31
14 Talisman’s Invulnerable Rite Any  V. 21
15 Tome Of Wizardry Any  62 1

1) This spell includes multiple multipower slots, QV.

2) Variant forms are associated with other elements.


Spell Descriptions :


ALFKIN’S ELEMENTAL SUMMONS calls forth one of any of the (numerous) types of “minor” elementals. While these are not always cooperative, most are fairly friendly to those with appropriate contacts. On the other hand, few elementals really understand other entities, hence even a “friendly” elemental can easily foul things up.

1) Summon, any elemental creature (+1/4), 50 points worth (One 100-point creature, two 75-point creatures – or four 50-pointers), only usable when a large quantity of the appropriate element is available (-.5).

-I’ve included “statistics” for a hundred-point fire elemental, since they’re one of the types which is most commonly called up to keep the enemy busy for awhile. They’re also fairly typical. Elementals aren’t usually really a major threat to superbeings, but they’re quite a bother – and are a very definite threat to normals.

Fire Elemental; Str 3 (-7), Dex 20 (30), Con 23 (26) Body 10 (-), Int 8 (-2), Ego 14 (8), Pre 20 (10), and Com 0 (-5). PD 0 (-1), ED 5 (-), Spd 4 (10), Rec 5 (-2), 40 End (-6), Stun 25 (1). (64 points)

Elemental Control (Fire Powers) (30)

  • RKA, 2D6, 0 End (+.5), Damage Shield (+.5), Always On (-.5) (60 Active, 20)
  • RKA, 3D6, Explosion (+.5). Requires a full Phase (-.5) (67 Active, 25)
  • 75% Physical Damage Reduction (60 Active, 30)
  • 75% Energy Damage Reduction. Versus Fire and heat only (-1) (60 Active, 15)

Other Powers :

  • Armor, 8 ED, Always On (-.5) (8)
  • Life Support (Need not eat, excrete, sleep, no aging, intense heat, disease, radiation) (15)
  • IR Vision (5)
  • Running +3″, 9″ Total (6)

Disadvantages :

2x Stun/Body from water-based attacks (-40), 2x Stun from cold/ice based attacks (-20), Distinctive Features (-25), Physical Limitation (Automatically “pulled back” to home realm at 5 body, -15), Pyromania (-15), Doesn’t Understand Non-elementals (-15), 1D6 Stun/Phase when/if immersed in water (20). Net total; 150 points.


THE ASTRAL FORGE allows the caster to discipline and focus the power of his or her mind – building up potent psychic constructs to serve as weapons, armor, and even “allies”, in mental battle.

A) Psychic “Telekinesis”, Str 10, with “fine work”, Invisible to Sight (It’s visible to mental amd mystical senses, +.5), Based on ECV (+1), Six one-minute charges (-). Note that this is a purely mental effect; you can attempt to mentally strike or grab people, and can even control their body for a phase if you “overpower” their Egos. On the other hand, you couldn’t lift a paperclip;
this power exerts no physical force whatsoever. Sadly, this requires great (0 DCV) concentration to activate.

B) Mentatics; This exotic “martial art” is a purely psychic discipline – designed to be used with ego-based “telekinesis”. It’s “maneuvers” include Martial Strike (4), Offensive Strike (5), Martial Block (4), a Killing Strike (4), and Martial Grab (3), all at +6 DC (24). It also includes +18 Mental Defence. 6x 1-minute uses (-). Sadly, this requires (0 DCV) concentration to activate.

-While this bizarre form of “Martial Arts” does come reasonably close to the way comic-book mental combat is often portrayed, one must remember to half the damage and Str bonuses to account for the “Based On ECV” advantage on the telekinesis. That “Martial Strike” is equivalent to a 6D6 Ego Attack, not a 10D6 one. As a note, quite a few practicioners replace the “Offensive Strike” with a “Choke Hold” (An attack which paralyzes the respiratory system).


BETWEEN LIGHTNING AND THUNDER draws on the elemental powers to extend the basic psychic technique of altered temporal perception to the physical level – momentarily accelerating the user’s body to an incredible degree. Sadly, the tremendous stress this imposes on the user’s body limits the spells duration to a few fractions of a second – but that’s often long

1) ExtraDimensional “Movement”/Through Time (To the beginning of your last phase), Variable Trigger (+.5) and 16 Uses (-). In effect, the user gets to act twice – or more – in a single phase. To avoid excessive paperwork, and indefinite use of time travel, the “Variable Trigger” is simply used to expend charges from the basic supply, rather then building them up in advance.
To avoid total absurdity, even this spell will not permit it’s user to act more then three times in a single phase (-.5). The “special effect” is a burst of utterly incredible speed – not time travel. An alternative version of this spell allows the user to simply “insert a phase” whenever he/ she needs one, but this version is limited to a maximum of three phases per turn.


BOND OF THE OTHERWORLDS sends a “summons” across the astral void – but not to summon forth an entity, force, or object. It calls on the fundamental elemental forces of another world – summoning forth a portion of another universe’s space, time, and natural laws, to extrude into another realm. Once the summons is complete, the caster may either elect to create
a tiny, otherworldly, realm, or wrap his “bubble” of alien reality around him or her self.

1) Change Environment 4″ Radius (Alters the “local” natural laws to those of any desired “setting”, ranging from pure Champions through Western Hero. This is most convenient for dimensional travellers, but is sometimes useful in weird locales. +1), 3x 1-month charges (+.5), 2x Difficult To Dispel (Forget it, +.5) with a Variable Trigger (Most user’s set this up to go off if/when they get dimensionally transported unexpectedly, +.5). As a note, the effect is visible to mystical senses, psychic senses, and any appropriate test. Anyone who enters the affected area may percieve that “something’s different” with a successful ego roll. Violently different natural laws may give themselves away in other ways as well; if the electrical lights go out whenever the fantasy magus comes through, people will soon start to notice. This spell requires a full turn (-1) to cast, and costs 2x End to activate (Costs End -.5, 2x End -.5).


CALDWELL’S CUTRATE CANTRIPS are the kind of piddling little spells most mages start off practicing – and which almost any mage ought to be capable of. While these can produce a great variety of effects, few are of any real importance.

The various “Cantrips” are – as might be expected of apprentice-level magic – rather highly limited. All of them require; Gestures (-.25), a full phase to activate (-.5), and concentration (0 DCV, -.5). Many are even more limited then that. The real distingushing feature of “cantrips” is that their various limitations suffice to reduce their slot cost to .5 or less – which, thanks to the rules on rounding, and the lack of a minimum cost for multipower slots, makes them effectively “free”.

In order to keep “cantrips” (and similar powers) under control, the following rule should be applied;

Characters receive (Int+10)/2 “Minor” and (Int-10)/2 “Major” Cantrips for free. Five additional cantrips (2 Minor, 2 Major, and 1 Great) may be learned per character point expended on doing so.


Minor Cantrips (15 Active Points or less) :

  • Air Sphere; Life Support / Need not Breathe. One hex area effect (+.5), 3x 1-hour Charges (-).
  • Alchemical Probe; Taste; Discriminatory, and Ranged, at +1 Perception. 32 Charges (+.25).
  • An Inner Voice; Detect/”What to say”, Discriminatory Sense, 8x 5-minute charges (+.5). While this is a handy charm for shy, studious, tongue-tied, “apprentices”, it does tend to get sarcastic (“Well Dimwit, if you want a poke in the nose, you could try telling her thus-and-such – but I’d Suggest telling her.”, -1).
  • Athame; HKA, 1D6 (Up to 2D6 with Str. Manifests as a magical silver dagger. It can be thrown once, but will then dissipate. Treat as an OAF for wielding or disarm purposes, -.5). 8x 1-Turn Uses (-).
  • Aura Vision; Detect Aura, Sense, Discriminatory, and Ranged. 8x 1-Turn Charges. Sometimes very revealing and sometimes simply confusing.
  • Balm; Paramedic Skill, at +6. 16 Charges (-).
  • Balm Of Gilead; 3D6 “Standard Healing”, 16 Uses (-). Often the most powerful healing spell a combat-oriented magus can employ, even the tiny trickle of supernatural balm this charm calls forth is capable of healing minor injuries. Sadly, more powerful healing spells are often restricted to pacifistic types.
  • Casting The Circle; Change Environment 2″ Radius, 6x 1-Hour Charges (+.5). “Place Of Mystery”. Essentially, this “activates” the natural magics of the environment. Within the circle runes, herbs, mantras, and all the rest of the occult paraphanalia actually has power. Sadly, this is not the predictable, calculated, power normally found in Champions. It is the wild magic of
    intuition and guesswork – where true love’s tears may waken the dead, of omens and visions, where spirits move through dreaming realms, where wonder and horror lurk at every turn, where a child’s illness is not influenza, but his spirit gone wandering. It is an animalistic world of spirits, not of “logic”. In short, it’s magic driven by roleplaying rather then character points. It’s never the same twice – but it is fairly easy to get away with little stuff.
  • Catsfoot; Stealth and Breakfall skills, both at +1. 8x 5-Minute Charges (+.5) on each.
  • Charmbreak; 4D6 Dispel, vrs any single magical power (+.25), 16 Charges (-).
  • Cleansing; Change Environment (Straightened up, nice and clean, swept, etcetra) in a 4″ radius, 16 Uses (-).  This can also be used to clean up grimy people.
  • Common Tongue; Language (4), Usable by Others (+.5), 32″ Radius (+2.25), 3x 1-Hour Charges (-).
  • Create Meal; 1D6 Major Transform (“Creates” a supply of basic food, water, and “paper” plates/cups. This gets old very fast), 16 uses (-). Most people soon decide to either save this charm for emergencies or to upgrade it and get something decent to eat [IE; Creates ANY (+.25) desired food and drink, plus professional skill/cooking 12-, both with 32 charges (+.25). This version is, how- ever, a major cantrip]
  • Dampening; 2D6 Suppress vrs any one “magical” effect (+.25), 8x 1-Minute Charges (+.25).
  • Darkwall; (2 PD, 2 ED, 2″ Width, Stops Normal Sight, 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).
  • Dentistry; 1D6 Minor Transform, Variable Result (Can repair, “rot”, or otherwise modify teeth, +.25) with 32 Uses (+.25). As a note, teeth rarely have more then one “body” – if that.
  • Dominate VCR; Developed by some elder magi who found themselves unable to relate to modern household electr- onics and appliances, this handy spell is actually able to manipulate quite a few gadgets; Computer Programming 14-, Ranged (+.5), 16 Charges (16).
  • DreamWard; Immunity to nightmares, insomnia, and any similar sleeping problems (3), usable by others (+.25), difficult to dispel x4 (+1), 16″ Radius (+2), 3 24-Hour Charges (+.5), and Time Delay (+.25).
  • Eagles Eye; Telescopic Sight +8, 8x 1-Minute Charges (+.25).
  • Earthtrace; Tracking, at +6. 2x 5-Hour Charges (-).
  • Entrapment; Change Environment, in a 16″ Radius, Six One-Minute Charges (-); All Doors/Windows/Etcetra Shut, Locked, and Jammed, lights dimmed, sinister aura, etc.
  • Feather Fall; Gliding, 5″, Usable by others (+.5) at range (+.5), one hex area effect (+.5), 6 1-Minute uses (-), Variable Trigger (+.5).
  • Faerie Gold; 3D6 Aid to Wealth, Fades 5/day (+1.25). Vanishes all at once when it starts to fade (-.25), OAF (A fistful of leaves, -1),
  • Firemastery; Change Environment (Variable; Plenty of oxygen and fuel, vrs lots of water and low oxygen, in one hex. +1), 8x 5-Minute Charges (-).
  • Fire Resistance; Life Support (Intense Heat / Cold), Armor (6 ED), both Usable By Others (+.25), Four 1-Hour Charges (-).
  • Gates Of The Abyss; Demonology, at +6. 1x 1-Day Use (-), Side Effects (Hunted by assorted enemies of demons 8-, More powerful (Or at least much more numerous) plus 3D6 Unluck. Both last for about a week. It’s not really wise to tap into the lore of demons. QV; Demons, below.
  • Gathering Arcane; +30 Endurance, 8x 1-Turn Charges.
  • Hammerstave; +4D6 Hand Attack (Manifests as a stave, treat as OAF for wielding or disarm purposes, -.5), 12x 1-Turn uses (+.25).
  • Hayden’s Mental Precision; Absolute Time Sense, Bump Of Direction, Lightning Calculator, Perfect Pitch – and Speed Reading. 3x 1-Hour Charges (-).
  • Immunization; Immunity (3-Point Level) with Variable “Special Effects” (To various substances and illnesses, +.25), Usable By Others (+.25), Fully Invisible (+1), and 6x 1-Decade Charges (+2.5). Requires a hyperstimulation of the immune system, individual characters cannot have more then (Con/5) immunities at one time (-.5). Public- minded magi often take this as a
    major cantrip instead; 2000 Charges (+2.5 Additional), Ranged (+.5), Difficult To Dispel” (+.25), with an OIF (Ring, dose of medicine, injector, or some such, -.5).
  • Legerdemain; 1D6 Cosmetic Transformation to anything (+1), Cumulative (+.5), 64 charges (+.5).
  • Lesser Shield; Missile Deflection, through Bullets and Shrapnel, 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).
  • Life Extension; Life Support/Immunity To Disease and Aging, Usable By Others (+.25) with 3x 1-Season Charges (+1.25). (Unfortunately, this charm provides resistance to disease and aging – not true immunity. Eventually it will begin to fail).
  • Lifescan; Detect Life, Discriminatory, Ranged, +1 to the Per. roll. 8x 1-Turn Charges (-). A “mental” sense.
  • Lightfoot; “Acrobatics” at +6, 8x 1-Turn Uses (-).
  • Lightweaving; Images (Normal sight, 1 hex), 12x one- minute charges (+.5).
  • Mage Bolt; 2D6 Energy Blast Variable Special Effects (+.5), 8x 1-Turn Uses (May be “thrown”up to once/phase or used for things like firestarting or “welding”, -).
  • Magesight; Detect Magic, Discriminatory, and Ranged, with +1 Perception (Detect only). 8x 1-Turn Charges (-)
  • Magic Lantern; Images (1 Hex normal sight), Variable Trigger (+.5), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).
  • Magic Mouth; Images (1 Hex normal hearing), Variable Trigger (+.5), 8x 1-Turn Charges (-).
  • Masque Of Beglamourment; +10 Com and +1 level with all “Social” Skills, 3x 24-hour charges (+.5).
  • Masquerade; +15 Presence, Offensive Only (-.5), 3x 1 hour Charges (-). Depending on the effect the caster is trying to produce, this charm may modify his appearance in a variety of ways.
  • Mending; 1D6 Minor Transformation (Damaged things to items in good repair), Cumulative (+.5), 16 Uses (-).
  • Mind’s Hand; Str 10 Telekinesis, 8x 1-Turn Uses (-). The major version (The Greater Hand Of The Mind) offers “fine manipulation”, but is otherwise much the same.
  • Mindshock; 1D6 Ego Attack, 64 Charges (+.5).
  • Mindspeech; Mind Link, with any one mind. 16 uses.
  • Nightsight; IR and UV Vision, 4x 5-Hour Charges (+.5).
  • Object Reading (AKA; “Psychometry”); Detect “Psychic Residues”, Discriminatory, at +1 Perception. 16x 1-Turn Charges (+.5), extremely potent impressions may involve visions, messages, weird compulsions, and extreme psychic shocks (Side effects, up to 6D6 NND stun or a temporary psychological limitation if and when this power gets used in/on places/things like
    torture chambers, cathederals, enshrined relics, the body of a man murdered by “black” magic – or anything with an extreme emotional “charge”. This can be beneficial; a blessed relic may soothe your mind or the blade of a master duelist grant skill – but it would be most unwise to count on it, -.5), sometimes “goes off” by itself (Sometimes a useful warning. More often an
    annoyance, -.5), Activates on a 14- (Sometimes you just can’t get anything, -.5).
  • Pocket Household; 1D6 Minor Transform (Any inanimate item to a minature “charm”. The transformation reverts on command from the caster), Cumulative (+.5), 16 uses/ day (-).
  • Rigby’s All-Enveloping Shield; 1D6 “Major” Transform (Air to tempered steel surrounding the caster; this has Def 12 and however many body are rolled. Of course, it can be pretty limiting – although it does revert on the caster’s command. Life support is a good idea if you’re planning to hide this way for long), 16 Charges (-).
  • Rush Order; Change Environment, 4″ Radius, (Modifies the “flow of time” and facilitates getting things done. In effect, the user can get several weeks worth of work done during the charms one-hour duration), Three 1-Hour Charges (-), Does not affect combat situations (-.5).
  • Seachange; Life Support (Breathe Underwater), and +10″ Swimming. 4x 1-Hour Charges (-).
  • Seal Of Summoning; Immunity/3, to the mental powers/ “Possession” of any one (A version of “variable special effect”, +.5) supernatural being, 3x 24-hour uses (+.5, shuts down when a bargian is concluded), invisible (+1) and 8x “difficult to dispel” (Forget it, +2).
  • Silkwyrm; “Instant Change” (Any clothing), Usable by Others (+.25), 32 Charges (+.25).
  • Soundweaving; Images (Normal hearing, 1 hex), 12x 1- minute charges (+.5).
  • Spiderwalk; Normal Str. Clinging, 8x 5-Minute Uses.
  • Sprint; +6″ Running, 12x 1-Turn Charges (+.25).
  • Spirit Sight; Detect/Spirits, Sense, Discriminatory, and Range. 3x 1-hour charges (-).
  • Starburst; 2D6 Flash (Sight), 32 Charges, OAF (Small crystal ball, -1).
  • Suggestion; 2D6 Mind Control, Telepathic (+.25) and 32 Charges (+.25).
  • The Speech; Language (The “Primal Tongue”) 4, usable by up to 8 others (+1.25), at range (+.5), 32x 1-Minute Charges (+1). Depending on how animistic the GM decides his world is a truly persuasive mage may need few other spells. This spell will allow communication with any living thing – and possibly with many “unliving” ones.
  • Wards Minor; Lightsleep at +1 and Change Environment (Comfortable for people, repulsive to animals and such, vermin-free). 1x 1-Day charge daily.
  • Windcrystal; 2 PD Force Wall, 5″ Width. 6x 1-Minute Charges (-). Often used as a temporary bridge.
  • Wind Gust; Str 10 “Telekinesis”, Radius Effect (A 2″ area, +1), Only to shove things (-1), 16 Charges (-).
  • Windhelm; Life Support/Need Not Breathe. 6x One Hour Charges (+.5).
  • Windwalking; 6″ Flight, usable by others (+.25), 3x 1-Hour Charges (-).


Major Cantrips (16 to 25 Active Points) :

  • Abjuration; Change Environment 2″ R, Variable Result (Magically repulsive and bothersome to various types of creatures – EG; “The Undead”, +1), Minor Combat Effects (Really minor creatures and those with susceptibilities usually won’t come in. Appropriate susceptibilities are triggered. Beings that come in anyway operate at a “-2” penalty within the area. +.5). Invocation
    (-.25), IIF (Some symbol of user’s faith / personal sigil of power, -.25), and Invocation (-.25).
  • Alacrity; +2 Speed, 6 1-Minute Charges (-), Only for casting spells (-1).
  • Arcane Imbuement; 4D6 “Aid” to any one magical power (+.25). OAF (The item to be “imbued”, -1), can only be used to add the following enhancements in the following order; Trigger, Usable By Others, and either increasing the number of “charges” of the power or extending their duration (-). This effect may not be used to enhance a spell directly; it can only be used to
    make potions and talismans (-.5) and requires 5 minutes (-1.5 additional). A handy little charm for giving your minions just a bit of magical help.
  • Astral Projection; Extra-Dimensional Movement/Astral Space, 32 Charges (+.25), Leaves “physical” body behind (-1), not reversible except at physical body (-1), user has no innate awareness of physical body (-1. There may or may not be a “silver cord” or similar link to follow back to your body at the GM’s option. There usually is in fantasy settings but not in superheroic
    ones). QV; “Spirits” for more on astral space.
  • Aura Of Death; 1D6 Drain, versus any single physical characteristic (+.25), Damage Shield (+.5), 8x 1-Minute Charges (+.25), Affects Desolidified (+.5), OIF (A bone amulet, -.5), Victims are affected on a 14- (-.5).
  • Banish Plague; Life Support / “Immunity To Disease”, Usable Versus Others (+1), Invisible to Sight and Hearing (Visible to mystic senses, +.75), 16384″ Radius (+4.5), 3x one-month charges (+1). May only be used to “banish” one specific disease per casting (-.5) and requires one minute to cast (-1.5). A few magi have been attempting to modify this cantrip to handle more
    modern “plagues”, since modern medicine and sanitation has proven able to handle most of the old ones. The most popular variation so far provides “Immunity” to any one (A variant on the “Variable special effects” advantage, +.5) toxin / drug – but this version only gets 2x one-week charges (+.5). It is, however, very nice to have in a drug-ridden area or when you’re being
    bombarded with nerve gas.
  • Basic Chemistry; 1D6 Major Transform (Limited Class; Creates various chemicals, plastics, and mixtures, +.25), 32 Charges (+.25). Requires a full minute to “activate” (Additional -1). The spell involves messing about with a variety of beakers, powders, and peculiar liquids – but this is just a special effect.
  • Blur; Three 8-point combat levels, DCV only (-.5), 6 one-minute charges (-), Visible (-.25), OIF (A cloak to swirl, -.5), 15- activation (-.25).
  • Body Of Flame; 2D6/Flame Energy Blast Damage Shield, Life Support vrs Heat/Cold, and a 7 ED Force Field. 4x 5-minute charges (-). Not really that effective against supernormal opponents, but quite impressive and great for keeping normal people from grabbing you. 14- activation (-.5), and side effects (6D6 cosmetic transform; scorched clothing, frizzed hair, sunburn,
    etc, -.5).
  • Casting The Runes; Detect/Influences, Discriminatory “Ranged” Sense, at +5 Perception. While this can be a useful way to find out about obscure or unknown factors and hidden trends, the results tend to be quite obscure and symbolic (-1). Requires 5 minutes to activate (-2), OAF (Cards, runestones, yarrow sticks, or whatever, -1) and 6x 1-minute charges (-).
  • Cloak Of Ratri; Invisibility to Normal Sight and Hear- ing, 8x 1-Turn Charges (-), OAF (Obsidion amulet, -1).
  • Comprehend Languages; Un. Translator. 4x 1-Hour uses (+.25), only for translating written material (-1).
  • Craftmaster; 1D6 Minor Transform (Minor improvements on tools and items. For example, a blade might wind up perfectly balanced, tempered, and honed. This is worth minor bonuses for conventional equipment – such a blade would probably end up with a +1 OCV, Body, and DC – but has little effect on superheroic stuff. Still a limited class, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), and
    125 Charges (+.75). Requires one minute to activate (-1 additional), and an OAF (An assortment of small tools, -1).
  • Deepsight; N-Ray Vision (Will be stopped by 5+ hexes of any solid material), 12 1-Turn Charges (+.25), takes a full turn to activate (-.5 additional), Acts on a 15- (-.25), and Side Effects (3D6 Flash, -.5).
  • Deep Trance; Life support [Need not eat, excrete, or sleep, immune to aging. 1x 10-Year Charge (+1.5), Only for use while meditating or astrally projecting (-1)] and Simulate Death [1x one-day charge (-), same limitations (-1)]. Note that, once in a trance, you no longer need the “simulate death” talent. The combination is usually used for “long-term” astral projection, as
    the combined duration can safely be anything up to 100 years.
  • Dowsing; Detect Underground Things (Forces, Objects, and Substances), Ranged, Discriminatory, and +8 Telescopic. OAF (Forked stick, pendulum, or similar, -1), must look for particular things (Can’t just “scan an area”, -.5), requires a full turn (-.5 additional).
  • Eagle’s Wings; Flight, 10″, Usable by others (+.25), 3x 1-hour charges (-), OAF (An eagle’s feather, -1).
  • Enhanced Will; 5D6 Mind Control, may only be used to “reinforce” a decision or belief which the target wants to maintain anyway (-1). Often used to stick to diets, break bad habits, banish nightmares, soothe psychiatric patients, or help resist temptations.
  • Excavation; 5″ Tunneling, thru Def 5, 8x 1-Turn Uses (-), 8x 1-Turn Charges (-), OAF (Wand, -1). While not one of the most powerful of spells, this comes in handy for digging wells, rescuing trapped miners, cavers, and kid’s who’ve fallen down things, diverting (or guiding) water, in sieges, and so on.
  • Eyes Of Cassandra; Detect/Upcoming Disasters, Ranged and Discriminatory, with +6 perception. 4x five-minute Charges (-). Like most other “precognitive” abilities, the clarity of the perception of future “events” varies with their scale, and their probability of occuring. A near-inevitable earthquake will give plenty of warning. A housefire – accidently lit by a cigarette thrown
    from the window of a passing car – probably wouldn’t show up at all (-.5). Exercising this ability requires at least one minute (-1 additional).
  • Flesh Sculpture; 1D Cumulative (+.5) Minor Transform to any (+.25) closely related form, 125 Charges (+.75), living targets only (-.5), no range (-.5). While it is possible to go from human to ready-for-the-pound canine with this spell, it’d take three or four “stages” (Dog- man, bestial dogman, dog) to do it.
  • Geek Fire; 3D6 Energy Blast Explosion (+.5). 8 Uses (-.5), OIF (Match, lighter, or other fire source, -.5).
  • Glance Of The Trickster; 5D Mental Illusions, OAF (A monacle or shiny trinket, -1), 16 Uses (-).
  • Great Shield; Force Field, 20 Defence Total (Various versions vary), 12x 1-Turn Charges (+25), Ablative (-1)
  • Guises; Shapeshift (Any humanoid form) plus Disguise skill at +1. Three 1-Hour Charges (-), only permits one other form to be taken during the duration of the spell (-1).
  • Hand Of Loki; “Slight Of Hand” at +7, Ranged Effect (+.5), 16 Charges (-), Side Effects (Drains 3D6 Dex if and when you blow a trick, -.1). Note that this “power” is normally “invisible”.
  • Harmonies Of The Bard; 1D6 Mind Control, 16″ Radius, Perfect Pitch, PS/Musician 16-, 3 one-hour charges (-). The “mind control” allows the user to cast moods, weave subtle suggestions, and influence people by music. It’s effect is primarily emotional. This requires an OAF (An instrument of some sort, -1), playing, and so on. On the other hand, the user can alter his or
    her manipulations by altering the music.
  • Haste; +1 Speed. Usable by 4 others (+.5), At Range (+.5), 6x 1-hour charges (+.5). Unfortunately, this has Unavoidable (-.5) Side Effect (A 1D6+2 Stun Drain which returns at one/hour. While this effect is delayed until after the duration expires, it affects everyone who was aided by the charm, -.5).
  • Knock; Lockpicking, at +7, Ranged Effect (+.5). 16 Charges (-), OAF (Old-Fashioned Key, -1).
  • Lesser Animation; Str. 10 Telekinesis. Uncontrolled (IE; The object acts on it’s own, +.5), Only to animate an object (-.5), 4x 1-Turn Charges (-.5).
  • Lesser Scribing; Images (1 Hex, Normal Sight), 0 End (+.5), Persistent (+.5), and Uncontrolled (+.5). Images must be applied to a solid surface (-.5), usually can’t fool anybody (It’s a painting/drawing/etching/whatever. Most of the time this won’t require any perception roll to spot, -.5), Activates up to 16 times/day (-). May be “deactivated” by scrubbing off the paint.
  • Lesser Scrying; Clairsentience (For normal sight and hearing, 75″ maximum range). Will not penetrate mystic defences (-.5), Incantation (-.25), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-), and “Visible” (Mystics, mages, and psychics, receive a perception roll to notice that they’re being spied on at the far end, -.25).
  • Loremaster; 4x “Cramming”. 2x 1-Day Charges (+.25). Requires a minute of meditation to cast (-1 additional) plus, of course, the required study time.
  • Menemonic; Speed Reading and Edidetic Memory. 4x one hour charges (+.25), Requires a full minute to activate (-1 additional).
  • Miasmic Stench; Change Environment, 4″ Radius, minor combat effects (Noisome swirling mists, awful smells, and tear-gas type effects. -3 penalties to those without an appropriate defence, +.5), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-), OAF (A vial of noxious fluid, -1).
  • Nose Of The Bloodhound; Tracking and Discriminatory Scent, with +5 Scent Perception. 3x 1-Hour Charges (-), Activates on a 14- (-.5), and Side Effects (3D6 Flash vrs your sense of smell, -.5).
  • Pentacle Of Art; “Immunity”, to the powers and attacks of any one (A version of variable special effects, +.5) supernatural being (5 points base), One hex area effect (+.5), 3x 24-hour uses (Shuts down when the user leaves his / her protective circle, +.5), Trigger (You can set up a circle in advance, +.25), 9x “difficult to dispel” (Forget it, +2.25). Requires 5 minutes to set
    up (-2), Immobile OIF (Mystic diagrams, -1.5), often has “minor” flaws when used against truly major beings (GMO, -.25), can be “gotten around” to some extent indirectly (-.25) and it DOES NOT protect against persuasion, trickery, and presence attacks (-.5).
  • Pierson’s Pie; 1D6 Flash, NND (Desolidification, any “N-Ray Vision” capable of seeing through pie filling, and successful missile deflection, +1), 64 Charges (+.5).
  • 14- Activation (Sometimes you miss the face, -.5) and has side effects (6D6 Mind Control; A powerful urge to keep throwing pies at people, -.5).
  • Pierson’s Pie Fight; Change Environment (Lots and lots of pies, custards, and so on laying about), 16″ radius. Side Effects (120 Points; 6D6 Mind Control. NND (Psych. Limitation “No sense of humor”, “Grim” or similar, +1), Invisible (+.5), Telepathic (+.25), Radius Effect (+1), Extended Radius (16″ Total, +.25). Single Order; “Throw pies at people”. Total Side Effects;
    -2). 6x 1-Minute charges (Usually lasts until the pies are all gone, -). The effects of a hit by a pie are noted under Pierson’s Pie. One of the silliest spells ever created. Note that even if somebody resists the initial “control”, they’ll usually give in after being hit with a pie or two.
  • Psychic Anesthesia; 5D6 Mental Illusion, may only be used to create illusions the target wants to believe in or would like to see (-1), 16 charges. Please note that this can be used on yourself – and can be as addictive as any physical drug. Learn with caution.
  • Rigby’s Rapid Rebound; Superleap +10″, 5x “Autofire” (+.5), 125 Uses (+.75), and Trigger (Large impact, +.25). Requires a dexterity check to control direction (-.5) and an 11- roll to STOP once begun (-1). While this spell can reduce the damage from a major fall or impact by up to 25D6, it’s extremely silly.
  • Ring Of Eyes; 360o sensing for all senses. 3x 1-Hour Charges (-), takes one turn to cast (-.5 additional), and has side effects (Confusing; -2 on the users perception rolls, and a Vulneribility; 2x effect from flash attacks, -.5).
  • Rope Trick; Extra-Dimensional “Movement” (To a small “pocket world” a few hundred feet across. The landscape differs according to caster), 2x Mass. OAF (Rope).
  • Safepassage; “Security Systems” at +2. Ranged (+.5), Radius Effect (+1), and 4x Extended Radius (16″ Net, +1). OIF (Gloves, -.5), Invocation (-.25) – and Twelve Charges (-.25). Also known as Find/Disarm Traps.
  • Seeking; 4D6 Mind Scan (Discriminatory), 6x 1-Minute Uses (-). Requires a full turn (-.5 Additional), Won’t register the presence of any being with Ego Defence who chooses to resist it (-.5). While sometimes used to get in touch with famaliers and such, this is more often used to look for lost kids, to check to see if anybody lived through the disaster, and so on. The “Discriminatory”
    effect gives you a decent idea of the number and “type” of minds in the area being searched. (“There’s at least eight people still alive down there – but there’s some- thing else down there with them. Something very old and very predatory.”)
  • Seeking Within; Telepathy, 5D6, Six 1-Minute Charges (-), and Self Only (-1). That’s right – this telepathy only lets you “read” your own mind. On the other hand, the first two effect levels are “free”; you only need a result of “10” to read into your own memory and “20” to read into your subconscious mind. As the name implies, this was designed for self-exploration, but
    can be used to simply look for mental tampering or to try to recall forgotten items.
  • Shadow Net; 2D6 Entangle impervious to normal sight, 16 charges (-), does not work in direct sunlight (-.5), destroyed instantly by any light-based magic (-.5).
  • Shadowsphere; Darkness (vrs normal sight) 2″ radius, Personal Immunity (+.25), 8x 1-Turn Charges (-).
  • Sheltersphere; Force Wall (2 PD, 2 ED. Force-bubble only, +1), plus “Change Environment” (Variable, creates comfortable temperture and atmosphere for the occupant(s) of the bubble only, -.5, linked to bubble, -.5). These have 2x 24-Hour charges daily (+.25).
  • Silence; Darkness Vrs Normal Hearing. Usable versus others at range (+1.5), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-) with an OAF (Wand. +1).
  • Skunk Spray; Energy Blast, 2D6, AVLD (Flash Defence/ Scent, +1.5), IIF (Vial of noxious fluid, -.25), 6 uses (-.75).
  • Spirit Speech; Audiovisual Image, “Affects Desolids” (+.5), Only allows the user to project his/her presence onto the spirit plane (-1), 6x 1-minute charges (-).
  • Suggestion; 2D6 Mind Control. Telepathic (+.25), 32 Charges (+.25), Fully Invisible (+.5), Variable Trigger (+.5). Only to make an idea occur to someone (An Ego-30 effect) (-1).
  • Summon The White Wind; 2D Energy Blast, one hex area effect (+.5), 6 one-minute charges (-), No Range (-.5), and user must have contacts with all five elements (-.5).
  • Plus 1D6 Absorption (Maximum 10, these go to cabalistic esoterica to “buy” extra slots, fades 5/minute (+.25)), linked with energy blast (-.5), 6 1-minute charges (-), and user must have contacts with all five elements (-.5). Only a true elemental master dares summon the spiraling vortex of raw magical energies that is the white wind and attempt to bend it’s wild power to
    his or her will.
  • Taoist Transmutation; 1D6 “Minor” Transform (Changes the properties of materials; for example, a stone could be made to glow brilliantly, metal made far lighter and stronger, and so on, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), 125 Charges (+.75). Requires a full hour to begin the transmutation process, but acts up to once/phase thereafter (-1), OAF (A bulky suitcase full of alchemical
    gear, -1.5). This sort of thing can have a substantial impact on ordinary equipment, but is less relevant to superheroes.
  • Thunderbolt; 5D6 Energy Blast. 16 Charges (-) and OAF (Wand). Given the time and concentration requirements common to all “cantrips” this really isn’t an effective “Combat” spell. It is, however, impressive and expressive in it’s own way. It also bowls over bothersome canines, moves cows, crashes computers, and jumps cars.


Great Cantrips (26+ Active Points).

  • Ancient Curse; 1D6 Minor Transform (Induces any of a variety of character “disadvantages”, usually up to the 20-point level, +.25), Penetrating (+.5), Sticky (+.5), Cumulative (+.5), Continious (+1), 1x 500-Year “Charge” (+2.25) – and 2x Difficult to Dispel (248 Points, +.5). Transform acts only once each five hours (-3), “Sticky” effect only works on members of a limited group (“You and your children – unto the tenth generation!” or whatever relevant group is specified in laying the curse, -.25), Incantation (Curses must be loudly announced. They also usually involve some visual stigmata, and are “visible” to the mental sense group, -.25), Side Effects (“Karmic Backlash”; 6D6 unluck – for the next month or so, -.5), Limited conscious control (Usually only available under great stress, at the point of death, at great emotional peaks, or at places or times of great power, -1), costs endurance (Despite running on “charges”, -.5) – and x10 End cost (65 Points, -4). Curses are normally “lifted” (Deactivated, and the transform body “healed” normally) via completing some sort of quest. (62 active points).  This spell comes with a special option on the slot; the “Trigger” advantage (+3 points), trigger is only usable when the character dies (-5), caster must be awake when he or she recieves the mortal wound (-1), curse must be directed against those involved in the slaying (-2) – and the curse is cancelled if the character somehow returns from the dead (-.5). Net cost; 0 points. As a “Special Effect” the spell user somehow manages to cling to life long enough to curse his or her slayers with his or her final breath.
  • Banishment; Extra-Dimensional Movement Usable Versus Others At Range (+1.5). Only works vrs Extradimensional Beings (-2), Only to send them home (-1), OAF (A packet of earth from the world where the spell is cast, -1), 4 Charges (-1), Costs End (-.5), 4x Endurance Cost (Costs 20, -1.5). (50 active points).
  • Calm The Beast; 1D6 Drain Vrs MultiForm. Continuous (+1), Penetrating (+.5), with 3 one-month Charges (+1). OAF (Small amulet, -1), Costs End to activate (-.5), 3x End Cost (10 Total, -1), and -1 in “Variable” Limitations (-.5). The spell can be cancelled by melting down the amulet. If not cancelled, the effect usually lasts for months unless something accelerates the
    “recovery”. (35 Active Points).
  • Compact; 1D6 Minor Transform, Cumulative (+.5) – and “Usable by Others” (IE; The two people involved can use it “against” each other, +.5), 64 Charges (+.5). Won’t work unless both parties involved are willing, and freely accept the terms of a specified bargian (-1). Transform result; Physical limitation (Bound to pact, Infrequent/ Fully, -15), Mindlink (Between the parties. Specific Mind, Any Distance or Dimension, 3x Difficult To Dispel (+.75), Always On (-.5), Only with partner who also has Mindlink (-1), net cost 10), +5 points worth of powers/ skills/whatever suits the nature of those involved. May include up to 10 points of extra disadvantages and powers depending on the power levels of the being(s) involved.
  • Dark Animation; 1D6 Major Transform (Body to Zombie. While each caster will make slightly different zombies, any one caster normally turns out a consistent “type”), Cumulative (+.5), 8″ Radius (+1.5), 16 Charges (-), Can only be used during the night (-.5), requires five full minutes (-2.5), OAF (Assorted noxious items, -1), “Side Effect” (Summon eight 75-point annoying
    ghosts or minor evil spirits which go free, instead of into the bodies, -1), 14- Activation (-.5). 45 Active points.
  • Eldritch Chains; 3D6 Def 4 Entangle, 4 Charges (-1), Only affects magical beings (-1), OIF (Iron Ring, -.5), 14- Activation (-.5). Extremely popular among dabblers, the Eldritch Chains often become something of a reflex; they may not hold for long – but they’re often good for a head start. 35 active points.
  • Find The Path; Clairsentience/Procognition. Can only be used to navigate unknown routes (-1.5), limited to a maximum of about five minutes (-2), 3x one-hour Charges (-), Requires a full turn (-.5 Additional) to activate, Costs End (-.5) to activate, and 2x End Cost (8, -.5). A very handy, if unspectacular, charm. (40 Active Points)
  • Influence; 1D6 Telepathic Mind Control (+.25), Fully Invisible (+.5), NND (Not being a native of the planet, +1), Continious (+1), 1 100-Year Charge (+2), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), Radius (+1), with 22 Levels “Extended Radius” (Roughly 16,000 Miles, +5.5). Requires 5 hours (-2.5 Additional) to activate, acts on a 14- – BUT only does what you actually intended on an
    11- (Otherwise it may provoke a new fad or something, -1.5. On a 15+ the racemind takes notice of your tampering and “hands out” some sort of geas, quest, or information (Side Effects; anything up to 12D6 of Mind Control, -1)), has No Range (-.5), OAF (Map, Globe, or some other representation of the area to be affected, -1), Costs Endurance (-.5) and 10x base Endurance
    Cost (Total of 62 over it’s casting, -4). This extrardinarily powerful cantrip allows the user to subtly manipulate the “local” planetary mind. While such an attempt is not without it’s dangers – the planetary mind is immensely powerful and has been known to turn the tables on ambitious magi – even the ability to suggest ideas (IE; A thought occurs to you, Ego-30), modify attitudes (“Maybe there’s something to this fool idea of preserving the rain forest after all”, Ego-20), or inspire fads and fashions (Beanie Babies!, Ego-10), on a global basis can be surprisingly handy (Especially in politics).
  • Inner Focus; 2D6 Aid (Max 25), to any single primary attribute (+.25), fades 5/minute (+.25), 64 uses (+.5). All such added points – even those which merely brought “damaged” attributes up to normal – fade (-1), acts 14- (-.5), Side Effect (A 3D6 stun energy blast, -.5), user must focus on a specific task to invoke this spell, the added points fade as soon as the task is completed – or abandoned (-1). 32 Active points.
  • Javrim’s Quick Construction; Entangle (1 Body Def 2, 15 points) Autofire (+.5), 125 charges (+.75). Only for making walls (-1.5), OAF (Wand, -1) and autofire may only be used to affect multiple hexes (-.5). (34 points). An excellent charm to have if you should just happen to be in need of a levy, roof, impact-dissipating barrier, or quick shelter. While weak at first, Javrim’s
    barriers will firm up into normal brick walls after the mortar’s had a day or so to set.
  • Lifegiving; An arcane version of “CPR”, this cantrip allows the caster to revive the newly “dead” – provided that the spirit hasn’t yet left the body (Shortly after brain death, roughly five minutes); 1D6 Major Transform (Dead body to living character). Cumulative (+.5) and 125 Charges (+.75). Process must begin within five minutes of death (-2), the body must be reasonably intact (Loss of blood, massive internal injuries, wounds, etc, fine. Burned to ash or blown to bits, out of luck, -.5) and OIF (A rune drawn on the corpse with some of the user’s own blood, -.5). (34 active points). Nastier GM’s will let this work very nicely even if you don’t start in time – but you wind up with a mindless “empty” body, that just lies there until some spirit decides to move in for the weekend.
  • Lower Alchemy; 1D6 Major Transform, to Limited Class (Drugs, toxins, and other biochemicals, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), Personal Immunity (Antidotes, +.25) and 32 Charges (+.25). Requires a full minute to activate (Additional -1), 14- Activation (-.5), “Side Effects” (A 2D6 Visual Flash Explosion, -.5), and an OAF (A bulky case full of alchemical gear, -1.5). As a note,
    this creates “real” chemicals. The effects of any particular substance will vary from species to species – and even from individual to individual. On the other hand, one “body” worth of a chemical is usually sufficient for quite a few doses.
    (34 active points).
  • Manifestation; One-Hex Audiovisual Image, Detectable in Real World (Well – “affects” is a bit strong, +1), and 8 1-Minute Charges (+.25). No Range (-.5). Shows user’s image only (-2), and only usable in/from the astral plane (-1). (34 active points).
  • Metamorphosis; 1D6 Major Transform to anything (+1), Cumulative (+.5), and 64 Charges (+.5). Unfortunately, the transformations revert in anything from a minute up to around an hour depending on the degree of alteration and the whims of the GM, (-2) – and are instantly dispelled by any contact with “cold iron” (-1). OAF (An inscribed runic talisman, -1), will not work on iron or on mystic beings and items (-.5), and costs endurance (-.5). (45 active points).
  • Mystic Servant; Str 12 Telekinesis with “Fine Work”, “Uncontrolled” (Does what it’s told without supervision and such, +.5). 3x 1-Hour Charges (-), Requires a minute to cast (-1 Additional), Noncombat Only (-1), Dispelled by any attack doing 6+ Body (-1), Costs Endurance (-.5) and 4x End cost (16 total, -1.5). This spell takes a great variety of forms, but is basically good
    for tasks such as stirring pots, “taking” dictation, cleaning, fetching things, or tending lamps. (43 active points).
  • Plague Touch; 1D6 Major Transform to a Limited Class (Victim of any normal, or supernatural, illness, +.25), Continious (+1), Sticky (+.5), Invisible to “sight” and “hearing” (Initially. The later symptoms may be quite dramatic. Relevent tests/detects will reveal it. +.75), 1x 1-Season Charge (+.75. Can be deactivated by curing the illness). This requires 1D6 days of (noncontagious) “incubation” before starting to take effect (Additional -3), is subject to natural immunity (Roll 3D6. On a 13- the individual will be affected normally, on a 14 he or she becomes a carrier but is not personally affected, and on a 15+ he or she may become briefly ill – but will be immune to this particular plague thereafter, -1), Gives “plenty of notice” (Various symptoms develop over hours or even days – usually giving plenty of time to attempt treatments. Successful rolls with relevant skills grant a retroactive bonus to the “immunity roll” noted above, -1), “Real Disease” (IE; Simple contact is not always – or even usually – enough to transmit a plague. Gloves and similar precautions help. Robots, energy beings, and most other nonhumans generally can’t even be carriers – much less victims. Life Support/Immunity to disease provides complete protection. Altogether, roughly -3), OIF (Set of fine gloves, -.5), and Side Effects (3D6 Stun Drain, -.5). (64 active points. Actually, one could get much the same effect by simply transforming the first victim and letting it spread naturally from there. Most of the various advantages are actually intended to limit it to that three month period. Otherwise it might engulf the world.).
  • Reading The Stars; Audio-Visual Clairsentience, Sees into the Future. Requires five hours to activate (-3), Bulky OAF (Various books and charts, -1.5), Activates 14- (-.5), Limited control (The caster gets odd visions and symbolic glimpses, not a controlled “scan”, -1), Caster must have sufficient information to cast a Horoscope or use some similar method (-1), Side Effect (If it fails, it’s because some overriding vision has interfered. The vision is up to the GM, but this is an easy way to toss in plot hooks and/or apocalyptic foreshadowing, -1). 45 Active Points.
  • Reality Warp; 1D6 “Minor” Transform (Reshapes things to any desired form – but doesn’t affect composition or properties – a limited group, +.25), cumulative (+.5), continuous (+1), 12 One-Minute Charges (+.5), difficult to dispel (+.25), radius effect (3″, +1), with optional selective target (+.25). Only affects one general type of material at one time (EG; “Wood”, -.5), Costs
    End to activate (-.5), 4x End Cost (16 Total, -1.5), OAF (Wand or Staff, -1), 14- Activation (-.5), Side Effect (4 1/2 D6 Stun Drain, -1). 45 Active points.
  • Resupply; 1D6 Cumulative Major Transform to any item of mundane supplies (+.75), 64 Charges (+.5), cannot be used against living beings (-1), OAF (Varies with user; normally a cloak, trenchcoat, satchel, or similar item, to “pull things out of”. -1), 11- Activation (Sometimes you’ve just got to rummage around for a bit.). Handy for those times when you just happen to need some food, a bit of rope, a shovel, flashlight, or some such item. (34 active points).
  • Rune Of Closure; ExtraDimensional “Movement” (To any of a couple of specific locations; Somewhere which will swiftly drain away gate-energies, somewhere very nasty, and someplace like the core of a sun. 25 Points) Usable at range versus others (+1.5), Only works against gates and dimensional warps (-2), Three Uses (-1.25), Costs End (-.5), 15- Activation (-.25), Side Effect (Opens a wild dimensional rift. The results are GMO, -1), Requires a full phase (-.5) of 0 DCV (-.5) Concentration, Gestures (-.25), and Incantations (-.25) to cast, Expendable OAF (An enchanted iron wand. Replacing this thing requires access to a major magical power nexus, a fair amount of time, and considerable magical skill to recover, -1.5), and 10x Endurance Cost (62 points total, -4). In effect, this cantrip shifts the terminus of an extradimensional “gateway” to somewhere else, whether to somewhere where it can’t exist, or to someplace really nasty. This is, however, generally an act of desperation – the stunt is incredibly draining and very dangerous. Mages who spend a lot of time halting demonic invasions and such (Not a very sensible choice of career) sometimes practice with this effect enough to dump most of the limitations – if at the cost of a couple of character points.
  • Seance; 6D6 Mind Scan (Transdimensional, the various “afterworlds”, +.75) at “+5” ECV. Requires one hour to activate (Additional -2), 3x 5-Minute Charges (Canceled by a successful opposing (Spirit Vrs Medium) Ego check, -.25), Bulky OAF (Assorted spiritualist “props”, -1.5), Spirits Only (-1), may contact a malevolent – or simply strange – spirit if the “scan” attempt fails (-1), Side Effects (Str 10 telekinesis with fine control, mindlink with any one mind, and audiovisual images in a 4″ radius, all controlled by whatever is contacted, -1), costs End -.5), 2x Endurance Cost (-.5), and Incantations (-.25). (62 active points).
  • Shafts Of Nightfall; 1D6 points Body Drain, Recovers 5 Points per Hour (+.75), Ranged (+.5), 5-Shot Autofire (+1), 32 Charges (+.25). Does not work vrs the undead, demons, and other “creatures of darkness” (-1), activates on 14- (-.5), side effects (2D6 cumulative transform to grey/black magician with assorted psychological limits, plus a 3D6 stun only energy blast, -1),
    and OIF (Obsidion amulet, -.5). (35 active points).
  • Spectral Construct; Summon any magical animal (+.25) up to 100 points. These are basically “robots” built of magical energy, not truly living things. While there’s little difficulty in controlling them, they aren’t much for independent action, are never truly “intelligent” – and never last more then a day or so. OAF (A circle of summoning; Immobile, Fragile, and Expendable, (You draw a new one, and add new candles and so on, each time you use this spell), -2.5), Incantation (-.25), Requires 5 full minutes (-1.5 additional), Creatures vanish after a day (-.25), 15- Activation (-.25), Side Effects (Drain; 4D6 Stun and 2D6 Endurance, -1), costs End (-5), and 7x End Cost (-3). Typical “constructs” include mounts, scouts (AKA “Sendings”), quasi-avian messengers, hunting dogs, and similar things. (62 Active Points).
  • Spirit Forging; 1D6 Major Transform (Creature to any magical item of a lesser point total, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), Affects Desolids (+.5), 16 Charges (-). Requires five minutes to activate (-1.5 additional), “Bulky” OAF (A workshop suitable for working on, and finishing, the physical form of the item. While this is immobile when in use, it can be packed up and hauled around. -1.5), and requires an opposed ego roll versus the victim when the item is completed. If the caster loses the item created is cursed or flawed somehow (-1). (34 active points). This tends to explain why the “bad guys” always tend to have all the nifty gadgets. After all, the best (Or at least easiest) place to “find” some character points is in another character. Of course, those who use spells like this a lot tend to attract heroes to stop them. As a note, the “Affects Desolids” advantage has been added to allow the caster to forge spirits (QV) into things – if he or she can catch and hold onto them.
  • Temporal Stabalizer; Extradimensional “Movement” (To the same location on the new primary timeline), 2x mass (+5 points), Trigger (Any timeline shift, +.25), 8 uses (-.5), No Conscious Control (-2), leaves user’s briefly disoriented (-.5). Note that once the “trigger” is set, it doesn’t matter if the second target stays in contact with the “user” or not. While this cantrip is unique in that it doesn’t require gestures or “concentration”, it does require at least one turn of contact to set itself up. The net effect is simple; if someone should somehow change history, the user – and an unknown number of those he or she has had contact with – will be transferred to the new timeline unchanged. Unlike most other cantrips, the user may not even be aware that he
    possesses such a power. (31 active points).
  • Transfiguration; 1D6 Major Transformation (To a free spirit. Rewrite the character as such, QV; Spirits). Cumulative (+.5), Trigger (At the recepient’s moment of death, +.25) and 4x Difficult To Dispel (656 points, +1). Side Effects (A 2D6 RKA. This usually disintegrates the body quite throughly, -1), Requires an hour to cast (-2 additional), and 1 Charge (-2). (41 active
    points, AKA; “The Jedi Knight Effect”. This is generally cast over and over again to make sure of rolling enough body to fully transform the user, since the RKA side effect that goes off with the transform generally ensures that you don’t get a chance to try again).
  • Vandgris’s Insulting Barrage; 1D6 “Minor” Transform, Five Shot Autofire (+1), 125 Charges (+.75), Cumulative (+.5). Target must be able to hear, and understand, the user (-1), May “fire” accidently (Normally when someone leaves themselves open for a putdown. This is a version of the “No Conscious Control” limitation, -1), and Side Effect (4D6 Mind Control, Radius,
    Telepathic, Difficult to Dispel, and Fully Invisible. One “command” only; “The user is an obnoxious jerk”). The transformation induced by this “spell” is entirely psychic. It leaves victims underconfident, embarrassed, confused, subject to self- doubt, and generally inclined to retreat. Extreme cases may suffer a complete emotional collapse or become self destructive. Sadly, the “user’s” smart mouth sometimes bypasses his or her brain and “fires” all by itself. This tends to be hard on teammates. (32 active points).
  • Voodoo Mastery; Change Environment, 1024″ Radius (No seperation between doll and victim), 3 one-hour charges (-), OAF (A voodoo doll, -1), One hour preparation time (Doll must be modified to resemble the intended victim, -2.5), user must possess something truly personal taken from the target (Blood, hair, a cherished item) to make this spell work (-1), 14- activation (-.5), incantation (-.25), generally recognized as a form of “black magic” (-.25), Side Effects (Watched by the Loa 11-, drain 2D6 Stun and End, -1), Costs End whenever this effect is used to transmit an attack (-.5). This potent effect creates a mystic link between a doll and the target; whatever’s done to the doll is done to the victim. Luckily, this also means that the doll shares the targets toughness and defences; if a shotgun blast cannot harm Mighty Man, it can’t harm his doll either. On the other hand, this is a relatively easy way to bypass problems such as range, line of sight, and high DCV’s. (55 Active Points).
  • Wards Major; Change Environment (To “Inside Me” – at least in a magical way, see below), 4″ Radius, Optional Selective Target (+.25), Invisible to Sight and Hearing sense groups (Is “Visible” to magical senses, +.75), 4x Difficult To Dispel (720 active, +1). 3x 1-Hour Charges (-), Costs End to activate (-.5), 6x End Cost (Total 24 points, -2.5), Activates 15- (-.25), Side
    Effect (A 6D6 Flash versus magical senses, -1), No Range (-.5), and IAF (varies with magical the tradition. Powders, blades, and talismans, are probably most common, -.5). This bizarre spell allows the caster to make some or all of those in a modest area a “part of himself” – at least for occult purposes. In somewhat more practical terms, that means any attack directed against those the caster has “taken in” is, in fact, directed against the caster. This is generous, heroic, and stupid, commonly leading to a swift end to the effect as the caster loses consciousness. As a secondary problem, those so incorporated must be very cautious when attacking anyone on the “outside”. It’s a bit impolite to shoot “through” your “host”. While any sensible mage will automatically “release” anyone who’s that inconsiderate – avoiding injury – this drastically limits the effectiveness of protected characters. Hence this spell is most commonly used to protect “normals” and minor characters in dangerous situations. Reports of a variant form of this cantrip; “The Big Gulp” (Eliminate the “Invisibility”, only 1x “Difficult to Dispel” [90], add Damage Class II Secondary Effects [+1.5]. This lets the caster suddenly “inhale” and swallow everyone – and thing – in a radius, subjecting them to digestion and the other perils of being eaten.(45 active points).
  • World Ward I; Force Field (2 PD, 2 ED, 2 MD, 2 FD, and 2 PD). 5 points worth is drastically improved; Hardened x2 (+.5), Invisible to Sight (Detectable by psychic and mystical senses, +.5), One 1-Year Charge Daily (+1), 2″ Radius (+1), 22x Extended Radius (Some 8 Million Hexes, +5.5), 2x Difficult To Dispel (210 active points, +.5), Transdimensional and Indirect (Any/All DImensions, +1.5).  Requires one hour to cast (-2.5), requires gestures and lengthy incantation, as well as 0 DCV concentration, to cast (-1.5), only affects transdimensional travel (-2), Immobile OAF (something like Stonehenge, -2), cannot be cast except at appropriate times of the year (GMO – but there are rarely more then four chances in a year, -1), does not work reliably at mystic nexi – or the sites of pre-existing gates (-.5), ineffective against creatures being summoned/dispelled by a dimensional native (-.5), and Side Effects (Caster suffers a 12D End drain as the spell is completed, -1). 62 Active points. Designed to prevent – or at least hinder – gratuitous intrusions by extradimensional beings, a World Ward blocks the use of the “Extra-Dimensional Movement” power unless it has at least two levels of Armor-Piercing (A distinct rarity), is employed at a preset dimensional “weak point”, or is “anchored” at one end by a native of the warded planet. While a distinct inconvenience for local world-walkers, planetary wards can be invaluable when a world lacks an arch-magical defender.


CALDWELL’S TEMPORAL VORTEX distorts the flow of time for up to eight targets. This may include the user, but that is not required. It creates a seperate, mimiture, temporal vortex for each target. Each vortex lasts for one minute. Sadly, this spell cannot be used more then six times daily – unless the user is willing to risk an uncontrolled temporal rift.

1) +2 Speed, Usable by 8 others at range (+1.5)

2) 360o vision, only for casting this spell


CALL THE VOID calls upon the power of entrophy – the force that extinguishes suns as readily as it cools the coffee. This is, not unexpectedly, somewhat perilous. On the other hand, entrophic spells can be very potent.

-This “Spell” actually consists of several seperate, if related, multipower slots. Being related, they have some common limitations. OIF (An iron ring, -.5), 14- Activation (-.5), and Side Effects (3D6 End Drain, plus a 3D6 Stun drain, -1).

A) Entropic Sphere; 1D RKA NND (Can’t affect living things, does body, +2), 5″ Radius (+1).

B) Entropic Touch; 2D6 Body Transfer (to transfer), returns 1/turn (+.25), damage shield (Only around users hands. This usually means with Punch/Grab/Block, but it makes it quite hard to use foci, +.5), 6x 5-minute uses (+.25). The points transferred go into increasing both the total amount which can be transferred and the power of the attack. As the entrophic aura grows in intensity really strange things may happen. (GMO, -.25).

C) Entrophic Ray; 1D6 Major Transform (Older, up to the point of falling to bits eventually), NND (Immunity to aging, +1), Continious (+1), Cumulative (+.5), and 12x 1-minute uses (+.5).

D) Withering; 1D6 Drain (Body), Recovers one point/ hour (+1), Ranged (+.5), Continious (+1), Penetrating I (+.5), Fully Invisible (+1), and 6x 24-hour charges (+1). Drain only takes effect every 1/2 hour (-2).


CARRIAGE OF THE ELEMENTS calls forth a seething mass of elemental energy and crudely shapes into into a form of transportation. While the exact details of such a conveyance depend on the imagination of the summoner, a few general principles apply; Fire vehicles are usually things like chariots or “mounts” which radiate heat and light. Air vehicles generally take the form of ships or planes wrought of hardened cloud. Water vehicles often take the form of quasiliving things resembling whales and squids. They usually operate as submarines. Vehicles of the earth may be heavily-armoured turtlelike tanks – or may be fanciful tunneling engines. In either case, they tend to be massive, metallic, clanking, and mechanical. Vessels of the void are usually fanciful spaceships but may look like ancient seagoing ships as well.

1) Summon any (+.25) type of elemental “vehicle” of up to 100 points, 4 charges (-1), requires a full phase (-.5) of 0 DCV concentration (-.5). As a general rule, these take you where you’re going and then disappear. In general, the precise game statistics of vehicles aren’t very important unless they mount heavy weaponry. They’re usually just a way of getting characters to the action. If they do get involved in combat fire vehicles radiate a modest damage aura, fly, and move about quite swiftly, but don’t protect their passengers much. Earth vehicles are slow, often have some quasi-volcanic minor weapons, and offer quite a lot of protection. Air based vehicles fly very high, usually have some ballista-type weapons (Giving the martial artists and such something to do), and offer their passengers very little protection. Water vehicles usually wrestle or ram opponents. Wiser passengers get out and help – instead of getting shaken unconscious. Void vehicles supply moderate protection, but rarely have any useful weaponry. On the other hand, they usually have “firing ports” for the passengers.


CHIAN’S RELATIVISTIC WARP tampers with the nature of space and time – a dangerous and somewhat unpredictable trick. Within it’s radius of effect the user can either choose to stop the normal flow of time for everyone and everything else, or to alter the geometric structure of space – altering distances to suit him- or her-self. In either case the effect can only be sustained briefly, and is a bit unpredictable; space and time are difficult to tamper with. This spell is actually bought as two slots – rather then one. Sadly, the energies of these variants are so similar that the charges are shared – IE; 8 total uses, rather then 8 per slot (-.5).

A) Change Environment, 16″ Radius. Time Stop, with Personal Immunity (+.25), and Selective Target (+.25). 8x 1-Minute Charges (+.25). Unpredictable (This is a very powerful effect. In general, “timestopped” creatures and things can be moved from place to place – but cannot be altered, flexed, or harmed in any way. They won’t move by themselves, can’t be probed or
scanned – and are quite unaware of what’s going on. On the other hand, the GM is free to alter these effects from casting to casting, to have them “flicker” unpredictably, to alter the base duration (You are tinkering with time after all), or to otherwise act to check abuses. This spell often works best when the results are entertaining – or it’s simply being used to rescue normals. Nobody knows why. -1).

B) Change Environment, 16″ Radius. Alter Distances. Variable Effects (The user may alter distances in weird and wonderful ways, +1), 8x 1-Minute Charges (+.25). This is a pretty complicated effect, and only works on a 15- (-.25). A failure results in an unredictable gravatic recoil (Side effects; Str 40 Telekinesis, -1). It also requires considerable (DCV 0) concentration
to cast the spell (-.5).


COUNTERMAGIC surrounds the caster with an aura which disrupts (“Grounds out”) “incoming” magics. While not especially potent, this can be helpful nonetheless.

1) Surpress, 5D6, “damage shield” (+.5), versus all magic (+2), six one-minute uses (-). Requires gestures (-.25) and “-.5” in “Variable Limitations” (-.25).


CREATION’S WEAVE is probably the most powerful – and most far-reaching – spell ever created. It allows great magi to create entire universes, while even lesser magi can spin “pocket” realms. While there have been tales wherin this ability has been fairly readily available – even to talented children with a bit of tutoring – this is NOT RECOMMENDED.

-This “spell” is actually bought as three slots.

A) Summon/”Create” any 100-pt universe/realm (+.25), 3 Charges/Day (-1.25), Only works properly when used in the interdimensional void (If used “inside” an existing universe the number of points available to work with is halved and the best that can be done is to weave a dream- world, a vision of another reality, or to put a pocket- realm inside something. Examples of this include “gems” with little realms inside them and some of the stranger mage’s sanctums, -.5), requires a full turn to activate (-1). 62 active points.

B) Dispel Summoning (Universe), 20D6, 3 Charges/Day (-1.25), Requires a full turn to activate (-1). While this is a potent and impressive trick, it usually won’t work on well-established universes. The longer they’re around, the more “improvements” (IE; Active Points) are added by their inhabitants. Also note that it’s usually a poor idea to dispel the realm you’re in unless
you’re prepared to make another one immediately. 60 points.

C) ExtraDimensional Movement; The Gungawa Point and back again (See Below), 12 Charges/Day (-.25). 20 Pts.

The “Gungawa Point” is a (the?) balance point of the multiverse – a place of leverage, where exerting even a small force may produce great results. It is a nexus of primevial power adrift in the interdimensional void, accessible to none save the greatest of mages – and the most incredible of technologies. It is where a magi may touch the greatest of powers – and it is the birthplace of worlds. In game terms, it’s simply a location with a few odd properties, and is best described as a “base”;

  • Characteristics; Body and Defence; 0 (It has no walls, roof – or even easily defined structure, -8), 125 Hexes area/volume/whatever (12). Net total.. 4
  • Location; Adrift in the interdimensional void.. 30
  • “Grounds”; None.. -1
  • Force Wall (2 PD/2 ED. 0 End (+.5), Always On (-5), Base (-1). For the entire base. This provides something for people – or whatever – to stand on). 6
  • Telekinesis (“Gravity”); Str 10, 0 End (+.5), Always On (-.5), Only to keep people and/or things from drifting away (-2), Base (-1).. 5
  • Change Environment; Escher-like effects, no clearly- defined distances, really weird looking, disquieting, and otherwise redolent of primordial powers, 0 End, affects the entire area, base (-1), always on (-.5). 6
  • Life Support; Full (While quite irrelevant as far as the “base” itself is concerned, since it’s not alive to begin with, this means that it’s visitors needn’t worry about such things), Base (-1). 15
  • Aid; 3D6, Maximum +125, to all powers of creation or destruction at once (+2), Damage Shield (+.5), Zero End Cost (+.5), Always On (-.5), fades instantly after user departs (-.5), Base (-1), Overuse will eventually drive user mad or have other strange effects (-.5). Note that it’s not uncommon to use some of these points to give a new universe a level or so of “Difficult To Dispel”. 78
  • Power Defence; 30 Points, Double-Hardened, Base.. 22
  • Lack Of Weakness; 20 Points, Base (-1). 10
  • Diplomatic Immunity/”Cosmic Neutral Zone. 5
  • —————Total Cost; 150/30 points————–
  • Physical Limitations; Only exists in the presence of truly great mages and incredible, universe-shaping, technologies. Lesser mages and devices will find nothing save featureless void. -20
  • Distinctive Features; Non-euclidian structure of raw primal power adrift in the void between worlds. A place of legend.. -20
  • Watched; Numerous “cosmic beings” keep an eye on the Gungawa Point – for obvious reasons. While they rarely interfere “directly”, it’s not too uncommon for them to “tinker” a bit with lopsided, dull, or otherwise overly routine creations. The first law of shaping worlds is; “Thou Shalt Not Be Boring” (This is also the first rule of gaming in general. Remember that the GM must approve anything you want to “summon”; yet another boring realm full of treasure, troops, or servants and luxuries is not much of an addition to the multiverse. Try to liven it up a bit.). While this is technically only an 8-, the chance of interference really depends on how whether or not the world – as described – looks like fun.. -10


“Building” a universe is much like building a base – save for the fact that you are “buying” volume, instead of size. On the other hand, the vast majority of that volume will be occupied by dirt, air, vacuum, and other stuff of no use whatsoever and won’t exactly be useful, or even really under control (A “-2” limitation). The cost of this is as follows;

Realm Radius; 10 Feet (0), 32 Feet (5), 40 Feet (6), 50 Feet (7), 100 Feet (10), 1 Mile (27), One Light Year (152). In general; x1.25 = +1, x1.5 = +2, x2 = +3, x3 = +5, and x10 = +10 points. As benchmarks, space for a; Floating Cottage and Garden (10), Castle / Palace (20), Barony (42), Kingdom (50), Continent (60), Planet (62), Solar System (125), Star Cluster (180), Galaxy (202), and Known Universe (253). While it’s not actually required, realms are traditionally spherical. If you really must have something different, re-arrange the volume to suit yourself. Universes don’t have “grounds”. Neither do they usually have floor plans or “locations”. They can have “general abilities”, “computers” (As world-spirits and such), personnel (Natives are free, and may even be a disadvantage, as long as they don’t work for you) and many other items – although sheer scale limits some.

If you want a personal “palace” or some such it must be “constructed” as usual – although, as this is “your” realm, you can put it anywhere you want without paying a location cost.

The “creator” may describe the general structure and “look” of his (or her) universe in as much or as little detail as he (or she) prefers. Any details he/she does not cover or imply are up to the GM. Please note that universes can be constructed with “multiple levels” (As in; alternate aspects, multiple levels of spacetime, or whatever) as readily as mundane “bases” can be designed with more then one floor.


DANCE OF THE LOA calls “spirits from the vasty deep” – but it’s the depths of humanities racial mind, rather then from surging elemental energies, weird dimensions, or mystic realms. Such “spirits” include archetypical “goldlings”, “stock characters”, those entities derived from human belief, and many others. Unlike most types of spirits, “Loa” – as psychic constructs – can show up in many places at once, vary in nature and power according to their summoner’s nature and power – and don’t always act much like spirits; summoning an avatar of the basic “cop” archetype may not seem much like magic at all.

-As is expected, the various applications/multipower slots of this spell share some common limitations; they require a one full phase (-.5) of concentration (0 DCV, -.5) and incantation (-.25) to cast, suffer from just a bit of unreliability (14- activation, -.5), and must take “-.5” in additional “variable” limitations (These often take the form of OIF Talismans).

A) Call The Mundane; Summon up to 4 50-point normal people of any desired general type (EG; Cops. A taxicab driver with cab. Cowboys. Waiters. Whatever. While none of these will be able to quite remember where they came from or how they got where they are, they will all – of course – act rather typically, even if the situation is utterly bizarre. +.25).

B) The Lesser Kami; Summon Any (+.25) “Genius Loci” (IE; The “Spirit” of a place, realm, or institution. A few examples might include; the spirit of a mountian or stream, the spirit of a city, a desert spirit, a spirit of a house – or even the spirit of christmas), of up to 100 points. While the statistics for such entities are often irrelevant a generic set is supplied below – just in case some pesky player just INSISTS on taking a shot at the spirit of christmas), 16 Charges (-).

  • Basic Characteristics : Dex 18 (24), Int 10 (-), Ego 20 (20), Pre 20 (10), and Spd 4 (12).. 66
  • Mental Defence +9, 12 Total (9)
  • Sight and Hearing can “Detect Real World” (+1) (10)
  • Manifestation; Images, vrs normal sight and hearing, Zero End (+.5), Detectable In Real World (+1), No Range (-.5), Only to present a “physical” personal appearance (-2), User may be effectively targeted by directing any appropriate attack at the image (-2) (7)
  • Summoners Native Language (4)
  • Additional abilities, as appropriate (EG; A “City Spirit” will have relevant “contacts”, streetwise, and so on. The spirit of a mall will be good at selling things, and the spirit of christmas knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice) (26)
  • Multipower; 80 point reserve. Only usable within the spirits “realm” (-.5), Requires a full phase (-.5) (40)
  • U) KS/”Appropriate” Place/Realm/Institution 39-. Note that his is a magical “power”, not a skill. The rule on “Extraordinary Skills” should be used for problems like “Where is the envelope hidden?”. 0 End (45 Active, 2)
  • U) 3D6 Luck, Usable by four others (+.5), 0 End Cost (+.5), At Range (+.5), “Affects Real World” (+2). Only produces effects appropriate to the spirit type (-.5) (67 Active, 3)
  • U) 3D6 Unluck “Usable against Others” (+1), 0 End Cost (+.5), Usable At Range (+.5), Based on ECV/Affects the Real World (+2) Only produces trouble appropriate to the spirit using this power (-.5) (67 Active, 3)
  • U) Change Environment/As appropriate, 6″ R, 0 End (+.5), Variable (+1), Affects Real World (+2), No Range (-.5) (80 Active, 3)
  • U) Telekinesis Str 15, Zero End Cost (+.5), Affects Real World (+2), No Range (-.5) (77 Active, 3)
  • U) Aid, 4D6, to any one ability appropriate to the spirit (+.25), fades one per turn (+.25), 0 End Cost (+.5), Based on ECV and Affects Real World (+2 Total) (80 Active, 4)
  • U) Images, Vrs normal hearing, all sight, and all mystic senses, 1 Hex. Zero End Cost (+.5), Appears in real world (+1). This can be used to conceal things (75 Active, 3)
  • U) Energy Blast, 3D6 (As appropriate to the type of spirit), +3 “Variable Advantage” (+4), 32 Charges (+.25) (79 Active, 4)
  • U) Telekinesis (Psychic), Str. 15, Based On ECV (+1), Affects Real World (+1), 0 End Cost (+.5) (77 Active, 4)
  • U) Force Field, 5 PD, 5 ED, 5 Power Defence Usable By 4 Others (+.5) At Range (+.5), 0 End Cost (+.5), Invisible To Sight (Is visible to mental and mystic senses, +.5), Affects Real World (+2) (75 Active, 3)
  • U) Mind Control, 6D6, Zero End. Cost (+.5), Affects Real World (+1). Only to induce behavior which is relevant to the spirit type (-.5) (75 Active, 3)
  • U) 1D6 Major Transform, To “Anything” (+1), Cumulative (+.5), Zero End Cost (+.5), and Affects Real World (+2). Only to produce things/effects appropriate to the spirit involved (-.5) (75 Active, 3)
  • Disadvantages; No Physical Body/”True Spirit” (-50), Disruption (-15), Poor Understanding Of Humanity and/or Monomania (As appropriate, -15), Limited to appropriate realm (-20). Other Psychological limitations may apply as the GM desires.

-A minor variant on this effect allows the caster to summon up spirits of elemental air and illusion, fire and destruction, earth and healing, and so on. Such spirits can be quite helpful with other magics. The lesser Kami are usually fairly helpful, but can occasionally be quite a problem.

C) Craft Tulpa; This powerful effect “constructs” a psychic golem – a quasiliving body of pure mental force crafted from a portion of the caster’s essence – and then imbues it with a genuine life force, drawn from beyond. Adding a material body is possible – but optional. In either case, this requires hours or days of work.

-This power doesn’t actually count as a “slot”. It’s an excuse for “buying” a supernatural follower, as well as being traditional.

D) Lore Of Umbanda; Summon Any (+.25) 100-Point Loa (“Loa” are powerful spirits, who enter into, and augment, their summoners, rather then manifesting directly. In “game terms”, they’re disembodied AI “Computers”. Since they’re inhabiting your body with you, who’s in control at a given moment can be decided with opposed ego rolls if the summoner does not want to go along with with the Loa’s desires. It’s wisest to summon fairly compatible Loa, since they vary wildly. Loa generally have several psychological limitations (Which their summoner gets to share), augment their summoner’s abilities (Where those are appropriate to the spirit), and have their own powers as well. Loa generally stick around for as long as they want to, but if you really want reliable help from them it’s best to develop them as contacts), “Ablative” (IE; The more you call upon the Loa in any one day, the less likely they are to respond, -1), 12 charges (-.25).

“Generic” Loa Statistics;

  • Int 18 (8), Ego 25 (30), Dex 20 (30), Spd 3 (-). As a note, the Loa can act directly on it’s phases through it’s summoner’s body, in addition to the actions of the summoner (68)
  • Mental Defence, +10 (15 Total) (10)
  • Relevant Knowledges and Skills (20)
  • 60 Point Multipower, Usable by one other, as well as by the Loa (+.5), All powers must be bought to 0 End or on Charges (-.25), IIF (A Loa’s summoner must bear some talisman of his “patron” to allow it to act thru him or her, -.25), “-1” in “Variable Limitations” (-.5) (45)
  • U) 2D6 Max 24 Aid, to all abilities appropriate to the Loa (+2), 0 End. Cost (+.5), Fades 5/Minute (+.25), Only on summoner (-.5) (60 Active, 2)
  • Other Powers as appropriate to the Loa (Variable active costs, 25 total cost)
  • Loa Disadvantages; Assorted psychological quirks (-50), Distinctive Features 11- (Weird psychic aura and bizarre behaviors) (-10), Reputation, Extreme, 11-, only among mystics and students of the occult (-5), for a net total of (-10)
  • The better-known Loa include animalistic totems, the “voodoo” gods, and similar spirits.

E) Hand Of Mayombe; Telekinesis Str 15 Based On ECV (+1), Uncontrolled (+.5), four one-hour Charges (+.25). Whle this spell generally isn’t potent enough to compel consistent obedience or to hold most spirits, it can be a substantial nuisance. Unfortunately, it calls upon the spirits of the unquiet dead to “grasp” it’s victim, and so can be “shut down” by any form of exorcism.


EARTHFASTING sticks the target to the ground, and to anything else which he/she happens to be touching, with a wonderfully sticky layer of mud. Perhaps sadly, the initial casting requires that said target be in contact with a solid surface, and the entire spell can be negated by thoroughly drenching the victim with water.

1) Str +30 Clinging, usable against others at range (+1.5), sticky effect (+.5), 6x 1-minute uses (-), only works on targets in contact with a solid surface (-.5), not in water (-.25).


ELKEN’S INSTANT SUNSTROKE hurls diffuse bolts of raw “philogistin”, causing the temperature of anything they hit to rise slightly. While this has little effect on inanimates, living things can be severely affected. The spell is not effective versus; nature elementals, fiery beings, robots and undead – and is only 50% effective vrs cold-blooded creatures.

1) 2D6 Energy Blast, NND (As listed above, +1), ten shot autofire (+1.5), 64 charges (+.5).

2) +11 OCV with EB.


ELKEN’S SPARKLING CORONA creates an aura of shining, radiant, motes around the user; anyone who contacts the aura will be struck by a myriad tiny lances of supernal flame – if the user expends the charges required.

1) 1D6 RKA. Penetrating II (+1), 16x “Clips” of 30 Charges (+.75), 10-shot Autofire (+.75) and Damage Shield (+.5). Unfortunately, the “shield” discharges itself on contact – hence the charges must be expended seperately on each and every victim (-.5).


ELKEN’S STARBURST throws a handful of starlike motes of flame towards any opponent. The motes are small, but very accurate, and can burn through almost any defence.

1) 1D6 RKA, Penetrating (+.5), 60 uses (+.5), Auto- Fire (10 Shot Maximum, +.75), does No Knockback (-.25), and Variable Limitation (Normally an OIF Talisman, -.25).

2) +10 OCV with RKA.


ENFIELD’S EMBARRASSING CHARM transforms clothing and general appearance. Victims with relevant disadvantages or limitations can be severely annoyed by this spell. It’s also great for practical jokes, or for convenience – since you can use it to change your own clothing when you need to as well.

1) 10 points “instant change”, usable versus others at range (+1.5), fully invisible (+1), 32 charges / day (+.5), time delay (+.25), trigger (Voice command, +.25) and area effect (10″ radius, selective target, +1.5).

2) +1 to Instant Change OCV.


EVARINTH’S BALEFUL BONDS tap into the terrible “Dark Side” of water magic; an erosive quagmire of primordial psychic force welling up from the unconscious, potent and dangerous. Shimmering and translucent, the various bonds writhe and search with an eerie “life” reminescent of a hydra – bearing a venemous (if momentary) load of self- doubt, insanity, and hallucinations, as they crawl inside their victim’s mind. Perhaps fortunately, the fact that they draw on the unconscious mind means that the use of the Bindings is never entirely reliable.

-The Baleful Bonds actually include seven multipower slots. Closely-related, these share the following power limitations; 15- Activation (-.25), Side Effects (Drain 3D6 each, Stun and Ego, -1), Requires a full phase (-.5), and are generally recognized as black magic (-.25).

A) MageBinding; Drain, 1D6, versus all (+2) magical abilities, Continious (+1), Penetrating II (+1), points return at 1/hour (+1), 3 1-hour charges (-), at +1 OCV. Note that, as a rule, powers may be drained to negative point totals, but the negative total may not exceed the normal positive one. Still, a fully-drained mage may take days to recover all of his or her powers.

B) MindBinding; Mind Control, 10D6, with Telepathic Command (+.25), 16 Charges (-).

C) GateBinding; Suppress (Power Defence), 10D6, six five-minute charges (+.25).

D) Mind Trap; 2D6 Def 2 Entangle, Based On ECV (It must be broken with EGO or mental powers – rather then strength, +1), 4″ Radius effect (+1).

E) Nightbound; Darkness/Normal Hearing and all Sight, Usable vrs others, at range, (+1.5), Difficut to Dispel (+.25), 8x 1-minute charges (+.25), affects target only (It blocks the ability to hear, speak, see – or use any

light-based powers, but cannot be used to hinder others in the area, -.5).

F) Heartbinding; Drain 2D6 (Body), Continious (+1), Ranged (+5), Returns 1/Minute (+.5), 6x one-minute uses (Deactivated by a dose of Digitalis or a Paramedic roll at -5. This basically induces a massive coronary, -).

G) Psychotic Bindings; 3D6 Minor Transform (Induces various psychological “blocks” [Neural-based “physical” disadvantages] and limitations, +.25), Cumulative (+.5) and 32 Charges (+.25). Often used to add/erase memories or to block the use of various powers. Delusions can be especially nasty.


EVARINTH’S GREAT WARDINGS is one of the greatest (If not THE greatest) examples of raving paranoia in all of the history of magic. While time-consuming to cast and maintain, the Wardings provide an incredible variety of defences and tools for survival. Unfortunately, weaving the intricate runic structures of the Wardings is quite difficult – and often fails entirely.

-This “Spell” actually consists of twelve seperate – if related – multipower slots. Being related, they have some common limitations; each requires a full minute to cast (-1.5), no more then six such wards may be cast in any one day (-.25), the complexity of “setting them up” requires a 15- activation roll (-.25), AND casting them requires (rather intricate) gestures (-.25).

A) HKA, 2D6 (Plus “casual” strength), Damage Shield (+.5), with Variable Trigger (+.5), 4 Charges (-1). 1

B) 30 Defence Force Field, Variable (Between PD/ED, Mental Defence, Flash Defence, and Power Defence, +.5), with Variable Trigger (+.5), and 4 Charges (-1).. 1

C) 6D6 Aid to any one characteristic or power which is below it’s “starting” value (+.25), Variable Trigger (+.5), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), Only to restore lost characteristics and/or powers (-.5), Self Only (-.5), and Four Charges (-1).. 1

D) 1D6 Cumulative (+.5) “Major” Transform (“Back to Normal”), Variable Trigger (Generally, it’s having been transformed / modified against your will, +.5), and NND

(Being normal, +1). No Range (-.5), Self Only (-.5), 2

Charges (-1.5), OAF (Requires a mirror,-1) full (0 DCV, -.5) Concentration to set up. –

E) 10″ Gliding, Trigger (An “uncontrolled” fall, of greater then “x” number of feet. Enough variation is available to allow for things like diving or sequential use, +.25), 4x 1-Hour Charges (-).. –

F) 12 Defence Force Wall, Variable (Between; PD/ED, Mental Defence, Flash Defence, and Power Defence, +.5), with Variable Trigger (+.5), 4x 5-Minute Charges (-). 1

G) 3D6 Energy Blast, with a “+2” Variable Advantage (+3), 4x 5-Minute Charges (-).. 1

H) Life Support/Need Not Breathe, Safe Environments and Immunities, with Variable Trigger (+.5), 2x 5- Hour Charges (-), No more then three of the assorted support functions may be included in any one spell (-.5). 1

I) 3D6 Def 3 Entangle Damage Shield (+.5), Variable Trigger (+.5).. 1

J) 6D6 Suppress, vrs Any One Magical Effect (+.25), Variable Trigger (+.5), 4 1-Hour Charges (-), Difficult To Dispel (+.25). This affects the user – and is normally set up to get rid of annoying magical effects.. 1

K) Extradimensional Movement, Any Dimension, With a Variable Trigger (+.5). 1

L) Danger Sense (Mystical, Noncombat, 32-, One one- week charge daily, only to trigger other wards (-1).. 1


EVARINTH’S SUDDEN STORAGE allows the caster to shift things to and from a variety of near-timeless “pockets” in a dimension of void. Unfortunately, it will not work on living targets – but robots and such travel readily.

1) Extradimensional Movement (To and from “limbo”), usable vrs others (+1), ranged (+.5) and transdimensional (To allow for retrieval, +.5). It must be noted that – while distance, time, and location mean nothing in limbo, mages who attempt to retrieve things from limbo without some reliable method of “targeting” this spell may well haul out something entirely different


The EYE OF HORUS is a supremely flexible clairvoyant spell, allowing it’s caster’s to see into other worlds, through time, up and down the spectrum, and across vast distances. Sadly, the strain of tapping into such power is tremendous, drastically limiting the number of times a mage can use this spell before resting.

-The Eye Of Horus is actually four multipower slots, rather then one. These are;

A) N-Ray Vision (Not through mystic barriers), both Indirect (+.75) and TransDimensional (Any Dimension, +1). 4 5-Minute Charges (-), Concentrate (0 DCV) to activate (-.5), and requires a full phase to activate (-.5),

B) +40 Telescopic Vision (Normal at 8000 KM, -2 per doubling of this range). 4x 5-Minute Charges (-), must Concentrate (0 DCV) to activate (-.5) and requires a full phase to activate (-.5).

C) Clairsentience (Sight), with both Precognition and Postcognition. Activates on a 14- (-.5), Concentrate (0 DCV) to activate (-.5), 4x 5-Minute “Charges” (-), ONLY for Pre- or Post- Cognition (-.25), Limited Control (An item or relic to “focus” on helps a lot. Otherwise only the most overwhelming visions tend to get through. May activate spontaneously – or refuse to show
the intended target – as the GM desires, -1).

D) +20 Sight Perception (40), IR, UV, and four levels of Microscopic, Vision (22). Four 5-Minute Charges (-), Concentrate (0 DCV) to activate (-.5) and requires a full phase to activate (-.5),


FIGBY’S FONDELING FINGERS is “occasionally” used for less-then-serious purposes – but can be quite effective as a spell of “animation”, for opening things – and for a wide variety of other purposes. 6x 1-minutes uses (-), Requires a full phase to activate (-.5).

1) Telekinesis (Str 15), with fine control.

2) Clairsentience (Sight and Touch).

3) Flash Defence (5 Points Sight, only versus being “Flashed” through clairsentience, -1).


FINAGLE’S FIREHOSE throws big bolts of high-pressure water at a target (or targets), doing modest damage and considerable knockback. The “trigger” is sequential, each blast triggers another one a segment later as long as the caster continues to indicate a target.

1) 6D6 Energy Blast versus PD with double knockback (+.75) and fixed trigger (.25). 16 charges (-), but this is usually only relevant in determining how many time a day the user can begin hosing things down. The spell also requires gestures (-,25) – albeit mostly to decide where the stream of water goes.

2) +1 OCV with Energy Blast.


FINAGLE’S FRICTIONLESS FOAM calls up a frothing mass of slippery foam (Color optional). The stuff gets all over its victims – so its slippery effects will persist for a phase after somebody gets out of it, although the suffocating effect is immediately neutralized. 8 1-turn uses (Contact with intense flame will dispel the foam). Any victims whose running is reduced to 0 will promptly fall down. At 2″ or less the victim will have to crawl out of the mess. The foam does block line-of-sight thru the area, but is basically just a special effect.

1) Suppress Running, 6D6, Explosive (+.5). Only in contact with a surface (-.5), Not in Water (-.25).

2) Energy Blast, 1D6, NND (Vrs Life Support / Self- Contained Breathing, +1) and 4″ Radius (+1.5). Only in contact with a surface (-.5), Not in Water (-.25).


FLESH LIKE DEW allows the user to manipulate his/her physical form in a wide variety of ways – flesh flowing like water. This is unsettling and disturbing (To say the least) hence – despite the usefulness of being able to take on the forms and abilities of various creatures – this is not a popular spell.

A) Shapeshift/Any form, 4x 1-Hour Charges (-), only to take living forms (-.5), forms must have a definable source (“Reality” or popular fiction; you cannot simply make something up, there must be a pattern of some type to draw on, -.5), requires a full phase to shift (-.5).

B) Aid, 1D6 Max 20 to all powers or abilities which are “appropriate” to a particular form (+2), Continuous (+1), 4x 1-Hour Charges (-), Variable Trigger (+.5), 2x Difficult To Dispel (+.5). cannot enhance any attribute or ability above what is appropriate to the form (-.5), does not “heal” damaged/drained attributes or abilities (-.5), only bestows abilities appropriate to particular living creatures (IE; Taking the form of a small “tank” won’t give you machine guns, -.5), and only bestows those powers/abilities appropriate to a specific SPECIES (IE; You cannot take the form of a “Plumber” and use the Aid to give you the relevant skills and “powers”. You’ll just get those appropriate to all humans – which most of the character’s using this spell should already have, -.5).

-Venemous creatures are a special problem. Venoms are a bit hard to represent in Champions; one can quite easily design a cheap and very lethal little power (EG; 1D6 Drain (Whatever), Continuous (+1) and 6x one-minute charges (-). If it’s a “body” drain this will kill most people for only 20 active points). Less lethally, such an attack could be based on a cumulative transform (EG; 1 Pip Major Transform, Cumulative (+.5), NND (Having an appropriate immunity, no / exotic metabolism, etc, +1), Continuous (+1), and 12x one hour charges (+.5). This can have much more varied effects, and usually comes with a delay (“Extra Time”) in between “attacks”. It’s still only 20 points though). The trouble with both of these approaches is that real venoms usually aren’t nearly so effective.

-The remaining “slots” of this spell have additional problems; They work perfectly well – as long as they’re used to simply in conjunction with “A” (-.5) and are only used to fill in where slot B does not suffice to supply appropriate powers (EG; Turning into a whale, dinosaur, or elephant will require additional growth, -.5). Using them on their own, without a “pattern” to work from, is quite another matter (14- “Activation”, -.5, and a Side Effect; 3D6 Com Drain as your flesh melts, seethes, and oozes about, uncontrolled. This is physically harmless but often causes friends, bystanders – and sometimes even enemies – to freak out, -.5). Of course, an alternative set of “-1” limitations is a (-.5) Variable Limitation. Activating these slots also Costs End (-.5), requires a full phase (-.5), and requires 0 DCV Concentration (-.5). This makes them “cantrips” (QV), with a net cost of two points for the lot.

C) Growth/Up to Four Levels, 4 1-Hour Charges (-).

D) Shrinking/Up to Two Levels, 4 1-Hour Charges (-)

E) Up to 4″/8″ Stretching, 4x 1-hour uses (-).

F) Armor/Up to 10 PD, 5 ED, 4x 1-hour uses (-).

G) Extra Limbs and Ambidexterity, 4x 1-hour uses (-).

H) Disguise, 17-, only for shapeshifting (-.5). 4x 1-hour uses (-).

I) Flight, +5″, x4 Noncombat, Restrainable (-.5), and 4x 1-hour uses (-).

J) Running, +5″, x4 Noncombat, Restrainable (-.5) and 4x 1-hour uses (-).


FREUD’S PSYCHIC CLEANSING summons an “creature” that exists only within it’s target’s mind. As a rule, no other being can perceive or affect it. The unfortunate victim is subjected to extensive psychoanalysis; unless he manages to dispose of the “Freud” he will shortly be driven sane, rational, socially acceptable, and anxious to make up for past misdeeds. Alternatively, this spell can also be used to cure many forms of psychic traumas, injuries, or effects.

As a purely mental construct, the Freud is immune to barriers, attempts at evasion, and exotic attacks. Using Ego-based attacks or powers against a Freud is a severe error, negating the chance to resist psychoanalysis for the next turn. Violent rejection, usually expressed in the form of simple violence will – however – suffice to “drive off” the Freud in three phases (AKA; “Dear Me!”, “You must learn to deal with these violent impulses”, and “I can see that you are not prepared for therapy yet”). Of course, during those three phases the victim will be busy attacking the Freud.

1) 1D6 Minor Transformation. Cumulative (+.5), NND (Versus; deafness, being unconscious, “silence fields”, nonsentience – or an ego roll at -4 each phase, +1), 2x Difficult to Dispel (for 240 Points, +.5), Uncontrolled (+.5), Ranged (+.5), and 16x 5-Minute Charges (+1).

2) +2 OCV with the Transformation.


HANDELL’S INVOCATION OF RATRI causes its victims to go temporarily blind. The effect can be negated in two phases with any decent eyewash, but otherwise persists until the victim’s eyes clear naturally in a minute or two. While victims who are blind, or rely on senses other then sight, are quite obviously immune, so – for some peculiar reason – are those who use
“holy” magic.

1) “Darkness” vrs normal sight and all magical senses, usable versus others at range (+1.5), selective target (+.25), difficult to dispel (+.25). 6*1 minute uses.

2) +1 OCV with Darkness.


HAND OF THE EARTHMASTER is a relatively basic bit of earth magic that taps into, and reshapes, the powerful, if slow and patient, currents of energy which flow within the crust of the earth –

-As is expected, the various applications/multipower slots of this spell share some common limitations; they require a full phase (-.5) of gestures (-.25), suffer a 14- activation check UNLESS the user is in contact with the ground (Variable Limitation, -.25), Cost End to use (-.5), and employ a natural crystal to allow the caster to link him- or her- self into the earth forces (-.5).

A) Grasp Of Stone; Entangle, 6D6, Def 6, 16 Charges (-). Summons up bonds of earth and/or stone to hold it’s target.

B) Roots Of The Forest; 4D6 Suppress, Vrs Dex, Spd, and all “Movement” Powers (+2). 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).

C) The Crystal Sphere; 1D6 Def 2 Entangle, Personal Immunity (+.25), 256″ Radius (+2.75). While the lovely, interlocking, branches of fine crystal this spell calls into being are relatively fragile, sheer depth can make them an excellent defense.

D) Hand Of The Sculptor; 1D6 “Minor” Transform into “Anything” (+1), Cumulative (+.5) and 64 charges (+.5). Variable Special Effects (IE; The user can do differing things to differing targets, +.25), Radius (+1) with 6x Extended Radius (192″, +1.5) – and Selective Target (By categories, as in; “I want to affect the rocks”, +.25). This spell is used to reshape and manipulate the “natural world” – accelerating the growth and ripening of crops, transforming a wild valley into an intricately sculpted garden, reshaping a natural outcropping of rock into an imposing castle, domesticating herds, raising defensive earthworks, and similar feats. While it can be used to do odd things to opponents, they’re rarely inclinded to sit still long enough.

E) Curse Of The Quagmire; 2D6, Def 3, Entangle, One Hex Area Effect (+.5), Variable Trigger (+.5), “Sticky” (+.5), and 16 Uses (-). While used often as a trap, this most annoying spell can also be set on things like ball bearings and darts.

F) Shield Of The Bo; Force Field (16 Def), Variable Defence (PD, ED, MD, FD, Power Defence or – unusually – Knockback Resistance, +.5), Invisible to Sight (+.5), and Usable By Others (+.25). 16″ Radius (+1.5), and Selective Target (+.25), 6x 1-minute charges (-).

G) Tremblor; 5D EB, Indirect (+.5), 4″ Radius (+1), 16 Charges (-).


HANGRELL’S GREATER INVOCATION is probably one of the most dangerous spells around; it opens a direct psychic link between the caster and some entity of transcendent power. While such entities can “channel through” almost any amount of supernatural energy (Usable by others, at range, based on ECV. totaling +2.5, but what does a god care?), this also means
that the user is giving a being he / she has no real chance of opposing a link directly into his / her head. They may get away with this once or twice, even if the being would normally oppose them. Few such transcendent beings pay much attention to each little request.

But, eventually, they’ll notice. And they’ll want to be paid for the use of their power.

The easy – if expensive – way is by expending favors to “purchase” assistance each time you need it. This is essentially safe; while the entity may turn down such a request (Usually if the GM feels it’s plotwrecking – or if it’s completely out of line with the entity), a “no” doesn’t expend your favor – and nothing nasty happens.

Building up contacts costs more. Transcendent beings are expensive (4 point) contacts to begin with, and don’t always answer when you call (Make a contact roll). Even with a contact it’s unwise to call on them very often – and, worst of all, simply HAVING such a contact implies that you’ve (somehow) drawn the personal attention of a nigh-omnipotent being of immense age, alien nature, and incomprehensible motives.

The cheapest way (As far as points are concerned) is to simply “buy on credit”. Cast now, pay later. This is quick, easy – and potentially disasterous. Occult debts will eventually turn into new disadvantages (Two points worth per invocation of a particular being – one if the caster’s “Well-Connected”. These “costs” are doubled if the entity invoked would object to the purpose to which it’s power is being turned. On the other hand, most of the entities will occasionally “forgive” a point or two of debt, normally when a mage does something they like) or “requests” that one serve as an agent for some task.

Perhaps most importantly, it must be noted that each being has his/her/it’s own speciality; Varthakoth, lord of the “all-devouring flame”, grants fiery spells which destroy or absorb things. He may have minor aspects – and a few, more specific, spells associated with them – but most of the powers he grants will fit his speciality.

The power level of an invoked spell is commonly more or less plot driven – but a normal minimum is about 70% higher then the caster’s multipower reserve1. “Invoked” magic is often best treated as a plot device.

1) Mindlink with a “Related” group of minds (Greater Magical Entities), over any distance (+5 points) and in any dimension (+5 more, totaling 20 points), limited to request/response (-1), linked to “Detect”, below (-.5), incantation (-.25), and 7 uses/day (-.5).

2) Detect invocable magical beings, discriminatory, sense, and range, transdimensionally (Any dimension, +1), “360 degrees”. Only usable for setting up the mindlink (Usually at 11 + 1/2 the user’s ECV, see “Targeting Vrs Nontargeting Senses”, -1). Only works on those willing to be contacted (-1). User must be able to specify the entity being sought if a Per roll is required
(-.25). 7 uses per day which last one turn each (-).

1) This is about equivalent to spending a couple of points to purchase two ultra multipower slots; Aid (One charge (-2), does not recover (-2), “independent” (-2), usable only for next spell – and then fades immediately (-2), and whatever other “limitations” are appropriate. Generally 1 point for multipower pools of up to roughly 150 points), along with a slot at the pools new “value” for whatever-it-was you were trying to do with a rather similar (One charge (-2), does not recover (-2), caster must call on an appropriate entity (-.5), “independent” (-2), Incantation (-.25), “Limited Control” (The GM has considerable say over just how this works out, -1), and whatever else seems appropriate. This usually means one or two points for the slot). While this would cost 2-3 points instead of .5 point for a “well-connected” mage, that well-connected mage must select the nature of his/ her invocation in advance and cannot acquire a reusable power by buying off a few limitations.


HANGREL’S LESSER INVOCATION gathers “ambient” mystic energies – channeling them into the next spell the user casts to drastically increase it’s potency. Sadly, this is somewhat time-consuming and requires a powerful will to channel the excess energies.

1) Aid, 10D6, to any one “magical” power (+.25). 16 Charges (-), User only (-1), the extra points vanish as soon as the user’s next spell is cast (-2), Incantation (-.25), and requires an Ego roll (-.25).


HARDIN’S ALCHEMIC MASTERY draws on the powers of the “Sleeping Sulphur” – the primordial cosmic principle of transforming fire, the power that lights the stars – by channeling them thru the user’s (hopefully) enlightened spirit. Interestingly, this is one of the spells which seems to extend it’s user’s lifespan as a side effect – which may be only reasonable, considering the forces it taps into.

-What most magi do not realize is that the “Sleeping Sulphur” is hardly asleep. It is awake, aware, and even incarnate in the form of the Celestial Dragons. Drawing on their power always comes at a price, although it may be one that most magi will never notice. All the slots in this set share the following limitations – on top of any specific to the slot itself; Side Effect (3D6 Major Transform, Cumulative. The user must aid the Celestial Dragons upon request, and must oppose the Great Old Ones. The extended lifespan is also a part of this transform, and serves to ensure that “signing on” is popular, -1), “Visible” (Caster’s unique psychic “imprint” is readily distinguishable, -.25), this Side Effect is Unavoidable (-.5) and using these spells tends to draw supernatural foes and minions of the Great Old Ones (-.25).

A) Tome Of Creation; 1D Major Transform; Cumulative (+.5), Continuous (+1), To “Anything” (+1), Penetrating (+.5), and Six 1-minute charges (-). Requires one full phase (-.5), of gesturing (-.25), to activate, costs 2x End to activate (-.5 for costs End, -.5 for double) – and any individual caster will be limited to three types of transformations (Sample types include; Curses
(Inflicts disadvantages, geasa, and/or possessions), Transmutations (Changes a target’s elemental structure), Metamorphosis (Transforms living things into other living things such as animals, lycanthropes, and loyal monsters), Necromancy (Creates undead, repairs and reanimates dead bodies, puts spirits into things), Artificing (Creates or transforms equipment and devices), Smithcraft (Reshapes living and unliving material – but doesn’t alter it’s properties),
Synthesis (Creates or transforms compounds, mixtures, and various biochemicals), Spellcraft (Alters magical properties, usually on a temporary basis. This can be used to “create” temporarily enchanted devices), Enhancement (Bestows temporary – or very minor but nearly permanent – powers, skills, and other abilities), Lifeshaping (This covers modifications and manipulations of living things – such as inducing or curing addictions, altering age and metabolism, making clones, doppelgangers, or homunculi, and so on), and many others, -.25).

B) Seal Of Soloman; 1D6 Major Transform; Cumulative (+.5), Continuous (+1), No Normal Defence (Belonging on this plane of existence, +1), May be used to impose any type of restraint/binding desired (A limited set, +.25. Reversal conditions depend on the type of restraint. A jinn sealed in a jug is released by opening it, a demon banished from this plane might be freed by the death of the caster or by the destruction of some talisman), and difficult to dispel (+.25). 4x 5-minute charges (Can be shut down by forcing the caster to cancel it, -). Only works on the caster’s home plane (-.5), Requires a full phase (-.5), Costs End to activate (-.5), and 2x End Cost (-.5).

C) ChangeWinds; 1D6 Major Transform, to any gaseous mixture (+.25), 32″ Extended Radius Of Effect (+2), and 125 Charges (+.75). Affects gases only (-1), and requires gestures (-.25). Given that gases usually have 0 body, this can prove quite effective.

D) Hand Of Osiris; 1D6 Major Transform, Affects The “Real World” (+2), Cumulative (+.5), To any appropriate “body” for a spirit (A “limited group”, +.25) and 32 Uses (+.25). Can’t change the basic materials you’re working with (EG; An animal can be used to make an animalistic, if passable, human form, a mass of stone can be used to make a golem-like form – and the stock at a radio shack could be used to make a robotic body. Things that start out dead can become automations, but are still dead. If you want a living, truly human, body it’s best to start off with a living human body – but ethical magi usually don’t want to do that, -.25), No Range (-.5) and Requires a Full Phase (-.5). This useful power allows the user to “create” (Or take over) a body when deceased or just out astrally projecting. Secondarily, it can be used to prepare a body for another spirit to take over. In any case, a spirit in possession of a living body is firmly anchored in the real world, and is no longer present on the astral plane any more then normal beings are. Dead, or basically inanimate (Stone, electronic, etc), bodies are automations under the spirit’s control. The spirit is still present on the astral plane.

E) Planting The Seed; 1D6 Major Transform, Variable Trigger (+.5), Cumulative (+.5), Fully Invisible (+1) and Into “Anything” (+1). Can only be used to infuse people or items with particular “spirits” (EG; This can create various beings and hybrids – but the GM must agree that such spirits exist and are available. Within those limits it can be used to create items that turn into creatures when triggered, human bodyguards who change into demons or other monsters, and various supernatural hybrids, such as werewolves. Inanimate objects can be imbued with the “pattern” of various reasonably common, ordinary, items as well, for those magi who want to smuggle things like weapons into places where they’re not normally allowed. -.25), Requires a full phase (-.5).

E) Gaze Of Artemis; 1D6 “Major” Transform, Autofire x5 (+1), Cumulative (+.5), Penetrating (+.5), 64 “Uses” (+.5). Limited Set (Any animal native to the biosphere. This includes most sentient types. +.25), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), plus +1 OCV with the Transform.

F) Puckish Darts; 2 Levels Shrinking, Usable Versus Others at Range (Not versus shapeshifting or multiform, +1.5), Variable trigger (+.5), Variable Special Effects (Various silly visual effects only, +0), at +1 OCV (Two points). 4x 5-minute charges (-), does not affect foci, costumes, weapons, etc (-.5). Some magi feel that this spell is an embarrasment. A misuse of great and solemn powers. Others feel that it’s absolute proof that the universe does indeed have a sense of humor. This never looks quite the same twice, although someone with a big hammer who “squashes” the target is fairly common.

G) The Philosopher’s Stone; 2D6 Major Transform (To any other element or compound. Shape and such will not be affected, +.25), Cumulative (+.5) and 32 Charges (+.5). This is often used to produce indirect effects, such as creating acids.

H) The Venome’d Touch; 1D6 Major Transform, “Damage Shield” (+.5), Cumulative (+.5), To “Anything” (+1), 3x One-Hour Charges (-), Continious (IE; The effect of the “shield” continues for about a minute unless the victim takes the time to throughly wash off the mystic “venom” on him/her. The “Shield” lasts for up to an hour, +1). This effect internalizes the power of the Sleeping Sulphur. While this is most “commonly” used to alter the caster’s metabolism to secrete complex biochemicals (EG – drugs and toxins), it can be used more directly – and far more dramatically – to do things such as turn those who touch you to stone. The effects of the spell can be detected by it’s “slimy” touch, exotic scent, and magical signature.

I) Begalmourment; 2D Cosmetic Transform, Cumulative (+.5), Into “Anything” (+1), “Autofire” x10 (+1.5), 250 Charges (+1), 5″ Radius Effect (+1), and Selective Target (By groups. You could, for example, turn all the humans in the area purple. +.25). Less dramatically, this can be used to encrypt or decrypt messages, make disguises, tamper with documents – or simply make the floors very, very, slippery.


HARDIN’S ASTRAL PORTAL offers access to a variety of exotic locales. Unfortunately, it only operates at the “weak points” between dimensions – which are often only one-way. This can complicate things considerably.

1) Extra-dimensional Movement, to Any Dimension, 16x Mass. Requires one turn to activate (-1), Usable up to 4x per day (-1), Only works at points of great mystical power or dimensional weakness (-1), Such points usually only offer access to a limited set of dimensions and do not necessarily work both ways (-1).


HARDIN’S FORTUNATE ATTRACTION is a dangerous attempt at manipulating the forces of destiny. If it works, the caster will enjoy a brief period of great good fortune. Unfortunately, the occasional – and apparently inevitable – “miscasting” tends to attract freakish strokes of bad luck.

-This spell is bought as two multipower slots rather then one. Sadly, the energies of the two variants are so similar that their charges are “shared” (IE; 6 total uses rather then 6 per slot, -.5).

A) 8D6 “Luck”, and +2 Overall Levels. Requires an Ego Check to use (-.25), Side Effects (6D6 Unluck, -.5), 6x 1-minute charges (-), Requires a full phase (-.5) – and costs one point of personal endurance to cast (-.25).

B) Two overall levels Usable By Others (+.25), in a 12″ Radius (+1.5), Selective Target (+.25), 6x 1-minute charges (-), Requires a full phase (-.5) and an Ego Check to use (-.25), Side Effects (6D6 Unluck, -.5) – and costs one point of personal endurance to cast (-.25).


HARDIN’S OTHERWORLDLY WIND is a very straightforward enchantment, allowing the user and, possibly, a friend, to take a momentary “shortcut” through mystic realms, and thus bypass normal space. This can be very dangerous if the user misjudges his targeting, since if something or someone blocks the return portal, the traveller(s) will be left stranded in some peculiar, magical, realm.

1) Teleport, 23″, 2* mass, 32 uses. Requires an Int roll if the user cannot see the destination to “target” the exit portal accurately (-.25), Side Effects (Extra- dimensional Movement to any dimension the GM thinks may prove entertaining, 2x Mass. -2. While higher then the usual “Side Effect” limitations, this can be incredibly annoying).


HARKER’S REFRACTIVE SPHERE is a multipurpose defense spell – a low-powered spherical “gateway” which diverts a portion of whatever type of force/attack it’s attuned to into other dimensions.

-The “Refractive Sphere” is actually bought as three multipower slots, rather then one. Sadly, the energies of the three variants are so similar that their charges are “shared” (IE; 6 total uses, rather then 6 per slot) rather then totaled (-.5). Each slot has a net cost of one point – for a total of three.

A) 50% resistant physical damage reduction. One-hex area effect (+.5), six one-minute charges (-), gestures (-.25), and visible (-.25).

B) 50% resistant energy damage reduction. 1-Hex area effect (+.5), 6 one-minute charges (-), visible (-.25), and gestures (-.25).

C) 50% resistant mental damage reduction. 1-Hex area effect (+.5), 6 one-minute charges (-), visible (-.25), and gestures (-.25).


HARKNEL’S ADAMANTINE TOWER is a truly classic spell, famed in myth and legend; it creates a structure. While fairly modest by “superheroic standards”, this suffices for a quite palatial palace.

1) Summon any (+.25) 100 point “base” (Disadvantages may add to this total. Characters may also install more stuff later on if they so desire). Unfortunately, this stunt requires a full turn (-1), Gestures (-.25), great Concentration (0 DCV, -.5), and 3 uses per day (-1.25). This does have one special advantage; the “location” is free.

2) Professional Skill (Architecture), 11-

-It should be noted that “bases” can serve some very odd purposes; peculiar “altars”, monolithic “monuments” designed to tap, control, or suppress, exotic points of power, eternal seals, and exotic dimensional portals, can all be designed as “bases”. It’s also possible to start off with a more-or-less “normal” building and transform it into a base.


HARKNEL’S AUGURING allows the caster to “probe” into the possibilities of the future – examining it’s vistas and perils. Unfortunately, the “landscape” of time is shifting, jagged, and uneven. The probability “peaks” of near-inevitable events conceal unlikely nexi, obscure and unlikely pathways open into broad valleys of otherwise- unreachable possible futures. Still, one can search for critical events or disturbances in the timestream, look at the probable consequences of specific actions (Well, if you open the door, an enormous stone block will fall on your head), roughly assess the odds of success in an endeavor or scheme, try to discern hidden factors which may come into play, and even attempt to pluck information from the future (“The only lines in which we succeed are those in which we do…” This is easiest if the necessary action is immediate, as in opening a safe or crossing a minefield).

1) Detect Time-/Probability “Lines”, Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory, and “Tracking”, at +18 Perception. 4x 5- Minute Charges (-). Unfortunately, casting it requires a full turn (-1), of 0 DCV Concentration (-.5). Worse, while the caster is scanning the realms of possibiilty, he / she will be physically blind. While these types of “sight” can be traded off in a phase, this can still
be something of a bother (-.5).


HARPPER’S PSYCHIC MIRROR conjures drifting streamers of grey “mist”. When the user concentrates the mist can “refract” attacks through higher dimensions; the effect is spectacular, as the attack vanishes and reappears in the coils of mist until it reappears headed towards any target the user selects. When not in use, the “mists” are virtually invisible.

1) “Missile Deflection”. Affects ego based attacks (+.5), with reflection (+20 points) and a +6 on the roll. 6x one-minute charges (-).


HAUGRIM’S ADAMANTINE BARRIER calls upon the energies of the earth to form a mystical barrier. Unfortunately, the barrier is readily penetrated by anyone with earth- based powers;

1) Force Wall, 10PD, 10ED, Personal Immunity (+.25), 6x one-minute uses (-. Can be negated in the usual way – by blowing it down), cannot affect earth-based powers or individuals (-.5).


HAUGRIMS SORCEROUS EROSION gradually drains away the energies of spells and enchantments. While the loss of power is so gradual that anybody who is actively paying attention to a spell can easily replace it, magics that have been “left on their own” will soon dissipate.

1) Drain 1D6, versus any one magical effect (+.25), drained points return at 5/hour (+.75), NND (versus any spell which is being “actively” maintained, +1), Ranged (+.5), Continious (+1), 0 Endurance Cost and Persistent (+1), and Uncontrolled (+.5). The spell can be “started up” a maximum of 6 times a day. (-.75).


HAYDEN’S HYPNOTIC SPIRAL generates a hypnotic “light display” within its area of effect. While the effect is relatively weak, it bypasses normal mental defences. It cannot, however, affect anyone who cannot see the light display. Blindness or a darkness field provide complete protection.

-This spell is bought as two multipower slots rather then one. Sadly, the energies of the two variants are so similar that their charges are “shared” (IE; 8 total uses rather then 8 per slot, -.5).

A) 4D6 Mind Control, NND (As above, +1), area effect (9″ cone, +1), with a +1 ECV (2 Points). The effect is obviously visible (-.25), requires incantations (-.25), has 8 charges/day (-.5), and employs an OIF (A crystaline ring or some sort of refractive talisman, -.5).

B) 4D6 Mental Illusion, at +1 ECV, as above.


HI FONG’S S’HII EROSION weakens it’s target’s “inner strength”, reducing any single attribute of its target.

1) 2D6 Drain, versus any one characteristic (+.25), ranged (+.5), armour piercing (+.5), points return at 1 point per hour (+1). Cannot affect technologicaly based attributes or creatures, such as robots (-.5), 12 uses/ “charges” per day (-.25).

2) +1 OCV with Drain.


HORGANTH’S GRIM CORROSION creates a mass of creeping corrosive globs which, if unchecked, will slowly devour almost anything. 8*1 minute uses (Negated by spending 2 phases scraping off the ameboid globs).

1) Ranged Killing Attack, 1D6, Penetrating II (+1), Uncontrolled (+.5), Sticky (+.5), “Difficult To Dispel” (+.25), and Personal Immunity (+.25). Ineffective versus beings based on elemental water and/or fire (-.5), cannot affect characters with focused airtight armor until the armor fails (-.25).

2) +4 OCV with RKA.


HU FONG’S NEGATIVE S’HII INFUSION drains its victims “inner force” selectively – weakening them in a variety of ways.

1) Surpress, 8D6+1 versus any single characteristic (+.25), Difficult to dispell (+.25, 124 points), 6x one minute uses (-, The effect can be countered with a dose of any strong stimulant in two phases).


KRAKEN’S TENTACULAR LUNACY generates an ectoplasmic array of tentacles radiating from the user. 8*1 turn uses.

1) Extra Limbs

2) Stretching, 3″ (tentacles only)

3) + 40 strength

4) +1 OCV with punch


(The) LIGHT OF RA calls forth the unearthly radiance of the higher realms; the divine, celestial, light that shines behind – and through – lesser, physical, sources of light such as the sun and stars. Pure. Glorious. Holy. – and ready to be “shaped” according to it’s summoner’s needs. Unfortunately, “channeling” such transcendental power is not easy on mere mortals.

-In “game terms” the “Light Of Ra” consists of eight related multipower slots; the most common “expressions” of the transcedent light that are called forth by magi. Others are possible. All, however, share the following limitations; The caster must have engaged in at least a brief (10-15 minute) period of meditation on the nature of the higher powers in any day in which he / she wants to use these “spells” (-.25), the caster’s motives must be reasonably “pure” (-.25), side effects (A 6D “minor” transform, inducing a transcendental experience, and/or weird “compulsions” (GMO), -1), require at least a full phase to use (-.5), and -.5 in “variable limitations” – unless other limitations are listed with the slot – for (-.25).

A) Sunray; 5D6 Energy Blast vrs Power Defence (+1.5) 16 Charges (-).

B) Change Environment / Sunlight, 64″ Radius, 3x 24- Hour Charges (+.5). (52 active)

C) Change Environment/Holy Ground (Also purifies and spiritually and psychically “cleanses” the area) in a 64″ Radius, 3x 24-Hour Charges (+.5). (52 Active).

D) Flare; 2D6 (Visual) Flash, 4″ Radius (+1.25), 32x Charges (+.25), 5-Shot Autofire (+.5).

E) DawnFire; 12D6 Energy Blast (“Holy Solar Light”), 16 Charges (-).

F) 1.5D6 HKA (3D6+1 with Str 25+), Affects Desolids, Armor-Piercing, and 12x 1-Minute Charges. Cannot harm the “pure” or the innocent – even if it’s necessary (-).

G) Sunblade; 2D6 HKA, 5-Shot Autofire (+.5), 64 Uses (+.5). Note that, since one cannot usually buy autofire on strength, only the caster’s “casual” strength may be used to add to the damage inflicted. On the other hand, the endurance cost need only be paid once, as usual. It cannot harm the “pure” or the innocent – even if that’s an absolute necessity (-).

H) “Summon The Bark Of Ra” : Summoning (a 160 point base), 3 Charges/Day (-1.25), Requires a full turn (-1) of Concentration (0 DCV, -.5) and Incantation (-.25) to cast, Costs Full Endurance (-.25), 4x End Cost (A total of 24, -1.5). This is, perhaps, the ultimate expression of the power of this spell. Crafting the vessel of Ra from the essence of light requires the skill and mental discipline of a master mage – and, even for them, it is not a task to be undertaken lightly.

Manjet, the bark of day, is the shining craft of Ra, the warship in which the dawning sun rises to drive off the forces of the night and to preside over the day. It takes the form of an ancient egyptian galley, formed of radiant solar fire. No creature of the night can abide it’s presence.

  • Attributes: Str 40 (-), Body 16 (-), “Size” 6 (30), Def 10 (Does not protect passengers, -.5, 16), Dex 12 (6), and Spd 3 (8). Net Cost; 60 Points.
  • Powers : All Powers; OIF (The Helm of Ra-In-Glory, -1).
  • Multiform (Mesektet, some 220 Points) : No Conscious Control (-2), Does not affect characteristics (-.5) (10).
  • Change Environment/Sunlight; 128″ Radius. 0 End Cost (+.5), Always On (-.5), No Range (-.5), Radiant (Cannot penetrate barriers and such -.5) (17)
  • 1D6 RKA NND (Versus NOT being a Demon or creature of the night but does body to such beings, +1), 0 End Cost (+.5), Damage Shield (+.5), Radius Effect with 4 levels of extended radius (80″ radius, +2), Side Effects (Mind Control, 3D6 with telepathic command [Induces awe] in a roughly 20 mile radius, -1), Affects Desolids (+.5) and Always On (-.5) (23).
  • Flight, 15″, x128 (2150 MPH) Noncombat (30).
  • “FTL” Travel (Speed Of Light). Requires one turn to activate/build up speed (-1) (3)
  • Force Field1; 10 PD/10 ED. 0 End (+.5) (15)
  • 10 Each1 Power, Mental, and Flash (Visual sense group) Defences. Linked with Force Field (-.5) (12)
  • Life Support1 (Need not breathe. Immunity to intense heat or cold, vacuum and pressure, and “hostile” mystic “environments”) (9)
  • Immunity (Darkness magics)1 (5)
  • 1) These powers protect the passengers/crew as well.
  • -6″ Running (0″ Total) (-12)
  • Fringe Benefit; Extremely “holy” (2)
  • Multipower; 120 Point Reserve. Only works during the day (-.25), Requires one minute to activate (dawn), but may be used continuously thereafter (-.75). Note that slot #1 (Solar Radiance) is automatically active unless other slots are in use, while slot #2 sets itself going automatically every morning. (40)
  • U) x216 radius on Change Environment/Sunlight power, at 0 End Cost (Total of 10,000 Miles), No Range and “Radiant” limitations apply (-1). (3)
  • U) 4D6 (Visual) Flash Damage Shield (+.5), 6″ Radius (+1), Trigger (Not being on, +.25) and 2x 24-Hour Charges (+.25) (4)
  • U) 4D6 RKA Solar Blast, Five Shot Autofire (+.5), 64 Uses (+.5) (4)
  • U) 4D6 RKA NND (Only versus demons/”creatures of the night”, but does body to them, +1), 16 Uses (-) (4)
  • U) 12D6 Explosive (+.5) Energy Blast (Solar), Damage Shield (+.5), One 24-Hour Charge (-) (4)
  • U) 19D6 (60 Points) Aid to any one light-based power (+25), 16 charges (-) (4)
  • U) 12D6 Healing “Damage Shield” (+.5) with Selective Target (+.25) and 32 Charges (+.25). Note that this also works on the ship itself (4)
  • U) Force Field; 20 PD, 20 ED, 10 PD, 20 MD and 10 FD (Vrs Visual Sense group), 6x 1-Hour Charges (+.5) (4)
  • U) 32D6 Dispel versus any one “Darkness”-based power (+.25), 16 Charges (-) (4)
  • U) Extra-Dimensional “Movement”; To the realm of the egyptian gods, 0 End Cost (1)
  • Disadvantages : Summoning Base (160), Accidental Change (To Mesektet, at Dusk, 14-) (20), Distinctive Features (Not concealable, extreme) (25), Hunted (Apep. More Powerful, 8- ) (15), Hunted (The Egyptian Gods (More powerful, NCI, 8- but are “watching” only, x1/2) (10), Reputation (11-, Extreme. Actually only students of ancient egypt are likely to be able to really recognize it, but almost anyone will get the general idea) (15), Physical Limitation (Can’t be resummoned by the same magician for a week if it’s somehow “destroyed”) (5)
  • Grand Total; Attributes 60 + Powers 190 = 250

Mesektet, the bark of night, AKA Ra’s funeral barge, is a “living” thing; a serpent in the form of a “boat”. It is in this craft that aging sun dies – descends into the underworld – and is reborn with the dawn, young and vital once again. Those lucky enough to ride Mesektet, whether living or dead, may share in this renewal.

  • Str 40 (-), Body 16 (-), “Size” 6 (30), Def 10 (Does not protect passengers, -.5, 16), Dex 12 (6), and Spd 3 (8). Net Cost; 60 Points. All Powers; OIF (The Shrine and Sarcophagus of Ra, -1)
  • Fringe Benefit/”Diplomatic Immunity” (Right of “Free Passage” through most underworlds. This is hardly complete protection, but few minor beings (or supernatural functionaries) would wish to contest the passage of the ship of Ra) (5)
  • Fringe Benefit; Extremely “holy” (2)
  • Force Field1; 10 PD/10 ED. 0 End (+.5) (15)
  • 10 Each1 Power, Mental, and Flash (Visual sense group) Defences. Linked with Force Field (-.5) (12)
  • Life Support1 (Need not breathe. Immunity to intense heat or cold, vacuum and pressure, and “hostile” mystic “environments”) (9)
  • 1) These powers protect the passengers/crew as well.
  • Invisibility, versus all visual senses, 0 End (18)
  • N-Ray Vision, Usable By 64 Others (+1.75). Requires one turn to activate (-.5), Only at night (-.25) (20)
  • 6″ Gliding (3)
  • Multipower; 120 Point Reserve. Only works during the night (-.25). Automatically “alternates” between slots four and five unless otherwise directed (53)
  • U) Extra-Dimensional Movement; To any mystic realm – especially those of the dead. Cannot reach realms that lack a dependable night, -.25) (30 Active, 1)
  • U) 30″ Swimming, x2 (67 MPH) Noncombat (30 Active, 1)
  • U) +15″ Running (Well OK, Slithering. 21″ total, x2 (48 MPH) Noncombat) (30 Active points, 1)
  • U) 1D6 Cumulative (+.5) Major Transformation (Young, healthy, vital, and – most importantly – living), “Damage Shield” (+.5), Affects Desolids (+.5), at 0 End (+.5), NND (Vrs not having a spirit present for the voyage OR not being aboard for dawn, +1) (60 Active, 3)
  • U) 1D6 (Maximum 20) Aid to all “damaged” powers and/or characteristics (+2), Damage Shield (+.5), 0 End Cost (+.5), cannot raise abilities beyond initial values (-.5), Penetrating (+.5), Affects Desolids (+.5). Note that this ability also applies to the ship itself (60 Active, 2)
  • U) Desolidification, also versus mental powers, at 0 Endurance Cost (+.5). 90 active points (4)
  • U) 19D6 (60 Points) Aid to any one magic-based power (+25), 16 charges (-) (120 Active, 5)
  • U) 4D6 (6.5D6 with Str) HKA (Bite). Affects Desolids (+.5), 0 End Cost (+.5) (120 Active, 5)
  • U) Clairsentience (Normal Sight), Trans-dimensional, 0 End Cost (+.5), Only to see into the realm that the ship is about to travel to (-2), allows sight both ways (-1) (60 Active, 1)
  • Disadvantages :
  • The “disadvantages” of Mesektet are almost identical to those of Manjet – save for that “accidental change”. It’s effectively reversed; Mesektet “reverts” to Manjet at dawn.


LI KAO’S MENTAL MOONPOOL lets the user’s mind absorb and retain the energy from incoming mental assaults, thus temporarily increasing its own power.

1) 4D6 absorption versus mental powers to ego, loses five points a week. Difficult to dispel (120 points). 2 one-day uses daily. Unfortunately, this requires a full five minutes of meditation to activate (-2).


LI KAO’S MONOLITHIC PRONOUNCEMENT grants the user an aura of vast age, experience, mass, and power – as if a mountain was speaking. While the effect is transitory, it gives the user’s statements great authority while it lasts.

1) +60 Presence, only usable for presence “attacks” (-.5), 16 uses (-).


LORE OF OTHINN is a subtle, if very handy, spell for travellers and would-be know-it-alls; it taps the akhasic records – the accumulated lore of the worlds. While no mentality can contain such knowledge, it is possible to “borrow” a few skills – or to enhance those you already possess. While such enhancement fades by the next day, it can be quite useful while it lasts.

1) Aid, 4x 1D6 points to any one skill (+.25), fades at 5 points/day (+1.25) and 2x difficult to dispel (+.5), fixed results (Threes, -), 6 Charges (-.75), requires a full turn (-1) of concentration (0 DCV, -.5) to cast.


MALKIN’S RADIANT CHIMES surrounds it’s victim with a circle of glowing, chiming bars of light. The flashing lights and dissonant chimes are quite irritating, even if the victim has defences to block the “damaging” effect. Unfortunately, fumbling this spell’s intricate gestures tends to lead to it going off in the caster’s face.

-This spell is bought as 3 multipower “slots” rather then one. All share the limitations of Gestures (-.25), 15- Activation (-.25), and Side Effects (1D6 Flash, vrs all sight, hearing, mental, smell/taste and radio senses, plus spatial awareness, -1).

A) Flash, 3D6, vrs mental awareness, all sight, and all hearing senses plus a 1D6 NND (Versus flash defence that covers the senses “flashed”, +1) Energy Blast with 8 charges (-.5),

B) 1D6 Flash, versus mental awareness, all sight, and all hearing senses, continuous (+1), at +1 OCV (2 pts), with three one-minute charges (May be “shut down” using any form of “darkness”, -.5).

C) 5D6 Energy Blast, versus (hearing) flash defense (+1.5), 8 charges (-.5).


MALKIN’S TRANSFORMATIVE ADAPTION permits the user to alter a target for survival in the local environment or to temporarily grant the ability to maneuver in any one of the elemental environments. Since the spell will not affect unwilling targets, it need not consider defenses unless they have the “always on” limitation. The spell ends when the recipient no longer
desires it’s effects.

1) 1D6 Major Transformation, variable result (+.25), cumulative (+.5), autofire ten shot maximum (+1.5), 120 charges (+.75).

2) +1 to Transform OCV.

It should be noted that the transformations that the spell creates normally involve about 30 points worth of life support and movement powers; 15 points are derived from the transformation point value, any remainder must be paid for with disadvantages (Often “Unusual Looks”).


MARDIN’S WEAVEREADING. One of the most potent occult tools ever created for the scholar-mage, “WeaveReading” examines the targets very threads of existence (Perhaps the “strings” of modern superstring theory), as well as their interactions with other threads back thru time. While this allows the caster to gather enormous amounts of information, the process usually requires time – and only one type of information can be sought at once.

-This “Spell” actually consists of twelve separate – if related – multipower slots. Being related, they have some common limitations; each takes a full turn to cast (-1), no more then one such slot can be “active” at any one time (-.5), and each slot has 4x 5-Minute uses (-).

1) Detect “Lies” (IE: Intentional deceptions. This includes disguises, verbal and written falsehoods, things which have been camouflaged, illusions, invisibility, and so on. It doesn’t include accidental, unintentional, or personal deceptions; you can still overlook things that just happen to “blend in”, be misinformed by people who think they’re telling the truth – and lie to yourself), Sense, Range, Discriminatory (IE; You can “see through” deceptions), 360o, at +10 perception.

2) Detect Auras (EG; Psychic emanations. These are fairly revealing about a subjects health (Via intensity and disruptions), emotional state (Via coloration), and level of arcane (psychic/magical) power (via extent and complexity), Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory and Tracking (IE; It detects residual energies) at +10 perception.

3) Detect Energy, Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory and Tracking (IE; This detects residual energies) at +10 on perception.

4) Detect Weaknesses (EG; Vulnerabilities, susceptibilities, and other personal disadvantages/major power limitations, Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory, at +15 Per.

5) Detect Arcane (Mystic/Psychic) Mystic Forces and Presences, Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory, and Tracking, at +10 perception.

6) Detect Toxins and Drugs (IE; Biologically active chemicals), Sense, Ranged, and Discriminatory at +15 Per.

7) Detect Lifeforms, Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory, and Tracking (IE; This can not only analyze a lifeform, it can analyze it’s evolutionary track), at +10 Per.

8) Detect Opportunity (These are commonly economic, but this can be used to “acquire” all sorts of things), Sense, Ranged, and Discriminatory, at +15 perception.

9) Detect Talents and Powers (As defined in the rules of the game), Sense, Discriminatory, and Ranged, at +15 perception. While it’s at a minus to the roll, this can also be used to look for unusual potentials.

 10) Detect Origin, Sense, Discriminatory, and Ranged at +15 perception.

 11) Detect Destiny, Sense, Discriminatory, and Ranged, at +15 perception. (If “destinies” do not fit into the GM’s worldview, substitute “Social Position and Ties).

 12) Detect Spirits/Spiritual Forces. Sense, Ranged and Discriminatory At +4 perception (spirits are extremely “slippery”), however being aware of spirits also allows the caster to make them aware of him / her [Audiovisual Images, Affects Desolids (+.5), Only allows the user to “project” his/her presence onto the spirit plane (-1)].


OPEN / SEAL MYSTIC NEXUS; There are, and have always been, places of Power. Places where strangeness gathers itself. Where the veils between the worlds are thin, and – Things – are seen, and walk. Places of Magic. Some have been marked with circles of stones, cathedrals, cairns, or trees. Others wait, hidden and potent pools, flowing within the cracks and hidden places of the logical world. Some wake – or simply wait. Others sleep deeply. The places where magical power gathers, flowing along elder ways – the “ley lines” – are known as Nexi.

“Open” nexi are those rare places where the magic is wakeful – places where anyone performing an appropriate ritual, or any skillful mage, can tap into whatever odd powers are associated with the nexus, where spontaneous gateways open at particular times, and where odd events are commonplace. Most such “open” nexi have Guardians – whether manifestations of the magic itself, entities or servants of entities who want to control the forces the site manifests, stranded creatures from strange realms, or “simply” oddities which have been drawn to the site.

“Passive” nexi are the most common – at least in the “natural” way of things. The magic is there, but still and quiet. While it can be tapped into with persistence, skill, and ritual, and serves nicely as an “anchor” for mystic gates, spontaneous effects are rare and weak, even at the most magical of times. Such sites may, however, serve as “catalysts” to bring meaning to ancient rites. Their guardians, if any, are usually fairly mundane.

 “Sealed” nexi have been blocked off, the magic locked away from those who might use (or misuse) it, sometimes simply stored, sometimes to ripen like a fine wine, and sometimes to fester. While “sealed” nexi occasionally manifests some physical “item” (A tree, a pool of water, a strange stone or gem, or whatever) embodying a modest portion of their power (And usually
“guarding” itself), such occurrences are rare. In most cases, a sealed nexus is simply an area where interesting things MIGHT happen – someday. In the meantime, it’s just another – more or less mundane – place.

1) Change Environment/Seal Nexus, 8″ Radius, 1x 100 year charge daily (+2). Requires one full hour to cast (-2.5), Costs End to Activate (-.5), 10x End Cost (Over the course of the ritual, -4), OAF (Staff, -1), Visible (Any mystic in the area will notice, -.25), Incantation (-.25), Gestures (-.25), “Usual” Multipower Limitations (-1), Side Effect (Exhaustion; Drains 2D6 End and Stun, both recovering at 1 point/minute, -1), Side Effect can not be avoided (-.5) and User is at 0 DCV over the course of the ritual (-.5).

2) Change Environment/Open Nexus, 8″ Radius, 2x 24- hour uses daily (+.25). Standard Multipower Limitations (-1), Requires a full minute (-1.5), Costs End (-.5) to Activate, “-.5” in Variable Limitations (-.25). Note that this will temporarily override a “seal” – but said seal will “resume operation” after the energies of the opening spell have had time to dissipate.

3) Detect; Ley Lines and Nexi, Sense, Discriminatory, and Ranged, at +5 Perception. Six 1-Minute Charges (-), Requires a full turn (-1) of 0 DCV Concentration (-.5), to cast, “Standard Multipower Limitations” (-1) and 14- “activation” (Representing the “fact” that the energies of lines and nexi wax and wane erratically, can be “masked” by natural and unnatural phenomena – and are invariably difficult to focus on, -.5).

4) 1D6 Endurance Aid, Continuous (+1), Three 1-hour Charges (-), 4x Difficult To Dispel (+1). Only works in the immediate vicinity of an (unsealed) mystic nexus, a major ley line, or some other major source of geomantic mana (-1), Standard Multipower Limitations (-1).

5) +6″ Running, 3x 5-hour charges (+.25). May only be used for long-range travel along the ley lines (-1), Standard Multipower Limitations (-1).

-Unless there’s a specific, unusual, power that they need to access, superheroic mages rarely need to bother with tapping into nexi. They usually have quite enough power of their own. On the other hand, they often need to seal them, if only as a way to prevent mundanes from getting into magical “accidents”. This set of spells for dealing with nexi consists of five “cantrips” – two minor, two major, and one great – and so has a net cost of one point.


PENDRAGON’S CROWN is probably one of the most potent spells ever created. It allows the user to assume the form, and powers, of an elemental dragon, a creature of fabulous might. Perhaps fortunately, only a true master of elemental magic is capable of casting such a spell – and most such magi are rightfully wary of doing so. Once experienced, the raw power and surging elemental forces inherent in the dragonform have all the fascination and seductive lure of a siren’s call. A mage who takes the dragonform too often will, in the end, be lost forever.

This spell actually includes seven linked multipower slots – six for the basic draconic abilities, and one for the “breath weapon”. The six basic dragonform slots are “cascade-triggered”; activating the first automatically sets off the other five. This version of the spell is presented with slot “A” being the primary trigger – but it doesn’t actually make much difference. Common limits on the six “basic” slots include; 3x One-Hour “Charges” Daily (-), must Concentrate (0 DCV, -.5) for one minute (-1.5) to cast, OAF (Mirror, -1), Reforms the body into the form of a huge dragon (This is hard on clothing and such, limits the use of many foci, and so on, -.5), the user must know at least six spells from each “elemental group” (AKA; “Expertise”, -.5) and Side Effects (Assorted disadvantages, including; an instant 8- reputation as a powerful elemental mage, owing favors to the primordial elemental entities which power the transformation, that pesky “Intoxicating” effect [This includes a preference for using draconic powers in preference to more magic, a bit of destructiveness, and some overconfidence], and the fact that using this “spell” tends to lead to a gradual developing fascination with dragons and a craving to be one permanently, -1), being unable to cancel the spells before their duration runs out (-.5) – and the Multipower Base Limitations (-.75). Base Slot Limitations = -6.25. All “basic” slots include the Trigger advantage (+.25).

A) 6 Levels Growth (30), +10 Con (20). Triggered by the user’s envisionment of a complex mandala or by some similar means. Cannot be activated unless slots B-F are already prepared (-.5).

B) “Force Field” (Scales; +10 PD/10 ED, 20), +20 Pre (20), and +5″ Running (10). Triggered by the activation of slot “A”, Linked with slot “A” (-.5).

C) 4″ Radius Effect on Strength 40 (40, Only affects a limited arc, as defined by a tail sweep, wing buffet, breath weapon, gust from the wings, or some such exotic maneuver, -.5), +10 Strength (10). Triggered by the use of slot “A”, Linked with slot “A” (-.5).

D) Extra Limbs (Tail and Wings, 5), Regeneration (10), 13″ Flight (25, Requires wing gestures), UV Vision (5), and Flash Defence (Visual, 5). Triggered by the use of of slot “A”, Linked with slot “A” (-.5).

E) HKA 2D6 (30) and +10 Body (20). Triggered by the use of of slot “A”, Linked with slot “A” (-.5).

F) 50% Resistant Energy Damage Reduction (30), and +20 Stun (20). Triggered by the use of of slot “A”, Linked with slot “A” (-.5).

G) Breath Weapon; 2D6 HKA, 3″ Cone Area Effect (Most familiar as fire – but the special effect is set by the user’s highest elemental contact. Since the dragonform has area-effect strength this does a total of 4D6, +1), Costs Endurance (A total of 8, -.25 Additional), Linked with Slot “A” (-.5), Side Effects (As noted above, -1), Gestures (IE; It won’t work if something’s holding your mouth shut, -.25), 12 Charges (-.25) – and the Multipower Base (-.75).

-As a note, the net characteristic modifiers for the Dragonform include; Str +40 (10 At 0 End), Con +10, Pre +20, PD/ED +10 (Resistant), Body +16, Stun +26, DCV -4, Knockback -6″, Reach +2″, Mass x64, and 8+ Meters Length.


PHANDAL’S ANIMALISTIC SUMMONS calls on a major totem spirit – whichever one has an affinity for the caster – to partially “possess” the user, lending him or her the animalistic fury and natural combat skills of that type of animal. In effect, the caster temporarily acquires “mastery” of a particular martial art style. Classical styles include;

Serpent Style : Venom Touch (Nerve Strike, 4D6 NND, 4), One Finger (Killing Strike, 1D6 +1 HKA, 4), Serpent Swaying (Martial Dodge, 4), Serpent’s Writhing (Martial Escape, +35 Str, 4), Serpent’s Coils (Martial Grab, +30 Str, 3), Serpent’s Strike (Martial Strike, Str+6D6, 4), +4 “Damage Classes” (Already included, 16), four combat levels (20), and a professional skill (Toxicology, 12-, 3). Total; 62. The gentle “swaying” of a serpent master conceals the skill and precision to inflict agony on an opponent with a swift touch upon some vital point.

Tiger Style : Tiger Strike (Offensive Strike, 5, Str +10D6), Power Block (Martial Block, 4), “Rake” (Killing Strike, 4, 2D6-1), Drag-Down (Martial Throw, 3, Str+V/5 +6D6), Wrist Breaker (Martial Disarm, 4, Str+40), Catch (Martial Grab, 3, Str+40 Hold), +6 Damage Classes (24), and three combat skill levels with the style (15). Net total; 62. One of the most brutal and offensive of all the martial arts, the tiger style focuses on raw power, the ability to rend and destroy any obstacle.

Crane Style : Palm Strike (Defensive Strike, 5, Str +2D6), Sweep (Martial Throw, 3, Str+v/5+2D6), Whirlwind Spin (Martial Dodge, 4), “Wing” Buffet (Martial Disarm, 4, Str+20), Leg Thrust (Martial Escape, 4, Str +25), +2 Damage Classes (Already included, 8), six combat levels (30), and Acrobatics skill at +1 (4). Sparse and elegant, the sweeping, swirling, motions of the crane style will baffle or evade most attackers.

1) Skills as Powers (Martial Arts, 62 Points) : 3x 1-Hour Charges (Deactivated if the user’s knocked out – and can be dispelled, -) and “Visible” (Some minor physical signs, body language, postures, etc. Gives the style in use away to knowlegable observers, -.25).


PHANDALL’S “DISPLACEMENT” is a specialized illusion; it makes the user appear to be around six feet from his or her actual location. The illusion is quite complete; it will react appropriately to attacks – and all of the users attacks will appear to originate from the image.

1) Images, full visual (15), and all magical senses (10), plus any one additional sense (5 points, variable special effect +1/2,= 7 points), plus -10 on observer’s perception rolls. Requires Gestures (-.25), limited to the single illusion described above (-2).


PHANDAL’S GREAT SEEKING is one of the most versatile bits of divinatory magic around – capable of uncovering an immense variety of information. Unfortunately, it’s very effectiveness makes it quite difficult to control, focus, and maintain, the spell. It’s rare for anyone to be able to employ it at full potency more then once (Or perhaps twice – briefly) a day.

1) 2D6 Max 75 Aid to any one enhanced sense (+.25), fades 5/turn (-), 32 charges (+.25). The usual “sense” includes; Detect “X” (3), Sense (+2), Ranged (+5), 360o Degree (10), Discriminatory (+5), Targeting (20), and +10 Perception (20), totaling 75. If more range is needed, dropping the “targeting” modifier will still provide an excellent idea of the target’s location at +20 – enough for a normal perception check in an 8 KM radius, -2 per doubling. Each casting does, however, require one full phase (-.5) – and quite a few are likely to be necessary.


PHANDAL’S GYRATOR is one of the most irritating – if not especially powerful – enchantments around; it calls on the aspect of the air which controls travel and motion to move it’s target around at the caster’s whim.

This can be extremely annoying.

1) Flight, 10″. Usable vrs others at range (+1.5), six x one-minute charges (-), user must gesture to cast the spell (-.25).

-Variant forms of this spell are associated with the other four elements. Tunneling/Earth, Swimming/Water, Running/Fire, and Teleportation/Void. They’re all very annoying. Phandal’s Banishment – extradimensional movement, usable vrs others, at range, (+1.5), one hex area effect (+.5), 16 uses (-), to a “prison” dimension that is very difficult to escape, 60 active points – is much too annoying to allow except – perhaps – as a GM’s plot device. Traditionally, the defense against this spell is simply having any bit of iron on your person.


PHANDALL’S LIGHTSHIELD summons a bar of solid light, which hovers near the user, spinning slowly. When the user is attacked the bar “spins up” and “flickers” from point to point to intercept said attack(s). The effect is quite spectacular.

1) Force Field, 15 PD, 15 ED, and 10 MD. 12*1 minute uses (+.5).


PHANDAL’S PHANTASMAL PHORCES creates extremely realistic illusions, if ones of limited scope and duration. Unfortunately, the creation of such a detailed image is a bit time consuming.

-This spell is bought as 3 multipower “slots” rather then one. All require intricate gestures (-.25), a full phase (-.5), and a pinch of mixed pigments (An expendable OAF, -1.25) to cast.

1) Images versus Normal Hearing, all Sight, and all Mental senses, in a four hex radius (+.5), at a “-5” on observer’s perception rolls. 6x 1-minute charges.

2) Images versus Normal Hearing, all Sight, and all Mental senses, covering 1 hex, at a “-10” on observer’s perception rolls. 3x 1-hour charges.

3) Images, versus all mental senses, “uncontrolled” (IE; You can cast this on someone and it will follow them about, +.5), 3 24-hour charges (+.5), -10 on observer’s perception rolls. This can be used to conceal something from mental senses, to confuse mentalists, or to induce odd feelings and a sense of “presence” or “mood”.


PHANDAL’S STUPOROUS MISTS are a chilling, choking, and clinging, supernatural fog, capable of insinuating it’s way into, and disrupting, virtually anything which lives. An eager, quasiliving, parasite, the “mist” pours forth from it’s own realm when summoned and wrap “themselves” about the target(s) – eagerly devouring their energies. Once sated, the mists return from whence they came. The onset may be delayed, but once it’s begun, the user has no further control of the effect.

1) Energy blast, 2D6, NND (Versus being undead – or possessing a “cosmic life force”, +1), Affects Desolids (+.5), Continuous (Versus those affected, +1), Variable Trigger (+.5), Indirect (+.5) Difficult To Dispel (124, +.25), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-), 10″ Radius (+1.25, with Selective Target +.25 additional). The “charges” may be “shut down” (on an individual basis) while “latent” via any blessing / “exorcism” performed by a person of true religious conviction, dissipate immediately if “active” on “holy ground”, or in the presence of a cosmic being, and can be “driven out” if exposed to major religiously oriented magic. Sadly, this spell requires a full phase (-.5) and rather intricate gestures (-.25).


PHARON’S ELEMENTAL LANCE is a general-purpose attack spell and occasonal tool – capable of a wide variety of manifestations depending on what element the user calls upon.

1) Energy Blast, 8D6, 32 “Charges” (+.25), Variable Special Effects (Elemental – according to the elemental contacts available to the caster – +.25)


PLUTO’S GAPING CHASM calls on the primordial spirits of the earth to either open up a great pit – or to drag some unfortunate down into the depths of the earth, and bury them alive. Most “heroic” mages refuse to employ the second version of the spell.

-This “Spell” actually consists of two separate – if closely related – multipower slots. Sadly, the energies of the two variants are so similar that their “charges” are “shared”; The two slots can only be used a total of 4 times per day – despite having 8 charges between them (-.5).

A) Tunneling, 6″ Through Def 6, Ranged (+.5), 1-Hex Area Effect (+.5). Four uses/day (-1), and only works if the caster is in contact with the earth (-.5).

B) Tunneling, 2″, Thru Def 5, may close the tunnel, usable versus others (+1), Requires a full phase (-.5), 4x 1-Minute uses (-.25), only works if the caster is in contact with the earth (-.5), generally recognized as a feat of black magic (-.25).


PSYCHOPOMPOS is derived from the ancient arts of the shaman in his role as guardian of the dead, guide to, and gatekeeper of, the spirit worlds. It is perhaps fitting that these spells have enormous, subtle, ramifications. After all, they defined the primal relationship between the spirits of men and the greater magical cosmos.

A) SoulGuide; 1D6 “Minor” Transform (“Purifies” the spirit, and readies it for it’s journey. As an incidental “side effect”, the increasing detachment from it’s body also relieves all pain), Cumulative (+.5), Affects “De- solids” (+.5), plus Detect (The Paths Beyond. This can be rather strange) Ranged and Discriminatory, Usable By Others (+.25), plus “ExtraDimensional” Movement (To the gates of the afterworlds), Usable By Others (+.25), all on 3 “Recoverable” one-minute charges (IE; you can keep it up for one minute, and the energies released by your “targets” death replenish the spell, -). Only works on the dying and lingering dead (-2), Side Effects (4D Minor cumulative transform – this involves “experiencing” the essence of the spirit you’re aiding as well as touching upon the realms and powers which lie beyond death. Such an experience tends to leave one rather contemplative and distracted at the very least, -1), affects spirits only (The Extradimensional movement, -1) and normally requires both relative quiet and sitting still with your “patient” (-.5). Characters with this “spell” also tend to “know” when “it’s someone’s time” (If anybody cares, this is a part of the transform side effect). People don’t HAVE to go when it’s their “time” – but such individuals are usually aware of it as well.

This is an ancient shamanistic spell, dating back to the period when there was no distinction between priest and mage. It allows the caster to prepare a spirit for it’s final journey – offer it guidance in choosing it’s path – and ease it’s transition into the afterworld. It is definitely not a combative, casual, or common spell.

As a game mechanics note, this interpretation of the rules on “recoverable charges” and the values given the limitations on this spell are a bit questionable. On the other hand – who cares? After all, in terms of the game system this spell accomplishes absolutely nothing. To paraphrase the general rule on limitations; “A POWER THAT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING DOESN’T COST ANY POINTS”. For this reason, the cost given for this “package” does not include the nominal one-point cost of this power. It’s a freebie.

B) Touch of the Abyss; Clairsentience/Touch, Trans-dimensional (“Hell” – or a passable simulacrum thereof. +.5), Usable Versus Others At Range (Ineffective versus demonic beings, immortals, angels and similar entities, +1.5), 4 5-Minute Charges (-), fixed itinerary (Usually just the full tour, but some targets have “affinities”, -1), must look the target in the eye (-.5), concentrate (0 DCV, -.5) to activate. The target will always hear the caster’s voice welcoming him or her into hell – and will catch a brief glimpse of the abyssal gates opening up in front of him or her (No additional effect, but an impressive special effect).

C) Door Of Erebus; This terrible “summoning” forces open a gate it would be wise to leave forever sealed. While by far the easiest and quickest way to “raise the dead”, it does so by opening a “rift” straight into the realms of death. Summon Any (+.25) 100-point spirit (In living, undead, or ghostly, form), 6 one-minute charges (After this they are free to depart, -), “Side Effects” [Extra-Dimensional Movement/The “Realms Of Death”, Con- tinuous (+1), 1-Hex Area Effect (+.5), Usable By Others (+.25), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), Leaves the physical body behind on the “way in” and creates new ones on the way out (-.5), and Open At Both Ends (-.5). Limitation of -1], Requires a full turn (-1), Requires a full turn to shut down (For the summoner. The summoned being can do it with a successful ego contast, -.5) and 14- activation (-.5). The real problem with this spell is that if you lose control and the wild gateway opens, you never know what might take it into it’s head to come through. A ravening, eons-dead, horror from the dawn of time? Some nasty ghosts? A major power of the realms of death? A newly dead child who want’s to go back to it’s parents? (Try explaining that one). A wraith with an unfulfilled oath to keep? A confused dinosaur that still hasn’t got the idea? There are a LOT of dead things out there.

-If somebody wants to raise the dead in a less-risky fashion they basically need to; 1) Find the appropriate spirit (A trip into the afterworlds, a transdimensional mind scan-and-grab, or bargaining with a god might do), 2) Supply a living body (A major specialized transform, a summoning, or simply grab one), and 3) Get the spirit into the body (A minor transform might do it – but it’s probably better to use a major one and be safe).

D) Homeward The Wanderer; Summon any (+.25) hundred point “wandering spirit” (IE; A spirit that’s lost it’s way on the astral plane or in the realms of dreams, has been kidnaped by hostile spirits – or which has gotten into some form of “paradise” and is tarrying there. As a note, spirits well over 100 base points may be called – they just don’t HAVE to respond). Requires the presence of the wandering spirits body (Bulky OAF, -1.5) and one full minute (-1.5) to cast. Another classical shamanic stunt, but one that’s still relevant today; there are a lot of coma victims around.

E) The Dreaming Thunder; Detect Spirits and Spiritual Forces, Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory, Transdimensional (The Spirit Worlds, +.75) plus “Audio” Transdimensional (+.75) Images (Only to speak to spirits, -1) – plus the “Persuasion” skill at 17-. 4x 5-minute charges (-), 14- activation (Sometimes there’s just “nobody home”, -.5), OIF (Usually some sort of fetish, -.5), requires a full phase (-.5) of 0 DCV (-.5) “concentration” to activate. While the actual communication is thru those “spiritual forces”, the spirits called usually put in an audible and visible appearance as a “special effect”.

-Unlike “summoned” creatures, the talents of spirits tend to be a bit undefined unless the caster develops a few regular contacts. It’s definitely best to stick to the ones the “detect” indicates are reasonably friendly to you; these are usually willing to talk, and may even be willing to help out without bargaining. In terms of the game, spirits form the same kind of supporting cast for a mage as normal humans do for a regular superhero. If MightyMan gets sliced up by a light-saber you call a doctor. If Mr Arcane gets poisoned by a scorpion-demon, you call a bear spirit for healing. Calling the spirit of the north wind to carry you is faster then calling a pilot – but you don’t need a special spell to call said pilot. A phone will do.

F) Exorcism; 1D6 Major Transform (Back to “normal”, with an “immunity” to whatever-it-was that “moved in”), Cumulative (+.5), NND (Versus not being possessed, +1), affects desolids (+.5), Trigger (+.25), 32 uses (+.25), and “Damage Shield” (+.5). Requires five full minutes to cast (-2). As a note, if a possessing spirit attempts to “hang onto” a host which has become immune to it, it risks being enormously weakened or even consumed.

G) Vision Quest; 1D6 Major Transform (Turns targets into “free spirits” – adapting their senses, abilities, equipment, and characteristics as necessary. This will be reversed when they return from their trip and counts as a limited group, +.25), Cumulative (+.5), Continuous (+1), 8 1-minute charges (+.25), 5″ Radius Effect (+1). Only affects more-or-less willing targets (Blackmail is fine, -1), requires a full minute to cast (-1.5). Note that, as free spirits, characters will automatically be launched into the spirit worlds.

H) Wheel Of Incarnation; 1D6 Major Transform (Sends the target spirit onwards, into it’s next incarnation), Cumulative (+.5), Affects Desolids (IE; Spirits. +.5), Continuous (+1), Penetrating (+.5), 12 1-minute charges (+.5). As a note, this works just fine on any spirit – including demons, “damned souls”, animals – and sometimes even gods. Apparently they’re all just temporary
stops on the route to transcendence.


RABBI LOVAN’S GOLEM RAISING recklessly summons forth the raw, primordial, life-force of the earth to animate an arcane automation of enchanted stone – a formidable, if dangerous and simpleminded, servant. While most such creations are essentially simple robots, some few prove uncontrollable.

1) Summon, 160-point “Golem”. Seven uses (-.5), OIF (A fistful of especially compounded clay, -.5). Acts on a 14- (-.5), Side Effect (The Golem is still summoned – but is an uncontrolled “engine of destruction”, -1). A golem which is to be “kept” for long must be especially “bonded” (IE; Purchased as a follower), or it will also “go berserk” eventually. The life-force of the earth is not easy to contain.

The Golem;

  • -Str 50/67 (40), Dex 14/18 (12), Con 10/16 (-), Body 19/25 (18), Int 5 (-5), Ego 0, Pre 25 (15), Com 0 (-5). PD 10/17 (0), ED 2/9 (0), Spd 4/5 (16), Rec 0/6 (-24), End 20/44 (0), and Stun 50/62 (1) (70 points total)
  • Elemental Control; Golem Powers, OIF (A word on it’s forehead, -.5), 15 Points (10)
  • 1) Armor, 12 PD and 12 ED, Hardened (+.25), Always On (-.5) and Visible (Body of clay and stone, -.25) (13)
  • 2) 1/2 Resistant Physical Damage Reduction. Always On (-.5), Visible (Rocky body, -.25) (7)
  • 3) 1/2 Resistant Energy Damage Reduction. Always On (-.5), Visible (Rocky body, -.25) (7)
  • 4) Full Life Support, Always On (-.5) (7)
  • 5) Aid, 2D6 To All “Physical” Characteristics (+2), 0 End (+.5), Continuous (+1), Uncontrolled (+.5) Trigger (Is automatically “on” when the golem is created, +.25) – and Difficult To Dispel x3 (320 “Active”, +.75). Self Only (-.5), One activation (“Charge”) which does not recover (-4). This can be “shut down” by erasing the word or by killing (Destroying) the golem (10)
  • Multipower, 45 Point Reserve. Requires on full phase to use (-.5), Earth Magic effects Only (-.25) (26)
  • U) Breath Of The Night; 3D6 Energy Blast NND (Vrs Life Support/Need Not Breathe and/or
  •  Immune To Aging, +1), 7″ Cone Area Effect (+1), No Range (-.5) (45 Active, 2)
  • U) Force Of The Avalanche; +10D6 Hand Attack at 0 End Cost (+.5) (45 Active, 2)
  • U) Breath Of The Grave; 1D6 RKA, Penetrating II (+1), 7″ Cone (+1), No Range (-.5).. 452
  • U) Hail Of Stone; 9D6 Energy Blast (45 Active, 2)
  • U) Aura Of Decay; 1D6 Drain Vrs All Physical Attributes (+2), Recovers 5/Minute (+.25) Personal Immunity (+.25), and a 4″ Radius Effect (+1), No Range (-.5) (45 Active, 2)
  • Other Powers;
  • Automation/Cannot Be Stunned (15)
  • Running +2″, 8″ Total (4)
  • +2 with HTH Combat (10)
  • Density Increase, One Level, Zero End Persistent (+1), Always On (-.5). -1″ Knockback. The attribute enhancements have already been included (7)
  • Summoner’s Language (2)
  • Power Defense, 7 Points (7)
  • Flash Defense/Visual, 5 Points (5)
  • Lack Of Weakness -5 (5)
  • Disadvantages; Susceptibility 2D6 Stun and Body if the word on it’s forehead is erased (Common/Per Segment, 60 points), Physical Limitations; Cannot speak (Frequently and Greatly, 15), Poor fine manipulation (Frequently, but only Slightly, 10), No Sense of Taste or Smell (5), has (Very) Distinctive Features (Concealable/Major Reaction for 15), Reputation 8- (Moviegoers, gamers, students of the occult. 10), Vulnerability 1.5x Stun and Body Vrs water-based attacks (Common, 20). Total; 135+160 (Base) = 295. Net Cost = 70 (Attributes) + 130 (Powers) = 200. There are two reasons for this; first, that some of the disadvantages on this list do not really mean much to a “robot monster”. Secondly, the Golem is already grossly obnoxious.


RIPPLE OF ICE is essentially very simple; it swiftly drains vital energy from everything around the caster – leeching it away into the interstellar void, as if pure and frigid waves of ultimate cold were washing over the area.

1) Energy Blast 2D6, NND (Versus being coldblooded, having “Does Not Bleed”, or being a member of a species which normally lives in deep space, +1), “Autofire” x10 (+1.5), 125 Uses (+.75), Personal Immunity (+.25) – and 20″ Radius (+1.5). No Range (-.5).


SETHOR’S MENTAL TOXIN surrounds the user’s mind with an “aura” of thoughts of inhuman beauty and complexity, a contemplative touch of the infinite. Unfortunately, very few “mortal” minds can handle such thoughts – thus anyone foolish enough to contact the user’s mind during this spell’s duration is likely to be badly confused by the experience.

1) 3D6 Energy Blast Based on ECV (+1), Damage Shield (+.5), NND (Mathematics skill at 17+, Intelligence 35+, or not making mental contact, +1), 4 5-hour uses (+.5), takes a full phase (-.5) to activate.


SHADOWS OF THE MIND call upon the inner “darknesses” found in every living thing, forging those fragments of raw psychic energy into potent mental constructs. Of course, as might be expected, this sort of thing is not totally reliable.

-Like the closely-related “Evarinth’s Baleful Bonds” Shadows Of The Mind includes numerous multipower slots. Being thus related, they share several limitations; 15- Activation (-.25), “Side Effects” (Attracts / “Summons” something unpleasant, ranging from a simple poltergeist up to a 90-point demon, -1), requiring concentration (0 DCV, -.5) to activate – and being generally recognized as black magic (-.25). Those effects with durations can be “shut down” with any light-based or “holy” magic.

A) Mindslayer; 1D6 RKA Based on ECV (+1), Does Body (+1), Invisible to Sight and Hearing (Visible to mental senses, +.75), 32 Charges (+.25).

B) MindDark; 2D6 Flash (Versus Sight), Based on ECV (+1), 9″ Cone Area Effect (+1). 16 Charges (-).

C) Ego Crush; 4D6 “Energy” Blast Based On ECV (+1), Continious (+1), 6x one-minute charges (-).

D) Phantom Slayer; 2D6 Armor-Piercing (+.5), Ranged Killing Attack, with Variable Special Effects (+.5) and 16 charges (-).

E) Induced Delusions; Images, one hex versus Touch, all Sight and all Hearing, 32x one-minute charges (+1). This really overlaps into mental illusions slightly. An illusion like “Your combat armor is full of Piranha” is seriously distracting (to say the least), since you can actually feel them eating you.

F) Face The Darkness; Detect inner darkness, sense, discriminatory with +7 perception, usable versus others at range (+1.5). Most targets find this something of a shock, although true psychopaths and the occasional truly saintly individual are unaffected.

G) Awake The Darkness; 1D6 Major Transform (Focuses and awakens it’s target’s “inner darknesses”. This can bestow a variety of “dark” psychic powers, lycanthropy, Jeckyl-and-Hyde transformations, summon forth shades as quasi-independent beings, and so on. Their powers are generally paid for with some new limitations, and loyalty to their creator – who can reverse the effect. This is basically a limited class of results, +.25), Continuous (+1), Penetrating (+.5), Cumulative (+.5), 12x 5-Minute Charges (+.75).

H) Dark Eidolian; Force Wall, 16 MD, 6x 1-Hour Uses (+.5). Note that, as per The Ultimate Super Mage, this is automatically transparent to physical and energy based attacks.


SHAGREEN’S GUARDIAN WIND is a fairly straightforward defensive spell which calls on the powers of the air to deflect incoming ranged attacks. Unlike most similar spells, the Guardian Wind is directed by the elementals of the air, and requires no further attention from it’s caster once invoked.

1) Missile Deflection (Versus all ranged attacks) at +5 to the roll. Affects adjacant hexes (If the user so desires, +.5), Uncontrolled (Roll as usual, but doesn’t distract the user, +.5), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).


SHAGREEN’S HERCULEON CONSTRICTOR calls the local air spirits to surround, and manipulate, the spells target. Since the sylphs generally think this is fun, the spell is difficult to dispel. Sadly, the sylphs often get too involved in what they’re doing to listen to the casters directions after the initial request. Thus the caster can give them a basic set of directions, but has a hard time changing them thereafter. The sylphs may be evaded (Ending the spell) thru teleporting, going underground, or going underwater.

1) Telekinesis, Str 30, difficult to dispel (+.25), 6*1 minute charges (-), caster must make a persuasion / presence roll to alter the initial effect (-.5),


SHARDIN’S BASALISK EVOCATION briefly bestows on it’s user the legendary power of the basalisk – to transfrom those it gazes upon into solid stone. Unfortunately, unlike a genuine basalisk, the effect is temporary (The victim may heal the transformation BODY normally) – and still exposes the user to some of the risks of being an actual basalisk.

1) 1D6 Major Transformation (to stone), Autofire x10 (+1.5), Cumulative (+.5), Penetrating (+.5), 64 Charges (+.5). Requires a successful perception roll (Modifiers GMO according to environment, -.5), to avoid a 3D6 stun drain (-.5).

2) +1 OCV with transformation


SOULFORGE; Simple, yet incredibly potent, this spell would be in relatively “common” use – save for the fact that employing it is an act of utter insanity. It takes a portion of the caster’s immortal soul – of his or her life essence and power – and dedicates it to a specific task, “forging” it into an appropriate “tool” via sheer force of will. While indestructible, and an innate
part of their users, such talismans represent an irrevocable commitment which will shape both the “users” powers and entire destiny – often even beyond the grave.

Basic Limitations; Side Effects (D6 Cumulative Major Transform to an Avatar of Power appropriate to the task the talisman was created for. Hunted by those entities which oppose said task, 8- [Typically more powerful and with extensive NCI]. 20 points worth of something which will be USEFUL for said task, due to the fact that both of the “other” side effects are especially severe, -1), Caster must select a task to dedicate his or her entire life to when the spell is first cast (-2), OIF (In most ways such a talisman acts as an OAF, but it will simply vanish – and can be resummoned – if taken by anyone other then a mage of the same “school”. Another mage of the same “school” may weild such a talisman as long as they keep a solid grip on it, -.5), User’s other magics will be greatly weakened as long as someone else weilds such a talisman (The creator loses – and the weilder gains – 30-50 [Depending on the game power level] CP “worth of” magical abilities, -1), Limited Conscious Control (Such a talisman must be designed in consultation with the GM – and often includes several multipower slots which the user may not even know about. The GM has the right to override the player’s choice about which slot is active at any given moment, -1). (Net total; -5.5).

In general, such Talismans “contain” 3-7 slots – all with the limitations given above – as well as any which apply to individual slots. Some such may be “Cantrips”, the others cost one point each. The “standard cost” of the spell normally covers the selection.

In evil schools, where students are often kidnapped, mistreated, and unwilling, truly rebellious apprentices have occasionally been known to forge weapons dedicated to the destruction of the school of magic which trained them. This never works out very well. Such an innate contradiction tends to lead to wild power fluctuations, bizarre transformations, and – usually – either to some sort of apocalyptic (and self-destructive) final battle or to the creator finally rejecting both the weapon and his or her magical powers.


SPHERES OF MAGIC opens a “gateway” into the realm of aspects, allowing a skillful mage to tap into virtually any imaginable power. Unfortunately, this requires that the caster create a dimensional “overlap”, allowing the vast magical forces of the realm to “leak” into mundane reality.

1)Extra-Dimensional “Movement” (To/From The Realm of Aspects), Usable By Others (+.25), 1-Hex Area Effect (+.5), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), 6 1-minute Uses (-). Requires a Full Phase (-.5), and Open At Both Ends (-.5).

-The Realm Of Aspects resembles the DreamZone – but, rather then psychic energy, the Realm is saturated with pure magical power. In effect, any competent mystic can tap into a “Power Pool” of (3x Ego + Magic Skill/Theory Skill Roll) points. Unfortunately, characters can only draw upon one “type” of magic – whether nature, faerie, divinatory, fire, lunar, or whatever – at one time, and must make a successful Int check (At “-1” per 10 active points in the power) to change powers. Changing types of magic requires “cancelling’ all the powers currently in use, a full turn of “adjustment”, and a successful Int check. Interestingly, since self-defence is a powerful instinct, the user may “expend” points from the pool to cancel out/instantly repair the effects of attacks on a 1 to 2 basis (EG; Cancelling out 1 point of body damage costs 1 point from the pool). Points “expended” in this are gone until the user takes a few days to rest.

Non-mages in the realm may also tap into it’s power, albeit on an unconscious level. Such characters recieve the same (3x Ego) points worth of powers, but don’t get to select or change them voluntarily.

There is, of course, a downside to opening up such a portal; The realm is populated by beings of raw magical power, ranging from fleeting wisps up thru incarnations of entire branches of magic. It’s vast power – in forms ranging from wild blasts of raw mana thru sophisticated enchantments – runs wild and free. It is a realm which mortal mages were meant to probe cautiously, if at all, in search of new enchantments – not one they were meant to venture into. To invoke this spell is to undertake a journey into a dangerous and alien realm. Exactly what is found there is, as it always is when one travels the dimensions, pretty much up to the GM – as is what comes through the portal while it’s “open”. Mere exposure to the realm can act as a “radiation accident”, especially for magical characters. Like most truly potent spells, this one should be used with great caution.


SUN MONKEY’S IRON STAVE manifests as a massive black iron quarterstaff. While the staff may not be used by anyone else, the caster may be kept from wielding it as if it was a normal staff (Treat as an OAF, -1). 6x one minute uses.

1) 16D6 Hand Attack.

2) 8PD, 4ED force field vrs melee attacks only (-1).

3) +1 OCV with Hand Attack.


SWORD OF THE ELEMENTS summons up a deadly “blade” of pure elemental energy, whether to weild, to infect your target with deadly elemental power, or to simply throw. Unfortunately – as might be expected – making effective use of such a blade requires that the caster be free to maneuver.

-As is expected, the various applications/multipower slots of this spell share some common limitations; they are “restrainable” (-.5), take gestures (-.25) to cast, cannot manifest a “special effect” that the surrounding environment “opposes” (EG; No flames underwater, -.25), require a full phase to cast (-.5), does no “knockback” (-.25), and must take -.5 worth of “Variable Limitations” (Commonly an OIF set of “fencing gloves”, -.25). If it wasn’t obvious enough, the effects are limited to those elemental forces the user has contacts with.

A) 1D6 HKA, Penetrating (+.5), Continious (+1), 125 Charges (+.75), Uncontrolled (+.5) and Variable Special Effects (Elemental; Water; Venom, Earth; Petrification, Fire; Burning, Air; Suffocation and Void; Disintegration, +.25). As a note, the continious effect allows the user to both maintain the blade by simply expending charges, and to expend extra charges so that
the opponent struck will continue to take damage without further attention.

B) 3D6+1 HKA, Variable “Special Effects” (Creates a blade of pure elemental energy, as above, +.25), 6x one minute charges (That’s how long the blade lasts, -).

C) 3D6+1 RKA, Variable “Special Effects” (Creates and hurls a knifelike “blade” of elemental power, as above, +.25), 16 charges (-).


TALISMAN’S INVULNERIBILE RITE “infuses” the caster’s body with elemental energies – making him or her highly resistant to the effects of associated forms of attack. While the effect is hardly “invulneribility”, it can be quite helpful nevertheless.

-This spell is bought as two multipower slots rather then one. As might be expected, they share some common limitations; requiring a full minute to cast (-1.5) and an IIF (A runic ring, card, or whatever, -.25),

A) Aid, 2D6 Max 30 to any one (+.25) defense power, fades 5/day (+1.25), 2x difficult to dispel (+.5), and 32 charges (+.25). Type of defence available is determined by user’s elemental contacts (Earth; PD, Fire; ED, Air; Mental, Water; Power, and Void; Flash, -.25),

B) Aid, 2D6, (Max 15) to all defensive powers (+2), fades 5/day (+1.25), 2x difficult to dispel (+.5), and 16 charges (-). Requires contacts with all fire elemental lords (-.25),


THE TALONS OF WEN CHIANG are flaming, psychokinetic, constructs of raw magical power designed to reach out and grab whatever it is their user wishes – and if whatever that is happens to be somebody’s heart, the contents of their memory, or their immortal soul, that’s just their hard luck.

-This “Spell” actually consists of twelve seperate – if related – multipower slots. Being related, they have common limitations; 15- Activation (-.25), side effects (A 6D6 Minor Transform – inflicting a geas to carry out some sort of task on behalf of the elemental lords, -1) – and a full phase of 1/2 DCV concentration to activate (-.25).

A) The Seeking Claw; 12D6 Mind Scan, six one-minute charges (-).

B) SoulSteal; 1D6 “Major” Transform (To a mindless, petrified, body and an imprisoned soul in crystal globe or whatever. It’s reversed by smashing the receptacle), Based on ECV (+1), Continious (+1), Penetrating II (+1) and 6x one-minute charges (-).

C) HeartTheft; 1D6 RKA Based on ECV (+1), Does Body (+1), Continious (+1), 6x one-minute charges (-).

D) MindClaw; Telekinesis, Strength 20, Based On ECV (+1), six one-minute charges (-).

E) MindGrasp; 1D6 (Max 15) “Transfer”, Based On ECV (+1), from any one “learned” ability (Skill / Power) to the same ability (+.25), points return at 1/Hour (+1) and 16 charges (-).

F) SoulClench; 1D6+1 RKA, Continious (+1), Based On ECV (+1), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-). While this only does stun damage, it causes incredible pain.

G) MindRipper; 12D6 Telepathy, 6 1-minute uses (-).

H) Chiang’s Demand; Summon, any 100-point entity of a type appropriate to the mage (“White” Mages; Guardian spirits and creatures of the higher realms. Grey Mages; Elementals and nature spirits. Black Mages; Demons and supernatural horrors). 16 charges (-),

I) PowerTheft; 1D6 (Max 30), Transfer, from any one magical power to any one magical power (+.25), and points return at 1/hour (+1). 8x 1-Turn Charges (-).

J) The Crushing Claw; 4D6 RKA, 16 charges (-).

K) The Grasp Of Wen Chiang; Telekinesis, Str 40, 8x 1-turn charges (-).

L) The Many Claws; Str 15 Telekinesis, Radius (+1), Selective Target (+.25) and 2x Extended Radius (8″, +.5), 6x 1-minute charges (-), No Range (-.5),


TARNKAPPEN is a fairly simple spell of invisibility, exotic only in that it can be used on others as well as on the caster and has an unusually long duration.

1) Invisibility (To “Detect Magic”, all sight, and all hearing, 40). May be cast on another (+.25), 4x 1-Hour Charges (+.25). Requires Gestures (-.25), and powdered crystal (Expendable OIF, regrettably too common for any extra bonus, -.5),


THOTH’S OMNISCIENT EYE is one of the most subtle and potent spells ever created – and may well indeed be the work of some divinity. It allows the caster to sense, and interpert, the interconnecting cosmic fields of reality itself; extracting sensible information from nothing.

-This spell includes the following three – and quite horrifying – slots. All require a minimum of one turn (-1) of 0 DCV (-.5) “concentration” to activate, can be detected by beings with sufficient power when it’s used “against” them (IE; If you try to probe into the secret plans of some cosmic entity, it may well notice, -.25), can only supply information in porportion to the impact that the “target” has had upon reality (IE; The GM need not make up detailed backgrounds for unimportant things just because somebody uses this spell on them, -.25), and (Mostly to avoid wrecking the game) tend to become more and more cryptic and/or visionary as the information sought becomes more and more important and “distant”. (In general, information on something that’s immediately to hand (Or very simple) is easy to get, searching for something or someone is fairly simple – barring specialized magical/ psychic defences – but uncovering information on mystic secrets or at great range is difficult and limited. In complex cases the caster should simply tell the GM what information he/she is looking for, and take what he/she can get over a period of deep meditation. -2).

1) Aid; +3D6, Max 30, to any single (+.25) “enhanced sense” (Just as a note, an “enhanced sense” may be made up of a selection of specific subsenses, as long as the total is 30 points or less), Fades at 5/hour (+.75), 16 charges (-). This spell is not as limited as the other three slots, if only because it’s “targets” are usually a lot closer to hand.

2) Aid; 3D6 to any one (+.25) Knowledge Skill, fades at 5/hour (+.75), 16 charges (-).

3) Discriminatory Detect “Truth” (The absolute kind, as in “Is this statement true or not? If not, what part is wrong?”) at +20 perception, with 4x 5-Minute Charges (-).


TOME OF WIZARDRY summons just that – a compendium of magical lore, compiled by some powerful order of mages, near-omnipotent being, or by the power of magic itself. Such tomes include enormous amounts of magical lore and a vast array of spells – some of legendary potency.

Of course, anyone capable of compiling such a volume generally possesses vast power – and most of them are a bit picky about just who they let use it. As a rule, summoning such a volume – at least for the first time – generally involves swearing frightful magical oaths and committing yourself in some pretty serious ways. As a rule, any individual caster will only be able to summon up one specific volume, whether it’s the Book Of Thoth, the Tome Of The Lightbringers, or the Key Of Solomon.

1) Summon, 160-Point “Computer”/Mystic Tome. Caster must agree to support the purposes of the volumes maker and to join any relevant order (-1), Side Effect (A 4D6 Cumulative “Minor” Transform. This seals the “Bargian” and may have other minor effects depending on the volume. This often includes some minor “distinctive features” and some little perks, -1), three charges/day (-1.25) – and requires a full phase (-.5).

  • Tome/Computer; Int 40 (30), Dex 0 (-30) and Spd 1 (-). Scholar (3), 15 magical “reference” skills at 17- (30), Programs; Open to relevant page/search database, bestow power/grant spell, levitate about in vicinity of owner, grant strength (The extra endurance), and three others as seems appropriate (7). The “usual” tome powers include;
  • 1) Aid, 2D6 (Max 100), to any one (+.25) magical power, and variable trigger (+.5). One “recoverable” charge (The book must be intensively studied for about five minutes to recover the charge, -1), points fade instantly after the spell is cast (-.5), only powers appropriate to the book consulted can be “aided” (-.5), a maximum of 1/3/7 triggers (EG; enhanced spells) may be “set” on novices/ masters/archmagi (-.25), requires one minute of intense study to activate (IE; major powers are “built up” at a rate of 20D6 per hour of study, -1.5). Note that you do not have to have a power to have it aided – but it does help. In essence, this allows the user to set up a few really major spells in advance – but once they’re used, they’re gone until renewed. 94 Active, Net; 20 Points.
  • 2) 1D Major Transform Damage Shield (+.5), 0 End (+.5), No Normal Defence (Being “authorized” to use said book, a successful auric disguise as someone who’s authorized [Not at all easy, since you’ve got to fool the author], not studying the thing [IE; They can be moved around, and dusted, and so on with impunity], or carrying / wearing a talisman specified by your GM, +1), cumulative (+.5), Invisible to normal sight (Visible to psychic and magical senses, +.5), Always On (-.5), Acts 1/Minute on any one target (-1.5). 60 Active points, Net cost 20 points. The exact results of this effect depend on the book – and often vary depending on the nature of the target. Books of “white” magic rarely do anything too horrible, but a tome of “black” magic might do almost anything.
  • 3) Change Environment/Odd mystic effects as appropriate to the tome; 4″ Radius, Zero End. Cost (+.5), Always On (-.5). 22 Active points, net cost 15 points.
  • 4) Flight, 6″, 1/2 (0) Endurance Cost. Normally used to hang unsupported in the air, or to move about with it’s user. 15 Active points, net cost 15 points.
  • 5) Eidetic Memory. 10 points, both active and cost.
  • 6) 40 Endurance, usable by others (+.25). 25 points.
  • 7) Game Master’s Option. Popular choices include being able to; summon special guardians, disguise itself as a “normal” book, extradimensionally move back to whoever/ whatever created it, “project” minor defences to assist the user, grant minor powers to the user – or acting as a communications link. 15 points.


The TOUCH OF DARKNESS is a potent necromantic spell, allowing the caster to draw psychic energies from other beings to power magics that he or she wouldn’t normally be able to control.

1) Transfer 1D6, 20 Max (Ego to Cabalistic Esoterica Multipower), fades at one point/week (+1.75). Requires a full phase (-.5), 14- Activation (-.5), 6 charges per day (-.75), generally recognized as black magic (-.25).


THE TOUCH OF THE EARTH MOTHER is probably one of the oldest “formal” human magics around, dating (in various forms) back to the neolithic period – the beginnings of agriculture, roughly 11,000 years ago. The period when humanity first began to see the earth as a “mother” who would reliably provide for them, rather then relying on the erratic luck – and the accompanying wild, terrible, nature gods – which governed hunting and gathering. The Touch draws on the power of the earth as expressed by a variety of mother goddesses. Unfortunately, just as the use of agriculture requires plenty of time, so do these spells – although they have been refined a little. More annoyingly, many mages find the often-pacifistic aspect of earth-based healing magic incompatible with the more aggressive branches of the art.

-This spell usually includes seven multipower slots, but there are legends of additional, lost, spells which call upon darker aspects of the mother-goddess. In any case, these spells normally require at least one minute (-1.5) of 1/2 DCV concentration (-.25) to activate, are subject to GM restrictions on the compatibility of true healing magic with the “superheroic” lifestyle (This is most often expressed as a 15- activation roll if the GM has nothing else in mind, -.25), and take -.5 in variable limitations (-.25).

A) Forgiving Hand Of Kwannon; Aid, 2D6 Max 25 fades one/year (+2.5), versus any single disadvantage (+.25), recepient must devote one point of a year experience to making up for the point that fades (-.5), 16 uses (-).

B) Touch Of Danu; 1D Max 12 Aid versus all physical characteristics (+2), Invisible to both Sight and Hearing (Visible to mystic senses, +.75), 4096″ Radius (+3.75), Healing only (-.5), 16 charges (-).

C) Breath Of Isis; 8D Aid to any one characteristic or ability which is currently below it’s starting value (+.25), trigger (When an appropriate attribute gets too low, +.25). Healing only (-.5), 16 charges (-).

D) Reign Of Demeter; 1D6 “Major” Transform (Natural elements to an abundance of food, water, and supplies, as appropriate to a primitive local community), cumulative (+.5), 128″ radius (+2.5), 16 charges (-).

E) Summons Of Gaea; “Summon” any (+.25) 2x 75-point natural earthly animals (Normally a male and female pair. If the animals summoned are notably powerful you’ll get young. If very minor, you may get lots), 16 uses (-).

F) Blessings Of Hathor; 3D6 Luck usable by 4 others (+.5), 3x 50-year charges (+2.25) and difficult to dispel (+.25). This usually has no combat effects; it acts to keep the recipient out of trouble, healthy, and fed. It works best on kids, and usually fades out as they reach adulthood – although it does tend to hang around fools, young lovers, drunks, and anyone else who’s incompetent and needs looking after. Note that, once this spell is cast, contact is no longer required.

G) Decree Of Astarte; 2D6 Major Transform (The user can modify plants, animals, and bodies pretty much as he/ she desires. This can be used to restore corpses, alter the targets species, regenerate limbs and organs, shift ages, and so on. It can even bring a dead body back to life, but can’t restore it’s mind. This is essentially a doubled “limited group”, +.5), Cumulative (+.5), and 16 charges (-). As a note, this expression of a mother’s absolute authority over her children can easily be used in fairly nasty ways, and begins to border on much darker styles of magic.

-“Lost” slots include;

H) Wheel Of Kali; This terrible invocation calls on the earth mother in her aspect as devourer – hungry for her children’s renewing flesh, and with her graves/mouths ever open to recieve it. Those who feed the devourer, and allow it to possess them, can obtain dreadful powers. Generally; two “combat” skill levels (16), stealth (3), basic martial arts and weapons skills (20), +2 speed (20) and familarity with poisons (1), all on 1x 1-day use (-). This usually has a major transform side effect (2.5 D6, cumulative) which bestows various nasty powers and some fairly extensive psychological problems.

I) Kiss Of The Hag; Aid, 2D6 to all (+2) “physical” attributes (As a note, this includes running), fades 5/ week (+1.5), Invisible to Sight (Visible to both mental and mystical senses, +.5), plus 2D6 Mind Control (Induces pleasure, no range, -.5), Side Effect (A 2D6 cumulative major transform, invisible to sight – usually to either an aged, drained, wreck (and, eventually, corpse) or to a broken domestic animal. Unlike most “side effects”, this can be displaced to someone else who happens to be in fairly intimate contact with the user, -.5).

J) Blessings Of Freyja; This particular spell isn’t exactly “lost” – but it would certainly be considered a dreadful intrusion and quite indecent today, hence it’s no longer common. This is essentially a classic “bit” of sympathetic fertility magic; the caster has sex, and drastically boosts the fertility of plants, animals – and people – in a great area [This is a 1D Minor Transform, Cumulative (+.5), Invisible to Sight (Visible to mental and mystical senses, +.5), in an 8192″ Radius (+4). 16 charges (-), and a notable “side effect” (You’ll almost certainly wind up a parent, -.5)]. This will generally guarantee an excellent crop, great increase in flocks and herds, and lots of babies in the surrounding area.

-Magi with shamanistic tendencies sometimes dream of an even older set of “spells”; the fetish-charms of the hunter-gathers – ritualistic magics which may, in their original forms, be several hundred thousand years old and which probably predate the modern human race. The “Call Of The Huntsman” spells all require a full phase (-.5), employ odd fetishes (OIF, -.5), Activate/”Jam” on a 15- (-.75) and usually either require an OAF or concentration (0 DCV, -.5) – even in their “modern”, improved, forms. Huntmaster (+1 “Overall” Level (10), Survival 16- (13), Tracking 11- (7), 3 PD Armor (5), Weaponsmith/Primitive (3), Weapon skills and “Martial Arts” (20), and a “Perk” (A basic equipment package (2), All with 1x 1-day use, -), Summon Game (Calls various wild animals. You still have to get them. 8 charges, -.5), Casting The Spear (RKA, 4D6, 8 charges, -.5), Sacrafice (A 1D6 Minor Transform, Cumulative (+.5), Invisible to Sight (Visible to mental and magical senses, +.5), in an 4096″ Radius (+3.75), any minor change in the local environment (+.25) requires a sacrafice commensurate with the desired change (-1), 16 uses (-). Note that placating the animal spirits has no “game effect”, and is therefore free), SpearThrust (4D6 HKA, 8x 1-Turn charges (IE; That’s how long the magical spear remains enchanted)), Totem Watch (4D6 Luck, Light Sleep, Combat Sense 11-, Noncombat Danger Sense 11- and Detect Resources (Sense, Ranged, Discriminatory), 1 24- hour charge, -), Call The Hunt (Summon eight x 60-point creatures, usually mounts, dogs, or possibly companions to hunt with depending on just how old a version you’re using, 8 charges, -.5), and Prepotence (Tribal Leadership and Huntmaster, both 14- (Professional), Seduction 15-, +10 Str, +5 Con, +10 End, +10 Pre, one 24-hour charge).


TOUCH THE EARTHBLOOD calls on the primitive seething energies of the planetary core, where stone and iron flow like water, churning currents generate the earth’s geo- magnetic field, and the lighter elements blend into the liquid stone amidst radioactive fires. While such power has many uses (Of which only a few are described below) it is perilous to do so; the primal radioactive fury of the earthblood offers no handles for manipulation other then taking it into yourself and making it your own – and it makes a most uneasy “guest”.

-As is expected, the various applications/multipower slots of this spell share some common limitations; they cost End to activate, despite using charges (-.5), have unpleasant side effects (14- “Activation”, only to find out if the side effects occur, -.25. Side effects; 1D6 Cumulative (+.5) “Major” Transform, Difficult To Dispel (+.25), and a Variable Result (Causes radiation sickness, major mental disorders, occasional power boosts, and even a transformation into a radioactive lich-thing – all at the option of the game master, -.5), are very “visible” (The radioactive blue glow is conspicious, but the real limitation is that tapping into the earthblood attracts the attention of every mage and mystic in the area – as well as leaving distinct radioactive traces. QV; Mystic Masters, -.25), and are limited by the amount of energy from the earthblood that the user can store when out of contact with the earth (EG; the set of slots which make up this spell effectively have four recoverable charges which can be regained by making contact with the earth. While this is less limiting then the usual -.5 for such a limitation, applying it to the entire set of slots is enough to make up the difference, -.5).

A) Upon The Threshold; “Desolidification”. Only to allow “normal” interactions with spirits and mystically desolid beings (IE – The user can interact with desolid things, but is otherwise solid, -1), 6 one-hour charges (+.5). Obviously enough, the user is still “vulnerable” to everything he or she would be affected by normally.

B) The Unmaking; 1D RKA, NND (Vrs desolidification, life support/no aging (Plus actually being alive. Being a robot isn’t enough), hardened power defence, powerful religious convictions or being deeply involved with the universe’s “Higher powers”), Does Body (+1), Continious (+1), Six one-minute charges (Can be shut down with any form of “radiation shielding”, including simply getting under a lot of dirt or deep water, or by getting into a holy place (A sanctuary), -). As a note, this releases a LOT of hard radiation when it affects something.

C) The Great Anchoring; 4D6 Suppress, vrs Dex, Spd, and all “Movement” Powers (+2), Personal Immunity (+.25), 14″ Radius (+1.25), 6x 1-Minute Charges (-). As a note, this primarily calls on magnetic and gravitational forces – and so is less radioactive then most of these powers.

D) Lash Of Enervation; Drain 1D6 End, Ranged (+.5), NND (Life Support/Immune To Radiation, or Regeneration, +1), Continuous (+1), Returns 5/Week (+1.5), “Difficult To Dispel” (+.25) and 6x 5-minute charges (This results from cellular-level damage – and so can be shut down by any form of healing or regeneration “usable on others”,  +.25).

E) Aura Of Annihilation; 4D6 HKA, Six 1-minute uses (-). This powerful effect surrounds the caster with an “aura” of disintegrating power that drastically weakens the structure of whatever it touches, allowing the user to easily tear almost anything apart whith his, or her, bare hands. While there are tales that this sometimes goes wrong, also imbuing the caster with vast strength, incredible toughness, and uncontrollable berserker rage these are probably fictitious.

F) Bonds Of The Flesh; This powerful effect drags a spirit from the astral realm into the physical world.

-This is a bit tricky. The GM should decide just how spirits and astral projection work before deciding what version of this spell to let someone use. For those who aren’t sure, just don’t specify – the effect is roughly the same no matter which version you use.

F1) Extra-Dimensional “Movement”, Usable Vrs Others At Range (+1.5), TransDimensional (Whatever location in astral space corresponds to the physical “target spot”, +.5). This version works fine if spirits are handled as more-or-less normal creatures that just happen to exist in an “adjacent” dimension. It can also be used against truly disembodied beings by assuming that it creates an appropriate body for them, but this can get complicated very quickly for entities that were designed as spirits rather then “normal” astral projectors. Just what is an “appropriate” body? Can such a simple spell really make an “appropriate” body for a godling? What limits apply? (Besides the fact that it won’t work on anything except astral spirits). 16 Charges (-).

F2) 1D Major Transform, Affects Desolids (+.5), NND (NOT being Desolid, +1), Continuous (+1), 8x one-minute Charges (+.25), Variable Result (An/”the” “appropriate” material form, +.25). This version is designed to work on spirits which are “written up” using powers, such as desolidification and invisibility. It will also work on spirits as they’re described in the “Spirits And Astral Space” section. In this case, the points “freed up” by eliminating their “Affects Real World” advantage should be used to buy the appropriate physical abilities. Once again, this can get complicated.

F3) 1D6 Body Drain, Based On ECV (+1), NND (Vrs NOT being a spirit or astral form, +1), Continuous (+1), 2x Difficult To Dispel (+.5), 12 one-minute charges (+.5), Ranged (+.5), at +3 ECV. Side Effect; A 3D6 Cumulative Major Transform; Re-creates the target’s body “here” as the original disintegrates. This version is designed to work against the Mystic Masters/Clairsentience approach to astral projection.

G) The Earthbound Sphere; 1D6 Major Transform (To a spirit imprisoned in a crystal globe and an automation/ body animated by the earthbloods radioactive energies), Based On ECV (+1), Cumulative (+.5), Penetrating (+.5), Continious (+1), 4x 5-minute uses (Can be shut down by; leaving the dimension (or getting into space), reaching “holy ground” (The faith doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s a gathering point for spirits dedicated to something outside themselves. Abandoned temples usually won’t do, but a streetcorner with a salvation army band on it usually will), a sufficiently powerful dispel, or – if all else fails – a personal appeal to the “higher” powers (Generally an Ego roll at -6, one try only. This is not easy)). Probably one of the most feared effects in magic, this spell imprisons spirits in modest globes of enchanted crystal – leaving their bodies, if any, as zombies under the user’s control – while the imprisoned spirits are subjected to whatever environments the user envisioned. Most mages regard this effect as one of the blackest pieces of magic ever created.


TRINDAL’S TRANSMATERIALISM is a fairly typical spell of insubstantiality. Unlike some such, it still allows it’s user a tenuous contact with the electron fields of normal matter – allowing him or her to exert a (slight) force on the physical world while remaining intangible. Unfortunately, this same interaction leaves the user, and any companion, vulnerable to electrical effects.

1) Desolidification. Usable by one other character at a time (+.5). 60 Active Points.

2) “Affects Real World” (+2), and Usable by one other character at a time (+.5), on Str 1. 2 Active Points.


TRUMP GATE is a “Trump Card” in long-range ego-based battles and an excellent option for long-range rescues. It allows the caster to momentarily “upgrade” a psychic link to a physical one – allowing him or her to briefly make physical contact with anyone in mental contact and even “haul them through”. This can be quite a shock for overconfident mind-scanners.

A) Extra-Dimensional Travel (One “location”; To the user), Usable Vrs Others (If the caster’s willing, this can mean that the “target” will be considered to be the one using this power, +1), and Based On ECV (+1). While the user and target must be in different dimensions for this to work, the second “slot” is designed to overcome that limitation. The defence against this power is an Ego roll at -6 (to break contact in time), an excessive mass (due to growth, density increase, or being chained to one spot), or invisibility versus mental senses. 16 Charges (-), Requires a full phase (-.5).

B) ExtraDimensional “Movement”; Earth/Astral Plane, One-Hex Area Effect (+.5), Trigger (+.25), 16 Uses (-), only permits making a momentary “visit” (-1), cannot be used except in association with slot “A” (-.25). Since ego-based powers affect characters on the astral plane, this momentary “jump” will not affect mental links, but it’s “triggered” by an attempt to use slot
“A” when the target is in the same dimension as the caster.


VORTIGEN’S FIRELAW is unsubtle. It can probably even be described as simpleminded. It’s exclusively designed to call up lots of flame and incinerate things with it. Vortigen apparently choose fire simply because it’s the easiest elemental force to blast things with. Most magi prefer more flexible and versatile spells – but it must be admitted that, when you need some quick, impressive, and damaging, magic, Firelaw is a good spell to know.

-The various multipower slots of this spell are – as usual – subject to some common limitations; All of them require complex Gestures (-.25), the use of an OAF fire source (EG; A pack of matches, -1), can only be used in environments which permit flame (EG; Not underwater, in a vacuum, or in a non-oxidizing atmosphere, -.25) – and have potentially nasty side effects (4D6 Fire Explosive Energy Blast. This goes off if the caster’s “gestures” are interrupted during the casting. While this would require careful timing, it can be a nasty experience if and when it happens, -.5).

A) Fireball; 8D Explosive Energy Blast, 16 Uses (-), at +1 OCV.

B) Firebolt; 12D6 Energy Blast/Fire, 16 Charges (-), at +1 OCV.

C) Gates Of Inferno; 1D6 RKA, “Damage Shield” (+.5), Penetrating II (+1), 16″ Radius (+1.5). 4x five-minute Charges (-).

D) Ignite; 2D6 RKA, Continuous (+1). Six one-minute charges (Can be extinguised like any fire – although it is intense enough to take jsut a bit longer then usual, -) at +1 OCV.

E) Immolation; 8D6 Energy Blast Damage Shield (+.5), 4x 5-minute uses (-). Some mages use a 6D6 “Explosive” variant.

F) Sigil Of Flame; 2D6 Explosive (+.5) RKA, Variable Trigger (+.5), 16 Uses (-). A common booby-trap, or way to enhance missile weapons.

G) Sword Of The Archangel; 4D6 HKA, 6x 1-minute uses (-), at +1 OCV.

H) The Suns Of Space; 2D6 Flash, Versus Vision, with +1 variable advantage (+2), 16 Charges (-), at +1 OCV.

I) Wall Of Fire; 1D Continuous (+1) RKA, Penetrating (+.5), Area Effect (16 Hexes/Any, +1.5), 4x five-minute charges (-).


VORTIGEN’S INCENDIARY TOUCH is normally cast on some sort of weapon – but nothing really prevents the caster from using it on him- or herself. The spell generates a searing corona of flames around the initial target that spread to whatever and/or whoever comes into contact with that initial target. Fortunately, these secondary fires can only spread normally, rather
then by mere contact.

1) 3D6 Energy Blast (RKA in nastier – and generally fatal – versions), Difficult To Dispel (+.25), Personal Immunity (+.25), Penetrating II (+1), 12x 1-Minute Uses (Deactivated by immersion in nonflammable liquid, +.5), Sticky (+.5), Uncontrolled (+.5). No Range (-.5) and Only “sticky” from first target ignited (-.25).


THE WINDING WAY is the mages path across the cosmos. Upon it, distant worlds are but steps away. As might be expected, that incredible potency is also it’s greatest weakness; the slightest error can easily take the user, and any companions, into completely unknown realms.

1) Extradimensional Movement (Physically transports the caster and companions to, and from, the corresponding location on the lower astral/physical planes) 2″ Radius effect with selective target (+1.25), and trigger (Caster and company are automatically returned to physical levels after completing a “trip”, +.25), and Astral Navigation skill on a 14- (12 points). Requires a full turn (-1), user and company must use the “instant” travel mode – and so cannot linger on the astral plane (-.5), side effect (Mistraveling – that 15+ navigation roll – is not truly random; it means that the currents of magic have chosen to take you somewhere that is somehow more important to you – or your mission – or to them – then your intended destination. You won’t be able to depart on the winding way until you’ve either accomplished something of great importance there or at least a day has passed, -1), and 16 (Effectively 8 due to the automatic reversion) uses.


THE WORD OF UNBINDING is a potent – if specialized – spell designed to release that which is bound – whether it be by locks and bars, by mystic chains, or by stranger means. Alternatively, it makes an excellent tool for the would-be burgalar.

-This “Spell” actually consists of two seperate – if closely related – multipower slots. Sadly, the energies of the two variants are so similar that their “charges” are “shared” (IE; 32 total uses, rather then 32 in each slot) rather then totaled (-.5).

1) Change Environment, 16″ Radius (All locks, bars, doors, etc, open, all traps, and security systems, off. These may be closed and/or reactivated normally after the spell wears off, 25 active points), 32 1-Minute Charges (+.1), requires a full phase to activate (-.5).

2) Drain, 1D6 (Body) 16″ Radius (+2), Ranged (+.5), Continious (+1), 32x 1-Minute Charges (+1), Penetrating (+.5), and Difficult To Dispel (+.25). Only vrs chains, “entangles”, and other restraints (-2).


A WORLDLOCK INVOCATION momentarily halts the flow of magical energies into any particular sorcerous pattern. This will disrupt many weaker magics – although it does not prevent their crafter from recreating them.

1) 16D6+2 Dispel vrs any one magical effect (+.25).




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  1. Phandaal’s Cloak of Displacement (and others)! I’m reading Vance right now; good books.

    Lots of interesting stuff here.

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