d20: Kelsaru AnaNasu, Crystal Dragoness

   Today it’s a writeup for an NPC from the Federation-Apocalypse game. This version doesn’t yet include Skills or have much in the way of equipment – but that’s not too uncommon for dragons anyway.

   Like almost all of our characters, Kelsaru is designed using the classless d20 point-buy rules from Eclipse: The Codex Persona – available in print HERE and in a shareware version HERE.

Kelsaru Ana’Nasu

   L5 Crystal Dragon with +2 ECL Racial Package.

   Kelsaru is moderately ruthless, if inclined to be “fair” (perhaps due to her telepathic prowess), and was originally in search of a realm where dragons were well-respected (or, if possible, where they ruled), were numerous enough to form a society, and where technology was limited enough not to be TOO threatening. The Dragonworlds looked pretty good, at least at first glance, so she moved in and started getting set up. When she started infringing on Kevin’s territory, he promptly started courting her – an endeavor which, thanks to his massive enhancements and absurdly high charisma, met with rapid success.

   Kelsaru knows that she’s been claimed by someone who turned out to be MUCH more powerful, richer, and influential than she is – but he’s still cute, he looks like he’ll be an excellent father for her children, he willingly shares his resources, he’s made her the alpha female in his harem, he likes her and pays attention to her personally, he asks her opinions, he’s vastly superior to most other young male dragons – and simply associating with him seems to bestow a good deal of power, which is something she’s still wondering about.

   Kelsaru was originally a fairly minor NPC – a young dragoness in possession of a few bits of useful information and enough personal power that the characters would have to negotiate it out of her. She’d dominated a dozen other young dragons, and had some substantial holdings of her own. Other than that, she was essentially a distraction.

   Kevin, however, opted to treat the encounter as a date, as a chance to show off his wealth and how attractive he was and how sociable he could be WITHOUT reference to his raw supernatural power or to the making of sorcerous pacts. The fact that she responded to him personally, and willingly, was very pleasant. He’d never bonded with the Thrall-concubines, with the slave-girls, or with the girls from casual flings; the situations were too unequal with the Thralls and slave-girls and the emotional involvement just wasn’t there with the casual pairings. Associating with someone who responded to him socially and who was willing to be his without essentially being purchased was something he’d been missing. The fact that she thought he’d make a good sire for her eggs was a basic compliment for any male. The fact that she had substantial powers and resources of her own made the situation far more equal. The fact that he’s starting a family with a non-human is likely to lead to complications – but Kevin doesn’t care. He’s bonding.

   Basic Draconic Racial Package (+1 ECL):

  • Innate Enchantment: (30 CP)
    • +2 to Enhancement Bonus to Each Attribute (8400)
    • +4d6 Hit Dice (Maximized) (8400)*
    • Enlarge Self (1400): +1 Size Category (+8 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, -1 Attack Modifier, -4 Skill Modifier, +2 Natural Armor, Reach 10).*
    • Perceptiveness: +3 to all Sensory Skill Checks (1400)*
    • Sidestep: +1 Competence Bonus on All Saves (1400)*
    • Warding Rune: +1 Resistance Bonus on All Saves (1400)
    • Shield: +4 Shield Bonus to AC (2000)
    • Iron Fist: +2 Levels (usually 1d8 base) natural weapons (1400).*
    • Low-Light Vision (1400)*
    • Personal Haste (1400): +30′ Movement, +1 attack at full BAB when making a full attack.
    • Detect Magic (700).
  • Celerity/Additional Mode (Flight): Corrupted (Requires use of wings), Specialized: Poor Maneuverability (6 CP)” 60′ total base.
  • Immunity to Antimagic and Dispelling vrs Innate Enchantments (Uncommon / Minor / Epic, 9 CP)*.
  • Defender (L/5+1 Natural Armor bonus to AC, 12 CP) (Net effect L/2.5+2 Bonus to AC).*
  • Universal DR 4/- (9 CP)*
  • Occult Sense/Darksight (6 CP)
  • Energy Infusion (Cold, 6 CP).
  • Immunity to Aging (Uncommon/Minor/Great, 3 CP: can expect to live for many centuries).
  • Power Package (30 CP): Inherent Spells (Psychic Powers), Bonus Uses based on Constitution (all four uses per day for +3 CP unless otherwise noted): Tongues and Suggestion (2x L2 spells, 9 CP), Dispel Magic (L3 spell, 9 CP), Radiant Cone (L4 spell, 1d6/Level to 15d6 plus save or blindness for 1d4 rounds) 7/Day (12 CP).
    • All abilities Specialized and Corrupted (one-third cost except for Defender, which is two-thirds cost at double effect): Transforms user into an obvious dragon, makes them vulnerable to anti-dragon magical effects and weaponry, user is an obvious supernatural being and radiates magical power and an aura that disturbs normal humans and animals even when shapeshifted, body parts are quite valuable. Base Cost: 41 CP.
    • Package Disadvantages: Hunted (by rival dragons and dragon-hunters), Insane (at least by human standards – they are greedy and hoarding, arrogant, predatory, dominating, and don’t care much about their children – if only because they may have hundreds if female and thousands if male), and Accursed (can be subdued or forced into obedience by some means, although it’s usually unique to each dragon). -10 CP, reducing the net cost to 31 CP

   Gem Dragon Racial Upgrade: +32 CP (96 after package Specialization and Corruption)/+1 ECL.

  • Reflex Action, Specialized in Psionics Only for double effect (6 CP): May interrupt the normal sequence to take three psychic actions three times per day.
  • Innate Enchantment (+2 CP, +2000 GP Value): Mage Armor (1400),
  • Shapeshift with Variants. Specialized/Cosmetic only (4 CP). May lose physical abilities (such as flight when in a form without wings), but game statistics are otherwise unchanged regardless of which medium to huge animal or humanoid form she appears in.
  • Spell/Power Resistance (6 CP): 5 + ECL (Current total of 7).
  • Inherent Spells (Psionic Powers): All with Con-based +3 Bonus Uses for four uses/day each. Save DC (10 + Con Mod + Level). L5 (9 CP), L6 (12 CP), L7 (18 CP), L8 (18 CP), and L9 (21 CP). The list below also includes the abilities from the basic draconic package for easy reference.
    • Tongues: L2, speak and comprehend all languages.
    • Suggestion, L2, implant a powerful thought
    • Dispel Magic, L3, disrupts magical/psychic energies.
    • Radiant Cone (Her “breath Weapon”, usable 7 times per day for +3 CP), L4 spell, 1d6/Level to 15d6 plus save or blindness for 1d4 rounds).
    • Plane Shift: L5, between planes permitting psionic dimensional travel.
    • Psychic Ward: L6, any L4 or lower psionic defensive discipline.
    • Summon Construct VII: L7, summons a formidable psychic construct.
    • Kinetic Mastery: L8, any telekinetic effect of L6 or less.
    • Telepathic Mastery: L9, any telepathic effect of L7 or less.

   Available Character Points: Restrictions/Armor (+1 CP/Level), Disadvantages/Healing Resistant, Irreverent, and Secret (is actually a very rare gem dragon, not one of the usual species) (10 CP), Level Five Base (144), and three level-based Bonus Feats (L1 and L3, 12). Grand Total: 171 CP.

   Languages (5): Draconic, English, Japanese, Sylvan, and Aquan.

   Basic Attributes:

  • Strength 26/+8. Provides DR 8/-.
  • Intelligence 19/+4. Provides +4 to all trained skills.
  • Wisdom 18/+4. Provides +4 Defense when unarmored or lightly armored, aware of attacks, and free to move.
  • Constitution 22/+6. Provides 6 Magic Points
  • Dexterity 13/+1. Provides 2 CP worth of Weapon Proficiencies)
  • Charisma 20/+5. Provides ten free Contacts)
    • Original Rolls: 16, 17, 13, 16, 16, 17 (pretty good, even for 5d6 keeping the best three). +1 Charisma at L4.

   Basic Abilities (80 CP):

  • Saves:
    • Fortitude +3 (9 CP) + 6 (Con) + 1 (Competence) + 1 (Resistance) = +11
    • Reflex +3 (9 CP) + 1 (Dex) + 1 (Competence) + 1 (Resistance) = +6
    • Will +9 (27 CP) + 4 (Wis) + 1 (Competence) + 1 (Resistance) = +15
  • Hit Dice: L1-5D6 (10 CP).
  • Hit Points: 23 (Hit Dice; 6, 3, 5, 6, 3) + 24 (Magical HD Boost) + 126 (9 x [Str Mod + Con Mod]) = 173
  • Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons (3 CP -2 from Dexterity = 1 CP).
  • Move: 30 (Base) +30 (Personal Haste) = 60 (also Flies at 60).
  • Initiative: +1
  • BAB: +4 (24 CP)
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 1 (Dex) + 4 (Wis, per world rules) + 4 (Mage Armor) + 4 (Shield) + 6 (Natural) = 29
  • Universal DR 8/- base, 12/- base due to racial modifiers.
  • Usual Weapon: Claws, +12/+12, 1d8+8.

   Purchased Abilities (84 CP):

  • Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills (6 CP): +2 SP/Level
  • Advanced Augmented Bonus (18 CP): Adds Str Mod to Con Mod for HP purposes.
  • Improved Augmented Bonus (12 CP): Adds Con Mod to Cha Mod for social purposes.
  • Leadership (6 CP). Specialized for double effect/must personally recruit followers. This normally covers her servants and followers.
  • 8 Levels of Wilder “Spellcasting” (48 CP): Con Based, Save DC 16+Power Level, 84 Power, Five Disciplines of up to L4:
    • Dominate; L4, 7 Power, Control other’s minds.
    • Energy Adaption; L4, 7 Power, gain Resistance 10 to all forms of energy.
    • Psionic Blast; L3, 5 Power, Stunning blast in a 30′ cone.
    • Psi-Shield; L2, 3 Power, add +8 to existing Spell/Power resistance.
    • Lesser Insight; L1, 1 Power, gain +10 insight bonus on a short-term skill check.

   Skills: 7 (7 CP) + 16 (Fast Learner/Skills) + 32 (Intelligence) = 53 SP.

   In general, Kelsaru’s skills will get the usual +4 Int bonus if she’s trained in them, the +5 for narrow skills, and a +3 to sensory skill checks.

   Equipment: Kelsaru has a good deal of “local” magical equipment, but isn’t too well equipped for the Manifold yet. Now that she’s out and traveling, that will probably change rapidly. Kevin will certainly get her some military-class Smartclothes (even if they will be in a rather revealing mode most of the time) and any other equipment she might like.

   Kevin, as a power of the darkness, has expended a Dominion Point to grant Kelsaru an “official” appointment as his consort – and set up three Witchcraft pacts with her as well. The pacts are “Spirit” (so he can claim her spirit and bring her back if she’s killed), “Duties” (helping supervise his harems and offspring), and “Missions” (occasionally bearing his children). The disadvantages of the office include always dressing / shapeshifting to please Kevin, being a target for anyone else who wants the position, and being valuable – since other dragons will generally regard her as a property to be acquired (these are slightly less serious than the usual disadvantages of an office, but – on the other hand – it’s a less serious office than most).

   The Pacts and the 15 CP from the Office pay for Basic Witchcraft and The Secret Order (+26 Power [110 total], Save DC 18, all twelve basic Witchcraft abilities), access to the Psionic Path of Sexuality (6 CP), a +6 Speciality in Seduction/Young Males (Specialized in Kevin, double effect, 1 CP), Privilege (authority over Kevin’s harems, specialized since it is limited and of limited scope, 1 CP), and +1 point of Dimensional Adaption (reduces the cost of Identities by one skill point, 1 CP). The basic Witchcraft abilities include:

  • The Adamant Will: Resist mental controls and conceal your aura.
  • Dreamfaring: Limited astral and ethereal projection and the ability to see into those realms.
  • Elfshot: Laying minor curses.
  • Glamour: Projective telepathy. Good for bonuses on social skills and minor hypnotic and illusion effects.
  • The Hand of Shadows: Minor telekinetic and animation effects.
  • Healing: Heal 1d4/Power up to 3d4/Round, resist drugs, toxins, and similar effects.
  • Hyloka: Biophysical control.
  • Infliction: Minor psychic attacks.
  • The Inner Eye: Thought-sensing, good for a +6 bonus on relevant skill checks, sense-sharing, and similar effects.
  • Shadowweave: Minor illusions, +6 bonus to relevant skills.
  • Witchfire: Minor molecular telekinesis.
  • Witchsight: Enhance senses, adding special enhancements, a +6 bonus for a time, or a +18 bonus for an instant.

      As a loyal follower, Kelsaru also gets the general loyal follower bonuses that all of Kevin’s followers get:

  • Dimensional Adaption (1 CP): Enthusiast, Specialized: Only for the “Identities” skill, Corrupted: only changes in new realm, reduces the cost of Identities by 1 SP.
  • Relic Mastery (4 CP): Enthusiast x2, Specialized in Relics for double effect the first time, to half the cost on the second time. This lets her have 3 CP worth of relics of her choice.
  • Immunity to Sensory-Based Mind Control (4 CP). Immunity (Uncommon / Major / Minor, blocks effects of up to L3 and provides a +4 on saves against more powerful effects)
  • +1d6 Power (2 CP): Personal Mana converted to Power (for a total of 3d6+20)
  • Create Relic (2 CP): Specialized (2 Point Relics Maximum), Corrupted; only points from Enthusiast.
  • Wealth +1 SP
  • Reflex Action (6 CP): 3 bonus actions as required per day

   Kelsaru is very powerful on her own – that +2 ECL template is designed for efficiency – and the 53 CP worth of enhancements Kevin is bestowing, plus whatever her personal ID includes (mostly holdings and local equipment and such at the moment; she isn’t used to the ability to drop into new identities yet), makes her pretty impressive. The fact that the Federation-Apocalypse setting lets you ignore the level-based restrictions on Inherent Spells and such just makes it worse.

3 Responses

  1. Looking over Kelsaru’s build, I have a few questions:

    Her basic draconic racial package has a number of items with an asterisk next to them, but no explanation is given for what they’re significant of. What are they?

    Her Reflex Training in her gem dragon racial upgrade notes that it’s specialized in the use of psionics only for double effect. Given that Reflex Training lets you take a single standard action out of the usual order of initiative three times per day, I’d presume that this lets her take two psionic actions on one use of her Reflex Training, three times per day; however, the ability says she can do so three times…where is the third use coming from?

    Her purchased abilities are noted as costing her 84 CP, but adding them up, I keep getting 90 (6 CP for Fast Learner + 18 CP Advanced Augmented Bonus + 12 CP Improved Augmented Bonus + 6 CP Leadership + 48 CP for 8 levels of wilder = 90 CP). Is the listing of 84 CP in error, or has she overspent?

    Finally, I’m almost afraid to ask but what is the Psionic Path of Sexuality? It’s clearly meant to be a path a la Paths of Power, but what powers are in it? Is it just a psionic version of the Pleasure domain, albeit without the domain ability (Paths of Power II, p. 23; though this doesn’t seem like a perfect fit, e.g. a power to summon a consort, when she already is one herself)?

    • The asterisks are easy; the racial package is from over HERE, and the asterisks simply designate physically-based abilities that will operate normally in the Core Worlds of the Federation-Apocalypse setting. For most other settings they’re pretty meaningless.

      The psionic Path of Sexuality – like the “Tantric Ways” path in Paths of Power (it’s sandwiched in between the paths of Summoning and Temporis but isn’t actually described beyond a note) – would presumably cover control of fertility, immunity to sexual diseases, enhanced seductiveness, and allowing the user and his or her partners to enjoy themselves far more than is normally possible.

      That actually goes back about thirty years – to when “sexual magic” was an entry on a long list of secondary magical skills, and several players made the same general comment “Hm. I get twelve picks off the secondary skills list for characterization and none of them have any big effect – but I can’t see any adolescent apprentice mage who wouldn’t have developed that one.”

      It’s really never needed a description beyond “Everyone involved has lots of fun” and the possibility of later entanglements. The Pleasure Domain got some details because you only usually only get a few domains – and so it needed some actual mechanical effects.

      The last couple of items are, sadly, simply examples of “a rush job”. Her Leadership should have a note that this was effectively subsumed into her having access to Kevin’s armies of Thralls and Servants (and therefore didn’t cost anything) – and I fear that the Reflex Training is probably simply a typo since I don’t remember anything special about it, and should read two extra actions three times a day.

      Unfortunately, wordpress has changed their editing functions; if I reopen old pages to edit them (and fix typos) it now discards much of the formatting and it takes a lot of tedious HTML editing (which I’m not good at) to put it back. It has been suggested that I try to convert things to a Wiki – but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that that won’t require months I really haven’t got.

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