Cheese and Toast; Champions Game Rules

   For anyone who hasn’t heard, each character is permitted one major piece of cheese. For example, a “Follower” (computer or similar system) described as an implant or portable system with a pile of skills or abilities “usable by others”, a long-term “Aid” power which can be used to add many more points than it costs to a character, an equipment allowance – especially one primarily used for cheaper “Conventional” (-1) or “Independent” (-2, but this WILL regularly cause troubles for you), equipment, investing so much of your points in vehicles or followers that you leave the GM with the choices of 1) running a secondary scenario to accommodate them or 2) leaving you with nothing to do when you can’t use them,  grossly abusing the “limited variety of powers allowed” limitation available to narrowly-themed multipowers and elemental controls, or having followers, bases, or vehicles spend their points buying things that you use. Even I won’t allow continuous aid effects unless there’s a long delay between activations. That kind of thing tends to result in characters who can never be stopped – and that’s just boring.

   Characters who attempt to use two pieces of cheese, to nest them – such as taking an ability-granting portable computer with points from your equipment allowance,  getting long-term aid effects from other characters or their followers/creations – or otherwise grossly exploit the rules, will get the “Villain Disadvantage (people always seem to find and stop you, no matter what you’re doing or how well hidden you are) as a free gift from the game master.

    Optionally, characters can have two half-pieces of cheese, such as a long-term aid to a very limited group of abilities and a half-size equipment allowance, but this is subject to individual character approval and game master review if it proves problematic in the game.

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