Federation-Apocalypse Medical Care

Current Federation medical kits can

  • Double a character’s normal healing rate, including innate, non-supernatural, abilities such as the time-limited Grant of Aid available to “Pureblooded Humans” (doubles available uses).
  • Provide a +5 bonus on the users relevant medical skill.
  • The diagnostic expert system and included Imps and Elementals have an effective skill of +10 on their own. Personalized versions, including implanted versions, have an effective skill of 15, since their skill is narrowed to focus on a single individual.

   Medical Skills (Healer, Physician, Paramedic, First Aid, etc) are normally Broad, but may be Narrow if specialized in a particular application or if they require specialized equipment or conditions. For example, Shamanic Healing is Narrow: it will only work in a limited set of realms. Common uses for medical skills include:

  • Increase Daily Healing Multiplier by +1 (Average, requires simple nursing), +2 (Difficult, requires basic medical supplies), or +3 (Extraordinary, requires advanced medical supplies). This only requires ten or fifteen minutes, but that time is spread throughout the day – making repeated checks impossible.
  • Stabilize Patient: At -1 to -10 (Average), -11 to -20 (Difficult, requires basic medical supplies), -21 to (- HP) (if higher) (Extraordinary, requires advanced medical supplies). This can be attempted repeatedly, but tends to become more and more difficult until the patient is irrecoverable.
  • Healing: 1d6 (Difficult), +1d6 per additional success level up to a maximum of 1/2/3/4/5/6 for no medical supplies/basic bandages/primitive instruments/20’th century medical kit/advanced medical kit or 20’th century surgical setup/advanced medical setups. Healing takes a couple of minutes the first time in a day, about 10-20 minutes the second time, hours for the third, and the rest of the day for a fourth attempt.
  • Removing special conditions, such as Dazed, Stunned, Unconscious, Blinded, Deafened, Diseased, or Poisoned, is possible, but the difficulty level is set by the game master, as is the required time and equipment.

   Full-scale core facilities can pretty much rebuild you, install cyberware, or make extensive modifications as long as the brain can be kept functioning. If something happens, but the brain is intact and such a facility is within reach, the probability of survival is very very high, although still not quite guaranteed.

   Attempts to apply medical skills to yourself causes a penalty of at least -5 and in many cases – such as treating paralysis – is quite impossible.


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