Exalted – The Logic of Inevitability (Waking Circle Oneiromancy)

Ravana the leader of the Raksha of Sri Lanka

Lord of the Raksha

The order, logic, and destiny of creation is alien to the Raksha – but not entirely so. Their own narrative plays off of it, and – given endless time – chaos will manifest everything, including the rigidly ordered current of “inevitable” destiny which is its opposite.

Of course, Chaos will also manifest ways to take advantage of Samsara…

The Logic of Inevitability allows the user to “run” his minions remotely – having them make the decisions that would best suit him within the limits of their loyalty (if that HAS any upper limit) and knowing what they know. Even if the user is utterly annihilated, his or her control over any minions that remain loyal to his or her memory continues unabated until their destruction. The net effect is that the player now has many characters…

Waking Circle Oneiromancy: The Logic Of Inevitability (*, 3 motes to attune, built on ten Glamour): Assumption of the Person’s Heart (1) (Becomes an immaterial part of the users body), Imposition of Law x3: The user invariably succeeds at reflexive (Int + Inv) checks to “deduce exactly what is or has been going on in the vicinity of all of his or her minions or behemoths from the locally observable state of the universe”, the user automatically succeeds on (Int + Lor) checks to “instantly deduce exactly what orders he or she will need to give in advance so that his or her minions will do exactly what he or she would have them do if he or she were there to give directions”, and automatically succeeds on (Man + Bur) checks to “unforgettably summarize and communicate those orders to his or her minions within a single round”.

Note that it doesn’t matter that the difficulty for deducing as much of the state of creation as you need is probably a billion, or that deducing what orders you’ll need to give to cover all contingencies is probably a hundred times that difficult (although summarizing them is probably simple in comparison, with a difficulty of a mere fifty to a hundred) – those tasks are generally unopposed, and thus Imposition of Law reigns supreme.

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  2. […] The Logic of Inevitability (Waking Circle Oneiromancy): A way of remotely-operating your minions. […]

  3. […] The Logic of Inevitability (Waking Circle Oneiromancy): A way of remotely-operating your minions. […]

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