Exalted – Resplendent Butlers Accouterment (Artifact **)

Two servants

Yes, it's for people like these

While these come in a variety of styles – stiffly starched detachable shirt-collars, quasi-clerical models, necklaces and chokers, spiked leather, and classical slave-collars – they all work exactly the same way. They provide a variety of highly advanced thaumaturgical functions designed to make their wearers better servants and companions.

That’s because they’re actually Raksha Slave Collars.

Not that Raksha normally make them. If they were making magical slave collars, they’d want to put in methods of restraining and doing weird things to their slaves – not boosts that make them better servants and allow them to swiftly recover from being drained or mistreated. That’s very convenient of course, but the big benefits are for the slaves, not their masters. Still, there are enough benefits for the master to make almost any Raksha who can get the things put them on their servants and keep them there.

If they do that, those servants are pretty well guaranteed to come through their experiences with the Raksha just fine – and sooner or later the Raksha will get bored with ANY mortal, and let them go.

And that, of course, is why Charles makes the things.

Since then, however, they’ve also become popular with various other Gods, Exalts, and others; everyone needs good servants.

Artifact Design: Power 5 (4 Class-B, 6 Class-A, and 4 Class-0 functions), Usefulness 3, Plot Impact 1, Script Immunity 1, Troublesome (Only works for Mortals, -2). Net Artifact Rating = 8/4 = 2.

Class-0 Functions:

  • Hasten to Obey: The collars reduce travel time by 90% when the wearer is either reporting to his or her master, or running an errand for him or her (Ten success Art of Travel).
  • Listening at the Keyhole: The collars maintain a link to the wearer’s master; the wearer will always have a good idea of what their master wants at the moment (Ten success Art of Linking).
  • Long Enduring: The wearer will never find anything more than moderately painful unless they’re being punished by their master – in which case the pain can be fairly serious, although never overwhelming (Ten success Art of Lifeweaving).
  • Proper Raiment: The collars can cover themselves up, and provide illusory clothing, as needed – although this is a mere illusion, with no reality beyond deceiving the senses of sight and touch (Ten success Art of Illusion).

Class-A Functions:

  • Eager to Please: The wearer gains +3d on any action that is not enhanced by any other charm or artifact, and is intended to directly please or serve their master (Fifteen success Art of Fortune, mostly devoted to breadth of effect).
  • Greater Warding. The collars can subtract three levels, to a minimum of zero, from the final damage the user takes from any effect up to three times per scene – albeit only once per effect. This will not, however, stack with similar defenses (Fifteen success Art of Fortune, nondispellable).
  • The Speakeasy Effect: The wearer gains two extra languages. Which languages are provided can be varied over the course of a few weeks. After all, few things are more deeply irritating than servants who don’t understand what you’re talking about (Ten success Science of Telepathy).
  • Unbreakable: The collars cannot be destroyed save by truly grotesque abuse or major directed magical acts. This doesn’t mean they’re indestructible – just that, like a hearthstone, destroying them is something to do in downtime. It isn’t a combat tactic .(Ten success Science of Enchantment).
  • Well-Fastened: The collars are difficult to remove – although countermagic, breaking them, or an order from the wearer’s master, will allow it readily (Ten success Science of Enchantment).
  • XXXalted Prowess: This power provides a big boost to things we’re not going to explain because – while it ALWAYS comes up in Exalted sooner or later – we don’t need to encourage it (Ten success Art of Lifeweaving).

Class-B Functions:

  • The Wellsprings of the Soul: Self-Powered. These collars – intended for unawakened mortals to wear – have no attunement cost, although it still requires several minutes for them to power up and take effect.
  • The Infinite Leash: The collars maintain an unbreakable link to a specific Manse. Charles usually links the ones he makes (or has made) to Brigadoon – a level five manse that provides

An upgraded version of Life-Sustaining that grants immunity to poison and disease instead of bonus successes and allows those affected to recover from crippling effects as if they were levels of aggravated damage – along with the usual immunity to aging and rapid healing.

Wyld Revocation/Bilocation. This allows anyone attuned to the manse to invest a wound level in it and effectively be there at all times – gaining its benefits and allowing them to reform there if “slain”, much like a god with a sanctum.

Wyld Revocation/Biological Needs. This grants those “within” the manse double their usual base health levels and removes their need to eat, drink, and breathe – so that they need minimal care

Immutability. This makes the wearers immune to shaping by anyone except their masters.

Comfort Zone. This protects wearers from environmental hazards). That’s a thaumaturgical link (Class-0) with a +2 power level upgrade to make it unbreakable.

  • Donning the Uniform: This ability allows the user to assume temporary mutations. If the user’s master wants all his or her servants to be silky persian-cat beastmen or some such, this is the function to use. That’s Thaumaturgic Lifeweaving with a six tick casting time (+2D), a Duration of up (2x Essence) Years or until dismissed (+6D), a Single Target (+0D), Induces Temporary Mutations up to the four-point level (+4D), and Personal-Only (-2D). As a Class-B effect, this gets 20 automatic successes, providing ten Mutation Points at a cost of one Will. As with all thaumaturgy, it does not stack with similar effects.
  • Warded Flesh: The collars wearer gain +6A/+6L/+6B magical soak that will prevent ping damage up to that limit. That’s Telekinesis (Force Field effect), with a six tick casting time (+5D), a Duration of Days (+3D),

The collars, of course, are exploiting a loophole; they’re taking a very high power level and compensating for it with low ratings elsewhere to come out cheap. Of course, since they only work for Mortals, who cares?

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  2. […] Resplendent Butlers Accouterment (2): Turning basic mortals into durable and superb servants. […]

  3. […] Resplendent Butlers Accouterment (2): Turning basic mortals into durable and superb servants. […]

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