Champions – Trivial Animal Spirit Channelers

Most animal spirit channelers draw on the spirits of formidable creatures – bears, wolves, sharks, tigers, and so on. A few draw on weaker, smaller, or less suitable, but still reasonably formidable creatures – seals, lesser canines, badgers, and so on. A very, very, few – often those bonded with spirits by accident or through the use of misapplied magic – wind up drawing on rabbits, ferrets, parrots, squirrels, housecats, raccoons, and various other small creatures.

Those spirits can’t provide enough arcane power to create “weres” as a rule. They can’t grant any really formidable abilities. They can’t, in fact, do all that much – but they do provide some minor physical enhancements and astral perception. On the other hand, their continuous astral activity and poor control makes a trivial spirit channeler quite obvious from the astral plane as well.

As usual, a “normal” human can have up to 100 CP plus one power package – which, since it’s allowing them to bypass the normal limits (even if in a preset fashion) always includes at least twice as many points in disadvantages as would normally be needed to pay for itself. Characters who exceed normal human potentials – Tier One and Tier Two Heroes – are welcome to buy the relevant abilities, but can’t take power packages; they have surpassed such things.

Trivial Animal Spirit Channeler Package (35 Points):

  • Appropriate “Animal Language” (Basic Conversation) (1 Point).
  • Specific Animal Powers (12 points, to be selected – usually in the elemental control).
  • Elemental Control: Animal Spirit Channeler Powers (5-pt reserve, 2 Points). Visible (mystically conspicuous, minor animalistic features, -1/4), Always On (as is the overload of package disadvantages, -1/2), and Minor Powers Only (20 active points maximum, -1/4).
    • Armor (4 PD/3 ED) (2 Points).
    • Regeneration (1 BODY/5 min.); Regenerate: Lost Limbs and Organs, +10; Activation: 11-, -1. (4 Points).
    • Astral Sight (+0 to PER); Time Required: Instant, +2; Range: Ranged, +5; (2 Points). Since this is always on, spirits can always notice the user.
    • Astral Hearing (+0 to PER); Time Required: Instant, +2; Range: Ranged, +5 (2. Points). Again, since this is always on, spirits can always notice the user.
    • Power Defense (10 pts); Automatically protects against any attempt to remove package disadvantages or abilities – only (-½) (2 Points).
    • Supernatural Senses: Enhanced Perception (all) (+2 to PER) and Ultraviolet Vision (2 Points).
    • +1 Speed (2 Points).
    • +5 Constitution (2 Points).
    • +5 Body (2 Points).
  • Trivial Spirit Channeler Package Disadvantages (-70 Points):
    (15) Minor Instincts, may occasionally require an Ego check to avoid startled reactions, mild affects on daily behavior (Common, Strong)
  • (30) Susceptibility to Exorcisms (2d6 STUN and BODY/Turn); Condition: Uncommon, +5
  • (15) Accidental Change: Far more animalistic when exposed to high levels of magic (14-)
  • (10) Reputation: Animal-Person (11-)

For a few possible examples…

Ferret Package: Add 1/2D6 HKA (2 Points), +5″ Running (2 Points), an additional +1 Speed (3 points), and +3 Dexterity (2 Points) to the Elemental Control and add Survival (3 Points) to the base package. Ferret Channelers are quick – but it’s small-active-animal quick, not superhero quick. Still, they might make for decent minions for someone.

Rabbit Package: Add +5″ running (2 Points), +10″ Superleap (2 Points), +5 to Hearing Perception (2 Points), Tracking Scent (2 Points), and a 4d6 Hand Attack (Rabbits kick REALLY well, 3 Points) to the Elemental Control and add Survival (8-, 1 Point) to the base package (rabbits may be wild things, but they rely on having masses of offspring for species survival. The individuals die a lot). Rabbit Channelers make decent messengers and surprisingly good guards – but probably aren’t going to be anyone’s first choice of minions.

Squid Package: Add Str+5 Clinging (3 Points), Images (Normal sight only, only for Personal Camouflage / Chameleon effects, -1) (2 Points), +10″ swimming (2 Points), Need Not Breathe (Only allows breathing underwater, -1.5) (1 Point), Darkness (Normal Sight, 1″ Radius, four one-turn continuing charges daily, Ink Spray/Underwater or immediate target only (-1.5) (1 Point), and Radar Sense (only functions underwater, -1) (3 Points) to the Elemental Control. Squid Channelers can be quite powerful if they happen to be channeling a giant squid or something – but a trivial squid spirit… can help you out with underwater activities fairly well, but not all that much else.

Parrot Package: Add 10″ gliding (2 Points) and 1/2D6 HKA (2 points) to Elemental Control, add Mimicry (5 Points) and Conversation (3 Points) to the basic package. Unfortunately, like most of the trivial spirits, Parrot spirits can’t provide enough power – at least as individuals – to let a human host fly; without massive physical changes a bit of gliding is all that’s possible. Still, that can be fairly handy in itself.

Squirrel Package: Add +4 Dex (3 Points), 1/2D6 Killing Attack (2 Points), Clinging at Str+0 (2 Points), Superleap 10″ (2 Points), and Acrobatics at +4 to the Elemental Control. And yes, that’s a skill in an elemental control – but it’s a five point squirrel-themed elemental control. I don’t think that it will break anything. As far as uses for bouncy, squirrely, hyperactive, minions go… Well, that “swarm up the walls” thing can be handy, so if you give them ranged weapons they might get off a shot or two before the actual hero-types can find the time to knock them out.

Overall, Trivial Animal Spirit Channeling isn’t much of a basis for superheroes, or even super minions – but the boosted resistance to injury, rapid healing, and enhanced health, coupled with a fairly modest set of associated disadvantages, makes this one of the more convenient packages that super-hero associates can pick up.

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