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   Today I’ve been working on getting a very old character ready to post. Raven goes back to the early days of first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and has been updated for each (2’nd, Players Option, 3.0, 3.5) edition since. He’s also a good example of using Eclipse: The Codex Persona to build exactly the character you want, since this 3.5 version is direct conversion of his second edition (Players Options series) abilities. He’s also got one of the most powerful templates I’ve ever created. Fortunately for game balance, it’s greatest abilities almost never come into play.

   Some things were easier to do in second edition. Raven, infused with the infinite power of the Wyld Magic was extremely dangerous to artifacts, deities, and anything else powerful enough to awaken a response from that power – but no normal situation would bring it out. In second edition, it sufficed to note that such entities and objects were generally aware of this and avoided him at all costs, since weird and wonderful (GM plot device) things would happen if they failed to do so. In 3.0 and 3.5, you actually have to come up with a mechanism for this so that you can price it. Since the conversion required adding an acquired template anyway to cover the various minor oddities he’d acquired over years of play, it seemed best to build the Wyld Magic in too.

   With any luck, the main sheet will be up later this evening.

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