In Nomine: The Long March

   You’ve met him in a thousand tales and seen him in a hundred movies. The face may change a bit, but it’s always Him. He is invoked by everyone from method actors to soldiers in the field. He has fallen again and again, defending his homeland against the barbarians. He is tough as nails and he has no patience with mysticism, with foolishness, or with disobeying orders. A long time ago he was known as Centurion. These days he’s normally just called


   (Ethereal Archetype: The Career Sergeant. 8 Forces, +0 CP)




















Mind Hits











Soul Hits


   *12 for determining hit points, 8 for other purposes. Base of 10.

   Combat Statistics: Melee Dodge: 10-, Ranged Dodge 10-, Kevlar Armor (- 2to be hit, -4 vrs firearms, + 2 armor), Punch Attack 10-, Power -2, Combat Knife 10-, Power +2, .44 Revolver 10-, Power +3, Lawgiver 10-, Power +30, Justifier 10-, Power +0/4/8. Hits 84.

Artifacts (5):

  • The Lawgiver: Celestial Relic/Corporeal Song of Reloading-2 (6), Summonable (+3), Primary Form/4-Shot LAW missile launcher (0), Alternate Form/Ring (+3, variant on “can be hidden”), Disturbance-3 whenever used (-3), Attracts excessive human attention (-3), Requires two free hands (-2), Use requires Ranged Weapons/Missiles skill at 3+ (-1). Net 3. [LAW: Power +30, +60 versus inanimate objects, Accuracy 0, Range 20. While this is a shaped charge, anyone in a 3-meter radius will also take 3d6 damage].
  • The Justifier: Celestial Relic/Corporeal Song of Reloading-1 (3), Summonable (+3), Primary Form/American 180 Machine Pistol, Alternate Form/Ring (+1), Disturbance-3 whenever used (-3), Attracts modest human attention (-1), Use requires Ranged Weapons/Pistol at 3+ (-1). Net 2. [180 SB Machine Pistol: Power 0/+4/+8, Accuracy 0, Range 15, Shots 177 (Fires single-shot or bursts of 3 or 6 shots). Like any other machine gun it can be used to simply blanket an area, this attacks everyone there at power +2. Selective fire, threaded flash suppressor, laser sight [double range when in use], interchangeable barrels, fitted carrying case, fires at 1600 rounds per minute, relatively quiet. Overall an impressive toy].

Attunements (War, 20):

  • Immunity to Trauma (Free): It only takes Sarge 2d4 hours to show up again if “killed”.
  • Always in Uniform (10): Gets a 5-point bonus towards any middle-aged male human vessel. His vessels always come equipped with a full field kit, including current armor and weapons (In the current day this usually means kevlar, a knife, a pistol, and at least three grenades).
  • Weapons Master (10): Has a base skill of +2 with fighting, dodge, and all weapons.

Discord (-30):

  • Tone-Deaf: Cannot use Ethereal (-5) or Celestial (-5) songs. He also tends to pretty much ignore any supernatural implications of the things he gets involved with. That’s for the officers to deal with.
  • Recognizable (-10). Anyone who sees Sarge gets a perception check at +5 to recognize his exact archetype – albeit not necessarily his supernatural qualities. Almost all humans will be quite sure that they’ve seen him someplace though.
  • Bound (-10). Sarge takes a -2 on any attempts to return to the marches without being “killed”.

Rites (9):

  • Clean and check his weapons
  • Offer rough practical advice to anyone who is having a personal crisis (Double if it’s actually a soldier in the field).
  • Go to a theater and see a war movie.

   Skills (22): Climbing (Agi) +1, Dodge (Agi) +4*, Driving (Pre) +1, Escape +1, Fighting +4*, Knowledge/Military +2, Language/Classical Latin (1†), Medicine (Pre) +1, Move Silently (Agi) +1, Ranged Weapon/Rifle +4*, Ranged Weapon/Pistol +4* (Pre), Ranged Weapon/Missile Launcher +4*, , Survival +1, Tactics +2, and Throwing +1.

   †Sarge speaks English. Almost everyone in the movies speaks English.

   Songs (6): Healing / Corporeal +2, Shields / Corporeal +3, Tongues / Corporeal +1..

   Vessel (0): Sarge’s vessels vary, but they’re all rough, middle-aged, a bit scruffy, and quite uncharismatic, for a net (L3 [9], -2 Charisma [-4], minus his Always in Uniform attunement [-5], for a net cost of 0.

   Equipment (0): Field kit and weapons as above. Normally has a collection of ID’s from a dozen or more major wars along with a diary covering the last thousand years or so.

   Sarge is, of course, a walking stereotype. Quite literally. There are more people who believe in Sarge then Odin has ever had, even if you add them up throughout history. Sarge is tough as nails, something of a country boy, has a gravelly voice, deals in tactics rather then strategy, and tends to try to give everyone in the party basic training. He’ll carry out his missions if it kills him. Quite often it does, but he’s not going to let a little thing like that stop him. He’s a soldier, not a god – which is why he’s good, but not overtly superhuman.

   He isn’t subtle.

   Fortunately, Sarge is invariably “on the side of the angels”.

   Whether they like it or not.

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