Atheria Design Sheet

Atherian Character Design:

   Atherian characters are built under the rules from Eclipse: The Codex Persona (available in print Here and in a shareware edition Here) using the personality trait options and the Wealth Level Template rules from The Practical Enchanter (available in print Here and in a shareware edition Here). The available races are covered in the Races of Atheria handout.


   Magic Items: Magical items are limited to the Charms and Talismans found in The Practical Enchanter as appropriate to the character’s wealth levels and to point-buy Relics. Characters may spend up to 4 CP on a starting Relic and more may be acquired in play. Characters with the Order birthright from the Imperium are an exception: since their birthright amplifies the effects of minor magical devices they may have Charms and Talismans that emulate the effects of first and second level spells respectively. Personal Relics operate automatically. Using someone else’s Relic requires personality trait checks.

   Spells: Spells and magical effects cast without the backing of the elemental lords of the Fey are limited to a maximum of level three. Spells with a base level of 4+ must have their levels reduced via the expenditure of Personal Mana (-3 Max), via Arcanum Minimus (-3 Max), or through the Blood of the Dragon (-5 Max) to be cast. Additional information on the Blood of the Dragon can be found in the Atheria Glossary.

   Disallowed Abilities: Adept Level II (once per character is fine), Body Fuel, Create Item (Relics, Artifacts, Charms, and Talismans only), Device Use (there aren’t any devices to which this is applicable), Immunity (Natural Laws), Returning before L10, Rite of Chi (a use or two is available through some templates), Siddhisyoga, Spell Storing and Rapid Strike.

   Special Permission or Mandatory Limits: Augmented Bonus, Blessing, Celerity (available for natural movement modes up to maximum of double the base movement), Companion/Templates, Equipage (only available through the powers of darkness), Grant of Aid (bloodline associated or must explain who and why), Healing Touch (bloodline associated or taught by pacifistic clerical orders), Inherent Spell (bloodline associated), Innate Enchantment (bloodline-associated, maximum of 12 CP), Mindspeech (bloodline associated), Mystic Link, Occult Talent (bloodline associated, rarely taught), Shapeshift (bloodline associated), Spell/Power Resistance (bloodline associated), Timeless Body, Glory, Streamline, Channeling, Dominion (Godfire), Mystic Artist, Path of the Dragon (bloodline associated), and Witchcraft (rare). Commoners may have a single bloodline-linked ability. The minor noble families may have two. Major noble families may have three, since they engage in a careful matching of bloodlines. Bloodline associated powers normally come with automatic enemies and that many opponents will have a fair idea of how they work and what their advantages and limitations are.

   Enhanced Abilities: Self-Development costs are halved. Characters also receive bonus feats at levels 1, 2, and every two levels thereafter. They receive automatic self-development boosts every 2 levels. Characters normally start off with a wealth level of Common or below. Starting off Well-Off costs 3 CP (and is often subsumed in the “Noble” package), Affluent costs 6 CP and Wealthy – the maximum normally available – costs 12 CP.

   Framework Required: Standard Adventurer Framework


   Atherian social structures and technologies are generally classical or mediaeval at best, although fertility-control charms and better crop yields do mean that human life has somewhat more value than it did historically. “Justice” is still pretty drastic however, so it’s wise to be cautious. If you’re entitled to “Servants” due to your wealth level they may be employees or slaves at your option.


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4 Responses

  1. “Characters normally start off with a wealth level of Common or below. Starting off Well-Off costs 3 CP (and is often subsumed in the “Noble” package),”

    which noble package is this refering to? I have looked through the atheria pages for a while for other notes on it, but it is not mentioned anywhere else that I saw.

  2. Ah, the package deals for Atheria never got put up. I shall rummage some of them out.

    The “Noble” package basically included +3 CP worth of Wealth, some privileges, and some basic weapon proficiencies – basically “you were raised in a household that was well off”. The biggest factor there was that Nobles, with their arraigned marriages, could have more than one of the powers that were usually restricted to particular bloodlines.

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