The Light That Kills! Positive Energy, Part II

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All right guys, it's time to get up!

To continue with the request for some nasty – or at least weird – positive-energy based abilities for Eclipse…

Malignant Healing: Healing is a vital component of life; without healing, the wear and tear of daily activities would wear away skin and flesh to make daily life an excruciatingly drawn-out version of the death of a thousand cuts.

Yet, even under normal circumstances, healing can go terribly wrong. Fingers can fuse into useless lumps of misshapen flesh, bones may heal crookedly, or together, foreign objects may wind up fused into wounds, and a thousand other mishaps can leave victims crippled for life.

Driven by a master of positive energy, such things can happen in an instant.

In game terms, these effects usually equate to minor curses; a creature with it’s mouth “healed” shut is unable to use it’s bite attack and must breathe through it’s nose for a time.

  • Inherent Spell (L3, Bestow Curse) with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted / only affects creatures with normal positive-energy based metabolisms that can heal naturally, can be countered by appropriate healing magic, skilled surgery, and various other mundane methods, takes 1d4 rounds to take effect (6 CP).

Detonate Life Force: Some manipulators of positive energy can cause an opponents life force to flare out of control, consuming the resources of the supporting body in a blast of energy from it’s supercharged metabolism. While this generally requires a spark of the user’s augmented life force to trigger the reaction – the foreign intrusion artfully provoking a massive response – it can prove quite lethal to weaker opponents and to those around them. Tougher opponents may survive, but will probably feel as if they had swallowed a live grenade.

Yes, creatures with large amounts of positive energy / life force / hit points may well be able to survive swallowing a live grenade, but they’re unlikely to be happy about it.

  • Inherent Spell (Fireball) with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized for half cost and Corrupted for increased effect (the creature directly targeted does not get a save, seven uses per day) / the damage inflicted cannot exceed the total current hit points of the creature targeted (that’s Maximum +10 – Current Damage), fails if not targeted on a living creature with a positive energy metabolism, costs 1d6 hit points to activate (6 CP).

Farewell From Beyond: Anything will “live” if your pour positive energy into it. The trouble is, that things like blocks of stone – however “alive” they may be – have no minds, no drives, and no reason to do anything with that life. Worse, most things lack a metabolic anchor for that force, or a way to draw in more to replace the inevitable losses. You can easily give “life” to that rock – but unless some conscious and opportunistic elemental spirit decides to move in to take advantage of that, it’s not going to do anything and won’t “live” for long.

Still, when you pour life into something that once lived, the spirit that once inhabited that body will pretty much always notice. Spirits are pretty strongly linked to whatever’s left of their bodies after all – and can easily, however temporarily, take up the reins again.

While the trick is somewhat fragile, and cannot be made truly permanent, it can still be quite impressive. Of course, it offers no control over the creature that you’ve temporarily resurrected whatsoever.

  • Inherent Spell (L3 Ward of Life (from The Practical Enchanter), with the “Ambient Magic” (-1), Reduced Duration (one minute per level, -1) and “Applicable After Death” (+2) modifiers. This will give a corpse 1d6 hit temporary hit points per level of the caster for one minute per level of the caster) with +2 Bonus Uses. Corrupted for reduced cost/requires a variety of ritual components and can – very occasionally, at the option of the game master – result in a revenant, haunt, or other weird and troublesome exception to the usual rules (6 CP).

Lifesharing: Anyone can let someone else have “a bit of their time”. With a few, strong-willed, individuals this can be a bit more literal… Those few can literally share their lives with another person who should be dead or dying.

  • Blessing, Specialized and Corrupted / can only be used to share a bit of the user’s life with the dying or newly dead (2 CP). The user lends the victim 1d4 hit points and some of his or her expected lifespan – accelerating his or her aging rate (and possibly his or her requirements for food and drink) by the number of people he or she is so supporting at any given time. This will not work if the body is destroyed, but can keep even a severed head alive.

A few individuals have been known to buy extra hit points, and immunity to the extra aging, so that they can keep a few people “alive” indefinitely – extending the life of a beloved, but sickly, child, or (for that matter) keep a selection of their enemies heads alive in boxes.

Eclipse and Eclipse II are available in a number of ways:

There’s the Freeware Edition at RPGnow or Box.Net. It’s complete, but – if you like it – it would be nice if you helped support the system by spending ten dollars to pick up the full package, which includes Eclipse, Eclipse II, the Web Expansion, and will be updated with Eclipse III when I get time to finish that up (a notification to download the package again will be sent out). There’s a review up which also briefly covers Eclipse II Here.

In print-on-demand we have the Softcover (30$), the Hardcover (35$), and the “Direct” softcover edition (24$) which uses a cheaper set of printing options to lower the price. Unfortunately, the cheap options are only available for printing in North America – so for anywhere else, the original versions are probably cheaper anyway.

Eclipse II normally comes with the Eclipse download package – but you can download the PDF on it’s own for five dollars here or buy it in Hardcover (32$) or – once again – in that cheaper North America only Softcover Edition.

By request there’s also the Combined Edition – Eclipse I and II – making sure that you have the complete system, and plenty of examples, in one volume. It’s available in Softcover (36$) and Hardcover (45$). Those are expensive but are, of course, notably cheaper than buying the books independently. Of course, only one person can use it at a time instead of two.

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