Stone Magic Part Three: The Geomancer Courtier School

   For the third part of the series on Stone Magic in Legend of the Five Rings (parts I and II can be found HERE and HERE), here’s the Ivory Kingdom Geomancer “Courtier” School. Like many Gaijin schools, this one revolves more around practical matters than around warfare or finding yet another way to manipulate people.

The Ivory Kingdom Geomancer Courtier School

   This minor school revolves around crafting, building, and comprehending and tapping into the subtle magical forces of the natural world. While it isn’t especially combative, within its focus – the creation and tuning of stone talismans and using Fung Shui to enhance buildings and engines, and lives – it can be remarkably effective. Secondarily, it can allow its users to call on a wide variety of minor talismans and the occasional major effect. While it’s a rare primary speciality for a player-character, it makes an excellent secondary one. A skilled geomancer will have access to funds, numerous useful talismans, the ability to improve holdings, the occasional spell, the ability to produce high-quality gifts (and possibly equipment), and many other useful talents. While no match for a Shugenja, or any other dedicated mage, and certainly no match for a more dedicated warrior, they can be a definite benefit to any group.

  • School Skills: Commerce, Craft; Gemcutting, Craft; Jeweler, Divination, Engineering, Etiquette, Lore; Earth, Lore; Gem Magic, Traps, and any three High or Merchant Skills.
  • Trait Bonus: +1 Willpower

First Technique: The Lesser Initiate of the Earth.

   The user gains (School Rank) Free Raises with his or her school skills (5), Immunity to Honor Losses for conducting Trade (after all, this is a crafter’s school, and most geomancers have to support themselves; there is no shame in practicing their craft, 5), and Favors using the skills Engineering, Lore; Gem Magic and Commerce (10).

  • Engineering “favors” are geomantic effects which can be used to enhance various works, shaping destiny to favor the desired results. In practice, most “Commerce Favors” may be presumed to represent the sale of geomantic services. A geomancer may upgrade the effects of appropriate holding assets and of some Army Enhancements (such as Siegecraft and Morale), as well as provide minor bonuses to engines and groups of warriors.
  • Lore; Gem Magic favors allow the user to call forth magical effects/spells from appropriate gems. This is limited both by the favor rank as usual and by the quality of the stone used (Poor, Low, Average, Excellent, and Legendary for favor levels 1-5), and uses a roll of Willpower/Lore: Gem Magic to determine the relevant effects.
  • Commerce favors allow the user to obtain sums of money, in this case by practicing his or her skills.

Second Technique: The Greater Mastery of Qi.

   At this point the geomancer is so attuned to the flows of energy that he or she gains a pool of (Void) free raises per day for use with his or her school skills. In addition, he or she can fully appreciate the subtleties of individual stones: the gems he or she uses for stone magic are treated as if they were two quality ranks higher than they actually are (10)

Third Technique: The Crystal Seer

   At this point the geomancer can actually produce ordinary crystal with relative ease, and can even create durable crystal weapons (10). The stones he or she uses for Stone Magic are treated as if they were three quality ranks higher than they actually are (5), and he or she may double the Style bonuses he or she receives from the Lore: Gem Magic skill.

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