Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 71c

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5...

And just when did you get here?

Meanwhile, towards the enter of the galaxy, Lazlo and Vi were graduating from their special-forces boot camp – having had to use hypertime to pack better than six months of training into less than two months.

There was some choice of assignments – but they were assignments. The latest Sith War might have fallen apart with the destruction of Zandramas, but the Yeveetha war was now in full swing.

For once, the military was in full (nearly)agreement with the Kreedath: the goal was to wipe them out. Their assaults had done more actual damage than a dozen or more Sith Wars; the Yeveetha didn’t want to rule worlds, they wanted to exterminate their inhabitants. The military (ulike the Kreedath) didn’t care too much if the scientists got a few prisoners to examine and see if the species could be restored to it’s (presumed) original state, but the goal was to win.

The Senate was still dithering – they wanted the Yeveetha confined until they could consider the problem – and the Jedi, of course, were pushing for research on undoing the apparent bio-weapon modifications and turning them back into a peaceful, productive, species.

Vi, as “Ben’s Apprentice”, was wondering if it would be possible to confine them for a time by simply interdicting the area? All they’d need to do would be to get a black hole of the right size into the area and deploy the Zomoogostar – and the military was apparently already building one.

Still, for that to work, they’d need to know the exact limits of Yeveetha-controlled space – and the fact that they didn’t trade with ANYONE – and didn’t allow other species in their domain -was making it hard to get information by any of the usual routes. Direct probes were slow work, and sending in agents tended to simply get them killed.

Fortunately, Lazlo was available – and didn’t mind the notion of having to fight a few hundred Yeveetha every time he turned around.

The military offered him one of their usual field agent setups; a heavy “civilian” trading ship, it’s heavily armored hull disguised as heavy reinforcement for trading with gas giants and deep-water worlds, an advanced medical bay with a full bacta tank for emergencies, concealed fighter bay, concealed mounting points for various weapons, surprisingly powerful engines, top-of-the-line shields, instruments, stocks of personal weapons, disguises, tailoring gear, trade goods, and more.

One of the techs made it a point to let him know that running off with the ship and gear would lead to trouble – but most of them seemed to have confidence in him. That was.. unexpected.

The ship wasn’t what he wanted though. He wanted something a bit less… expensive.

He opted for one of the smallest, most battered, and cheapest junkers the military could find. ship with a leaky hull, mismatched hyprdrive coils, little cargo space, and as many problems as it could have while still being capable of getting into space.

Well, the Techs generally didn’t question Jedi or the militaries special forces. He got what he wanted – a small ship that had been an asteroid miner for a race that didn’t yet have a hyperdrive. It’s crude fission drive had been replaced by an over-sized fusion system that could be vented to provide a reaction drive (and which overcharged and triggered an emergency release every few moments, giving him a horrible fuel efficiency along with the only startship in the galaxy that went “Putt-Putt-Putt), a leaky hull patched with duct tape, some panels held together with actual nails and lumber, and a warranty date which had given out better than three thousand years before.

He christened it “The Rusty Fowl” and took off – just barely making it into space what with the series of minor EMP’s from the reactor venting fouling his instrumentation. (A video of the takeoff would later make appearances on several “Galaxies worst” collections, as well as in a war parody where it wound up being labeled as a “Sith Transport”).

He did make it into hyperspace though – headed slowly in the general direction of presumed Yeveetha space.

Vi, however, decided to take one of the direct-surveillance jaunts. Sometimes seeing the battle directly provided new insights – although most people didn’t take small probe ships straight into the center of the combat zone.

Fortunately, he wasn’t a major target. On the other hand, he wasn’t a Yeveetha, which meant that they were willing to take a few moments out for minor targets at any time.

It got messy – and it also let him see that the Yeveetha were willing to stay aboard a dying ship in hopes of at least crashing it into an enemy. It made him appreciate a military command that regarded “casualties” as undesirable quite a bit more.

There were enough close calls that he fell back to the command ships eventually. The Yeveetha were… more insane and hostile than most Holosith!

This was a war that he could actually feel comfortable fighting – on both the strategic and personal levels.

He was soon deeply immersed in the planning sessions.

Lazlo, meanwhile, was making a landing – just barely – on a planet of green-and-brown slightly Leonid centauroids. His new ship had handling characteristics that were a good deal worse than most bricks; it had various projections that threw off what little aerodynamics it had to start with.

It was a Yeveetha world though – or at least in their space. It still had an indigenous population (of enslaved farmers) for one simple reason – the Yeveetha found that the local life forms tasted really REALLY bad.

They were still willing to eat them if they acted up or failed to fill their crop production quotas though. The local farmers apparently always had the most elderly amongst them report to their masters just in case.

Well that was just SICK. He’d have to do something about that!

Still, they seemed awfully… accepting and passive. How long had this been going on?

Drat it! ALYS could probably organize a successful rebellion! If only she was here!

Of course, in another universe altogether, Alys was busy organizing yet ANOTHER planetary evacuation.


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