Exalted – Danyl Woodsborne, as Wyld-Endowed

While it’s useful to keep separate sheets for the base character and the Endowment when you’re dealing with a mortal with a Wyld Endowment, it’s handy to have a summary sheet – so here’s one for Danyl. The numbers before the slashes are the Endowment’s scores, those after them are his “own” – but he can use either whenever he so desires.

Attributes: Str 5/2, Dex 9/5, Sta 7/2, Cha 5/3, Man 6/1, App 5/1, Per 8/2, Int 4/6, Wit 3/3

Abilities: Archery 4 (6), Athletics* 5 (7), Awareness 3, Craft 1, Dodge* 7 (9), Integrity 3, Investigation** 6, Larceny** 5, Linguistics 1, Lore* 5, Martial Arts* 7 (9), Medicine** 5, Melee 1 (3), Occult** 6, Resistance 3, Ride 3, Socialize 1, Stealth** 5, and Survival 4,

*Favored, **Caste

Specialities: Martial Arts/Fighting in Dream-Armor +5d (with mutation).

  • Backgrounds: Ally 1, Artifact 4 and 5, Gossamer 3 (+6/story, Resources 5). Style 5, Patron 2, and Spies 2.
  • Willpower 10/10
  • Virtues: Compassion 1/3, Conviction 5/2, Temperance 1/4, Valor 5/2
  • Graces: Heart 1/3 (Effective), Cup 1/1, Staff 5/1, Ring 1/1, Sword 5/1
  • Since Forging The (Grace) seems to have no cost, there’s no reason not to have used it. Raising it is another matter – and Danyl may want to raise at least one Cup grace in order to boost his Join Battle checks.
  • Essence 3/2, Mote Pool 62 (14C)/41 (11C)
  • Join Battle: 6d + Cup Successes

Soak: 3L/7B Stamina, plus 10L/10B/10Sh (5L/5B Hardness) Armor = 10A/13L/17B. Damage from any attack or flurry is capped at three health levels. Has health tracks for each arm, each leg, chest, abdomen, and head. Limbs are Crippled if taken below “Incapacitated”, and can absorb no further attacks. Wound penalties apply to actions involving the damaged body part only. Environmental damage is always applied to the chest, otherwise he gets to pick where damage is applied.

Usual Weapons:

  • Staff*: Speed 6, Accuracy 26, Damage 13B, Defense +3, Rate3, Tags 2, R.
  • Composite Bow*: Speed 6, Accuracy 16, Damage +1 over ammo, Rate 4, Range 250. Usually uses broadhead arrows for 8L.
  • Reinforced Gloves*: Speed 5, Accuracy +2, Damage +1B, Defense +4, Rate 4.
  • Ithaquan Firewand*: Speed 5, Accuracy 17, Damage 12L, Rate 3, Range 10 (and no further), Tags F, S. 14 Shots.

*Effectively “perfect” via charm. Reinforced Gloves normally provide +1B damage over a punch and count as being unarmed. All (and unarmed) are viable targets for Heroic Tempering (2M) which adds a total of +12 to their attributes for a scene. Inspiration may add +3d.

Dodge DV: (Dex 9 + Dodge 9 + 3 Ess +3 Inspiration)/2 + 3 (Bastion) = 15

Parry DV: (Dex 9 + Martial Arts 14 + 3 Staff)/2 = 26/2 + 3 (Bastion) = 16

Movement: Move 14, Dash 23, +4 Str when Jumping.

Effectively Innate Abilities:

  • Adds his cup rating (currently one) to join battle and join war checks.
  • All equipment and animals the user employs are treated as being “Perfect”.
  • Can use the Telekinesis thaumaturgic science without motes, willpower, or components, and need not raise the DC to get results in a single turn.
  • Can prefectly defend against an attack and any special effects it might otherwise have three times per scene.
  • Gains +3d on all rolls where Inspiration might help.
  • Is impervious to Wyld Mutations.
  • May select six points of mutations at the start of each story. Normally Night Eyes (sees in the dark, 1), Wolf’s Pace (1), Inexhaustible (2), Longevity (halves aging again), and Enhanced Sense (scent).
  • May Fly – although he usually just runs up walls and over water or performs impossible jumps and acrobatics.
  • May magically alter his clothing at whim.
  • May mount and use one hearthstone by pressing it against his skin.

Ranger’s Hat (Onieromancy *): He can communicate clearly and concisely with animals and call god-blooded or heroic sapient animals to his aid as Allies. When he picks a campsite, it will not be disturbed.

Lash of Fate (Onieromancy *) May exert (Per + Occ) as Str on whatever the whip touches. Anyone struck by the whip may acquire the motivation “please the guy with the whip”. Once per scene per target, when a mortal target is struck by the whip, the user may launch a free Staff-Shaping attack to try to give said mortal up to (Ess x 2) points of mutations. Anyone who becomes subordinate to the user through being hit by the whip gets a nice ornamental collar.

A Staff of the Magi and a Traveler’s Bag:


  • Ravishing the Created Form: Drains Virtues or Will for Motes.
  • Banquet of Crumbs: Gather motes from residual emotions.
  • Essence-Forging Art: Create tools, weapons, and other objects.
  • Awakened Dream Manufacture: Makes minor living creatures to serve the user.
  • All five Forging the (Grace): Can give people graces.
  • Bestial Evocation: Give a useful Wyld possession a form in Creation.
    • Danyl only has a few things to evoke at the moment – a couple of Swarm Hazards (these usually manifest as bees, spiders, weasels, or some such), his Curdling Dream Bow (this acts as a short powerbow when evoked, but his composite bow is usually just about as good), a “mutant warleader” (the Mighty Steed variation), and quite a supply of beasts (up through Tyrant Lizards) to evoke created using Awakened Dream Manufacture. Still, all of those can be useful at times.
  • Worker’s Gift: Gains gossamer when fulfilling his motivation.
  • Bastion of the Self (Heart): Provides invulnerability against non-magical , unstunted, damage and environmental effects. Against magic and stunts it provides +3 DV or dice as appropriate.
  • Radiance of the Invincible Warrior: A short-range teleport usable in step 9 of combat.
  • Host-Summoning Glory Of Command: Call up items/instant draw.
  • Transient Works of Flesh and Bone: Produce Army or Behemoth
    • Personally, I’m picking the Quixotic Knight Style:
  • Heroic Tempering: Cost: 4M; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1; Type: Simple, Keywords: None, Duration: One Scene, Prerequisite Charms: None. You may distribute (Martial Arts + Essence) points among the attributes of your unarmed attacks or of a thaumaturgically-prepared weapon. For the duration it is considered unbreakable. This will not work on artifact weapons. At Essence 3+ you may also spend points on thaumaturgic and talisman powers, at one point per level of the rite or talisman.
  • Carapace of Will: Cost: 3M; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 2; Type: Simple, Keywords: None, Duration: One Scene, Prerequisite Charms: Heroic Tempering. You may add your Resistance to your armors Soak and distribute points equal to your Integrity amongst reducing it’s mobility and fatigue penalties. This will not work on artifact armor but if the armor is thaumaturgically prepared for this use it is considered indestructible for the duration. At Essence 3+ you may also spend points on thaumaturgic and talisman powers, at one point per level of the rite or talisman.
  • Resurgent Spirit: Cost: -; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2; Type: Permanent, Keywords: None, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Carapace of Will. You may spend a virtue channel to roll reduce damage by (Successes +1) as long as the cause is appropriate (Valor works in almost any fight, Compassion when you’re defending someone else, Conviction when you’re upholding a position or motivation, and Temperance when you’re trying to stop the fighting or fulfill a promise). If this reduces the damage of an attack to zero, any poisons, shaping, and other “bad touch” effects attached to it fail to work. You may spend a second virtue channel at the same time to further reduce damage at Essence 3+.
    • Note that this affects final damage – what gets past the armor.
  • Esoteric Training: Cost: 3M; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 2; Type: Simple, Keywords: None, Duration: One Scene, Prerequisite Charms: Heroic Tempering. You may select four points worth of mutations worth no more than two points each, and gain their benefits (but not their drawbacks) for a scene by activating this charm. Once selected these cannot be changed; they represent special martial training not actual physical changes. At Essence 3+ you may select an additional two points worth of mutations, although the two-point maximum remains in effect.
    • His selections are Huge (2), a Tail (1), and Small (1).
  • Heroic Exemplar Meditation: Cost: 3M; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 2; Type: Simple, Keywords: None, Duration: One Scene, Prerequisite Charms: Esoteric Training. You may swap up to (Will) ability dots around for the duration of a scene. No ability may be raised or reduced by more than two, be reduced below zero, or be raised above seven. At Essence 3+ you gain an additional ability dot for the duration, although the limits remain the same.
  • Desperate Guard: Cost: 3M; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive, Keywords: None, Duration: One Tick, Prerequisite Charms: Resurgent Spirit, Heroic Exemplar Meditation. You may strip all supernatural enhancements from an incoming attack or flurry. Attacks based on extra action charms automatically fail. At Essence 3+ this can be used against unexpected attacks if the user can make a D2 Awareness check.
  • The Chivalric Ideal: Cost: -; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Permanent, Keywords: None, Duration: Permanent, Prerequisite Charms: Desperate Guard. You may reduce the costs of using this arts lesser charms by two motes and may reflexively activate up to three of them per turn without it counting as a charm activation.

Flaws: Amnesia (The user cannot access Sardion’s memories beyond how to use his powers, -3), Code of Honor (-3), Obligation (The user owes a big favor to the Lunar who bound Sardion as an Endowment, -3), Dark Secret / Half Wolf-Beastman (-1), Ward/Assorted Local Villagers (-2), Bastard Child (-1).

And there we have it. Danyl is likely to be a match for a starting Exalt – and maybe even one with 40 XP to match his – but high end Celestial Exalts will have a LOT of ways to deal with him. He’s far, FAR, more than a match for pretty much any human though.

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  1. […] Danyl Woodsborne as a Mortal, the nature of his Endowment along with an exotic Raksha charm, and his final statistics. […]

  2. […] Danyl Woodsborne as a Mortal, the nature of his Endowment along with an exotic Raksha charm, and his final statistics. […]

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