Godlike: Dybbuk

   The victims were starved and desperate, unarmed and helpless. They forced them to dig a trench that would become their own mass grave, lined them up, and shot them as they pleaded and tried to hide their children behind them. They tossed them – whether or not they still clung to life – into the pit, and sealed it, packing down the earth over the equally contorted faces of the living and the dead.

   In places, there was enough air for the injured to survive for some time, entangled with the stiffening bodies of the dead, feeling the warmth of their flesh giving way to the stench of corruption.

   Hadar Abrams heard the final breaths of the dying, the sound of the soil being pounded down to seal him living into the grave, and the spirits of the untimely dead crying out, protesting, departing beyond his ken. Some lingered, knowing the injustice that had been done – and he found their power flowing through him. They sought to ensure that these men without mercy could not commit such an act again.

   Hadar died.

   Dybbuk embraced the strength of the dead, became a bridge between the realm of the living and what lay beyond – and rose, passing through the earth like mist, accompanied by an escort of spirits.

   Mr Sloachim the barber slit the throat of the man at the machine gun with his razor, and turned the gun on the men who’d murdered him, his wife, and their two children. He might not know how to reload it, but he could hold down the trigger and run out the ammunition belt easily enough.

   Mrs Salmuth took a grenade from a fallen soldier and tossed it into the back of the troop truck. Her husband had waited many years for her to join him in the afterlife, he would not mind a few more hours.

   Mr Menlin, a retired policeman, shot the gaping commander – who could not see the spirits ghostly gun a few inches from his nose – and dragged his spirit off to judgement.

   Hagan, a young soldier from the deathsquad who had not wanted to participate – dead of three bullets to the chest – took Menlin’s place; he would lead the dead back to the concentration camp, and expunge his guilt.

   Some spirits were disrupted there, torn from Dybbuk’s grip and released to what lay beyond. Dybbuk – still firmly linked to the living world – could not see beyond that final barrier, but from some spirits he felt joy, from some peace, and, from some few, fear, as they passed onwards.

   It did not matter. The evil ones had sown death, and must reap their harvest.

   His power was growing.


   Dybbuks powers are indeed terrible. There were several aspects he did not master until well after that initial massacre – but he has a fairly firm grip on them now.

   He is – at least apparently – a ghost. He can appear and disappear at will, is highly resistant to the powers of other Talents, and swiftly returns to his basic state after being “damaged” (whether due to the use of his own powers or if someone manages the trick). He is – or at least seems to be – naturally insubstantial, and capable of remaining invisible indefinitely. He has some minor physical enhancements, at least as long as the spirits of the untimely dead support him with the energies of the world beyond.

   Most importantly, he can offer to help the dead achieve their final goals – whether that is saying goodbye to their families or avenging their deaths, in exchange for a period of loyal service from them. While such spirits are in his service, their abilities seem to be much the same as his own. Perhaps they are even stronger – if less durable.

Dybbuk / Hadar Abrams, Concentration Camp Victim.

  • Stats: Body 2 (3), Coordination 2 (3), Sense 1 (2), Brains 3, Command 1, Cool 3 (4).
  • Stats After Experience: Body 3 (4), Coordination 2 (3), Sense 2 (6), Brains 3, Command 2, Cool 4 (7). (21 EP plus free +1)
  • Skills (20 + 1 Brains):
    • Body:
    • Coordination: Grenade 2, Pistol 1,
    • Sense: Sight 1, Hearing 1.
    • Brains: Cryptography 2, Education 3, Language Group (Germanic, note that this includes English) 2, Language Group (Romance Languages) 1, Tactics 3, (Native Yiddish 3, no cost).
    • Command: Intimidate 2
    • Cool: Mental Stability 3
  • Skills After Experience: Unchanged (0 EP).


  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Believes he’s dead (3), kills without compunction (2). He also tends to talk to corpses, usually “rests” in graveyards (usually phasing down into a moldering crypt or coffin), and so on – but five points is the limit for quirks.
    • Base Will: 1 Command + 4 Cool + 0 (remainder of basic allotment) + 5 Quirks = 10. (After Experience: 13)
  • Talent Powers:
    • Regeneration (1D, 1) (Base 3/6/12): Automatically removes (Body) boxes of damage (shock first) per hour without rolling or Will expenditure (+2/4/8), Interfere (any other talent can block his recovery for an hour by spending a will point, -2/4/8), Peace of Mind (cannot be used in combat, -2/4/8) = (1/2/4).
    • Zed (1D, 1) (After Experience 3 HD): Base (4/8/16), Precognitive (works normally against surprise attacks and does not require seeing the power in use first, +2/4/8), Unconscious (+1/2/4), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4), Cannot Attack (-1/2/4), No Range (-2/4/8), must roll and gobble dice against helpful talents (-2/4/8) = (1/2/4). In effect, this is simply a die pool which is automatically rolled to generate gobble dice against incoming talent effects – as long as they have some physical effect. This is one of the major abilities that distinguishes a “Mad Talent” – being almost impossible to affect with other powers.
    • Sidekick (6D, 6) (After Experience 8D) (Base 5/10/20): Multiple (each die above four creates an additional sidekick, user may continue to purchase dice indefinitely, +2/4/8), Independent (the “sidekicks” have minds and wills of their own, as well as 10-20 points worth of their own skills, +3/6/12) Equipped (the sidekicks are equipped with functional, if invisible, equipment, and can simply pick up more, +2/4/8), Endless (+1/2/4), Unshaken (the only way to get rid of a “Sidekick” is to either kill the user or disperse it – in which case a “new one” must be found and pacted with, +2/4/8), sidekicks always defend with the users full sidekick dice pool (+1/2/4), Bonded (Sidekicks automatically share the user’s powers and skills, +4/8/16), “creating” a Sidekick requires that someone have recently died in the area before their time (-2/4/8), User must agree to carry out a last request to recruit any particular sidekick (-3/6/12), Uncontrollable (game master decides what spirits are available and what requests they have to make, -3/6/12), Backfires and Mental Strain (recruiting a new sidekick requires accepting a bit of it’s death, -4/8/16), Loopy (dealing with the dead is a considerable strain, requiring a Cool + Mental Stability check to avoid being stunned for a time, -2/4/8), Expensive (recruiting a Sidekick also costs a point of Will, -1/2/4) = (1/2/4).
      • At the moment, Dybbuk can have up to three (five after experience) “sidekicks” or “spirits of the dead” (whether or not that is literal is up to the game master) at one time. The “spirits” come with the skills and implements of their work in life (as well as evidence of what killed them, just in case some talent can see them). Soldiers tend to come with weapons (whether those are rifles and grenades or anti-tank weapons) and can simply pick up more, physicians come with doctors bags and medical skills, and so on – and, as Dybbuk gains dice in this power, he can expect to recruit more and more such spirits. Perhaps fortunately, if they’re somehow disrupted (not an easy task when they’re usually intangible and often invisible), Dybbuk must recruit more; the disrupted “spirit” “passes on” and is gone for good.
      • Hyper-Body (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10):(Attached to Sidekick, -1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Cool (1D, 1) (After Experience 3D) (Base 2/5/10): (Attached to Sidekick, -1/2/4)
      • Hyper-Sense (1D, 1) (After Experience 4D) (Base 2/5/10): (Attached to Sidekick, -1/2/4).
      • Hyper-Coordination (1D, 1) (Base 2/5/10): (Attached to Sidekick, -1/2/4).
        • Dybbuks Hyper-Attributes only work as long as the “Spirits of the Dead” continue to feed him power from “The Other Side”.
    • Alternate Form/Obvious Corpse. (2HD, 4) (Base 5/10/20): Endless (+1/3/4), Form has no metabolic requirements (need not breathe, eat, or drink, cannot be poisoned, takes no damage from most chemicals, acids, etc, and does not age, but cannot heal normally, +2/4/8), Backfires (-2/4/8), Mental Strain (-2/4/8), Shy (can only assume his alternate form when alone and unobserved, but may remain in it indefinitely, -3/6/12) = (1/2/4). Please note that this is pretty gruesome. Dybbuk is not just dead, he’s messily dead, missing strips of flesh, variously mangled, and still up and walking and talking – even if he generally pays no attention to gravity, drifts off the ground, or stands partially inside things.
      • Insubstantiality (2HD, 4) (Base 4/8/12): Airwalk (the user and his or her equipment is pretty much massless, and can move in three dimensions at a walking pace, while Insubstantial, +2/4/8), Sectional (can turn a selected body part or parts substantial while remaining otherwise insubstantial or vice versa, +1/2/4), Endless (since the user cannot actually be injured until his alternate form is dispelled by damage, this suffices to keep this on indefinitely once activated, +1/2/4), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4), Backfires (-2/4/8), Mental Strain (-2/4/8), Shy (can only assume his insubstantial form when alone and unobserved, but may remain in it indefinitely, -3/6/12) = (1/2/4).
        • One of Dybbuks favorite tactics is to appear next to someone, push an insubstantial weapon into their chest or head, and let it go to materialize there. He often uses grenades for this, even if the tactic is sometimes fatal even before they go off. After all, being insubstantial and invisible often means that his attacks are a complete surprise.
      • Invisibility: (1D, 1) (After Experience, 2HD) (Base 4/8/12): Endless (+1/2/4), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4), No Physical Change (-1/2/4), Backfires (-2/4/8) = (1/2/4). When this power is in use, Dybbuk is essentially standing on the Borders of Death, in the world of wraiths – and is exposed to a great deal of weirdness.
      • Extra Tough (1 level, 3): Attached to Alternate Form (-1).
      • Teleport (1D, 1) (After Experience 2D + 2HD) (Base 5/10/20): Forced Attendance (-1/2/4), Nothing Biological (-2/4/8), Attached to Alternate Form (-1/2/4) = (1/2/4). Dybbuk doesn’t need to buy the “Silent” modifier; as long as he remains insubstantial he won’t be generating air disturbances.

   OK, Dybbuk is pretty much a Mad Talent. He’s still borderline-playable, and may gradually come back to some sort of sanity with time and association with other sympathetic Talents. On the other hand, he could easily drift completely over the edge, and become a major menace to everyone. After all, an entity that is invisible, intangible, teleportive, and still able to attack is going to be difficult to stop.

   He should probably have the General Talent Experience package, which is why many of his powers and abilities have the “after experience” listing.

   The General Talent Experience package is an alternative to the TOG Commando Training package, designed to allow experienced resistance fighters and other talents to join the game without being placed at an almost-crippling 60 EP (the cost of 20 skill levels) disadvantage. In place of those 60 EP, General Talent Experience provides +21 EP and +20 Will to spend according to the “after the game” rules and a +1 bonus to any single Stat. That isn’t worth as much as the TOG package – Will is easier to come by than EP and the total is only 51 in any case – but it’s considerably more flexible.

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