Eclipse d20 – Darius Metaxis, Level Ten Siege Engineer

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   Darius is a master of siege and defense – and has developed the ability to tow his own private little clearing and fortification about with him. Whenever things get bad, he simply retreats inside and orders his various minions to man the walls. He’s usually more than willing to let fellow party-members stable their mounts, stockpile supplies, and install their alchemy laboratories in his portable fortification. After all, if you can’t smash it with big rocks and it can get past the walls, it’s not his sort of battle anyway. 

   And yes, that’s a little bizarre. On the other hand, it’s what the player wanted; like all our characters, Darius is a point-buy build, using Eclipse: The Codex Persona. – and Eclipse is all about building the character you had in mind, rather than trying to approximate it with classes and prestige classes.

   On Atheria, classical magical items are few and far between, spells are limited to level three or less, and all characters are human. On the other hand, characters gain access to a Wealth Level Template (from The Practical Enchanter) and the modest allotment of Charms and Talismans (also from The Practical Enchanter) that go with it, gain an Atherian Magical Birthright (essentially covering the local human variants), and get feats and attribute boosts at every even level. There’s more information over on the d20 tab if anyone wants it.

   Order Birthright: Assistant (“Aid Another” actions provide a +4 bonus rather than +2, 6 CP), Privilege/Imperial Patron (6 CP. Exiles may substitute a bonus feat), Innate Enchantment. Specialized: only works with a high-ranking in-empire patron to channel the magic of Order to the user, double effect (6 CP/10,000 GP). Enhance Charms and Talismans (L2 spell effect, increasing the effects of Charms to L1 and those of Talismans to L2. Personal charms only, 8400 GP) and Inspiring Word (personal only, +1 Morale bonus to Saves, Attacks, Checks, and Weapon Damage, 1400 GP), Fast Learner (Specialized in Negative Energy Channeling, +2 CP/Level, 6 CP), and a bonus feat worth 6 CP.

   Point Totals: 264 CP (L10 Base) + 2 CP/Level (Fast Learner, specialized in Negative Energy) + 2 CP/Level (Restrictions: cannot learn magic or psionics due to excess negative energy aura), + 10 CP (Disadvantages: Incompetent/-5 on Diplomacy, Insane/thinks everyone should accept the undead, and Outcast/unwelcome within the empire) + 7x 6 CP Bonus Feats = 356 CP.

   Level-Based Benefits: L1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 Feats (already included above), +5 Attribute Points (Str reduced to 3 to power spells, three enhancements used to add +3/+3/+2, +1 Dex, +1 Wis).

   Basic Attributes

  • Strength 11 (–)
  • Dexterity 14 (18)* (+4)
  • Constitution 14 (18)# (+4)
  • Intelligence 18 (24)+ (+7)
  • Wisdom 16 (+3)
  • Charisma 16 (20)* (+5)

*Talisman-Enhanced, #Wealth and Charm Enhanced, +Talisman and Relic Enhanced.

   Basic Abilities:

  • Warcraft: +5 BAB (30 CP).
  • Saves
    • Reflex: +8 (Purchased, 24 CP) +4 (Dex) +1 (Morale) = +13
    • Fortitude: +8 (Purchased, 24 CP) +4 (Con) +1 (Morale) = +13
    • Will: +8 (Purchased, 24 CP) +3 (Wis) +1 (Morale) = +12
  • Hit Dice: L1d20 (20, 16 CP), L2-10d8 (6, 7, 7, 5, 2, 8, 7, 5, 4, 36 CP) + 40 (Con) +10 (Wealth) = 121 HP
  • Move: 30
  • Initiative +3
  • Armor Class10 (Base) + 4 (Dex) + 10 (Platemail) +6 (Shield) = 30 (51 if using his Inner Demon as Armor).
  • Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons (3 CP), Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor (15 CP)
  • Languages (6):
  • Initial Wealth Level: Wealthy (12 CP): The benefits of wealth include +20 SP, +10 HP, +2 Con, +2 Wealth Bonus to Armor, Shields, and Weapons, -2 Armor Penalty, 7 Charms and 3 Talismans, +2 to Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate, Masterwork Tools and References, numerous servants, and large amounts of supplies.

   Basic Costs: 184 CP.

   Usual Weapons

  • Thrown Boulder: +26 or +24/+24, 10D6+7 (10d6+17 with Inner Demon), Crit 20/x2, Double Damage vrs Inanimate Objects, Blinding Strike on a critical hit.
  • Heavy Mace: +8, 1d8+3 Bludgeoning, Crit 20/x2, Double Damage vrs Inanimate (+25/+25, 1d8+17 with Inner Demon)

   Relics: (4 CP)

  • Loremaster’s Ring (Starting Relic, 4 CP): Adept/All Knowledge Skills (12 CP), +2 Intelligence (12 CP).
  • The Eye of the Infinite Night (Acquired 6 CP Relic, Free): +6 Turning Intensity (12 CP), +2 Bonus Uses for Negative Energy Channeling (3 CP), Conversion (set of 4x L3 spells: Greater Magic Weapon, Dispel Magic, Bestow Curse, and Vampiric Touch).
  • Belt of the Earth (Commissioned 2 CP Relic, Free): +12 SP in the “martial art” of Rock Throwing.

   Skill Points: 36 CP + 91 (Int) + 20 (Wealth) + 20 (Fast Learner) = 167.

   +1 Morale and +2 Competence Bonus to all skills, Masterwork Tools and References are available in his castle.

  • Knowledge*: Arcana, Architect/Engineer, Geography, History, Local, Nature, Nobility/Royalty, Religion, Planes +23, (54 SP).
  • Craft/Metal*, Stone*, and Alchemy +23 (25 SP), Decipher Script +12 (2 SP), Diplomacy +11 (6 SP), Disable Device* +23 (6 SP), Escape Artist +17 (10 SP), Gather Information +23 (13 SP), Heal +19 (13 SP, +3 Speciality in Poisons, 1 SP), Intimidate +10 (0 SP), Open Lock* +20 (6 SP), Ride +10 (3 SP), Rock Throwing (2 SP), Slight of Hand +21 (13 SP), and Spot +19 (13 SP).

   *Half cost due to Adept.

   Ug The Caveman Martial Art: Rock Throwing: 12 SP (Relic) + 2 (Skill Points) + 3 (Bonuses) + 4 (Dex) = +21 (11 abilities)

  • This barely-a-martial-art revolves around simply throwing rocks, or similar round objects, at people. While it has no special requirements, it doesn’t offer bonuses to anything but hitting people with rocks. It’s most advanced techniques are (1) throwing another rock, and (2) aiming at peoples heads in an attempt to temporarily disorient them.
  • Attack 4, Power 4, Strike (may do lethal or nonlethal damage), Blinding Strike (on a critical hit opponents must make a DC[15+Str Mod] Fortitude save or be disoriented), and Rapid Shot (-2 to attacks to get an extra shot at highest BAB). There are no additional abilities available in this “martial art”.

   Charms and Talismans: Talismans for +4 Int, Dex, and Cha, Charm for +2 Con. He has three additional charm slots available. Note that this is an EXTREMELY boring set of Talismans – and that only his birthright allows him to enhance them to this level; most people have to be content with +2 and +1 at best – or even lesser functions.

   Special Abilities (132 CP Total)

  • Fast Learner (Specialized in Knowledge Skills, +2 SP/Level, 6 CP).
  • Adept (Craft Metal, Craft Stone, Disable Device, and Open Lock, 6 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment and Empowerment/Innate Enchantments (18 CP total, 11,000 GP Value). Mobile Spacewarp/30,000 Cubic Feet/Level (L4, reduced to L1 by attribute expenditure, the “entrance” trails around after him and simply lets people get at the outer walls of the modest castle he’s built in it with his construction magic, 2000 GP), Shrink Item (L3, reduced to L1 by atribute expenditure, 2000 GP), Fast Healing (L1, 20 HP/Level/Day, 1400 GP), Hurling (lets you hurl a small object with +10 to Hit and a range increment of 200 feet, L1 to L0, with fast casting, 1400 GP), Shield (+4 Shield bonus to AC, 2000 GP), Expertise (+2 competence bonus to all skills (2000 GP), and a Special Effect (May throw things by “firing them” from tiny pop-up cannons that come out of his armor, 400 GP).
  • Sanctum/Personal Castle with Guardians (assorted undead of up to CR 5, 12 CP).
    • Within Sanctum: Occult Wards (castle is proof against divination, ethereal, astral, and shadow entry while he’s in it, 3 CP), Conversion (specialized/requires several minutes, double effect: Construction, Animate Minion, Redecorate, and Wall of Darkness, 12 CP), +2 on Channeling Intensity (3 CP), and +4 Bonus Uses on Negative Energy Channeling (6 CP).
  • Leadership/Animated Objects (specialized, must build his own minions, 6 CP): Up to CR 7, 30 CR worth in total (4x Gargantuan Animated Objects/”Death Golems”, 4x Tiny Animated Objects/bird models).
  • Reflex Action with Bonus Uses (12 CP), Specialized/Attacks Only and Corrupted/Throwing Only (Triple Effect, 3 extra attacks 7x/day).
  • Reflex Action with Bonus Uses (6 CP): extra action variant, may take an extra action 7x/day. Specialized: defensive only.
  • Damage Reduction 5/- (12 CP)
  • Double Damage vrs Inanimate Targets (6 CP).
  • Negative Energy Channeling: 3+Cha Mod uses per day (9 CP), +2 Intensity (3 CP), Complete Hatred’s Weal Path (36 CP): Dark Awakening (ritual undead creation), Shadow Casting (create partial clone), Call Inner Demons (create astral construct), Touch of the Reaper (drain 2 levels with touch attack), Touch of Annihilation (disintegrate effect by touch), and The Living Darkness (create an astral construct around yourself). -This defaults to Intensity 15, Magnitude 22.

   Darius’s Inner Demon:

  • L7 Negative-Energy Construct. 101 HP, Initiative +1, Speed 40, +17 Natural Armor (Net AC 31), 2 Attacks at +22 for 1d10+16 (Slam), Large, Fortitude +4, Reflex +5, Willpower +4, Strength 39, Dex 13.
  • Abilities: Dimension Door 90′ as a move action 1/round, Fast Healing 2/Round, +4 Deflection bonus to AC, +4 Strength (included), Winged Flight (20/Average), Semisentient (+7 bonus to Intimidate, Spot, Jump, and Listen, will behave sensibly when given a mission), and Tunneling (10).
  • Standard construct traits and immunities. Immunity to Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Stunning, Disease, Death Effects, Necromancy Effects, Mind-Affecting Effects, most effects that require Fortitude Saves, Critical Hits, Nonlethal Damage, Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Fatigue, Exhaustion, or Energy Drain.
  • The inner demon appears as a massive, powerful, gargoyle made of black stone, covered with fissures which emit curls of the same blazing red-and-black flames which pour from it’s mouth and eyes.
   When Darius is wearing the “demon” as “armor” it takes damage and saves first and provides a +14 bonuson his strength checks and +21 to his AC. He can use it’s other special abilities as desired.

   Eclipse: The Codex Persona is available in a Freeware PDF Version, in Print, and in a Paid PDF Version that includes Eclipse II (245 pages of Eclipse races, character and power builds, items, relics, martial arts, and other material) and the web expansion. It will be updated with Eclipse III when that’s done as well

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